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"Last Year =10 This year = 8"

Ehh. This long, ongoing, mammoth of a college football dynasty has seen highs and lows. The lows being in the PSX era of gaming, the highs being all past the PS2 release in 2000 or so. Last year we saw some of the most noticeable changes since developing for a whole new console system, and the changes were welcomed by this gamer and loved. Ya' just gotta think at some point the EA Sports monopoly on the football genre would slip, and this is the year in my opinion. Even though I consider 2005 to be a "slip", it's by far still a top notch sports game.

They pushed the ps2 to the max on this one. Definite improvement from the clarity of the players, to the lucious atmosphere enhancement. Clouds, helmets, glare from the sun....all a welcomed addition. Definitely all you can ask for at this point in time from a sports game. 10/10

Once again, plenty of things to do. Online, create teams/signs, dynasties, classic games, will have things to do without doubt. The editing of how a player looks is deeper than it has been in any if they just give us more stadium environments please!!!

Game Control:
There is a new running animation that definitely makes the controls seem more life like. A player now will sometimes come to a running stop if his momentum is built up with turbo. New tackle animations are always welcomed and expected, and this year EA delivered in a BIG way. The big hit button is a great addition, and something Ive been expecting from a football game for a long time. EA also lets you get more involved with the celebrations, with buttons that control the crowd, cheerleaders, and players after a play is ran. The downside to the gaming controls stems from the improved computer AI. Playing the computer on All American is no longer as easy as it was. The computer seems to bat every ball down, lol. While making the AI harder/smarter isnt necessarily a bad thing, I find it ridiculous that a weak rated division 1-A team can hang with me on All American (without ajusted sliders). Ahh well, maybe Im getting old and my game isnt as strong? lol

Replay/Fun factor:
EA could never go wrong in this department. It's still an amazingly fun football game, and has all the replay ability a game could want. (most sports game do) All in all it's still worth the annual 50$ I dish out for the updated rosters and minimal changes.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/22/04

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