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    Gameplay Quotes FAQ by Jason_Strider

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/26/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                              GAMEPLAY QUOTES FAQ
    Table of Contents.
                            [@^%*] ANAKIN SKYWALKER
                            [()#&] OBI-WAN KENOBI
                            [%$!*] COUNT DOOKU
                            [$!%&] GENERAL GRIEVOUS
                            [#@!*] MACE WINDU
                            [*!@%] SERRA KETO
                            [%*()] CIN DRALLIG
                            [(!!)] DARTH VADER
                            [(**)] BEN KENOBI
                            [^$$*] PALPATINE
                            [(())] YODA
                            [!@!@] GENERIC ENEMIES
    ------------SECTION 1: INTRODUCTION------------
    This FAQ began a bit over two weeks ago as an idle plan to assemble a list of
    all the different trash talk lines the duelists spout off in this great game.
    After three days of collecting lines off-and-on, I noted that I may as well
    turn the list into an actual FAQ on the off-chance anyone would be interested
    in this information.  And so it began.
    And so here it is.  To maneuver about the guide, use that handy scrollbar on
    the side of the window.  If you want to jump to a particular character's
    repertoire of lines, highlight the series of bracketed symbols in front of the
    desired character's name in the Table of Contents, press CTRL+C, then CTRL+F,
    CTRL+V and finally Enter, and you should be there (note the use of the word
    "should"; this sort of method never seems to work for me).
    ------------SECTION 2: GUIDE HISTORY------------
    7/4/07: Began assembling quotes.
    7/7/07: Finished initial collection of quotes.
    7/24/07: Began work on the "other" Sections.
    7/25/07: Finished organizational work.
    7/26/07: Wrote "The Voices".  Submitted Guide to GFAQs.
    ------------SECTION 3: THE GAMEPLAY LINES------------
    First up, the playable VS characters.  All of these characters with the
    exception of two (sort of) play a role in the main-line story missions, as
    playable characters or as bosses.  Their collection of lines are divided into
    the following categories:
    Story: Lines the character says only (so far as I know) during their story
    appearance(s).  For Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, this category is
    further divided into different sections indicating what type of general foe
    they are facing when they say the listed lines, or if the lines are said in
    response to sensing/acquiring a Secret or Bacta Tank. Note that these lists do
    not include lines from cut-scenes; only those occurring during gameplay are
    included.  Also, if a line can appear in VS mode, it does not appear here.  Ben
    Kenobi, Darth Vader, and Serra Keto have no lines here, because I have never
    heard a line from them in Story Mission 12 or Bonus Mission 5 (their only Story
    appearances) that is not also in VS mode.
    Opening: These are the two different lines a character may say in their
    starting animation in a VS match.  For many, these lines are also occasionally
    spoken generally.
    Victory: The two (or one, in Grievous' case) different lines a character may
    say upon winning a round, during their victory animation.  As with Openings,
    these lines can also appear during actual combat.
    General: Lines the character may say at any time in a VS match or the Story
    To <Character Name>: Lines spoken only when facing a certain duelist or
    After being Stunned: A list of lines the character might say after being
    subjected to a successful Stun.
    When using Force Lightning: Only for Anakin, these are the lines he sometimes
    says when hitting opponents with Force Lightning, both in Story and VS Modes.
    When using Stun: For both Obi-Wan and Anakin, lines they say only when Stunning
    an opponent.
    In saber lock: A list of lines the character says upon initiating a saber lock
    (unless the other duelist is the one saying a line of course; only one locker
    says anything in any given lock).
    Note: If there is a word in parentheses after a given line, it indicates
    further classification for when that line can appear.  This might be the name
    of an enemy (such as "Blaze" for Blaze Troopers) or it might be "Lock",
    "Tricked", or "Stunned".  All conditions for a line must be met for there to be
    chance of it appearing.  For example, a line under "Story" with "(Blaze)" after
    it indicates that only in a Story Mission and facing a Blaze Trooper will that
    character say that line.
    Hold on, I sense something.
    The Force is telling me something here...
    I sense a disturbance in the Force.
    Force Surge:
    Feel the power.
    My power has no limits.
    My powers are growing.
    Health Surge:
    I'm getting stronger.
    That'll help.
    Saber Crystal:
    They won't know what hit them.
    And I thought I was fast before...
    Let's see them block this.
    Bacta Tank:
    I'm ready for anything now.
    Ah...much better.
    That should get me by for awhile
    About time.
    That'll help.
    Now, where were we?
    VS Droids:
    Cheap Federation droids...
    Good advice.
    Can I take this one?
    Tell me something I don't know.
    Scrap metal!
    Let's get this over with.
    More scrap metal!
    These droids aren't getting any smarter.
    Master, incoming!
    Obi-Wan, behind you!
    Use the Force, Master.
    Master, I could use some help here.
    They don't think they'll stop us, do they?
    Flying won't help you. (Air)
    VS Dooku:
    My powers have doubled since we last met!
    If you've hurt him, I'll kill you!
    This one's for Obi-Wan.
    You'll pay for that.
    Your droids can't help you.
    Your speeches are beginning to bore me, Dooku.
    VS Droids/Bodyguards:
    These droids never learn!
    Cheap Federation droids.
    More scrap metal, coming fast.
    Your guns won't help you now!
    More droidekas! (Droidekas)
    Stay back, Chancellor - we'll handle this.
    Artoo, stay with the Chancellor.
    You expected less?  Let's get moving; we need to meet up with Artoo.
    Where's Grievous?
    That was close.
    Their feet are magnetized! (Bodyguards)
    That's a neat trick.  Too bad it won't help. (Bodyguards)
    You want some of this? (Bodyguards)
    We don't have time for this.
    Interesting view from this angle.
    How many do you have so far, Master?
    Hey, ugly, over here. (Bodyguards)
    The ship's overturned!
    Keep coming - you'll get more of the same. (Bodyguards)
    This ship's taking a beating.
    Can you see Grievous?
    This ends now.
    Just like a droid.
    They're on the ceiling! (Bodyguards)
    VS Windu:
    The Chancellor must stand trial - you cannot execute him!
    Now we'll see who's the best.
    The Council must be told about this - you cannot make this decision on your
    Don't make me laugh.
    I don't take orders from you.
    The Chancellor was right, you are a traitor.
    You've brought this on yourself.
    You talk too much!
    Your plot is finished!
    Murder is not the Jedi way.
    Why do you seek to betray the Republic?!
    You call yourself the best?
    I won't let you harm the Chancellor!
    VS Jedi:
    Leave none alive.
    There is no escape from the Dark Side.
    Your powers are no match for mine.
    Wipe them out to the last.
    Your Masters have failed you.
    I'll tear this place apart.
    That statue must fall.
    Like this'll stop me.
    Feel the power of the Dark Side!
    Keep fighting - it'll do you no good.
    Padawans?  Don't make me laugh. (Padawans)
    You're only prolonging the inevitable.
    Not good enough.
    Like this will stop me.
    Come on, Jedi, defend yourself!
    There has to be a shield control here!
    Bigger isn't better. (Brute).
    The Jedi must be purged.
    Your power is insignificant compared to the Dark Side.
    That felt good.
    Yes, run you fools!
    You'll never beat me.
    Is that what passes for saber skills now?
    You're wasting your energy.
    I must press onward.
    It's time to move on.
    You're wasting my time.
    My powers are beyond you now.
    Jedi scum.
    I grow tired of this.
    I'm leaving.
    This has gone on long enough.
    The Jedi must be purged.
    Jedi traitor.
    I will bring your arrogance crashing down upon you!
    Stand aside or be struck down.
    This ends now!
    You're nothing to me now.
    You're only prolonging your own death.
    One less Jedi.
    VS Drallig:
    If that's your best, give up now.
    Is that the best you've got!
    VS Neimodians:
    I have a message for you, too.
    I won't be stopped
    Welcome to your destruction.
    You were dead when I walked in the room.
    Who's next?
    Make your peace - you're about to die.
    Bring it on.
    Fools.  You can't stop me.
    You don't stand a chance against me!
    Your power is insignificant compared to the Dark Side.
    You think you can stop me?  How amusing.
    You're all dead!
    That lava is deadly.
    I shall enjoy your demise!
    You cannot stop me!
    The Separatists are near - I can feel them!
    I'm getting closer.
    Your guns won't help you now.
    I can't get too close.
    My prey awaits on the upper levels.
    Feel the power of the Dark Side!
    They have no idea what's coming.
    It won't be long now.
    The Separatist leaders are near!
    Now, where were we?
    You cannot stop me!
    Vs Obi-Wan:
    You've turned Padme against me!
    You're too late.
    The Chancellor was right, you've betrayed me.
    Welcome to your doom.
    Your path ends here!
    You're fighting for the wrong side!
    You're as corrupt as the rest of the Jedi!
    The damage is done.
    I knew I couldn't trust you!
    I destroyed Master Windu - I will destroy you too.
    I won't listen to your lies!
    I will show you no mercy.
    You've failed me!
    Your power is insignificant compared to the Dark Side.
    You call that an attack?!
    You're jealous of my power!
    You'll never defeat me - give it up!
    You mean nothing to me now.
    Now I am the Master!
    This is your fault!
    My power knows no limits.
    There is no hope!
    My powers are beyond you now.
    Come on, Jedi, defend yourself!
    You're about to become one with the Force.
    You brought this on yourself.
    This day will see the end of you, Kenobi.
    This should be interesting...
    You can't beat me!
    No challenge at all.
    And stay down!
    You think you have a chance?
    This ends now!
    You'll never beat me.
    You call this a fight!?
    Is that what passes for saber skills now?
    Give it up, you're no match for my skills!
    You're a disgrace to the Order.
    Don't force me to kill you!
    Stop now while you still have a chance!
    This has gone on far enough!
    Let's see how good you really are...
    I told you I was the best.
    Is that the best you have?
    To Obi-Wan Kenobi:
    I'm too strong for you, Obi-Wan! (Lock)
    Now we know who's the better Jedi.
    To Cin Drallig:
    You should update your teachings!
    To Obi-Wan Kenobi/Cin Drallig/Mace Windu:
    You call yourself a Jedi Master?
    Now I am the Master!
    To Serra Ketto:
    Your Master has failed you.
    To Mace Windu:
    You call yourself the best?
    You're slowing down, getting old.  It's over.
    You'd better be sure, Mace. (Lock)
    To Darth Vader:
    You're not my fate.
    To Darth Vader/Cin Drallig?/Ben Kenobi/Mace Windu?:
    Age is catching up with you.
    You're past your prime. (Lock?)
    To Count Dooku/Darth Vader:
    Dark Side?  Not impressed.
    To Count Dooku:
    Back off, old man!
    Give it up, Dooku - it's over. (Lock)
    When using Force Lightning:
    Feel the Dark Side's power!
    So be it.
    When using Stun:
    Not another step!
    Stand down!
    After being Stunned:
    That only works on the weak-minded.
    Nice try...
    A Mind Trick?  Ha!
    In saber lock:
    You wanna talk power?  I know all about it.
    Yeah, now you're starting to understand - I'm more than just your average Jedi.
    [()#&] OBI-WAN KENOBI:
    There is a disturbance in the Force.
    The Force is strong here...
    I sense...something...
    Force Surge:
    The Force is with me.
    I am a humble student of the Force.
    My connection to the Force deepens.
    Health Surge:
    My stamina's increasing!
    Whew, now I'm getting warmed up.
    I'm growing stronger!
    Saber Crystal:
    Perfect timing.
    Bacta Tank:
    They don't stand a chance now!
    Ah, that's better.
    Just what I needed.
    VS Droids:
    More spare parts!
    I'm selling you for scrap!
    They don't let up!
    Anakin, be careful!
    Keep an eye on that blaster fire.
    These blasted droids!
    No backtracking now.
    We can't stay here fighting droids, Anakin!
    We don't have time to play around here, Anakin.
    I hope you're having a good time...
    Watch those snipers!
    There is a disturbance in the Force...
    Droids aren't known for their brains, Anakin.
    You say that like you're surprised.
    Another junk pile!
    We're going to have company.
    I'm selling you for scrap!
    Use caution, Anakin.
    Come try that again!
    Clumsy machine!
    Don't move!
    VS Dooku:
    Be careful, Anakin, you're running out of limbs.
    Press the attack, Anakin, I'm going to flank him.
    On your guard now!
    Defend yourself, Anakin!
    VS Droid/Bodyguards:
    Anakin, behind you!
    Don't let them hit Artoo!
    You'd better take control of that cannon.
    Nicely done!
    Now the ship's dorsal fins!
    Now go for the engine section at the back!
    Excellent shooting, Anakin!
    Nice shooting.
    Let's finish this.
    Add one more to the scrap heap.
    Watch yourself, Anakin!
    Let's scrap these droids and go home.
    For battle droids, you've got rather high opinions of yourselves.
    I hope the glass holds!
    Watch those electro-staffs!
    It's not a contest, Anakin.
    Stay focused!
    You're nothing but overblown battle droids.
    Blasted droids!
    Don't lose your focus, Anakin!
    The cruiser's capsized!
    I'm about to break a sweat.
    Heads up young Jedi!
    Now this is hardly fair. (Bodyguards)
    It's two against one! (Bodyguards)
    Ah, these blasted droids.
    I'll never get tired of this.
    Come over here and try that again!
    Stick together!
    More spare parts!
    Someone programmed you to talk too much.
    Just the usual hailstorm of rockets and blaster fire.
    When are you droids going to learn?
    These must be the cannon controls.
    That certainly did the job.
    Another junk pile.
    Don't assume your size gives you the advantage.  (Grapple).
    Clumsy machine!
    These droids are asking for it.
    More bodyguards?  How charming. (Bodyguards)
    My you're a big droid.
    These droids don't quit.
    Didn't I just kill you? (Bodyguards)
    You're nothing but an overblown battle droid. (Bodyguards)
    Troopers!  Take out the biggest droids first!
    VS Grievous:
    You won't escape this time!
    Not bad - for a droid!
    Clever droid!
    You're programmed to fight dirty!
    Those rocks won't save you!
    Very tricky - leave it to a droid to cheat!
    Four lightsabers?  You'll need them, Grievous.
    You'll never take me alive!
    I'm not here to arrest you; I'm here to destroy you!
    VS Clones:
    Lay down your weapons!
    Stand down!
    Stand down!  That's an order!
    Fight your programming!
    You make this too easy.
    You can do better than that.
    That console should shut down the shield.
    You're no better than a droid.
    I'm getting too old for this.
    Fancy armour's no match for skill! (Blaze)
    Come down here and fight! (Blaze)
    It's no use - you're beaten.
    I need to use the Force here.
    And stay down.
    You're bigger than me, try harder! (Blaze).
    I don't have time for this.
    I've got to take out that gunship!
    If I don't take that thing out quickly I'm doomed!
    Hold it right there.
    You don't have to do this!
    I'm not going anywhere with those cannons firing at me.
    If I destroy those guns this tank won't function!
    The only way to stop this thing is the turrets!
    Something needs to be done about those guns.
    I'm not your enemy!
    I preferred it when the clones were our allies.
    You can do better than that!
    Ah, bigger better trooper! (Blaze)
    I'll make you eat that blaster!
    Watch yourself, Master Yoda!
    I hope they're better trained than the others!
    Everything's locked down!
    Hold it right there!
    We shouldn't have trusted you.
    Your armour can't protect you.
    Fancy moves won't save you. (Assassins).
    You'll have to do better than that.
    You're not facing a Padawan this time. (Assassins).
    You'll have to be faster to beat me.  (Assassins).
    VS Anakin:
    There's still good in you, I know it!
    I won't let you follow this path!
    The Dark Side is not the way!
    Anakin, please!
    It's not too late - come back to the light!
    Don't make me strike you down!
    The Chancellor is manipulating you!
    I don't want to fight you!
    Don't give in to the Dark Side!
    You've become a puppet of the Dark Side!
    How could you turn your back on all that you are?!
    I will bring you down!
    I'll do what I must to bring you to justice!
    Come to your senses!
    Playtime's over! (Lock)
    Give it up, it's over!
    You'll pay for what you've done!
    You've tainted the Force!
    I will strike you down without hesitation!
    They should have left you on Tatooine!
    Your contamination of the Force ends here!
    This is where it ends, my old friend.
    You didn't bring balance to the Force, you tried to destroy it!
    Anakin Skywalker is dead!
    I thought I trained you better than that.
    You won't win this time.
    Let's see what you can do....
    Hardly worth my time.
    The power of the Force, my friend.
    Great - more trouble!
    Take this!
    Surrender while you can!
    Stand down!
    Lay down your sword!
    I'll bet you didn't see that coming!
    Stay back!
    I don't think so!
    Your overconfidence will be your downfall.
    Come on - unless you're afraid.
    This keeps getting better.
    You're letting me down.
    Did you come here to fight or to talk?
    You really want to do this?
    End of the line!
    To Anakin Skywalker:
    What's the matter, Anakin, afraid?
    Well, come on, I know you want to do this.
    Anakin - come to your senses! (Lock).
    To Ben Kenobi/Count Dooku:
    You've shown me one thing: I'd better stay in shape!
    To Count Dooku:
    You're finished, Dooku!
    Face it, Dooku, you're just not good enough.
    Let's finish this, Dooku.
    To General Grievous:
    This is your last stand, General!
    To Mace Windu:
    You've been hiding behind that purple lightsaber long enough.
    To Cin Drallig:
    You really shouldn't be teaching our Padawans how to fight!
    To Ben Kenobi:
    When I'm your age, I'll remember not to fight this battle.
    To Darth Vader:
    So much for the Dark Side.
    Please say you have more fight than that.
    Your reign of terror ends here!
    When using Stun:
    Relax - you're mine.
    You'll do as I tell you.
    Stop fighting - you're mine.
    I'm in control now.
    After being Stunned:
    You didn't expect that to work...
    It won't work.
    In saber lock:
    Not so fast!
    Let's finish this!
    Is that the best you've got?  You'll have to try harder than that!
    [%$!*] COUNT DOOKU:
    Good, twice the pride, double the fall.
    Come now, gentlemen, two young Jedi against one old man...this is pathetic.
    How is your arm healing, young man?
    Yes...yes, I believe you will.
    Good, now use your hate to defeat me.
    You'll need the strength of your anger...you're all alone now, Skywalker.
    My droids will wear you out...and I will strike you down.
    Well done.  But you're not finished.
    Until now, I have but toyed with you.
    Then let me end your suffering.
    You're no match for the Dark Side!
    Let's see who's truly the best.
    All is as I expected.
    Even in death you disappoint me.
    You must still face the wrath of Darth Tyranus.
    I'm looking at another dead Jedi.
    I'll show you the true power of the Dark Side.
    Truly shoddy swordsmanship; is this what the Jedi Order has come to?
    This ends, now!
    You're no match for the power of the Dark Side.
    I'll send your body back to the Council...what's left of it.
    You're about to experience true swordsmanship.
    Don't strain yourself!
    Your powers are nothing!
    Typical Jedi.  Brave, but stupid.
    I'm afraid you'll have to do better than that.
    You'll find I'm more than capable of defeating you.
    You'll have to do better than that!
    To Grievous:
    I created you, now I'll destroy you.
    To Obi-Wan/Ben Kenobi:
    Let's finish this, Kenobi.
    Obi-Wan, you shame your old Master.
    To Anakin Skywalker/Serra Keto:
    You could have been great...now, you'll only be dead.
    To Cin Drallig:
    How does it feel, sending so many Jedi to their deaths?
    After being Stunned:
    Don't insult me!
    You call that a Mind Trick?
    In saber lock:
    Such anger!
    You've put up a valiant fight, but it's not enough.
    Do not let them escape!
    Fools - they're beating you!
    Be quick or be dead!
    Yes, the end is near!
    When will you realize you're beaten?
    Say goodbye - this will be over quickly.
    You're already dead - you just don't know it!
    Keep fighting - it will do you no good!
    Your flesh is weak!
    I'm no droid!
    After I destroy you, I'll bring down the rest of the Jedi Order!
    I don't plan to!
    It's time to die!
    I'll enjoy crushing you!
    I'll peel the flesh from your bones!
    Your Force Powers grow weak!
    The Force cannot protect you!
    I've grown tired of this...it's time for you to die!
    The days of the Jedi are over!
    Your Force Powers are growing weaker, your end is near!
    You're only delaying the inevitable, Jedi!
    You'll thank me for ending your pathetic life!
    I'll add your lightsaber to my collection!
    You Jedi are all the same: pathetic!
    You've just been outdated!
    You might as well give me your lightsaber - you obviously don't know how to use
    Your efforts are futile!
    To Obi-Wan:
    You won't escape me this time!
    Master Kenobi, you are good...but not good enough!
    To Anakin Skywalker/Serra Keto:
    They sent a child to do an adult's job!
    To Mace Windu/Obi-Wan Kenobi:
    At last - I shall destroy you!
    To Count Dooku:
    I am the future of the Sith!
    To General Grievous/Darth Vader:
    What are you - man or machine?
    Note: Grievous says nothing after being Stunned, and I've never gotten into a
    saber lock with him.
    [#@!*] MACE WINDU:
    Stand aside, Anakin...the Sith must be destroyed!
    You've become an abomination to the Force!
    The Dark Side flows through you.
    You were a great Jedi once.  This is not the way.
    You're being corrupted by the Sith!
    Don't make me kill you.
    Your rage will destroy you!
    Stand down!
    Enough!  This ends now!
    Don't let the Sith control you, Anakin.  He's the one you should be fighting,
    not me!
    You would allow him to destroy the Republic?
    If we don't stop the Sith, he'll destroy the Jedi!
    This party is over.
    I will strike you down with great vengeance!
    You act like you're surprised.
    Next time, stay home.
    Come here - there's something I want to show you.
    So much anger!
    You're my opponent?  Is this a joke?
    I thought you'd do better than this!
    You ready for this, boy?
    You think you have a chance against me?
    When you're really ready to fight, let me know.
    Well, let's see what you've got.
    You're not bad.  Not good either, but not bad...
    Come on, fight me!
    If you don't stand aside, I'll strike you down.
    To Count Dooku/Darth Vader:
    You scary?  Yeah, right.
    To Count Dooku:
    I've been looking forward to this, Dooku.
    To Anakin Skywalker/Serra Keto:
    Isn't it past your bedtime?
    To Serra Keto:
    You're the future of the Jedi?  I don't think so.
    To Anakin Skywalker:
    This has gone far enough, Anakin!
    To Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader:
    I'm about to do what Obi-Wan should've done years ago!
    To General Grievous:
    You're about to be schooled, Grievous.
    To Darth Vader:
    I'll dismantle you piece by piece.
    In saber lock:
    Back down - now!
    Don't make me strike you down!
    After being Stunned:
    Yeah, right!
    [*!@%] SERRA KETO:
    Come get some!
    Let me show you how it's really done.
    Is that all you've got?
    It's over already?
    Are you ready to be smacked down?
    You're the worst Jedi I've ever seen!
    If I have to take you down, so be it.
    At last, a test for my training.
    I thought you'd be better than that.
    How will you stack up against the new generation?
    Let's see what you're made of.
    You've disgraced our Order.
    To Anakin Skywalker/Count Dooku/Darth Vader:
    The Dark Side will destroy you!
    To Count Dooku/Darth Vader:
    They're right, the Dark Side does make you ugly.
    To Obi-Wan Kenobi/Ben Kenobi/Mace Windu/Cin Drallig:
    Maybe you'd better sit this one out, old man.
    The student will become the Master.
    Not bad, for an old man.
    To Cin Drallig:
    Let's see if your training is worth anything.
    To Darth Vader:
    Which one of those buttons calls for help?
    You're breathing hard already?
    To General Grievous:
    Nice.  But can you speak Bocci?
    In saber lock:
    You call this a lock?
    Oh yeah - you like that?
    That's what I'm talking about.
    You really think this will stop me?
    Are we going to stand here all day?
    Nice trick - won't help you, though.
    After being Stunned:
    You can do better than that.
    Don't fight dirty.
    [%*()] CIN DRALLIG:
    You call that a saber strike?
    That hardly left a mark!
    My Padawans hit harder than you!
    I will strike you down!
    Welcome to your destruction!
    No one will mourn your passing!
    May you finally rest in peace...
    Your evil ends here!
    Your misguided evil ends here!
    Your skills need work...
    Your technique is rusty...
    I'm growing tired of this!
    My Younglings could beat you!
    You're an embarrassment to the Order!
    Your overconfidence will be your downfall.
    Who taught you how to fight, anyway?
    You don't really expect to win, do you?
    Come, I'll end your suffering.
    You'll pay for your treachery!
    Violence is not the Jedi way!
    Let's see how good you really are!
    Come here!
    To Obi-Wan Kenobi/Ben Kenobi:
    You'll die alone, Kenobi.
    To Anakin Skywalker:
    I'll prove the prophecy was wrong...
    Let's see if you live up to the legend.
    Chosen One or not, you're going down.
    To Anakin Skywalker/Serra Keto:
    I taught you better than this!
    To Count Dooku:
    The great Count Dooku!  I'm not impressed.
    To Darth Vader:
    Your armour can't protect you.
    After being Stunned:
    You'll never control me!
    My mind is above that.
    In saber lock:
    You're fast - but not fast enough!
    Your skills are overrated! (Anakin?)
    You'll have to try harder than that!
    [(!!)] DARTH VADER:
    You've already failed.
    I'll show you the true power of the Dark Side.
    You are no match for the Dark Side.
    Your death...is inconsequential.
    I will strike you down!
    Come, Jedi, the Force awaits you.
    Step forward...I'm waiting.
    Come, meet your fate.
    You're already dead, Jedi.
    I shall enjoy dispatching you.
    Your death will be swift.
    Step closer...if you dare.
    To Obi-Wan Kenobi/Ben Kenobi:
    Now I am the Master!
    You won't win this time.
    To Ben Kenobi:
    You should never have come back, old man.
    To Count Dooku/Darth Vader:
    You are no Sith Lord.
    After being Stunned:
    Your tricks won't work on me.
    Don't make me laugh.
    Your Mind Tricks fail you.
    In saber lock:
    Your efforts are wasted.
    [(**)] BEN KENOBI:
    Come, test your skills.
    You're in over your head you know...
    I'll see you on the other side...
    Become one with the Force...
    This is for your own good...
    Well then, let's see who's the better swordsman...
    It's not too late to retreat, you know...
    You have much to learn.
    Come, let me knock some sense into you.
    You're in over your head you know...
    Well, come on - are you afraid?
    To Cin Drallig:
    Let's see what you've been teaching those Padawans.
    To Count Dooku/Cin Drallig/Ben Kenobi:
    You make me seem positively young!
    To Darth Vader:
    You're only a master of evil, Darth.
    I won't be letting you win this time, Darth.
    I should've left you on Tatooine.
    After being Stunned:
    That won't get you anywhere...
    Oh, so that's how you fight eh?
    Ah, a Mind Trick!  Nice try!
    In saber lock:
    Stronger than you expected, aren't I?
    Your skills are impressive!
    [^$$*] During the boss fight with Dooku, PALPATINE occasionally remarks on the
    Yes, good hit, Anakin!
    Ah, excellent form, Anakin!
    Oh my!  Oh dear!
    Just a bit more, I think, and he'll be dead.
    [(())] Although YODA is not available in VS mode, he stars in Bonus Mission 4
    and accompanies Obi-Wan in Story Mission 15, providing the following lines:
    Discovered us the clones have!
    Attacked you should not have!
    Attacking the clones are!
    The wrong side, the clones have chosen.
    Snipers, on the upper levels.
    A chance you never had!
    Time for this there is not.
    To the beacon we must go.
    This way!
    At peace with the Force may you be.
    Use caution, we must.
    A better shot you must be.
    Faster you must be.
    Move this alone, I cannot.
    Urgent our mission is.
    Let these clones stop us, we must not.
    Stopped, the clones must be.
    The time this is not, for my demise.
    Discovered we are.
    Get to the beacon room we must.
    Bites the dust, another one does!
    A match for a lightsaber, a blaster is not.
    Under the Sith's control you are!
    Too easy, this is!
    Touch me you cannot!
    Down you should stay!
    Breaking a sweat, I am!
    [!@!@] The main characters are not the only ones who mouth off in RotS: some
    enemy types have a collection of lines as well.  Super battle, grapple, buzz
    and crab droids, and everything that flies (except Blaze Troopers and Air
    Battle Droids, who just kind of float around for short periods, really) never
    say a word, and the same goes for those droidekas, but all other classes of
    enemy chat at times.  And so, here are the lines for the GENERIC ENEMIES.
    Battle Droids:
    Shoot to kill.
    Get that Jedi!
    Drop your weapon!
    Unauthorized personnel have entered the area!
    Lock down Sector Seven immediately!
    Unauthorized personnel in the area.
    Visual contact with enemy.
    Get the Jedi!
    Clone troopers!  Waste them!
    Destroy him!
    Heavy cannons are under attack!  We need reinforcements!
    Don't let him hit those power cores!
    Blow those gunships out of the sky.
    Air Battle Droids:
    Proximity alert!
    Jedi located.
    Grievous' Bodyguards:
    You will not escape.
    The days of the Jedi are over!
    You will fall, Jedi.
    Prepare to be dismantled.
    Targets acquired.
    You've been designated obsolete.
    Crush their bones.
    Don't let them through.
    You will not escape.
    Jedi are no match for machines.
    Foolish Jedi!
    Jedi Mind Trick - Failed! (Stunned)
    We're immune to your tricks! (Stunned)
    Jedi Padawans:
    You will pay for your actions!
    This one's taken care of.
    The clones are everywhere!
    Defend yourself!
    There he is!
    He's over here!
    United we can defeat him!
    Anakin Skywalker!  Stop!
    Jedi Knights, I need your assistance!
    You're not allowed in here!
    He seeks to deceive us!
    Fight with honor!
    I see him!
    Jedi Snipers:
    That's far enough, traitor.
    That's far enough, Dark-sider!
    End of the line, clone.
    More clones, on your right!
    You never stood a chance.
    Let's see how good he really is.
    You brought this on yourself!
    You didn't really expect to win did you?
    You're beyond saving, Skywalker!
    The clones are here!
    There's the traitor!
    We won't fail you, Master.
    Jedi Brutes:
    Prepare yourself.
    No escape.
    There he is!
    I'll deal with this one.
    No escape!
    There he is!
    Let me handle this!
    I'll take him out!
    I'll crush you!
    Let me through!
    Jedi Knight:
    In the name of the Republic and the Jedi Council, you are under arrest.
    Don't make me destroy you.
    They're firing on us!
    He wants the signal beacon!
    Go!  Go!
    Defend the entrance to the Temple!
    One of us will defeat you!
    We believe he's headed for the beacon room!
    Threat terminated.
    We make our stand here!
    Hardly worth my time.
    Don't turn your back on all that you are!
    I shall be forced to destroy you.
    You can't escape.
    We won't fail you, Master...
    You'll never win!
    You're no match for a Jedi!
    We're coming, Master!  Hold on!
    Try and capture him alive.
    He's going for the statue!
    Don't let him destroy that statue!
    You can't escape!
    Wait for an opening in his defense.
    Senseless waste of life.
    Target eliminated.
    All too easy.
    I'll cut you in half, traitor!
    You can't escape.
    We will defend you with our last breath.
    Let's see how you fare against a real swordsman.
    Don't make me destroy you.
    You're no match for us, Skywalker.
    Is that all you've got?
    We have to stop him!
    The clones must be stopped!
    That's a lesson you won't soon forget!
    Jedi, rally to me!
    You're not so fast.
    Run for it!
    Clone Troopers:
    Kill the Jedi!
    You Jedi traitor.
    I've spotted the Jedi!
    Protect Lord Vader!
    Use the statue to smash through the door!
    Go for the statue!
    Stop!  Jedi!
    He's over here!
    I need more men up here!
    Over here, men.
    You want some of this?!
    Bring up the reinforcements.
    Fire in the hole!
    Stay strong, boys.
    Establish your positions!
    Hold your positions!
    Plant those charges!
    Keep the Jedi in your sights!
    He's coming through!
    Take him down!
    Stay on target!
    Get him!
    Aim for the head.
    Lock and load.
    Take those Jedi down!
    I've got him!
    Let's nail him and go home!
    I have him in my sights!
    This one's mine.
    Time to die now, shorty! (Yoda)
    As you wish. (Tricked)
    Yes, sir! (Tricked)
    I'll take care of it, sir! (Tricked)
    Blaze Troopers:
    Flame on!
    Time for some action!
    Flank him.
    Stop him!
    Destroy the Jedi!
    There's one - set for kill.
    That one's mine.
    Another Jedi!
    One fried green Jedi, coming up. (Yoda).
    Clone Assassins:
    Enemy incoming.
    Nail him!
    That's the smallest Jedi I've ever seen. (Yoda).
    Hey, shorty - time to die. (Yoda).
    Let me show you how it's done!
    I'm going to eviscerate you!
    You've never seen anything as fast as I am!
    Give it up - you're dead.
    Neimoidian Guards:
    Take evasive maneuvers!
    Give it up, Jedi.
    Keep your distance - he's dangerous.
    Fry him!
    Careful now!
    Drop your weapon.
    There he is - set blasters for kill!
    Flank him!
    There he is!
    He's using his lightsaber to destroy the ship!
    Don't let him throw those canisters.
    Don't let him hit the thrusters!
    Cover me - I'm going in.
    He's trying to disable the ship!
    Neimoidian Brutes:
    Use the lava against him!
    You shall not pass.
    You're going to burn, Jedi.
    I smashed him.
    You're dead, Jedi!
    Liquid hot magma!
    Pound the Jedi!
    You made a mistake coming here.
    This is your last stand!
    Outta my way!
    This is where you die!
    Neimoidian Scout:
    Shoot him!
    Shoot to kill.
    Nail him!
    ------------SECTION 4: THE VOICES------------
    The voice actors who brought these lines to life.
    ------------SECTION 5: CONTACT INFORMATION------------
    First of all, I only wish to be contacted via e-mail about this guide in one of
    the following circumstances:
    1. You have noticed some kind of error in the guide, whether spelling, grammar,
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    this point that there are at least a dozen lines still not added).
    3. You don't like something about the way I've organized this guide, and want
    to make a suggestion about how to improve it.
    If one of those conditions is met, you can drop me an e-mail pointing out the
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    Hopefully I'll get into the habit of checking it at least every couple of days.
    If you want to talk to me about anything else in relation to this guide (or
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    My sister, for pestering me about writing the introduction and the rest and
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