"More Realistic Than Ever"

NCAA Football 2005 delivers the most realisticness that I have ever seen. In fact more so than Madden in my opinion. The new features that add to the realisticness are the Big Hit, the Matchup Stick, and Stadium Pulse, and the Create a sign. Now of course when you factor this all in you get a huge plus. But there is only one downfall that can be fixed easily. Of course the A.I. has been totally revamped. Which makes it a little tough to play. Of course you can change the difficulty. Now that I have gotten my little intro out of the way, on to the ratings.

Presentation 10/10

The presentation is just awesome. The celebrations have been improved. Now instead of just celebrating after a touchdown, you can do it after a big play like a sack of a long pass or a first down. You can have the fans, players, or the mascot celebrate. It is just unbelievable.

Gameplay 9/10

The gameplay has been improved by updating A.I., adding a slew of new features. The Matchup stick tells you who is shakenup, just fine, who has had a good game are is having a bad game. The Big Hit feature let you deliver crushing blows that ups the chance of coughing up the ball. Although if you miss, he's gone. The Stadium Pulse lets you know how pumped up the crowd is and the more pumped up the crowd is, it makes the screen shake and the offensive players controller rumble. Nice feature but a little aggravating.

Sound 9/10

The School songs haven't been changed, but the commentary has been redone but it still gets repeated and annoying. (Nothing Surprising though)

Buy Or Rent

Definitely buy this one. I'm guessing this year will finally be the year NCAA outsells Madden. The new features plus the most in depth Dynasty Mode ever should have you giving the tomahawk chop all the way to the National Championship. This game will blow your mind. It may be a little tough but it gives the most realism I have ever seen. So save up your fifty bucks and head over to your local game store now. You will not be disappointed one bit.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/19/04

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