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    Boss FAQ by DakotaKH2

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                           Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
    -----Boss FAQ----------------by DakotaKH2-------------created June 22, 2005---
     Welcome to my "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" Boss FAQ. I've
     worked very hard on this, and it's copyright 2005 Vinnie.
     Table of Contents
     For quick searching, press CTRL-F, then copy the characters in brackets into
     the space. 
     I. Intro-------------------------------------------[swe3rots:i]
     II. Version History--------------------------------[swe3rots:vh]
     III. Copyright Information-------------------------[swe3rots:copyi]
     IV. Contact Information----------------------------[swe3rots:conti]
     V. Controls----------------------------------------[swe3rots:cont]
     VI. Walkthrough------------------------------------[swe3rots:w]
         A. Boss #1 (Darth Tyrannus)--------------------[swe3rots:w:b1]
         B. Boss #2 (Crab Droid)------------------------[swe3rots:W:b2]
         C. Boss #3 (Crab Droid)------------------------[swe3rots:w:b3]
         D. Boss #4 (General Grievous)------------------[swe3rots:w:b4]
         E. Boss #5 (Mace Windu)------------------------[swe3rots:w:b5]
         F. Boss #6 (Serra)-----------------------------[swe3rots:w:b6]
         G. Boss #7 (Cin)-------------------------------[swe3rots:w:b7]
         H. Boss #8 (Clone Gunship)---------------------[swe3rots:w:b8]
         I. Boss #9 (Nute Gunray)-----------------------[swe3rots:w:b9]
         J. Boss #10 (Darth Vader)----------------------[swe3rots:w:b10]
         K. Boss #11 (Obi-Wan Kenobi)-------------------[swe3rots:w:b11]
     VII. Frequently Asked Questions--------------------[swe3rots:faq]
     VIII. Conclusion-----------------------------------[swe3rots:conc]
     IX. Credits----------------------------------------[swe3rots:cr]
     X. Legal Information-------------------------------[swe3rots:li]
     I. Intro [swe3rots:i]
     Come one, come all!! Welcome to my Boss FAQ! This guide should cover all you
     need to defeat SWE3:ROTS's bosses! This will (hopefully) not be a boring
     guide. I'll try to add humor now and then. If you have any questions, feel
     free to email me. Do NOT email me garbage, like swearing or rudeness and the
     like. I will IGNORE YOU.
     So, let's begin our journey in a galaxy far, far away...........
     II. Version History [swe3rots:vh]
     06/22/05 -- Version 0.5 -- the first version!! wheeeeeeeeee! I started the
                                FAQ, and I finished Bosses #1-5
     06/22/05 -- Version 1.0 -- finished Bosses #6-11; finished Frequently Asked
                                Questions section
     06/23/05 -- Version 1.7 -- seperated credits section from conclusion section;
                                checked spelling; improved sections 
     06/25/05 -- Version 1.9 -- fixed the auto-search, legal info, and the 
                                controls sections
     III. Copyright Information [swe3rots:copyi]
     Oh boy, here's the boring crap. This guide is my work and is NOT, under ANY
     circumstances, to be taken credit of. The websites shown at the top of the 
     document may post this FAQ on their site, but it must not be changed or
     altered in ANY way, and it must be credited. Claiming it as your own is
     prohibited by law. It's copyright 2005 DakotaKH2.
     Thank you.
     IV. Contact Information [swe3rots:conti]
     If you want to email me with questions, comments, or suggestions, you may do
     that. My email address is dakotafuzz@gmail.com. MAke sure your question is
     NOT already answered in my guide. 
     Thank you.
     V. Controls [swe3rots:cont]
     Okay, yeah, I know, this is a Boss FAQ, why give the controls? Why not? You
     need to know these controls to beat the bosses!
     Left Analog Stick---------------Move
     Right Analog Stick--------------Target
     X button------------------------Jump
     Square button-------------------Quick Attack
     Triangle button-----------------Strong Attack
     O button------------------------Critical Attack/Action
     R1 button-----------------------Force Push/Force Grasp
     R2 button-----------------------Force Lightning(Anakin)/Force Stun(Obi-Wan)
     L1 button-----------------------Block/Strafe/Lock-On
     L2 button-----------------------Saber Throw
     Left Analog Stick---------------Navigate
     X button------------------------Select
     Triangle button-----------------Back
     O button------------------------Mission Briefing and Mission Overview
     VI. Walkthrough [swe3rots:w]
     ALL RIGHT!! It's walkthrough time! 
     VI.A. Boss #1 [swe3rots:w:b1]
           Darth Tyrannus
     Jedi: Anakin
      The first boss battle of a game is usually not very difficult. But, this
     just might be an exception. Darth Tyrannus aka Count Dooku is no walk in the
     park. The first rule: always hold down L1. The second rule: stay on your
     The first area is probaly the easiest. There is a table in the middle and 
     Obi-Wan is there to protect you. If you keep holding down L1, Tyrannus won't
     get as many hits in as he would without holding L1. A good way to knock off
     chunks of the psychotic Sith Lord's health is to execute your firstestest
     area attack. Execute it by jumping (X), and pressing Triangle. BOOM! Anakin
     will smack his saber on the ground, creating a shockwave, and will probably
     injure him. Remember the CALAD rule. What is that, you ask? I will tell you,
     because I am nice (don't believe that). The C means combos. You NEED combos.
     Combos make the world go round. The A equals area attack. The L means the L1
     button. The A stands for aggression. The D means defense. Put it all together
     and whaddya got?! CALAD!!!!!
     After Dooku loses a quarter of his health, Obi-Wan is knocked out of the
     fight. Awwwwwww....... You really need CALAD now. It's harder to Force Heal
     now. Keep up the good work, and you'll be on your way to Round 3. Now the 
     Sith Lord has Super Droids to protect him. CALAD will protect you, don't
     worry. After Darth Tyrannus loses yet another quarter of his health, you'll
     move on to the fourth area. Just hack away and CALAD him to death.
     I don't get it. This isn't how he died in the movie.......
     VI.B. Boss #2 [swe3rots:w:b2]
           Crab Droid
     Jedi: Obi-Wan
      This should've been the first fight, cause it's easier. You need to go up to
     the droid and grapple him (square + traingle). Then, when you're on his back,
     attack his ugly back (I made a strange rhyme!!)! If you can't grapple him 
     easily for some reason, just Force Throw barrels at him. Force Heal, grapple,
     and CALAD make this battle easy.
     VI.C. Boss #3 [swe3rots:w:b3]
           Crab Droid (again. ugh.)
     Jedi: Obi- Wan Canoli (I mean Kenobi :P)
      Same as above. Except it's harder. Why? Because you'll have less health
     (probably), because there is a battle before and no checkpoint, AND because
     battle droids keep coming for a while. But, luckily, the clones are on your
     side (they really stink, but who cares). Use the health pickups wisely, and
     wath out for the eye-beam and charge attacks. Force Heal when you can, and
     grapple when it's safe to.
     VI.D. Boss #4 [swe3rots:w:b4]
           General Grievous
     Jedi: Obi-Wan
      CALAD is essential in this fight, especially the "L" part (the L1 button).
     His attacks are kinda hard to block, but when he finishes hitting you, hit
     him. Jump away and Force Heal when nescessary. 
     After he loses some health, you'll move to a new area. Use Focus Shockwave a
     lot. (L> and hold triangle). Watch out for his gun and grapple attacks, they
     are DANGEROUS. When you're Force meter is low, just hack away at him (be 
     warned he blocks A LOT of your attacks). Once you get to the cave, he will
     start to do a new attack. He'll crouch down and glow blue. Go up to him and
     hack away. Not only will he not execute the deadly attack, but you'll get
     a few good hits in (hopefully).
     No fair!!! Four lightsabers? Can Grievous share? Obi-Wan has one! He has 
     four! But, have no fear, CALAD is here! The first "A" of CALAD won't do much,
     but the rest is important. Luckily, there are some explosive barrels here.
     Usually, at the last area of boss battles, I get a lot more tense and I
     usually get stronger (maybe because I HACK AND HACK away). Don't worry, if
     you're careful and you save a bit of Force for healing, you'll do fine.
     VI.E. Boss #5 [swe3rots:w:b5]
           Mace Windu
     Jedi: Anakin (basically half evil, half good)
      This is very difficult. Windu is quite strong and aggressive (but why? he's 
     fighting Anakin, not a Sith). Luckily, since he's so focused on killing you,
     you can get in quite a few hits. So, hack away, use CALAD, etc. Force Healing
     is easy here because of the furniture, but once that's gone, good luck with
     that. Oh, and by the way, he usually wins Saberlocks, so don't get into one
     if you can prevent it. Use Force Healing, Force Stun, and Saber Throws to 
     your advantage. 
     In Area #2, he will eventually try to run toward the end of the screen to
     get further. Force Heal at that point (what an idiot). In Area #3, he will
     Force Heal (OH NO!!) if you hurt him and run away. That means, do not run
     away to heal. Oh, and luckily, he can only heal up to his health's halfway
     point. If you see the Force Heal aura around him, go kung-fu on him and
     interupt that cheater (well, we can't call him that, cause we do it too...).
     In Area #4, he can only heal up to how much he had at the beginning of the
     area. Hack away at him, and stun him for some good hits. At a distance, throw
     your saber. You'll kill him in no time.
     VI.F. Boss #6 [swe3rots:w:b6]
     Jedi: Anakin (Darth Vader)
      This is Boss #1 in this level. If you beat Serra and die from Cin, you'll
     have to start over. That really stinks. Don't worry about Serra, she's really
     easy. Mace Windu was 10x harder. Use CALAD and hack away. Her grapples stink
     and she's weak. Use Force Powers, like Force Lightning or Saber Throw. Try to
     Force Heal a lot to prepare for the upcoming fight.
     VI.G. Boss #7 [swe3rots:w:b7]
           Cin Drallig
     Jedi: Anakin (Darth Vader)
      This dude is HARD. But look at the dark side (lol), if you die, you have to
     beat Serra again. The Jedi Master blocks a lot, attacks a lot, and is very
     annoying. Basically, he has CALAD. You should have that too. Save your Force
     for healing. He is aggressive (maybe because you just crushed his apprentice,
     Serra) and fast. The man defends and defends, and take advantage of when you
     can get a hit in.
     The second area is more dangerous because he lifts the floor with the Force,
     and throws it at you. Don't let him win saberlocks, and don't let him get a
     hit in, because he is quick, and will hurt you badly. Use Saber Throws only
     when nescessary, and Force Heal when needed.
     VI.H. Boss #8 [swe3rots:w:b8]
           Clone Gunship
     Jedi: Obi-Wan (note: your Obi-Wan will probably be weaker than your Anakin,
           since Anakin had 8 levels so far, and Obi-Wan had 4. But if you leveled
           Obi-Wan up by replaying levels, he may be stronger.)
      This gunship is no pushover. It has two attacks: bullets and rockets. Don't
     try to Force Heal. You'll barely have time, and you need your force to kill
     the annoying clones. Save the health canisters for when it's absolutely
     crucial. You also need your force to deflect the bullets back at the ship
     (L1 + rotate right analog stick). Bullets will come when the ship's front
     glows green. After bullets come rockets, which you must run from. Then come
     the bullets. Then rockets, etc. If you deflect the bullets back, and try not
     to get hit by rockets, you'll do fine (thank god for the checkpoint).
     VI.I. Boss #9 [swe3rots:w:b9]
           Nute Gunray
     Jedi: Anakin (Darth Vader: the coolest dude around)
      That WIMP! Well, I actually don't blame him: he's being hunted down by Darth
     Vader. Well, Nute's in a gunship, and this ship is even harder than the Clone
     one. This ship also has two attacks, which are completly differnent from the
     Clone Gunship's. These attacks are a set of three fireballs (major damage),
     and a laser which sweeps across the arena (and, yes, it goes up when you
     jump. To make matters worse, guards come to kill you too. This is really bad,
     especially when the laser is comin', and your gettin' shocked. Luckily, the
     ship's attacks can kill the guards.
     Save the huge health container on the left for when your health is extremely
     low. Force Throw the explosive barrels at the ship, and when you run out, use
     Force Lightning. This isn't as easy as it sounds. The fireballs cause MAJOR
     damage, and you must stop what you're doing when either attack is coming.
     When the laser is chasing you, run away until you're at the wall, and either
     Force Heal or electrify the ship.
     VI.J. Boss #10 [swe3rots:w:b10]
           Darth Vader
     Jedi: Who do you think?? You can't fight Darth Vader as Darth Vader, so it
           HAS to be Obi-Wan! Duh!!
      Vader's health may look intimidating, but he is EXTREMELY EASY. Does he even
     want to win? This is sad.......we leveled up Vader better than this! He only
     blocks your attacks 3 outta 10 times, and he can barely get a hit in if you
     use CALAD properly. He doesn't use much Force, just an occasional Force
     Shockwave. Keep him near you, hack away at him, chuck him, bash him, smash
     him! Chunks of health will go flying away. Just don't let Force Shockwave
     hit you. It'll hurt you, and if Anakin wants to slice you, that'll hurt too
     (key word: "wants").
     The last section is the most difficult section. The area is extremely small,
     so FORGET Force Healing. Keep on hacking at him. It's time to show the evil
     Darth Vader the TRUE power of CALAD!!!!!!
     VI.K. Boss #11 (there's more?!) [swe3rots:w:b11]
           Obi-Wan Kenobi (HAHAHAHAHA)
     Jedi: WHO DO YOU THINK?!?!?! Yes, your Jedi is Anakin aka Darth Vader.
      The same exact level, except you're Vader. This is easier, tough. 
     Vader is a better Jedi, and you have Force Lightning! Throw explosives at 
     Obi-Wan, and hack away at him.
     CONGRATULATIONS!!! You beat Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith!!!
     Time to get the secrets and extras, and level up some more!!!
     VII. Frequently Asked Questions [swe3rots:faq]
     Q. What is CALAD?
     A. The C= combos, the A= area attacks, the L= L1 button, the A= aggression,
        and the D= defense
     Q. Who is the better character?
     A. If you don't replay the missions, Anakin will be better (probably). If you
        replay more Obi-Wan missions, you can get Obi-Wan stronger.
     Email me with great questions, and they could get posted here, along with
     your name!
     VIII. Conclusion [swe3rots:conc]
     Darn. This concludes the epic journey through Star Wars Episode III. I hope
     this guide helped. See you all in my future guides and reviews!
                     -Vinnie (Dakota KH2)
     IX. Credits [swe3rots:cr]
     All of the people I'm about to list really deserve to be placed here. Thank
     you guys!!
     Me- for writing this
     CjayC- for creating, like, the BESTEST SITE EVA, and for accepting this guide
     George Lucas- for creating Star Wars
     My Mom- for renting this game
     Drunky- for help on bosses
     And, of course, you- well, you're reading my work!!
     X. Legal Information [swe3rots:li]
     If you want my guide on your site email me for permission. You MUST have 
     permission. I send my updates to GameFaqs and GameFaqs ONLY. If you are not 
     GameFaqs, then you must check their site once in a while for updates. Don't 
     bother email me if you're not GameFaqs and you want me to send you updates. 
     Thank you.
     Email Address: dakotafuzz@gmail.com
     I hope you enjoyed reading this document, and I also hope it helped you out!
     So, how should I end this FAQ? Okay, fine. BYE BYE NOW!!
     Copyright 2005 Dakota KH2

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