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"Top Notch Game!"

This games campaign was amazing. From quick and fast paced missions, to slow and tactical missions. Every bit of the campaign was enjoyable, even the extras. The extras included mini-challenges and other activities to do to get your "rank" up offline and try to get 100% completion on the game. The most enjoyable aspects of playing the campaign is the ability to move from player to player. Unlike most First Person Shooters you're not limited to playing one single player. When the tough gets going, you can swap to another team mate and take a better angle at the battlefield. This tactic is called "Hot Swapping" which is also a mini-challenge in the extras are as well.

The sound and voice acting is done extremely well, in the manner that I feel like I'm playing a war game, not a game with actors. A lot of games lately don't have very good voice acting and you don't feel "into" the game as much as you can be, when you have someone who can REALLY act their part and bring emotion into it. The graphics for this was top notch for the PlayStation, I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Battlefield 2 Modern Combat offers an extreme amount of replay value. The online multi-player offers an amazing community of people to play with, against or even team up with as "clans" and host dedicated matches to see which team is the best. On top of the great community and the great matchmaking system, you can also choose the map to play on, and stay on if you wish to. With the option to vote after every game, the players can change the map if they get tired or continue on and keep playing!

One of the best attributes of the online set up is that Battlefield 2 Modern Combat offers an amazing and detailed statistics system. Not only does this keep track of your wins, losses, kills and deaths - but also keeps track of your weapon stats as well. For each class ( SMG, Assault, Sniper, Engineer, Support) you have separate stats for each gun, as well as accuracy statistics to boot!

This game is a great first person shooter to play, and a great game to start with if you're just getting involved with the scene. I strongly recommend this game to anyone who's thought about playing first person shooters, or has played them. This game offers a variety of replay value online, and offline.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/26/10

Game Release: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (US, 10/24/05)

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