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"The next best thing to tailgating and being there live...."

NCAA 2005 is by far the best installment of any football game to date by EA sports, or any publisher. Featuring the new Home Field Advantage Feature, NCAA 2005 will literally shake your screen.

The casual gamer will love the play now feature, where you select two teams, and duke it out for four quarters. But the more advanced gamer will love the audibles that can be set, and the hot routes you can choose, (including a new slant hot route). The dynasty mode is even deeper this year, featuring the chance to punish players who do not do what theyre supposed to. Failure to punish the players can result in probation for your program.

Everything you loved about the previous NCAAs is back, whether it be rivalry games and trophies, sports illustrated, dynasty trophies, or the college classics. Some college classics have been tweaked, but they are the same 20 as featured in last years game, which is a little disappointing. Right now, Id like to grade this game category by category.

GRAPHICS (10/10)

Nothing really that advanced over last years game with the exception of some new animations. There are now fans included in the game, and there is the ability to taunt after big plays, but beware, as unsportsmanlike conduct can be called. Intros are very similar to last year as well.

CONTROL (10/10)

This game features a new agile running system which is very good once you get used to it. I used to be a juke-a-holic in the previous installments, and the juke is toned down a bit this year. Now they want you to use stiff arms, spins, and cutbacks to beat a defender.

GAMEPLAY (10/10)

The biggest part of any game, is of course, the gameplay. NCAA hits it big with a 10 score here. There are plenty of new plays, and new formations for players to choose from. The game is slightly faster then last years, and while playing zone defense, defenders break on the ball better. I do not play this game with adjusted sliders, and its very realistic as it is. All the player ratings seem to be very accurate as well.


Are you kidding me? This is the definition of replayability. Hundreds of matchups can be created with your friends. You can take your favorite team and play 20+ years in dynasty mode. You can take multiple teams and play seasons with them, and you can even create your own team and play multiple years with them. This game will not get old until NCAA 2006 comes out.


---New animations
---Matchup stick (where you can evaluate O-Line vs D-Line before the snap, or WR vs DBs)
---More rivalry trophies
---Deeper dynasty mode including the risk of probation
---new audibles and hot routes
---Home field advantage (where the screen will shake with a rowdy crowd. The visiting team could potentially lose rating points, and audibles may not be heard, and thus not go through)

IN conclusion, this is the best football game ever made. If you have any type of interest in NCAA football, which you should, this game is a must have. If youre a bigger fan of pro football, this game will change your mind very fast. Even if you dont like football, pick this game up, and you will eventually.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/12/04

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