Review by allstar56

Reviewed: 08/07/04

Give it one more year..

When I put this game in last year I was excited, I KNEW I was going to be in for one of the greatest football games Ever.. This year I felt the same thing.. But, Something is missing for the past three years of NCAA football, Something, that madden has that makes it better than NCAA..

Graphics- 10/10- Not much changed from last years version but, why mess with something that isn’t broken. The only feature that I can tell that they worked on A LOT is the fans.. and that in my mind, is a good enough improvement then anything else graphics wise .

Sound 9/10- Actually, not really an improvement at all, The band is STILL playing your teams fight song when you score. The one thing you can tell, is when you are playing in one of the top 25 toughest places to play, the crowd goes WILD and you will KNOW it!

Gameplay- 9/10- Boy, The AI got TOUGH in NCAA 2005. If you make ONE mistake, they KILL you for it on defense, luckily you can get right back at them on defense and pick a ball off without a problem. The MAIN thing that is going to bug you is when you play away, The crowd will GET to you and, what I mean by that is you will actually feel the pressure of playing in another persons home stadium, if you play in a popular stadium like The swamp, your players will get nervous and, your analog vibrates whereas if you play in navy’s stadium, you probably wont have any trouble at all

Rent/buy- I actually think you should get this game, the one thing that SAVES this game is Online play, EASPORTS has made it a lot more competitive and fun, and if you have a network adaptor I suggest you go to best buy and buy it NOW. If you don't have online access and have last years version, I suggest you rent this before buying it. Overall, the only REAL improvements I can tell in this game are the fans, home field advantage and create a sign mode, otherwise its not worth an upgrade from 2004.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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