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"Mildly annoyed or addicted?"

I will break down this review to 5 sections...

Now, first off I've been a fan of this for a long long time. looking at the featuers added this year for NCAA and Madden, im thinking... madden might be better this year and now i still think that way.

1)Features... A few new features added this year isnt what people might have expected. First off, homefield advantage, the mascot of NCAA 2005. i would say its very well done and my first game i pretty much shut out OSU with UMich at home so i thought, this is great, playing home with a good stadium will be cake. but little did i know, shutting out the CPU will be in every game. i will go in to that later.
second feature, matchup stick is totally useless in my oppinion. now people prolly use it every play and find mismatchs and throw that way "thinking" its easier but when i break it down and watch some replays, i noticed no difference in the player's performance based on his composure. unless im blowing them out 50-0 then they might give up big plays left and right.
dynasty- a few improvements has added to dynasty, probations is a key feature. every once in a while a player will get in trouble and u have to take action or dont take action. a bar will indicate the NCAA interest if u go too easy on your players. i think its just a added feature thats not related to the gameplay of football itself so its stupid and pointless imo.
recruiting has been vastly improved. instead of calls or visits, u just select the number of pts u want to use or u can scout to get a more accuraty report. also there are athelets u can recruit and they would have a few good ratings then u can assign them to the position u think they will be best at. they usually turn out pretty good.
Features... i give it 7/10 because some features dont work very well and does not effect the game enough to give it a higher score

2)gameplay... the general gameplay is remodeled this year. first off, running has been improved. u cant change on the dime anymore, if u run full speed on direction and all the sudden change direction, u will notice the RB go off balance and slowing down. great improvement.
run block also has been improved, most of run plays work if u excecute them right, there is still a very few plays that just dont work.
passing is crazy hard this year, yes i realize practice makes perfect but we dont want to practice till 2006 just to pass over 50%. now dont think i suck thats y i say that, passing is a lot harder this year, DBs are smarter and u really have to read defense to see where the holes are right away, and if there are no holes then... tuck and run because DBs guard verywell if u try to force a pass.
defense... they changed DL move to just R1 and L1 which is ok to me but they never seem to work like last year. everytime i try to use the moves the DL just falls down, even good ones. but with DB being like gods, coverage sacks are common this year. anyways, hard hits and strip ball are the new features. not strip ball because it was intriduced a while ago but this time it WORKS!!! u can actually see some kool animation u cant see without using strip ball and its sweet when u see a "user strip" on the screen.
big hits is just like stip ball except with L2, its just a monster hit and all u get is the option to celebrate. i have yet caused a fumble with hardhit...
Gameplay i would give a 9 out of 10 because of all the improvements to achieve realism

Graphics... blah, nasty, sick ahh!!! is this NCAA 04??? because besides a few new weather additions, the players graphics are the SAME!!! not change. i thought they would add some more detail like Madden but they did not do anything to the graphics,
Animation works verywell with the gameplay, u can see players getting triped and slip 5 yards, players running over other players and getting extra yards. if u run full speed at someone, chances are u will get some extra yardage unlike 04, if u get an "unlucky" animation, u can end up with negative yards. very well done
Graphics gets a 5 and animation gets a 10.

Sound... not much improvents there either, fans definlty are louder and commentary hasnt changed much. hard hits definlty is kool
sound would get a 8, still neat and nice but same as 04

this is a solid game for NCAA fans, definlty get it if u like football or NCAA. but if u are a casual football gamer that plays for the football season only then wait for madden simply because u get to play with players u know with nametags but this is still a very solid gameplay, okay features, they are not bad but graphics is not what i expected.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/23/04

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