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Reviewed: 07/25/04

Improving, But Needs that Final Push...

NCAA 2005 is a well-received upgrade from last year. Unlike most games, NCAA 2005 continues to cruise along after crushing its previous competitors with ease. This review is a general overview on the game and what I believe will give insight to all.

Graphics- 9/10 The graphics for NCAA 2005 have improved, due to the contributions of new end zone celebrations and fan interaction. Unfortunately, the graphics for the players, coaches, officials, and sideline crew remain the same. Not saying that's a bad thing, but it's been a while since they had an upgrade, so don't be surprised ot see the players look more realistic.

Gameplay & Modes- 10/10 This aspect was focused on from 2004, and to no surprise it excels. The home field advantage feature is greatly appreciated (if you don't believe this works, go to Michigan and play them) and the new tackling system creates harder and more realistic hits. The Dynasty mode also excels, with program standards affecting the way you recruit. Transfers come to your school and without a doubt, the success of your school is based on many factors, not just one.

Sound- 9/10 The noise from the fans remain intense, but the commentary becomes repetitive at times. Recycled material from 2003 & 2004 tends to hurt the previous purchasers of these franchisers. Also, towards the end of the game, sometimes Lee Corso tends to mix up the winning and losing teams (i.e. I won a game over Clemson by 50+ points and Corso said that Clemson played an outstanding defensive game.) Other than that, the music still remains the same and is livable for now.

New Features and their respective ratings...
Create-a-Sign- 9/10 These signs are customed made for the user, and you can put whatever you want, and I do mean whatever you want.
Create-a-Playbook- 9/10 Thank Goodness this feature was added. I was tired of trying to find a playbook with both the I formation, I strong, Ace, and Shotgun in the way I wanted it. Unfortunately, you can't create a play so that really does suck.
New Dynasty- 10/10 What can I say? The dynasty mode is very addictive, especially during recruitment time and making your own schedule. The strength of schedule is now represented by grades instead of stars, with A+ being the highest and F being the lowest (Duh, I knew you already knew that).

Overall- 9/10 The new features help counterbalance the few flaws NCAA 2005 has, but the game is still awesome, there is no doubt about that.

(P.S. The Southern University intro to the game rules!)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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