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    FAQ/Walkthrough by thechizowner

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    Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith the Video Game
    Xbox Walkthrough
    Compiled by: The Owner
    1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    2. Story Mode Walkthrough
    	01. Rescue Over Coruscant
    	02. An Explosive Development
    	03. Peril in the Elevators
    	04. Settling the Score
    	05. It's Not Over Yet
    	06. The General's Right Hand
    	07. Investigating Utapau
    	08. The Cavalry Arrives
    	09. Showdown With Grievous
    	10. The Dark Side of the Force
    	11. The Hunt Begins
    	12. The Final Lesson
    	13. Attack of the Clones
    	14. Assassination on Mustafar
    	15. Aftermath in the Temple
    	16. A Friendship in Flames
    	17. Revenge of the Sith
    3. Cheat Codes
    4. Duelists
    	01. Anakin Skywalker
    	02. Obi-Wan Kenobi
    	03. Count Dooku
    	04. General Grievous
    	05. Mace Windu
    	06. Serra Keto
    	07. Cin Dralling
    	08. Darth Vader
    	09. Ben Kenobi
    5. Duel Arenas
    	01. Temple Training Room
    	02. Throne Room Main Chamber
    	03. Throne Room Upper Balcony
    	04. Utapau Sinkhole Control Room
    	05. Utapau Sinkhole Landing Platform
    	06. Palpatine's Office
    	07. Palpatine's Office Docking Bay
    	08. Temple Control Room
    	09. Temple Outer Terrace
    	10. Mustafar Control Room
    	11. Mustafar Balcony
    	12. Mustafar Control Arm
    	13. Mustafar Lava Platform
    	14. Episode IV Death Star
    6. Cooperation Missions
    7. Bonus Missions
    	01. The General's Protectors
    	02. Grievous on the Run
    	03. Mustafar Lava Challenge
    	04. Size Matters Not
    	05. Episode IV Death Star
    8. Credits
    SPOILER ALERT! Please read the walkthrough ONLY when you've reached the
    corresponding level to prevent spoilers.
    				1. FAQ
    Q: I've started the game. Now what?
    A: The only things you can do when you start out the game are duel a human or
    a computer player or start the Story Missions.
    Q: How come there are only two duelists and one duel arena?
    A: Well, in order to unlock more and better duelists and duel arenas are to play the
    Story Missions as you progress through the game.
    Q: I can't do cooperative or Bonus Missions?
    A: You can unlock the Cooperative and Bonus missions by playing the Story Missions
    first you will gain access to more as you progress through the game.
    Q: What's a Checkpoint?
    A: A checkpoint is that if you die, you don't need to start the mission all over again.
    It saves where the last checkpoint was reached.
    Q: What are the basic controls?
    A: Left Thumbstick - Move (Move Left Thumbstick twice in same direction for speed
        Right Thumbstick - Manually choose target
        A Button - Jump (Hold to perform Force Jump)
        B Button - Critical Strike (When an enemy is at critical health, press B to perform
                       an unblockable attack that kills the enemy instantly.)
        X Button - Basic Saber Slash
        Y Button - Strong Slash
        Left Trigger - Block/Deflect
        Right Trigger - Force Push/Force Grasp
        White Button - Saber Toss
        Black Button - Force Stun/Force Lightning
        Start Button - Pause
        Back Button - Not used
        Directional Pad (D-Pad) - Navigate Menu
        Right Thumbstick + Left Thumbstick - Force Heal
    Q: What's the most basic move? Most complicated?
    A: The basic combo is the X Button. Press it rapidly for fast slashes. The X, B, and
    Y Buttons are the most commonly used. Although if you would like to perform a
    combination attack you can look it up in the Combat Chart via the Pause Menu.
    A basic combo attack you can use is A + Y for a basic "area attack." A good combo
    attack is A + X + X + Y. Do these rapidly before you land on the ground again.
    Q: What good is the Force?
    A: The Force is a useful tool that all Jedi have. Force Push can Push enemies away
    as well as objects. Force Grasp is useful for tossing objects at enemies or enemies
    at other enemies or enemies at objects. There are many attack moves that use the
    Force. Hold the Right Trigger for Force Grasp, pull it for Force Push.
    Q: What's Force Stun/Force Lightning?
    A: Force Stun is what the good characters wield. It confuses weaker enemies into
    fighting for you. If you use it on another Jedi, it will become paralyzed depending
    on how much Stun you used. You can get a few free hits from this. Force Light-
    ning does more damage to enemies, but doesn't stun them for as long. Only Sith
    characters have Lightning.
    Q: What is Force Heal?
    A: Force Heal can help restore your health using the Force. Use this only as need-
    ed, as this can drain up your Force bar pretty quickly.
    Q: What is Force Speed?
    A: Force Speed uses the Force to give you a temporary speed boost. This can be
    used with all of your Force, but only as needed. Make sure to leave some Force
    for other situations.
    Q: What's Force Jump?
    A: Force Jump is only available in Single Player, not versus. Stand in the blue spots
    to do a Force Jump. This helps you progress through the missions. You cannot do
    this every time, only when required to move on to the next objective. You will land
    in a specified spot when Force Jumping.
    Q: What are the rewards of beating enemies?
    A: You get experience points. Watch the Skill Bar next to your Health and Force
    meters. The higher the Skill Bar, the more experience you get. The ranks of the
    skills are Fair, Good, Impressive, and Masterful. You only get a little bit of exp-
    ierence from Fair, while Masterful gives a lot. Hit your opponents to increase your
    skill. You lose skill when you block/deflect or take damage. You can still gain skill
    if your opponents block your attacks, but at a decreased rate.
    The Fair ranking gets you no experience bonus.
    The Good ranking gets you a 150% experience bonus.
    The Impressive ranking gets you a 200% experience bonus.
    If you get the Skill Bar completley filled up, it will give you a Masterful ranking with
    a 300% experience bonus. Temporarily you can perform increased power and unbl-
    ockable attacks. If you find a saber crystal this will automatically happen.
    If you defeat a Jedi or "boss fight" the fair ranking will get you more experience than
    Q: What moves are useful in a duel?
    A: There is the basic X Button for a basic saber slash. Press X + Y for a Grapple.
    B is an important button as well. When the enemy is on the ground, press B to
    stick your saber into your opponent. When an enemy is at critical health (when
    it is flashing), press B to perform an unblockable attack that kills your enemy in-
    stantly. There are a couple special moves if you hold X and/or Y. There are mo-
    ves such as 1000 Slashes (Cin Drallig) and Dual Saber Toss (Serra Keto). Play
    on experience different moves. Each one has their ups and downs.
    			2. Story Mode Walkthrogh
    			01. Rescue over Coruscant
    When you start the game a cutscene from the actual movie will appear. When the
    game starts, watch out for droids. You can block their attacks and deflect them
    back by holding down the Left Trigger. Otherwise, you can press B, Y, X (recom-
    mended), White Button (Saber Throw), or simply Right Trigger to use the force.
    TIP: Pull the Right Trigger once to use a Force Push (used to dish out groups of
    enemies or strong foes) or hold it to pick up the item/enemy and chuck it at an
    You will be accompanied by several droids. R2-D2 needs some time to activate the
    bridge. Use the Force to throw explosive barrels at your enemies. They can take
    out several droids if used correctly.
    Once the bridge has been extended, run over there and overtake any enemies awa-
    iting death. Use the Force (Right Trigger) to clear the debris from the path. After
    you've cleared that section of the bridge, R2-D2 will send another bridge across.
    Get on the other side for another fight.
    Block the attacks from the oncoming droids. Slash the driods to move onto the next
    area. Go over to the activation panel and you should find a secret. Facing greater
    droids, this shouldn't be a problem. keep pressing X until you cut the droids. Som-
    etimes the B button will help with weaker droids as well. R2 will need more time to
    move onto the next stage so you've gotta help him dish out the pain for just a little
    more! Be on the lookout for Bacta Tanks for health boosts. Keep demolishing the dr-
    oids for a bit more until you successfully finish the mission.
    			02. An Explosive Development
    Instead of controlling Anakin as in the previous mission, this time you get to be the
    Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi. As you start off, destroy the beginning droids. If you need to,
    go ahead to the Pause Menu to take time to look at the Combat Chart for useful
    combination attacks and special attacks.
    TIP: While moving backwards, you can do a reverse jab with your lightsaber if you
    have multiple enemies around you.
    After the cutscene, walk across the bridge. Slice any enemy along the way. When
    you successfully cross the bridge, press the White Button to perform a Saber Toss.
    Aim for the wires where the lightning is blocking the path to get across. To the sam-
    e for the others.
    Begin to cross the succeeding bridge. After defeating any droids in your path, this is
    where you would need your Saber Throw again. Be aware that it uses up your Force
    so do not use it randomly.
    TIP: Hold the White Button longer for a farther Saber Toss.
    You must cut through the droids in order to move on. Behind it is a turret. Be aware.
    If you are unsure about the quicker method, you can hold the Left Trigger to block
    its oncoming attacks until the deflections destroy the turret. Or, you can jump into
    the air (A button) and press X several times to perform a quicker way of demolishing
    the turret.
    On the other side, a group of droids are awaiting your company. Move on and slice
    through any machines that get in your way. They wish to feel your wrath. Go over
    to the white spot and hold Right Trigger to move the bridge closer. Leap across.
    Be ready to attack any droids waiting on the other side. Once you head for the do-
    or, hold B against the door to stick your lightsaber into it. Move the Left Thumbstick
    around until the door melts apart.
    A cutscene awaits after you break open the door. Open up the panel with your sab-
    er. Once you reach the doorway, stick your saber in there by pressing B and wiggle
    the thumbstick to watch it crumble. Clear the floor of droids and go to the white
    spot. Hold A for about a second and you should be flying. That is called Force Jump.
    Watch the cutscene and fight the weaklings.
    Cross the bridge and throw your lightsaber to disable the devices. Defeat any rema-
    ining droids. Use the force to dismantle the gate. Go to the activation panel and
    destroy the turret using the previous methods. As you progress into the next cham-
    ber, attack the Super Battle Droids and also the annoying turret. Get the Bacta Tank
    to refresh yourself. Cross the next bridge and slice through the succeeding droids.
    Activate the bridge and run across. Eliminate the droids and the generators as well
    using the Saber Toss. Walk across and you should be finished with this mission.
    			03. Peril in the Elevators
    In the beginning of this mission, you will be confronted by droids with shields. Press
    the Black Button to use your Force Stun. That will take away their shields for a while.
    In the meantime, eliminate them with your lightsaber. Do the same for other droids.
    Use your lightsaber to cut the door. You should be in the elevator after entering
    the door you melted. Get ready to fight weak droids that looks like the Flood in Halo.
    Be on the lookout for droids. These droids have jetpacks and can block your saber
    attacks. These droids are more intelligent than you may think. Use your Force Stun
    to disable them for a short period of time. Use the Force if you need it. Force them
    off of the elevator for an easy kill.
    Crumble the door by sticking your lightsaber into it. Gather the droids for an easy kill
    by using Force Push. Destroy the lurking turret. Assist Obi-Wan in the hall by killing
    the more powerful droids. Walk to the elevator shaft for another cutscene. Fight the
    other battle droids. Another cutscene should follow. Kill the remnants and the mission
    should be completed.
    			04. Settling the Score
    Footage from the movie should appear. Obi-Wan and Anakin have reached Chancellor
    Palpatine. Just as you are about to free Palpatine, in comes Darth Tyranus, or more
    commonly known as Count Dooku. He is one helluva tough guy to beat. But he is far
    easier than upcoming enemies. He is a good blocker. He will try to use his special at-
    tack, a powerful "Whirlwind" attack using his lightsaber. You will need to battle him
    and beat him in order to succeed. With the help of Obi-Wan, this should be easy...
    in the beginning. After a while, Dooku will knock Obi-Wan unconcious and you are on
    your own. Block his oncoming attacks by holding the Left Trigger. A good combo would
    be to throw Dooku to you and slash him a couple times before he falls to the ground.
    When he down on the ground eating dust, press X while you aim for him on the floor.
    Keep the repetitive process until he gets back on his feet.
    TIP: Press Left Thumbstick and Right Thumbstick at the same time to perform Force
    Heal. Force Heal uses the Force in order to restore health. Beware... this drains up
    your Force bar quickly, so use it wisely.
    The first couple of times you might need to restart the mission if you fall into Dooku's
    defeat. After the third cutscene, you will be on the upper part of Dooku's throne.
    He will send in Super Battle Droids as a distraction. Use the Force to the throw Dooku
    at the droids or the droids at Dooku or droids at other driods. They will surround you
    so you won't get away. Use a special attack (look at the Combat Chart) to clear the
    space. Until Dooku's health drops to zero, a finishing cutscene should appear. You've
    beaten the first of many battles. By defeating Dooku, you can unlock the following
    for versus mode in multiplayer.
    - Duelist Count Dooku
    - Multiplayer Arena Throne Main Chamber
    - Multiplayer Arena Throne Upper Chamber
    			05. It's Not Over Yet
    As you enter, you will need to overtake a room full of droids. Make your way through
    them. You've got another one full of droids. Kill as many as possible in this array of
    droids. Head for the doorway. Slash the power cords with your lightsaber. Take an
    explosive barrel and chuck it at the turret. Continue your rampage throughout the
    room until you finish.
    Smash the machinery and the power cables to destroy the force fields. Get the Bacta
    Tank for a boost of health. Put the kibosh on the droids with Force Stun. Take out the
    turret and begin to out a halt to the droids. Carry on through by slashing through the
    power cables. Use the Saber Throw to slash the power cords of the shield generator.
    Take out the turret. R2 will disable the shield. Force Stun the nasty shielded droid.
    Aim for the more powerful droids before moving onto te weaklings. With everyone gone,
    R2 will now disable the other shields. More droids will come towards you. Push them
    back with your Force Push. Head for the cannon. Press B to get in the cockpit. Aim
    for the red reticule. When you've destroyed them, a cutscene follows, showing the
    descruction of the ships.
    			06. The General's Right Hand
    At the start of this mission, a new "species" of droids will appear that you will need to
    fight. They are General Grievous's Protectors. There are many you will need to sack.
    These wield lightsaber-like weapons. They have electric ends for zapping, but they
    work like a lightsaber. Block their attacks. Hold the Left Trigger. Their attacks are quick
    to evade, so be ready.
    After the cutscene, immobilize the Genera's Protectors with Force Stun. You will then
    get a few freebies. Once the cutscene where Anakin breaks the glass is over, be pre-
    pared to fight more of the General's protectors, as well as other droids. Finish up the
    battle. After that, a cutscene will follow as the mark of the end of this mission.
    			07. Investigating Utapau
    After Obi-Wan climbs up, run up to the nincompoop and kill him. There will be others
    in that position. Then, there will be stronger droids accompanying the weaker ones.
    When you reach the back of the bridge, there will be another one of those annoying
    turrets. Demolish it. A short cutscene will follow after you do. Greater droids will show
    up. Trust me, they are really hard, expecially with their "special" attack. Use the env-
    itonment to toss explosive items at them. After you've cleared the area of enemies,
    go up to the door and tear it open with your lightsaber.
    In this area, there will be several driods waiting for you. Use Force Stun on the shielded
    droids. Begin your rampage as you devour anything in your way with your lightsaber.
    Go to the activation panel and send the platform up. Use Force Jump to get there.
    After slashing through several droids, toss your saber at the hoses before the vent.
    Careful not to walk into the vents. They can drain up your health bar in about three
    seconds. If you have walked into them, slash the crates for a secret healing item.
    Weak droids will be guarding the activation panel. Another one of those red battle
    droids will pop up. More of the droids with jetpacks will swoop down and try to put
    a stop on you. Do not allow them to apprehend you. There will be several vents
    you need to come across. Timing is the key here. When the vents turn off, jump
    across before they turn on again. When Obi-Wan says "If I can cut the power I
    can get across," throw your lightsaber at the power cable. It should extinguish
    the vents. More of those red droids will come barging in, a turret will activate, and
    flying droids will come across. What a nightmare. Survive for as long as possible.
    If you managed to survive the previous stage, more stronger droids will come marching
    in. Bust the door with your saber until you see a cutscene. This is definitley a nigh-
    tmare. Quickly dodge the cannons aiming for you.
    TIP: Move the Left Thumbstick twice for a speed boost called Force Speed. Be aware
    that it also uses your Force, so use it as needed.
    You cannot deflect the cannon shots, so keep moving at all times. Try not to run into
    explosive items or crates, as it will hold you up. Force Jump up to a higher level. You
    might think the cannons can't reach you now... well... let's just say you'll be doing a lot
    more running.
    Dash for the cannon that no one is maneuvering. Get in its cockpit and begin firing at
    droids with no mercy given. Aim for the sides of the force field to disable it. Once you
    have disabled it, get out of the cannon, go behind it, and heal yourself if needed. Kill
    the remainig droids that withstood your cannon fires. Head into the room.
    The worst part of this level is the Crab Droid you are about to face. It is extremely
    powerful. Find all of the explosives you can find and chuck them at it. Jump around
    to evade crumpling. Don't get in front of it... instead, head for its side and press
    X + Y to grab onto it and you will be on top of it. Press X three times (to perform
    three slashes). If you do four slashes, it will get mad and throw you off. At the end
    of the third slash, jump off. Repeat the whole process until the Crab Droid is over-
    taken, and thus the mission is completed.
    			08. The Cavalry Arrives
    With no help at all, you will be one lonesome Obi-Wan Kenobi fighting countless droids,
    so keep your guard up. Remember to use objects around you. A single explosive can
    extinguish many droids. Take care of the higher ranked droids, then move onto the
    weaker ones. Some Clone Troopers will be of assitance once you complete the first
    wave of enemies. The troopers should be a big help, since they keep coming in. More
    droids will come rushing in. Use the Bacta Tank if needed.
    After the cutscene finishes, get ready to be attacked by red droids. Try and dodge the
    incoming cannon fires while getting to the blue spot to Force Jump. Hit the control pa-
    nel to disable the power cords connecting to the cannons. Leap back down after fini-
    shing up the remnants of the droids. Slash the other power cable to shut off the cannon
    to the left.
    Use the Force to grab hold of a barrel and smack it into the two red droids. After them,
    cut the blue cables to the vents to open up a new path. Destroy the dual turrets in the
    rear of the room. Clone Troopers will then descend from above to assist. Prevail over
    the next wave of enemies and use the Force on the white spot. You will then have to
    face another Crab Droid. Do as you did on the previous Crab Droid and you should come
    across it soon. Clone Troopers are assisting so it should be a speck easier. After you
    have successfully schooled it, you have successfully schooled the level.
    			09. Showdown with Grievous
    This is the hardest "boss" yet in the game, the Droid Commander General Grievous. When
    the mission starts, Grievous will attempt to perform some stealthy combos, so keep
    your finger on the block button at all times. If he tries to charge his Blaster, quickly
    jump out of the line of fire. Hold the Right Trigger and move close to Grievous. This
    usually gets you a few free slashes before he recovers. Exploit this as needed. Watch
    his combos, as they can do massive damage if they hit. Repeat the process until
    a cutscene folows.
    If you use Force Stun, there is a big chance he will block it, but try it, it can be very
    useful at times. Throw your saber for a few free hits. If you're low on health, there is
    a secret max health restore within those bombs. Chuck some of them at Grievous as
    a surprise attack. Exploit these as needed. A cutscene should appear.
    Get ready to fight as the rocks is a confusing maze. You can slice them with your lig-
    htsaber. Take a moment to look at your combat chart for some useful combo attacks.
    Keep your distance from him so he doesn't knock you out. As you finish him up, a cut-
    scene will show up.
    Get ready to fight with all your might as he draws four lightsabers. Keep away from him
    and remember to use Force Speed if you are having trouble. If you stay too close he
    will use his special attack that does a lot of damage. Upon defeatinf Grievous, you will
    complete the level and unlock duelist General Grievous, Utapau Sinkhole Landing Platfo-
    rm, Utapau Sinkhole Control Room duel arenas, and bonus mission Grievous in the Run.
    		10. The Dark Side of the Force
    At the commencement of this mission, you must duel the Jedi Master Mace Windu. I
    really like this cutscene. In order to complete this mission, you need to prevail over his
    body. He is swift in attacks and defenses. Keep your finger on the Left Trigger at all
    times, as you did with General Grievous in the previous level. Be prepared to counter
    his Force Stun. His Grapple attacks are stealthy and hard to avoid, so be prepared.
    Drain his Force by blocking those pesky Force Stun maneuvers.
    Once countered, attack him quickly before he regains his conciousness. There will be a
    cutscene where you kick Windu's butt out the window of Palpatine's office. Fight on the
    lower level, where this gets tricky. You will need to be more careful as this area is con-
    fusing. You will then fight on another low area. He will use Force Heal more often. Br-
    eak it up by slashing him before he knows what hit him.
    The final area where the two will battle is back in Palpatine's Office. This, I feel, is the
    easiest area to fight. Grab him and throw him to you. While he is still on the floor, pre-
    ss B to stick your saber into his spine. Do this repetitively until you kill him. Upon doing
    so, you will complete the third duel, or "boss fight". You have unlocked duelist Mace
    Windu, duel arenas Palpatine's Office and Palpatine's Office Docking Bay.
    			11. The Hunt Begins
    The evil begins. The Dark Side of Anakin must slice through little younglings. These, at
    first, are easier than droids, but they get harder as you progess through this mission.
    Instead of Force Stun, you are now able to use Force Lightning. A couple of slashes
    will finish up the Padawans. In the rest of the library, use Force Jump where the white
    spot is located.
    Clone Troopers will help assist the death of younglings. Take care of the remaning pad-
    awans on the upper floor, then you will need to stick your lightsaber into the covered
    panel right of the door. Slice the cables inside. Meanwhile, more kids will attack you.
    Finish them up. Inside the door is an activation panel. Press B to disable the force fi-
    elds. Use Force Jump again to leap back down. More Padawans will come towards you.
    Kill the Jedi inside. Use the Force on the white spot to bring down the statue. Anakin
    will smack the kids. With the remaning piece in his control, he will chuck it at the door.
    Go inside. Strike your lightsaber through the kids before running on to crumble down the
    Once you enter, a cutscene will commence. You will have to fight a big brute with a
    green dual-ended lightsaber what he wants to stick down your throat. Block his atta-
    cks. Try and hit him with your saber. He will most likely block your hits and shove you
    back down. After you've defeated that one, another one will march in.
    A turret will activate and the brute will come and try to kill you. Kill that one the same
    way you killed the previous one. Deflect the fire of the turrets and take them out. Turn
    off the force fields via the activation panel in front of you. After that, backtrack your
    steps and kill the lurking younglings. Some Troopers will assist you in the being. After
    you have done that, stick the saber into the door in the upper right.
    Once you enter, you will be on a balcony. There will be turrets and Jedi as well. Throw
    the Padawans at the turrets to get them out of the way. With all the turrets gone,
    throw the rest of the Jedi off the cliff. In the next room, there will be two brutes wai-
    ting to tear you apart, and another turret as a distraction. Take them all out with two
    barrels in the back. Once you have, enter the next room to reach a checkpoint and a
    Weak Padawans will try to dismantle you, but take them out. Go to the very back of
    the room where there is a cannon you will need to pilot. Shoot the Jedi Fighter Ships.
    Careful not to overheat the cannon, as that can be a big disadvantage when you do.
    When you have extinguished them, the level will be finished.
    			12. The Final Lesson
    Once the mission starts, you will be treated to the Jedi Knight Serra Keto, a dual saber
    wielding woman, so be on your guard. She rarely blocks your attacks so you should
    expoit this advantage as needed. After a long battle with her, watch the cutscene.
    When Serra leaps into the air, do a basic combo to mess her up. After successfully
    beating her, quickly cut through a sofa to find a secret health boost. Just when you
    think the battle is over, you must now try and beat Cin Dralling, one of the best and
    most respected Jedi Master. Be aware of his special move, "1000 Slashes." It is a
    very swift move that slashes you about ten times, but takes away a chunck of health
    from your health bar. Once you beat Cin Dralling, the mission is completed.
    			13. Attack of the Clones
    Good ol' Obi-Wan is back. The Clone Troopers have now betrayed you. Your goal
    for now is to kill all of them. Use Force Stun to mind trick into fighting for you. Press
    B for an instant kill. After you've cleared the area, go to the activation panel left
    to the force field and press B.
    In this room is a Destroyer Droid and a couple more troopers and other droids. Stun
    the annoying destroyer before moving on to the others. A turret is located here also
    so deflect its shots. If your health has been sapped away, use Force Heal. Then, go
    to the hidden panel. Hold B and cut the cover. Slash the cables and another room
    will be revealed.
    This one is full of more troopers and battle droids. Clear them all out and, if you are
    low on health, there are secret Bacta Tanks in the midst of the explosives. Chuck
    them at your enemies to find them. After the big door explodes, Clone Walkers will
    There are two of them so be on your guard. When they start to glow on their feet,
    they will charge at you and trample you. Get out of their paths to evade them. Once
    both walkers have been destroyed, continue on. One more walker will appear, do as
    you did with the others. I recommend throwing debris around you at the Clones.
    Once you think you've gotten a break from all the action, Clone Elites will come fl-
    ying towards you. These guys will burn your butt if you're not careful. Prevent them
    from grappling you so keep the constant saber slashing. When all of them are finished,
    heal yourself if you need (I mostly think so). There will be more and more. Until they
    are all dished out, a tan spot will appear, indicating you will need the Force to move
    the debris out of the way.
    After the debris has been pushed away, there is a Bacta Tank up ahead, a must need.
    You will encounter another Clone Walker along the path. Once it's bean beaten, Force
    Jump on the blue.
    Clone Elites will barge in, trying to take you out. Take them out before vice versa ha-
    ppens. Kill them all and go towards the door. Stick your saber into it and slice it open.
    Clones with Rocket Launchers (I call them Rockets to shorten them) will start attacking.
    Dodge their attacks and open fire. Take a barrel and toss it at the Rockets across.
    Walk all the way down and do the "stick your saber" method (I'll call it that from now
    on). Slice through the cables and the force field guarding the activation panel will
    Clone Elites and Troopers will come rushing. Take them all out and activate the big door
    leading to the next objective. Force Heal yourself, you'll definitley need it for this. Go
    on through and a checkpoint will be reached. You will need to take out the Clone Gun-
    ship will appear, taking out the middle of the bridge. All you'll need to do is throw the
    explosive barrels at them, taking about 70% of the ship's health if none have been wa-
    sted. Be careful to dodge the attacks of the gunship, rockets and blaster shots. After
    none of the barrels are left, it's time to throw your saber at it. Doing so will take out the
    rest of its health. There are Bacta Tanks so you should have done fine.
    A cutscene will show up after it is vanquished. Force Heal again with all your Force. En-
    ter the room and get to ready to block Desttroyer Droids, Clone Troopers, and Turrets.
    Block everything until about 2/3-3/4 have been destroyed. Take out the rest with your
    lightsaber. There are explosives so they should be of a help.
    Stick your saber into the cover hiding the activation panel. Slice the cords and the force
    field. Pass on through and kill the droids and troopers. A cutscene will appear, and Obi-
    Wan will jump down onto the platform. Repeatedly press X on the cannon. Dispatch the
    troopers by throwing them off the edges. Go over to the turret on the opposing side by
    repeatedly tossing your lightsaber at it. When it is destroyed, a cutscene will show up
    indicating you have completed this level.
    			14. Assassination on Mustafar
    The evil Anakin will appear in a cutscene delivering a message to the Separatist
    leaders. His mission is to take them out. Secturity Guards will come and attack
    you. Keep in mind you have Force Lightning instead of Stun. Look out for their
    "shock weapons" as they can stun you long enough for one attack after another.
    You can quickly dispatch them with the press of B or rapidly pressing X.
    Do the same with the other security guards. After they've been killed, go over
    to the tan circle and use the Force. A short cutscene will appear showing the
    magma hover platform being shoved into the lava below. Continue on the path
    as more security guards rush. Explosives are in a different form, but have the
    same effect. Don't be shy to use them.
    Stick your saber into the door and slice a rectangle. In the following room, there
    are more security guards and a Destroyer Droid in the very rear of this room. Your
    primary target are the guards, then Lightning the destroyer. This does not disable
    its shield, but it lowers the power of it. Using this method you can score a couple
    free slashes before it recovers, killing it. In the meantime, a turret will activate.
    Deflect its attacks until it destroys itself. I recommend deflecting shots until the
    turret is dealt with.
    Hit the activation panel with the B Button to open the next door. A huge brute
    with an axe-like weapon will charge towards you. Be careful, this guy is harder
    than you think. The Force is useless against this monster, so don't even think
    about throwing it off the side. Deal with it like a man, slice it in half with your
    lightsaber. Or, you can force/drive him off the edge. (I'll call him "the axe")
    More security guards will come, while there are snipers and destoyers on the
    balcony above. After you've dealt with them, use Force Jump to get there.
    Once up there, grab the Bacta Tank. Finish off the others. A turret will deploy,
    so be sure to deflect its shots.
    In the next room there will be two security guards awaiting your company. Once
    you run towards the end of the hallway, an axe will climb up from the side. Finish
    him before he does it to you. Once killed, another will climb up from the same spot.
    They have good defenses as well as offenses. Dispatch them quickly without them
    taking too much of your health.
    Once both have been killed, stick your saber into the door and wiggle that thumb-
    stick. Before you enter, Force Heal using your entire Force. If you have played
    like me, you're probably low on health too. A checkpoint will be gained so, if you
    fail at this point, you will not have to start over. Two axes will charge, block
    their oncoming attacks, and counter them quickly. A few more security guards
    will come as assistance. Shoot them across the edge. Use a series of area attacks.
    I recommend A + X,X, + Y for a, what I call, "Jumping Double Area Slash." Once you
    have finished all of them off, there are two turrets. Toss the explosives at them, or,
    if you prefer, you can slowly deflect their attacks until they kill themselves. Battle
    Droids will come in also, so you can chuck them at the turrets also.
    From here you will need to Force Jump again. You will jump to the other side of the
    bridge where that huge roadblock is standing. Four Battle Droids will be easy to take
    out, since they are in a single-file line. At the end of the room, there is an activation
    panel, press B to lift the magma gun.
    Once you are on the platform, it will begin to move. Chill out and Force Heal, but be
    on the lookout for attacking security guards. Shortly after you've owned the two
    security guards, you will come to a screeching halt. Two axes will start attacking,
    so be ready to drive them into the lava where they belong. Turrets will deploy. Af-
    ter you've taken that one out, a cutscene will commence.
    In this room there is nothing... yet, so take the time you Force Heal yourself. When
    you are satisfied with the amount of health you have, continue to your left. Hold
    the down the Left Trigger to block the two axes and security guards. Throw the
    guards at the axes for a quicker vanquish. Backtrack to the empty room and throw
    the barrel at the axes for an even faster kill. If that doesn't work, all you have left
    is you and your lovely lightsaber.
    After all have been dealt with, move on to the next wave of enemies. Over here,
    you will be treated with two Destroyer Droids. Electrify them with Force Lightning.
    March right in and tell them to shut up. Force Heal until you think that's enough
    to deal with the next ones. Walk back to the previous room for a cutscene.
    After the cutscene ends, a group of security guards will gather around the big
    axe. Focus on the guards first, throwing them into each other, pretending they're
    dodge balls. Now, it's time for the axe. Finish it up with your Force Lightning and
    your saber skills. Just when you think you're about to get a break, another one
    comes in. After this one gets killed, ANOTHER one comes! Once THAT one has
    been dispatched, a cutscene will take place.
    Regain control and start killing the defenseless Separatist leaders. They won't do
    much to you, rather replace that with nothing. This is pretty fun too! :P A short
    cutscene will appear - the lonesome Sith leader begging for mercy, but, you
    show him you have none, so, you stick your saber into him, striking him down.
    The next big thing is the ship. There are explosives to aid you for a quicker
    defeat. Force Lightning and Saber Throw are the main strategies here, so
    that's all you'll be doing. Once the ship has been destructed, it's time to move
    on to the next level.
    			15. Aftermath in the Temple
    This is one of the most fun levels in the game in my opinion, you've got Yoda to
    assist you in your fighting. All you basically do in this mission is kill Clone Troopers
    and Clone Elites, an easy level to get easy experience.
    When you are in control, Clone Troopers will drop from up top. Clone Elites will
    come in as well. Be careful as there are rockets. After a while of fighting, a cut-
    scene will appear. Yoda will say that there are Clone Snipers up top. A Force
    Jump icon will appear. Jump up and kill the troops up there. There will be sever-
    al rockets as well, while you're at it. You can always Force Stun if you need to.
    (They can mind trick an opponent into fighting for you.)
    After a while of fighting, a cutscene will appear, showing the Clone Troopers
    planting a timed bomb. The column will block your way. Once you regain con-
    trol, follow Yoda across the fallen column. Two or three will be on it defending
    it, but you can Force Grapple them and throw them off. Once you are on the
    other side, troopers will start attacking again, as will Clone Elites.
    Another cutscene should come on to the screen, saying that they've attracted
    too many enemies, so they will need to split up. This time you will be on your
    own, but only for a short time. Rockets will come across the screen. Clone El-
    ites will fly up with their jetpacks. You can drive them across the edge, or
    do it like a man. There are explosives to aid you in the meantime, and a Bacta
    Tank to give you an extra special boost.
    After the cutscene you will need to Force Jump over to the other side. There
    is only one trooper here. Kill him, and a small cutscene will play. Yoda is back
    and full of action. Behind the rock towards the left is a secret Saber Crystal,
    so it's time to get some revenge.
    "Move this alone, I cannot," Yoda says. Help Yoda move the debris blocking
    the way using the Force. This will form a set of stairs. Go down and follow
    Yoda. Follow him until he makes a right turn. Slowly walk holding the Left
    Trigger down. A surprise attack will unfold as two turrets will activate. Def-
    lect their shots back at them. Once one of the two have been destroyed,
    do the finishing move with your lightsaber. After they have been dispatched,
    stick your saber into the door forming a rectangle.
    A cutscene should appear, showing the library/study hall in the form of des-
    truction. Obi-Wan thinks the Clones were responsible for this, while Yoda
    disagrees. The librarian (old lady) that Anakin killed, if you remember, in the
    beginning of 11. The Hunt Begins.
    Once you are back in action, kill the Clone Troopers with rockets first. Once
    the wave of troopers have stopped, go over the the blue and Force Jump.
    More clones will attack you, this time Clone Elites too. On the very left of
    the room are cords waiting to be demolished. Cut open the metal covering
    them. Stick your saber into it and shave a rectangle off. Cut the wires and
    the force field blocking the door. Go over to it, on the very right, and stick
    your saber into it and cut it out.
    Go into that room and go towards the middle of the room. Clone Troopers
    and Elites will appear. Take them out before vice versa happens. Once all
    clones have been defeated walk over to the cannon. Press B to get into
    the cockpit and start shooting at the gunships. Be aware that they are
    equipped with rockets. Careful not to overheat your gun, so fire at a ste-
    ady pace. The gunships attack in pairs, so watch yourself. Once all have
    been destroyed, you can get out and a cutscene will appear.
    When you walk into the security room, Clone Assassins will be guarding.
    Good name. They are extremely fast and will dodge most of your attacks.
    At first there are only two, so there is some ease. Toss one assassin
    into another, and again and again. Once the two have been vanquished
    A wave of four will enter the room and try to take you down. Once all
    four have fell, a cutscene will appear, from the Episode III movie. He
    sees a security hologram that has Darth Sidious proclaiming Anakin
    Darth Vader. Yoda already knows about this and warns Obi-Wan not
    to look. He turns it off, saying he can't watch any more of this.
    			16. A Friendship in Flames
    At the beginning of this mission a cutscene from the movie will appear. You will
    be controlling Obi-Wan for the last time in the game. Your mission is to defeat
    Anakin, now called Darth Vader. The Jedi you trained is now your enemy. His
    health bar is quite larger than yours, so you'll be needing to watch out for his
    nasty combo attacks. Play a balance of defense and offense, the goal is to not
    let Anakin take too much of your health.
    Explosives surround the area so be sure to use them before you move on to
    another area. After a while of dueling, and cutscene will begin. Obi-Wan will
    convince Anakin to come back to the light, while he ignores and Force Grapples
    him into the next room, the area where you will then fight. There are no barrels
    in this area, so just to let you know, this is where you show off your saber skills.
    After some time of fighting, another cutscene will appear on screen.
    In this area, you will be on another area. He'll get very angry and be all on the
    offensive side. Exploit this, but only when he stops attacking. Block his attacks
    until his set of moves is finished. Go for the hit when he tries to attack again.
    Another cutscene will appear, where Obi-Wan kicks Anakin off the bridge, and
    onto another level. This is where your next arena will take place.
    If you have over half to 2/3 of your health, go for the offensive side. If you
    don't, stay on the defensive side. Use the explosive barrels to aid you in lower-
    ing Anakin's health bar. If none have gone to waste, his healh will have gone
    down a lot lower than at the beginning of this area. Another cutscene will
    commence, and prepare to attack when it ends.
    You both will probably have the same amount of health, or somewhere close.
    As soon as the cutscene finishes, press the X Button repeatedly to stay on
    the offensive side. This is another battle to duke out your skills, with no
    barrels to help. Force Heal when he's down, but save about 1/3 to Force Stun
    him for a free attack. A cutscene will appear after time passes. The two Jedi
    clash in a saber lock. The bridge will start to crumble, where Obi-Wan leaps
    down just in time to catch the lava platform. Anakin catches the bus as well
    and both draw their lightsabers.
    There isn't much space to move around, so be on the offensive side as much
    as possible. Don't get your own health in danger either, so keep your finger
    on standby to block any incoming attacks. Once you've taken all of your
    opponent's health, the last cutscene of this level will appear. Obi-Wan will
    jump off the platform and land on solid ground. Anakins leaps off as well,
    leaving Kenobi to tell him that he has the advantage... the higher ground.
    Anakin tries to jump over Obi-Wan, but can't, leaving him on the ground with
    no legs. Later in this cutscene the Emperor will attempt to heal the burned
    body. He is taken into a lab where he wears the all-famous cloak and mask
    of Darth Vader.
    			17. Revenge of the Sith
    This is basically the same mission as the previous one, 16. A Friendship in Flames,
    except you will be controlling Anakin. Look up for the details, as they are the same.
    Note that there is one small change. At the closing cutscene instead of Anakin being
    the one who falls, it is Obi-Wan that dies. You jump up and cuts Obi-Wan down,
    finishing the final mission of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.
    	Congratulations! You have successfully beaten Star Wars Episode
    		III: Revenge of the Sith (without cheating :P)
    			3. Cheat Codes
    To enter the following cheat codes, from the Main Menu, select Settings, then Codes.
    Enter the codes you wish to use by using the Virtual Keypad.
    Unlock all Story Missions
    Unlock all Duel Arenas
    Unlock all Bonus Missions
    Unlock all Duel Characters
    Unlock all Powers and Moves
    Unlock Infinite Force Power
    Unlock Infinite Health
    Unlock Quick Health and Force Restoration
    Unlock Super Lightsaber Mode
    Unlock Tiny Driod Mode
    Unlock all Replay Movies
    Unlock all Concept Art
    Unlock all Story Missions, Bonus Missions, Cooperation Missions, and Duelists
    			4. Duelists
    01. Anakin Skywalker (Default)
    Anakin is a Jedi Knight, the apprentice of the all famous Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is a
    fast character and uses a blue lightsaber. An easy-to-maneuver person, he makes
    a great duel character. If Player 2 chooses the same character, Anakin will have a
    red-bladed lightsaber.
    02. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Default)
    Master of Jedi Anakin, Kenobi is a strong and powerful duel character. He makes a
    fight worthwile. In Player 2 chooses the same character, Obi-Wan will have a green-
    bladed lightsaber.
    03. Darth Tyranus/Count Dooku (Complete Mission 04 Settling the Score)
    Dooku is a Jedi Master with a unique lightsaber hilt design. His curved end makes his
    saber deadly. With his special "Whirlwind" attack, he makes a deadly Sith character
    to face and play. If Player 2 chooses the same character, Count Dooku will have a
    blue-bladed lightsaber.
    04. General Grievous (Complete Mission 09 Showdown with Grievous)
    The Droid Commander General Grievous uses two lightsabers in default combat mode.
    If you would like him to deploy all four lightsabers, press the White Button. Four light-
    saber mode is very deadly, but drains up your Force bar. Grievous makes a great duel
    charater to use, and a challenging character to fight. If Player 2 chooses the same
    character, General Grievous will have two (or four) red-bladed lightsabers.
    05. Mace Windu (Complete Mission 10 The Dark Side of the Force)
    Mace Windu uses his signature purple-bladed lightsaber. His combination attacks are
    lethal. Windu is a strong character offense and defense-wise. In combat, his moves
    will confuse you you wouldn't know what hit you. If Player 2 chooses the same cha-
    racter, Mace Windu will have a blue-bladed lightsaber.
    06. Serra Keto (Complete Mission 12 The Final Lesson)
    Serra Keto has a green lightsaber in each hand, which makes her a leathel duelist. Her
    combo attacks are powerful. She is weak to Force powers. All in all, she is one heck
    of a girl to beat! If Player 2 chooses the same character, Serra Keto will have two red-
    bladed lightsabers.
    07. Cin Drallig (Complete Mission 12 The Final Lesson)
    An old man with style. One of three old men, this duelist has a nice special attack call-
    ed "1000 Slashes." It strikes about ten times but leaves you on the ground eating dust.
    Be on the lookout for this attack, and another which is also very powerful and unavoid-
    able. Cin Drallig is Serra's master, which makes him one powerful pop. If Player 2 choo-
    ses the same character, Cin Drallig will have a red-bladed lightsaber.
    08. Darth Vader (Complete Mission 17 Revenge of the Sith)
    Darth Vader, or Anakin Skywalker after joined the Separatist, is a powerful duelist. His
    attacks are sharp and full of action. Vader is one of my favorite characters to play,
    although I do not like to play against him. If Player 2 chooses the same character,
    Darth Vader will have a blue-bladed lightsaber.
    09. Ben Kenobi (Complete Mission 17 Revenge of the Sith)
    Ben Kenobi, the older version of Obi-Wan Kenobi, is not in Episode III. But you can play
    as him or against him anyhow. If you would like Ben to commit suicide, hold down the
    Left Trigger, X, and Y at the same time. He should hold up his lightsaber as he does
    against Darth Vader in Episode IV: A New Hope before getting killed. Ben Kenobi is
    another one of my favorites. If Player 2 chooses the same character, Ben Kenobi
    will have a green-bladed lightsaber.
    			5. Duel Arenas
    01. Temple Training Room (Default)
    This a training room, there are statues you can cut and chuck people at. This arena
    is pretty fun, but gets boring after a while.
    02. Throne Room Main Chamber (Complete Mission 04 Settling the Score)
    This is Count Dooku's throne, the main chamber, where you first fight in Mission 04.
    This map isn't all that good in my opinion, but it's always nice to try it.
    03. Throne Room Upper Balcony (Complete Mission 04 Settling the Score)
    This is Count Dooku's throne, the upper balcony. This arena is better than the main
    chamber. I liked this one better, but the fighting space is a little narrow.
    04. Utapau Sinkhole Control Room (Complete Mission 09 Showdown with Grievous)
    This is the Utapau Sinkhole Control Room. There is plenty of fighting space here.
    There are explosives you can toss at your opponent, and vice versa.
    05. Utapau Sinkhole Landing Platform (Complete Mission 09 Showdown with Grievous)
    This arena is also one of my favorites. Pretty much the same compared to Utapau
    Sinkhole Control Platform, except this takes place outside.
    06. Palpatine's Office (Complete Mission 10 The Dark Side of the Force)
    This is Chancellor Palpatine's Office, the last place you fight Mace Windu in Mission
    10. I don't normally fight here, but it's fun when I do. Lots of fighting space as well
    makes this a great place to duel.
    07. Palpatine's Office Docking Bay (Complete Mission 10 The Dark Side of the Force)
    This is the Docking Bay of Palpatine's Office. This one is not as fun as other outside
    battles, but I like the fact where there is lightningin the background.
    08. Temple Control Room (Complete Mission 12 The Final Lesson)
    This arena is very nice. As are all of the other control rooms, it has heaps of space
    to play. Silent and tranquil, the only noise is the quarreling of the two battling Jedi.
    09. Temple Outer Terrace (Complete Mission 12 The Final Lesson)
    I liked this arena a lot because of the fact that you can pick up parts of the floor and
    throw it. There is also lots of space to battle. This was one of my favorite places to
    10. Mustafar Control Room (Complete Mission 17 Revenge of the Sith)
    This is a peaceful place to play. Lots of space and a nice environment makes this are-
    na a great one. One downside is that there is nothing to throw at your opponent.
    11. Mustafar Balcony (Complete Mission 17 Revenge of the Sith)
    There isn't really any space to battle, just a medium-sized arena. Nothing special here.
    I don't usually battle on this arena.
    12. Mustafar Control Arm (Complete Mission 17 Revenge of the Sith)
    I liked this arena a lot. Much space to fight and a long bridge. I like it when the lava
    splashes up. Another one of my favorites.
    13. Mustafar Lava Platform (Complete Mission 17 Revenge of the Sith)
    This arena is very tiny, just enough space to move around. I practically hated this one.
    Although it was creative to make up this one.
    14. Episode IV Death Star (Complete Mission 17 Revenge of the Sith)
    This arena is from Star Wars IV: A New Hope. Little space to fight, but fun to use it.
    Although small, this was another of my favorite places to fight.
    			6. Cooperation Missions
    			7. Bonus Missions
    			01. The General's Protectors
    In order to receive this mission, you must complete Mission 08: The Cavalry Arr-
    ives. This is the only area where you get to control General Grievous's bodyguard.
    Being one is fun, as you have allies to help you. The General's bodyguards are weak,
    but it's fun to control them anyways.
    			02. Grievous on the Run
    In order to receive this mission, you must complete Mission 09: Showdown with
    Grievous. This time, instead of having two blue lightsabers, he has a blue one and
    a green one. I like his special move where he spins around with quadruple light-
    sabers. At the end, you must defeat Obi-Wan Kenobi in order to complete this
    bonus mission.
    			03. Mustafar Lava Challenge
    In this Bonus Mission you control Anakin. It is much like a Story mode mission, except
    there are some differences. You must kill all of the Clone Troopers to finish this mis-
    sion. I thought this one was quite dull compared to the others.
    			04. Size Matters Not
    I like this mission a lot since you get to control Yoda, the best character in the
    whole galaxy. The little guy must kill all of the Clone Troopers. This should be
    quite simple, as you are Yoda.
    			05. Episode IV Death Star
    This Bonus Mission you get to be none other than Darth Vader. This bonus miss-
    ion is all about killing Ben Kenobi. At the beginning there is a cutscene from the
    movie Episode IV: A New Hope where the Clone Troopers head out and Ben Keno-
    bi walks towards Darth Vader. They had a friendly chat and the fight begins.
    When you have defeated Kenobi, another cutscene from Episode IV will appear,
    showing Kenobi lifting his saber up, indicating that he gives up. Luke Skywalker
    will the yell out his ever-famous "NOOOOOO!" and the Clone Troopers will start
    shooting at Luke. He returns fire and shoots the activation panel to the door to
    shut it. Then, the mission is over. I think this was the best Bonus Mission.
    				8. Credits
    Me [for compiling and making this walkthrough]
    The Internet [for providing cheat codes]
    LucasArts [for creating Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith the Video Game]
    You [for taking the time to read this]
    		     I hope this walkthrough really helped.
    		T H A N K   Y O U   F O R   Y O U R   T I M E !
    © 2005 The Owner. Please do not take ANY of this information and claim it as your
     own. This took several weeks to create. If you are to take any of this information
    	     I ask you to give credits to their corresponding areas.

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