Review by moh99

Reviewed: 07/17/04

The Best College Football Game Ever?

As with, past years, Ea Sports has done enough to warrant a purchase of NCAA 2005. What about this year? The answer: YES. From the new animations, to the refined game-play, NCAA 2005 is the best college football game ever.

This is the area that NCAA 2005 shines. As with past NCAA installments, players can hurtle, spin, juke, stiff-arm,etc. This year also includes the new "Big Hit" button for Defense. There is nothing better than seeing the phrase "User Bit Hit" and to feel your Dual Shock 2 rumble.

Also included in this years version is Home Field Advantage. I personally love this feature, as it brings the college feeling right on. Also new for this year, is the new "Match Up" stick. By pushing the right analog stick either to the left, right, or down, you can see the how your team is faring up. The match ups are: O-line vs. D-line, Receivers vs. Defensive Backs, and Line Backers vs. The Backfield. Also, it tells you if the players are : Good, Bad, Rattled, or Composed. I love this feature and it is very helpful.

If someone told you that the graphics for this game are no different, they would be right on. Except for the new animations, the graphics look the same. Next year, I would love to see EA Sports revamp the graphics.

Sound and Music:
On the field, the game noises are good. The commentators this year are very good. They mix humor with football. Off the field, the school's fight songs are right on.

This game is full of replay value. There is College Classics, Practice mode, Rivalry games and winning trophies, plus on-line, and the ever deep Dynasty mode. This year has new features, and your players can even be suspended for violating NCAA rules.

Final Thoughts:
I love this game and I cannot wait till my league starts on-line. As of now, this is the best college football game ever!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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