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"Upgrades make NCAA rock"

This newest version adds much depth to the genre. First of all, I purposely skippied last year's title so I could experience more. It ended up working out because NCAA Football 2005 shows much promise.

I noticed that the actual gameplay has added many new forms of tackling and the big hits slightly delivers new justice. But, there has been a lot of copy and paste coding that shows same actions as 2003 version. Despite this fact, it is still enjoyable and much more interactive.

Recruiting is great and haven't experienced any problems yet. The only beef I have is with loading times. Normally, I am not much of a patient person, but some of the loading and saving and menu accessing times are extreme. I think that the game developers are in a crunch because if the waiting times get any longer, they are in big trouble. Nevertheless, patience does pay off with an extraordinary game and all fans should have a great time with this newest release.

Another aspect involves the athlete (ATH) concept. Basically, you can draft a player that has good all around skills and assign him to a specific position. This really adds another dimension to forming your team, especially in Dynasty mode, and brings out the best of the players.

It's really funny when you are stomping a team and you decide to implement the celebration feature. Dunking the football through the uprights is great to rub it in, but ensues a penalty on kickoff for player misconduct. This great added feature will be best used when playing a friend.

One thing that I have never cared much for is mascot mode. Playing games with mascots can be considered fun, but is almost completely pointless for most gamers. I have yet to do this and probably won't in the future.

Also, it seems there is no big play that is a guarantee. It comes right down to picking the best play in the situation provided. This can add a lot of frustration, but also adds realism to the game.

Here's a simple breakdown of the game... by the way, there should be a new category representing patience. :)

Gameplay - 10
Sound - 10
Graphics - 9
Testing my patience - 5

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/17/04

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