Review by LoneRanger16

Reviewed: 11/24/04

After four quiet years, the fifth year senior breaks out

The last college football game I ever played was NCAA football 2001, my how times have changed. NCAA football has usually been designed after Madden, not this year though, it's finally breaking away. Fans are the main focus as this, if you ever been to Florida Gator game or a Texas A&M Aggie game, you know the fans get VERY into the game.

This year a crowd pulse has been added to upper right hand corner before every snap. this tells you how loud the crowd is and you can ether make them louder on defense or quiet them on offense. The reason is MUCH greater then you except, every player on the field is affected by this meter. By pushing the right analog stick up, down, left, right, a meter will come up by each player. These meter show if the player is composed or nervous, and if he strives with the crowd being loud or chokes. Heck some players might even get better when all 90,000 fans cheer against you. Also, if you try to call a audible when the crowd is loud, your recievers may not hear you. If you in shotgun, the snap may not get to you as fast because your center can't hear you. It's a great twist that needed to be added at some point, this is easily the best part of the game.

You may hear some bad things about the graphics this year, but personally thier spectacular, simply superb. The player models are great, the stadiums great. In fact, there is so much detail put into every stadium. I was playing as my favorite team the Texas A&M Aggies, I was playing the hated Texas Longhorns. Before the game the loading screen popped up with a load of stats about the series between the two. It was one of those little touches that i love, next i noticed the sides of the stadium that read "Home of the 12th Man" and the years A&M won the old Southwest Conference. Plus, when I scored, they shot off a canon! The only rant I have is every cheerleader has the same outfit from every school. A&M has cadets, and they where miltary uniforms. EA had them dressed out as *shudders* cheer guys.

Over all the playability has also hit a new step. The option is used well, you can take it, run it, or pass it. It's great. Even though recievers will sometimes drop easy passes, you gotta remember it's college, not the NFL. Everything is pretty fast, and I like it that way. This part of the review is pretty short, if you've played Madden you'll know how to play and if you've ever play a NCAA football game before you know how to play. On the crowd pulse noise, when the stadium gets very loud, the camera will start to shake and your controller will vibrate, again it's great you'll love it. A new hard hit tackle has been added, your chances of making a big hit become better, but your chances of missing the tackle are just as big.

The sound is great, the fans especially are good. When you start a play you hear grunts and moans. Recievers will yell that their open, and the commentary is fairly average. Every school has there own fight song in the game, each authentic too.

Overall it's a great package. Buy or rent? If this is you first football game, rent. If not Buy.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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