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    Glitch/Easter Egg FAQ by Aquila01

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/15/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    |  _ \ __ _  ___(_)/ _(_) ___ 
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    |  __/ (_| | (__| |  _| | (__ 
    |_|   \__,_|\___|_|_| |_|\___|
    Glitch and easter egg guide
    copyright Koeben Jurykovsky 2007
     0.0  Table of contents
    0.0 -- table of contents
    1.0 -- introduction
    1.1 -- Version History
    1.2 -- air combat maneuvers
    1.3 -- using rockets
    2.0 -- the glitches
    2.1 -- air to air bombing *
    2.2 -- pulling out of a stall *
    2.3 -- pulling out of a stall 2
    2.4 -- invicible bomber
    2.5 -- under water flying
    2.6 -- bounce off the bridge
    2.7 -- A.I. space flight *
    2.8 -- A.I. acting weird
      a -Terrible tempest *
      b -passive mustang
      c -Crashing in CTF
    2.9 -- invisible plane *
    2.10 - obstructions return!
    2.11 - Argh!
    2.12 - Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    2.13 - Bonzaaaaaaaaaiiiiii!
    2.14 - Carrier Rapair
    2.15 - Torpedo Bombs?!
    2.16 - Phantom balloon
    2.17 - Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee2
    2.18 - Hovering fireball
    2.19 - All flame and no smoke
    2.20 - Flares in the water
    2.21 - Bonus Balloons don't work?
    2.22 - Double Respawn*
    3.0 -- easter eggs
    3.1 -- Crazy Black widow
    3.2 -- Whales and Sharks*
    3.3 -- Birds
    3.4 -- Blowing @&$*^ up!
    3.5 -- smoke!
    3.6 -- taken out... by a tree
    3.7 -- Humans don't get parachutes
    3.8 -- Historical A.I.s
    3.9 -- Japanese Balloon
    4.0 -- credits
    * =Recomended
    1.0  Introduction
    Hi I'm Koeben Jurykovsky, I really like HOTP (Heroes of the Pacific,
    of course ;) ) I wanted to make a FAQ (feel special) and there is only
    like one other FAQ for this game. Plus I found and know a lot of glitches
    and easter eggs in this game. I currently Don't remember all of the 
    glitches and easter eggs I know, but I'll add in later versions, when 
    ever I can think of some glitches and easter eggs. Also feel
    free to email me if you have any comments, suggestions or glitches/easter
    eggs to add, just no spam! Oh and please let me know if you cannot recreate
    any of these glitches, some I haven't tried out myself or they're really hard, 
    my email is Koebenator@shaw.ca. Anyways I hope you like my FAQ
    1.1 Version History
    - (03-14-07) added glitch 2.18- 2.22, added easter egg 3.9,
    also fixed some grammar (Still working on it) and Fixed the description for 
    the Yo-yo BCM.... I hope >_<
    1.2 Air Combat Maneuvers (ACMs)
    I thought I might give out some tips and stuff before I get to glitching.
    Aircombat maneuvers, you use for dogfighting and stuff
    - Basic combat maneuvers:
    Immelman and split S: I always get these two mixed up so I thought I'd
    describe them together; one of them is where you do a half loop up, then
    roll over to become upright, the other is opposite, you roll upside down
    and do a half loop downwards
    Yo-yos: there are like two types, one where you are zooming on your target and
    you pull up to prevent an over shoot, and the other you go in a slight dive to 
    zoom in on your target. The first one is simple, just pull up at the right 
    rate and turn to the left or right then pull down back on your target
    (though I don't know who behind you would fall for that trick) the other one 
    you dive at then pull up.
    loop: Just pull the stick back until you fly level upright again, you should
    all ready know this ;)
    - Air Combat Maneuvers 
    Snap roll: Basically if you hold this maneuver you a crazy cork screw
    dunno if so in real life :(. What you do is pull back on the stick diagnally
    and turn the rudder in the direction you want to do the maneuver
    Rolling Scissor: A crazy maneuvering sequence (And dogfight) where a plane
    and it's opponent are doing barrel rolls until one of the two gets on the 
    other's six. However this maneuver doesn't translate well in the game
    Half Scissor: An insane tight maneuver that is hard to execute, I don't
    even know How I do it, but I'll ask someone who does first chance I get
    1.3 Using Rockets
    Rockets can be used for two things: For ground taragets (However useless for 
    online) and taking out other planes, the useful part :) There are also
    three ways to use them against planes, on head-ons, turn fights and when you
    flank a plane. Head-ons are easy, just use the gunsight and your sights to 
    aim. However flanking and turnfighting with rockets are hard. Well, it's 
    actually a breeze if you practice with it \||/(>_<)\||/.
    For Flanking you ignore your gunsight that you use to target with the guns, 
    rockets have a different velocity, it's actually hard for me to describe how
    far you need to head off your gunsight, just estimate where you think it'll 
    go, and if you're off, watch how far or how less you're shot was, then try
    again, eventually you will be able to guess with 80-90% accuracy
    If you figure out the velocity of the rocket while in a sharp turn, this will
    be a cake walk, and it's deadly! Do the same when you flank, estimate the 
    trajectory of the rocket and you will eventually should no problems when doing
    this technique
    2.0 The glitches
    Let me know if any of these are duds
    (note: Most of these glitches can only be performed online and/or Multiplayer)
    : 2.1 Air to Air Bombing      :
    Founder: Invis, JKERR
    effectiveness: *****
    Difficulty to set up: 4/10
    Recreated: Yes
    Parameters: Have a plane with a bomb that's it
    Description: A bomb blows up a plane in one hit
    instructions: There are many ways to do it: My way and JKERR's way, (Well all
    the other ways were by JKERR too, except the stalling one ):
    1. My way: in a head-on or behind the plane, scrape the bottom of your plane
    along the top of the other plane and at the split second drop a bomb and boom!
    (Warning! Causes invisibility (Glitch 2.9) )
    2. JKERR's way: In a head-on have an altitude advantage over your opponent, 
    then release the bomb just before you come in contact with the enemy plane.
    3. JKERR's way V2: Same as #2 except fly upside down and have a lower altitude
    than the other plane
    4. Spin: If you're being chased, fly up and spin while dropping the bombs
    5. Stall: Fly up (Must have plane that can stall) unleash your bombs and 
    hopefully some unsuspecting plane will try to take advantage and Kaboom! 
    Will blow up the unsuspector, you could also stall while dropping bombs and
    anybody gullable enough will follow
    6. Negetive Gs: Go in a negetive G dive or loop while having warspeed on,
    and the bombs should stick to the wings, this can be effective when someone is
    chasing you
    : 2.2 Pulling out of a stall :
    Founder: ACE"KOEBEN", unknown
    effectiveness: ***
    Difficulty to set up: 2/10
    Recreated: yes
    Parameters: Have any plane with a bomb and it can stall
    Description: Going into the bombing view will allow you to pull out of a stall
    instructions: From what I've tested, you can do this anywhere. Just grab any
    plane you want, as long as it has a bomb and it can stall. First go up at 
    a higher altitude, stall, then go into the bombing view by pressing the select
    button. If it worked correctly you should be flying level and not stalling, 
    this does not work all the time, like you will sometimes will continue dropping
    out of the sky. 
    You can also go into bombing mode if you're in a dive that you think you can't 
    pull out of
    : 2.3 Pulling out of a stall2:
    Founder: ACE"KOEBEN", unknown
    effectiveness: **
    Difficulty to set up: 6/10
    Recreated: unknown
    Parameters: Have any plane that has rockets and can stall
    Description: The secondary target cam can also help out of a stall
    instructions: First grab a plane that can stall, and has rockets. Get in the
    stall, but make sure you stall vetically; any other angle won't work. While
    you're stalling fire a rocket and hold the fire secondary button to watch the
    rocket, by the time it dies you should be safe out of the stall. Though it 
    doesn't work all the time :(
    : 2.4 Invincible bomber      :
    Founder: ACE"KOEBEN"
    effectiveness: *****
    Difficulty to set up: 8/10
    Recreated: unknown
    Parameters: So far I only know you need it to 2 player split screen online,
    both players on the same team and one is in a B25H Mitchel
    Description: The bomber can't be shot down by anything
    instructions: Have it 2 player split screen, one person is in a B25H Mitchel.
    The person in the Mitchel must stay in the bombing view mode. The other player
    starts to collide into the Mitchel until he can no longer do it; like your 
    plane will get stuck along the bomber and it should be shaking as it's doing 
    it. This is how you know it worked, now for a test start gunning the Mitchel
    and he shouldn't take any damage, then fire rockets at him he should still not
    take any damage, then drop a bomb, he should still be alive, and totally 
    ivincible :D. The only way get out of it is to get out of bombing mode, you
    will then no longer be invincible. 
    Please don't do this gitch in games with other people tha aren't in on the
    glitch, it's unfair and cheating
    : 2.5 Under water flying     :
    Founder: ACE"KOEBEN"
    effectiveness: * (Kinda pointless but it's pretty cool to see)
    Difficulty to set up: 9/10
    Recreated: Yes
    Parameters: Fly in a bomber, and have the level at the coral sea (the best 
    level for the glitch
    Description: It will appear to other planes that you are flying under water
    instructions: First get a bomber (Preferably the B-25H Mitchel) and have the
    level in the coral sea (it's the best one for it). Now fly low along the water
    and pull up to stall (You want to be around 300ft when you stall). Wait a split
    second then quickly go into bombing mode, it's difficult to achieve because 
    you may stall too fast when in the bombing mode and crash, you can't if you're
    under water but other people can see you under the water. When you are under
    all you see is water, the stall sign and your bomb scope up close. If you get
    out of bombing mode you'll crash, to get out of the water increase speed and
    you're plane will rise out of the water
    : 2.6 Bounce off the bridge  :
    Founder: unknown
    effectiveness: * (A regret, but still a glitch)
    Difficulty to set up: 1/10
    Recreated: Yes I believe so
    Parameters: Have the level set up at Kaven Island
    Description: Your plane will bounce off the bridge completely draining health
    instructions: Take any plane it doesn't matter, go on the Kaven island level
    and to where the large wooden bridge is. Now just dive on the bridge, if you
    have full health you will bounce off the bridge destroying a segment of it 
    and your health will be completely drained
    : 2.7 A.I. Space flight     :
    Founder: Hellcat, JKERR and ACE"KOEBEN"
    effectiveness: * (Still pointless but fun)
    Difficulty to set up: unknown
    Recreated: yes
    Parameters: Not much is known, but have the human players USN and the A.I.
    IJN in a Scratch-one-Flat Top game. Make sure there is like only one or two
    fighters in the game and the rest of the planes available should any of the
    following: B6N jill, B5N kate, TBM3 Avenger, D4Y Judy, and the Emily and 
    Description: A glitch (Still not known exactely how to do) where the A.I.
    start climbing up in the air, and will actually pass the combat zone, they'll
    actually reach around 40,000ft and still continue climbing, until they 
    instructions: I still don't know exactely how to do this but set up a SOFT
    (Scratch-one-Flat Top) with 3-4 people in it. Make they're all on one team:
    USN and the rest will be A.I.s on the other team: IJN, make sure the room is 
    closed (all the slots are full so no one can enter the game). Have two fighters
    at the most and make sure the rest of the planes are divebombers, torpedo 
    bombers or flying boats (Catalina and Emily). Start the game, now every body 
    (USN) start killing each other and eventually it's like the A.I. will just 
    give up and fly away.
    : 2.8 A.I. Acting Weird      :
    There are many weird things the A.I. do.
    These three are the craziest:
    [a) Terrible Tempest         ;
    Founder: ACE"KOEBEN"
    effectiveness: ***** (Watch out for this puppy)
    Difficulty to set up: 1/10
    Recreated: yes
    Parameters: Give an A.I. the base model Tempest (Tempest mk.II) in a dogfight
    Description: in head-ons with the A.I., it's guns will tear you up in less 
    than a second
    instructions: Give one A.I. the Tempest Mk.II in a dogfight and watch out!
    unless you have a death wish
    [b) Passive Mustang          ;
    Founder: RMcSlash
    effectiveness: **** (good for target practice)
    Difficulty to set up: 1/10
    Recreated: unknown
    Parameters: Set up a game with A.I. give them all P-51D Mustangs
    Description: The A.I. Won't shoot at all
    instructions: Set up a game, with A.I. have them all in P-51D Mustangs, they
    won't do anything
    [c) Crashing in CTF          ;
    Founder: unknown
    effectiveness: *** (entertaining)
    Difficulty to set up: 1/10
    Recreated: unknown
    Parameters: CTF with A.I.s in a level with terrain
    Description: A.I.s fly low in CTF and sometimes they actually crash
    instructions: Start a Capture the Flag with A.I.s in level with terrain, 
    Iwo Jima works, when you watch an A.I. in CTF, it actually flies low and some
    times crashes XD
    : 2.9 Invisible plane        :
    Founder: unknown
    effectiveness: * (it's cheap)
    Difficulty to set up: unknown
    Recreated: Happens almost every day
    Parameters: none
    Description: When somebody gets bombed, shot down, you collided with him or
    you hit the plane with a rocket, sometimes the person turns invsisibe to radar
    instructions: When you bomb somebody or the other things in the Parameter, they
    sometimes turn invisible, to your radar and you cannot target him, and guns 
    won't kill the person, the only way to fix the problem is for the person 
    invisible to crash. This is an extremely unfair glitch, but fortunatley most
    people will be a good sport and crash.
    : 2.10 Obstructions Return!  :
    Founder: unknown
    effectiveness: (Just aesthetics)
    Difficulty to set up: 1/10
    Recreated: yes
    Parameters: Don't host the game, the best level to have it at is Pearl Harbor
    Description: Buildings and stuff the you have blown up will actually return
    instructions: First don't host the game, have it at Pearl Harbor, it's got the
    most things to blow up. First blow up stuff, then leave the game and return.
    Back in the game every obstruction will be back in one piece, more things to 
    blow up! ^_^
    : 2.11 Argh!                 :
    Founder: ACE"KOEBEN"?
    effectiveness: ** (annoying)
    Difficulty to set up: 1/10
    Recreated: yes
    Parameters: Have the level set up at Kaven Island
    Description: If you fly close over the Pirate ship, you will blow up
    instructions: Why did I name this Glitch Argh? Well Pirates say argh and it's
    an annoying glitch. First set up a game on Kaven Island, then fly over to 
    where the pirate ship is, fly low above it you will blow up! The code that
    makes you crash was a little big over the ship
    : 2.12 Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!   :
    Founder: ACE"KOEBEN"
    effectiveness: *** (very funny)
    Difficulty to set up: 3/10
    Recreated: yes
    Parameters: Have two people in bombers
    Description: While in bombing mode, and watching your plane in a different
    view; as you collide with the other bomber which should also be in bombing mode
    your plane will spin like crazy
    instructions: Have you and another person start any game both in bombers 
    (Betty, Marauder and the Mitchel) and fly at the same altitude, both go into
    bombing mode. Now you wanna see this so watch your target (The other plane)
    and when you two collide, you will spin like crazy!
    : 2.13 Bonzaaaaaaiiiiii!     :
    Founder: ACE"KOEBEN"
    effectiveness: **
    Difficulty to set up: 5/10
    Recreated: unknown
    Parameters: Fly in any plane in a SOFT
    Description: As you get shot down and hit the carrier, you will see inside it
    instructions: In a SOFT, start dive bombing in any plane and if you get shot
    down at the right spot at the right time, you will be able to see the inside 
    of the Carrier
    : 2.14 Carrier Repair        :
    Founder: unknown
    effectiveness: * Extremely annoying
    Difficulty to set up: Requires a laggy game
    Recreated: Yes
    Parameters: Laggy game in a SOFT
    Description: Bombs will do a chunk of damage to the carrier but suddenly it
    will repair itself a bit more than before the bomb impact
    instructions: First of all the game needs to be laggy, get in a dive bomber
    or fighter bomber and make runs on the carrier, if you make a large enough
    impact with the bombs, you will take out a huge chunk but then the health will
    increase before the bomb hit the carrier. Extremely annoying. How not to avoid
    it ;)
    : 2.15 Torpedo Bombs?!       :
    Founder: It's been seen for a long time, but it's nature was founded by 
    effectiveness: * Does nothing
    Difficulty to set up: 1/10
    Recreated: yes
    Parameters: SOFT, You can only see other people do this
    Description: Planes that drop bombs (in SOFT) that hit the water appear as
    torpedos to other people
    instructions: Basically watch a teammate of yours drop a bomb and hit the water
    and make sure the game is a SOFT
    : 2.16 Phantom Balloon       :
    Founder: ACE"KOEBEN"?
    effectiveness: * it's weird
    Difficulty to set up: unknown it's caused by lag
    Recreated: yes
    Parameters: Unknown, caused by lag
    Description: A variation to the invisible plane glitch, except you can target
    the balloon but not shoot it down
    instructions: unknown
    : 2.17 Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee2    :
    Founder: unknown
    effectiveness: Hilarious
    Difficulty to set up: 6/10
    Recreated: yes
    Parameters: Have a level with mountains
    Description: your plane will bouce off the ground and spin like crazy at the
    end of a game
    instructions: set up a game with a time limit, near the end of the game line
    yourself near a mountain and if lined up right, you will run into the mountain
    and spin like crazy XD
    : 2.18 Hovering fire ball    :
    Founder: unknown
    effectiveness: *** (Disorientates pilots sometimes)
    Difficulty to set up: unknown
    Recreated: yes
    Parameters: Have a game with other people
    Description: When someone leaves a game, and while they're smoking, a hovering
    ball of fire and smoke is left behind
    insrtuctions: There's nothing the viewer can do, but what causes it is when
    someone in a smoking plane leaves a game before he can get shot down. When he
    leaves, a hovering fire ball is left behind. Sometimes Pieces of the plane the
    person was in gets left behind with the fire ball, I once saw an entire 
    fuselage of an SBD-4 Dauntless and the cowling and wing of a P51
    : 2.19 All Flame and no smoke:
    Founder: unknown
    effectiveness: (aesthetics)
    Difficulty to set up: (you don't when it'll happen)
    Recreated: yes
    Parameters: Have a Fox and Hounds game
    Description: The plane is on fire but it is not smoking
    instructions: Unknown, sometimes in fox and hounds if you get shot up, your 
    plane will catch on fire but there will be no smoke, when there should be.
    : 2.20 Flares in the water    :
    Founder: unknown
    effectiveness: (looks odd)
    Difficulty to set up: unknown
    Recreated: yes?
    Parameters: Have a Fox and hounds set up
    Description: when you crash as the fox, sometimes the indigo flares are left
    behind in ball shapes in the water where you crashed
    instructions: First, become the fox, then crash while in a verticle dive. I
    don't think this happens all the time but you will see the indigo flares that
    attaches to your plane when the fox on the water in balls
    : 2.21 Bonus Balloons don't work?
    Founder: ACE"KOEBEN"
    effectiveness: * bad
    Difficulty to set up: unknown
    Recreated: no
    Parameters: Fox and Hounds
    Description: Bonus balloons don't give you points as the fox?
    instructions: This was weird. I haven't tested it yet but in this one game I
    was the fox, the other dude was in a Betty and couldn't keep up with me. So I
    started shooting bonus balloons, and looked at the score board. I noticed that
    I didn't get any points at all. I don't what caused this or if it's a glitch
    all this time
    : 2.22 Double Respawn         :
    Founder: Many
    effectiveness: ** (if you're the person behind)
    Difficulty to set up: ???
    Recreated: yes
    Parameters: Two people must die at the exact same time and respawn at the 
    exact same time
    Description: Two people will respawn at the same place, the person behind can
    inflict good damage and the other will get sent flying out of proportion
    instructions: My favourite glitch, nearly impossible to set up. You just have
    to have lots of flying time because over time this glitch does happen randomly.
    3.0 Easter eggs
    Easter eggs!
    let me know if you find one not on the list
    : 3.1 Crazy Black Widow       :
    Founder: ACE"KOEBEN", JKERR, ???
    coolness (IMO): 3/5
    Description: Each Black Widow has something cool on their paint job
    1. The "A" model has a "Bomb" nose art
    2. The "B" model has an awesome black widow painting along it's top
    3. The "C" model has "Iowa" written on it's elevators
    Where/what?: All models of the P-61
    : 3.2 Whales and Sharks       :
    Founder: Many
    coolness (IMO): 5/5
    Description: At Wake Island, there are some whales and two sets of sharks.
    Where the whales are; on the side of the island where the airfield is (it's
    actually fairly close to the airfield) They're big you shouldn't miss them.
    There are three of them. The first set of sharks are very close to the whales
    towards the shore, and the second set is by the seaplane base. You can shoot 
    them and they'll blow up and turn into skeletons
    Where/what?: Wake Island
    : 3.3 Birds                   :
    Founder: unknown
    coolness (IMO): 3/5
    Description: There are birds all over the place!
    1. Some are at South Western tip of Wake Island
    2. There's a flock over one of the bridges at
    Kaven Island
    3. Some are the edge of the airfield at Guadalcanal
    Where/what?: Kaven Island, Wake Island, Guadal Canal, more??
    : 3.4 Blowing **** up!        :
    Founder: unknown
    coolness (IMO): 4/5
    Description: Common yet still fun! Blowing up Buildings!
    Where/what?: Anywhere basically
    : 3.5 smoke!                  :
    Founder: unknown
    coolness (IMO): 4/5
    Description: Also common, but best on the oil tanks and the hangars
    at pearl harbor
    Where/what?: anywhere basically, but Pearl Harbor is the best
    : 3.6 Taken out... by a tree  :
    Founder: unknown
    coolness (IMO): 1/5 (it's humiluating!)
    Description: Some trees in the phillipenes can actually blow your plane up
    watch out!
    Where/what?: The Phillipenes
    : 3.7 Humans don't get Parachutes:
    Founder: unknown
    coolness (IMO): 2/5
    Description: When you shoot down A.I. planes they will deploy parachutes
    but when you get shot you don't. The Emily deploys like... 10!
    Where/what?: A.I.s
    : 3.8 Historical A.I.s        :
    Founder: RMcSlash, ACE"KOEBEN"
    coolness (IMO): 3/5
    Description: All the A.I.s are named after real pilots that fought in ww2
    Where/what?: A.I.s
    : 3.9 Japanese Flag           :
    Founder: Unknown
    coolness (IMO): 2/5
    Description: There's a flag of the IJN on every pickup balloon
    Where/what?: Pickup Balloon
    4.0 Credits
    the devs from IR GURUS: for making this awesome game
    Me: for being a good pilot and discovering glitches and for making the FAQ
    You for reading this FAQ
    JKERR for correcting the description of a Yo-yo
    (Give me some more ACMs, BCMs and correct some others)
    Other Glitch/Easter egg discoverers:
    and more
    More people will be added as corrections are made and glitches/easter eggs are
    Written by:
      ___          _ _ _   __           _               _ _ 
     / _ \        ( | ) | / /          | |             ( | )
    / /_\ \ ___ ___V V| |/ /  ___   ___| |__   ___ _ __ V V 
    |  _  |/ __/ _ \  |    \ / _ \ / _ \ '_ \ / _ \ '_ \    
    | | | | (_|  __/  | |\  \ (_) |  __/ |_) |  __/ | | |   
    \_| |_/\___\___|  \_| \_/\___/ \___|_.__/ \___|_| |_|   

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