Review by gosteelers2004

Reviewed: 07/19/04

Better than Madden??

Just an F.Y.I. before I start: I usually like Madden better than NCAA, and usually only buy Madden, but this year NCAA was so good that I had to get it, which says alot about this years game. The review will be broken down into 3 sections.

Game Modes
-With the edition of 'Play Online' mode this year, you can take your rivalrys online to play people across the city, state, or even country. An 'even teams' feature puts the rosters on an even slate, so you can be any team you want vs. any other team (other player must agree with this). i.e. your bud can be his usc trojans and you can be your yale bulldogs and with 'even teams' you can have a fair match-up (this feature is also avaliable in 'play now' mode.) 'Dynasty Mode' has recieved a huge upgrade by adding a school budget based on how you do the previous year (this includes recuiting, training, and discipline), player transfers, player suspensions ( based on how much of a budget you have and also the players/teams discipline), a 'move players position' feature, an in-season player improvement feature, a realistic recruiting mode, and most noticably, the home field advantage and composure systems. Basically, you win at home, your stadium becomes tougher and tougher to play in, and opposing players become rattled (if they are underclassmen).

-EA has finally made the players seem to move realistically, so there is no more cheap 'stop on a dime and be going full speed the other way' cut as there was in the previous NCAA games. Also, player apperances, equipment, and celebrations are as real as could be, with the Florida fans doing the gator chomp and the seminole fans doing the FSU chop. Aslo included is the 'create a sign' feature that allows you to create a sign for your fans use.

-The roster sizes have been upgraded and the roster ratings themselves have been revamped to be as realistic as they could be.

If you have ANY doubts about this game, either you are spectical about the game or already own/rented GameBreaker 05, this game is 10 times better than Game Breaker 05, and i have not touched that game. This one is for the record books, folks!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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