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    Boss FAQ by fastkarate

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 01/14/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    A Boss FAQ for the Viewtiful Joe 2
       on the Nintendo Gamecube console
    This is an ASCII art-less walkthrough by David Riley
    (Dave [at] frontbeat.com).
    Your Viewtiful Style
    The bosses in  Viewtiful Joe 2, while comparatively easy  after some of 
    the sweat-fests in  VJ1, can still  be tough  customers. The Slow,  Zoomed 
    RHOH (hold  down punch)  is still  your  bread and  butter, but  because 
    of  the quriky mechanics of  the new game you'll  have to wait until  the 
    3rd level to actually break the thing out. The first two bosses aren't 
    exactly -hard- , but they're tougher than old  Chuckie was. My strategies 
    for these bosses will differ for  your first playthrough. For successive  
    plays just replace anything I say with "Slow, Zoomed RHOH".
    Also important is  the use of mach speed. Generally  you're either going 
    to be slow +  maching (holding down slow and  mach at the same  time slows 
    the action  but lets Joe  run  at the same  speed)  when the boss  is  
    going to attack and just plain maching when you need to get there ASAP.
    These boss strategies are not to get you Rainbow Vs, but due to the easy 
    nature of most of the bosses in this game and the (seemingly) less 
    stringent requirements, you might find yourself doing just that.
    Joe vs. Silvia
    Aside  from two  very specific  examples  (Dr. Kranken's  shield and  
    Black Jet's aura)  you will  never, ever, EVER  use Silvia. She  is weak  
    and her comparable attack to  the RHOH (which I call her  Sexy Lightning 
    Butt Slam) is so laughably slow that more often  than not the boss will be 
    gone before you get a chance to  hit him. RHOH is your pal, SLBS  is -not-
    . If you like Silvia, I'm sorry,  but she just plain  stinks. Why would 
    you  want to play as anyone but Joe anyway? He's so irrascible!
    Without further ado, let's get you started!
    I've gotten about fifteen emails about the stupid puzzle in reel 2 where 
    you hit a button and blocks fall down. Do NOT e-mail me about this one.
    Think of it like this. You just got your REPLAY power. what could you
    POSSIBLY do with your REPLAY POWER?!?!
    Reel 1: Big John
    The  danger  of  Big  John  comes not  from  himself  but  from  his  
    hyper aggressive artillery support. Big John  himself is painfully easy to 
    avoid, even on your  first run through, the helicopter/tank attacks  
    require a bit more planning.
    (Vs. Rachel: John's a little more agressive  now, he'll tail sweep then
    rush twice in a row. Now John has become a pressure boss, make sure to
    stay right on him, while avoiding his rushes, or you may miss the chance
    to lay on more damage when he does his flame breath move).
    Tail Sweep
    Remember Hulk  Davidson? Same  deal. Big  John will  plant three  low 
    skull icons and sweep you  with his tail. Dodge upward and  counter with a 
    series of  crouched uppercuts,  this  is a  fairly  easy way  to  do 
    quick  damage without the  access to the  RHOH. He'll  repeat this movie  
    immediately and then move into either a flame breath or a rush.
    Flame Breath
    Ain't no thing.  You'll see a line of skulls  diagonally extending from 
    his mouth. Get  directly under  him, duck  and unload  with uppercuts  
    while he pathetically flames the air. After this he'll jump back. I know 
    I've seen something on the GameFAQs boards stating you can jump behind him 
    during this and attack for big damage but this attack is so rare that I've 
    never bothered to try.
    Not your friend. If you see John  rear back with no skulls then 
    immediately get  your butt  outta there  with  either slowed  + mach  
    speed running  or double jumping away. 
    Jump Back
    Here  John calls for  support.  It will alternate  between  helicopters 
    and tanks.
    The helicopters drop barrels that explode  in flame if you don't punch 
    them away. If you get  caught on fire, simply mach speed to get  rid of 
    it, just like old  times. Generally you only  want to concern yourself  
    with barrels rolling towards  the middle of the arena,  your staging 
    ground  for the Big John beatdown
    The tanks are a bit  more of a pain, they lob bombs  at you and continue 
    to fire into Big  John's first tail sweep.  When John jumps back  to ready 
    the tanks move all the way to the left  or the right then slow + mach 
    speed run to  the middle  of the  arena.  This will  allow  you to  easily 
    dodge  the majority of the  shells and you'll be ready  to greet John as  
    he pops back in.
    Protip: Yan Proulx suggests that instead of avoiding the bombs you keep in
    the center of the arena and use jump to dodge explosions. When Big John 
    comes back simply slow and keep jumping to see the damage add up. I've not
    tried this but I see no reason why it wouldn't work and it would probably
    do much more damage than your pathetic un-zoomed punches. Vs. Rachel it's
    probably not going to be worth your time. You'll annihilate him so fast with
    the RHOH anyway.
    Reel 2: Flinty Stone
    Flinty Stone is  simply annoying because of your lack  of RHOH-action. 
    He's not a  particularly tough boss,  but avoid  moving around too  much, 
    Flinty will  follow you  with his  rocket  boots while  in his  standard 
    form  and they're slow dodgable, but irritating.
    (Vs. Rachel: Flinty  will now use his spike  charge as many as  five or 
    six times. However,  because you now have the  RHOH this attack  is turned 
    into your advantage! Just slow as he passes by  and go crazy on his tail 
    to rack up the free damage)
    Orange Ball
    Flinty spins around and  lobs a ball at you. Presumably  you can punch 
    this back, but  I've never had  much luck with  it. Instead  I sit right  
    at his feet and unload until he forces me  to stop with a slowed dodge. 
    He'll do this one more time then move to either the Ray Beam or Ground 
    Ray Beam
    When you see Flinty spin on the vertical plane that means he's gonna shoot 
    out the pathetic Ray Beam which IS slow dodgable, but just as easily you 
    can jump over it and hit him in slow until you see him reading his Ground 
    Ground Pound
    Flinty's undodgable attack  is highly choreographed,  involving him 
    leaning back, winding up and  pounding the ground below him. If he's  on 
    one of the middle  platforms then it'll  get  destroyed and you'll  be  
    dropped below. Don't  let this  happen,  jump  up  or over.  If  you're 
    in  a  comfortable position you can get behind him and  hit for a few 
    shots. After this Flinty transforms into his flying snake
    Flying Snake
    This is where  Flinty really shines. He'll lope around  for awhile and 
    then you'll hear a  sharp *ping* followed by  a charge from his  new drill 
    head. If you  double jump  early you'll  be able to  score a  couple hits  
    on his orange tail. Otherwise just allow yourself  to slow dodge and ready 
    for the next  rush. He'll  do this  three times  before getting  all 
    tuckered  out. After the third time follow him  more closely. It's about 
    time you returned the favor.
    Sleepy Time
    Flinty will find  a place to pass out  in his normal form.  If you're 
    close to him you  have a ton of time  to hit him before he  actually falls 
    asleep (the snot bubble from  his nose). Use a bar or two of  VFX just 
    hitting him then, if you have 4+  bars of VFX (and you should!) hold  Z to 
    hit him with the  Six Cannon  for  big damage.  The  Six  Cannon is  kind  
    of like  your replacement  RHOH. You'll  never  use it  after this  
    fight.  If you  awake Flinty with the Six  Cannon be prepped to run like  
    heck, because you're no longer  Viewtifuled.  He'll do  a  little  dance  
    that'll hit  close  range targets  (good thing you're  not  there) and 
    occassionally  shoot  out some projectiles that  can be easily slow 
    dodged  or jumped over.  After this he goes right back to the Orange Ball 
    Reel 3: Camo Leon
    Camo Leon  is the first boss you'll  get to fight  after being 
    reintroduced to your old time best friend,  the slow, zoomed RHOH. He's 
    not particularly hard, but  he'll probably  take awhile  because of his  
    rarity of  being put into his dizzied  state. Leon tends to  move from 
    Tongue Slurp  into one of his three  other moves and  then back to tongue  
    slurp, but his  pattern is subject to change.
    During the fight Dr. Kraken will assist from the background. This is 
    mostly from memory, but lower middle is "Lunchtime", upper middle is 
    "Laser Field", right is "Missles" and left is "Laser".
    (Vs Rachel:  Leon's only real difference is  that he's now  crazy fast 
    with his slurp  attacks. Just be  quick on the trigger  with slow and  
    you'll do fine.)
    Tongue Slurp
    You'll see  three  skulls high, low  or  diagonal (if you're  in  the 
    air). Duck/jump  them and  counter with  a few  RHOHs until  he 
    disappears.  Leon tends to repeat  this attack a few times  in row, 
    allowing you  to stack up the relatively inconsequential damage then he'll 
    move on to a few options.
    Laser Field
    In the background  Doctor Kraken will summon  a laser field to  box you 
    in. Just stay  in the  middle of  the room  and continue  attacking Leon  
    as he tongue  slurps  you like  normal.  Kraken  will eventually  start  
    shooting missles which you can  reflect back at him (but not  Leon). If 
    you're quick about it  (and hold slow as they  explode) you can  sometimes 
    dizzy Kraken, which will  confuse  Leon. This isn't  as  easy as it  
    sounds,  though, but there's not reason not to take advantage if you can 
    Bouncy Bouncy
    Leon curls  into a ball as three  pinball bumpers appear  above you. 
    You'll either want to  hit one of the bumpers (revealing  its spikes) and 
    uppercut him into it  to dizzy him, after which  you can RHOH him for  
    awhile or you can hit  to (middle and left  or middle and right)  and use 
    a kick  to send him diagonally  into the  one on the  side. This will  
    cause him  to bounce back and  forth over and  over. This is preferable as 
    it seems to stun him for markedly longer but it can be a little irritating 
    if Leon doesn't bounce the way you want.
    Barely worth mentioning. As you dodge Leon's tongue you'll see a reticle 
    appear around you rather like the one in the previous level during one of 
    the challenges. Continue to fight as normal, just be sure to move away 
    when the reticle turns orange.
    The same missles you've seen from Helicopters, Verdies, Hulk Davison and 
    Harriers. If you hit enough back (in slow) at Kranken it'll dizzy him for 
    awhile, but this is tougher to do than you might think. Usually just as 
    easy to bat them away and forget about it.
    Kranken will be in the middle bottom position for this attack.
    This isn't  really an attack and, actually,  tends to be  beneficial to 
    you more often than not.  If at any time you find  yourself alone start 
    maching between the  left and  right platforms,  checking for  Leon. He's  
    going to start climbing one of the walls to  retrieve a treat that Dr 
    Kranken throws for him. A double  jump into either RHOH or slow, zoomed  
    Red Hot Kicks are the way  to go and most  of the time you'll  end up 
    getting a  Hamburger or "Real Meal"  out of the  deal. Sometimes Kraken  
    will throw a  fire potion, however, which  you should be  careful to 
    avoid. If  it hits you  in midair you will sustain damage  and it will 
    briefly light the  ground on fire when it lands. Just mach speed to put it 
    Reel 4: Alastor
    Your old rival, back  again. I couldn't begin to explain  how excited I 
    was to meet up with  this fella again after so much time.  Though he seems 
    easy at first he'll  soon mature into something much bigger.  Don't let 
    his puny two lifebars fool you!
    Alastor  and Devil  Triggered  Alastor are  basically  the  same boss.  
    The differences will be  described in the actual moves. You'll  only be 
    able to RHOH  Alastor  twice  before  he  flies away  (as  light  as  
    ever).  After following and  RHOHing him again he'll  Vortex his way 
    outta  there. Unlike the first one, where  there was lava to knock him 
    into, I  can't find a way to dizzy Alastor.
    Alastor tends  to land on  the ground  after every move  (sometimes 
    without doing a move). Whenenver he's on the  ground consider this free 
    time to lay the beatdown  on him.  Rarely you will  have to dodge  a 
    single  attack. If you're fast enough  you usually won't even  see it. 
    Alastor is  more a boss about  keeping the  pressure on,  as he  doesn't 
    have  a lot  of knee  jerk attacks or much of a pattern. Just keep hitting 
    him, he'll go down.
    Like before, this is Alastor's opening  move. It's easy to slow dodge, 
    even easier to  just run underneath him. When  he lands counter  with your 
    RHOH, follow him  when he  goes flying (generally  while slow +  mach to  
    avoid a premature Vortex) and give  him a few more RHOHs before  pulling 
    away as he vortexes outta there. 
    Alastor rarely  uses it. DTed Alastor likes  to go berserk  with this. 
    Much like Charles from  the first game, you can  slow punch him out  of 
    the move and then  rush in to apply your  RHOH. DTed Alastor  will 
    frequently vortex horizontally over and  over, giving you tons  of time to 
    do  tons of damage to him.
    Air Raid
    Air Raid is  even more a joke in  this one. It actually takes  LESS work 
    to dodge it. Alastor  will charge the golden Gran Bruce  heads on the 
    building and lightning  will sweep  across the  rooftop. Just jump  over 
    it  when it gets close and the move will eventually end.
    DTed Alastor  will start  the move  the same, but  the lightning  will 
    only attack the bottom of  the arena. Since you're probably on  the top 
    then you can feel free to spend the time  working on your taxes or 
    preparing a tasty sandwich. Smarter, though, is to goad DTed Alastor 
    into doing this move and mach speed into one of the open areas on the
    bottom so you don't get hit by it. If you stay on the bottom Alastor
    will always follow up with his Stab Frenzy attack, allowing for easy
    High Voltage
    Alastor telegraphs this when you see his chest shine and hear the *ping*.
    Largely unchanged  from the first one, except  now you bust  the blocks 
    and prizes  come out. The  blocks  circle the arena,  shooting  lightning 
    below them that you  cannot slow dodge. If you're  low on life then  you 
    can bust these things  up in the hopes of  getting a hamburger,  but 
    generally it'll be the large VFX Sake jug (not  a bad thing). It takes 
    three slowed attacks to break these  and it's generally a good idea.  
    You're probably already in slow anyway because you're dodging...
    The same  tossing sword  attack from  the first game,  except now  you 
    must actively punch them back. Slow dodging  will not cause the swords to 
    return to Alastor. However, it's smart to  concentrate on knocking the 
    things back at  him because  the can  be  pretty dogged  in  their 
    pursuit  of you  and Alastor can  be a pain  to damage sometimes.  A 
    roundtrip sword  will knock him out of the air.
    Stab Frenzy
    Your money maker. To get DTed Alastor to do this, hang around on the 
    lower floor to make him do his Air Raid, jump back up and he SHOULD go
    into this combo, allowing you to dizzy him and stick him with the big 
    This is the clutch moment in the fight against Alastor MKII. He'll bring 
    ou t his sword and have you dodge of series of high and low stabs. After 
    dodgi ng for awhile he'll get dizzy and you'll have tons of time to 
    unleash the big guns on him. This is your only time to do real damage, so 
    make it count.
    (Vs Ultra V-Rated Alastor): I'm *this* close to being sure that Alastor
    makes different sounds on whether or not he's going high or low. It's a
    pain, but he's nowhere near as loud with them as Leo is. Still, stunning
    him through two of these will basically allow you to use enough RHOH to
    nearly kill him.
    Reel 5: Ice Tiger
    Sort of like Fire Leo's weaker,  more pathetic brother, Ice Tiger's 
    pattern is a  bit intimidating at  first, but once you've  got it you'll  
    find he's ten times easier than the supposed leader of the Jado.
    There are  two methods  to beating  Tiger. The  easy way  and the  way 
    that feels legitimate but requires a lot of work
    *The Easy Way*:  It's really simple. Just  get near Tiger and  do the 
    slow, zoomed Red  Hot Kick. You  will be surrounded by  flames and knock  
    off his ice aura.  Leo will then swipe  at you six  times. Use slow to  
    dodge these and then  counter  with RHOH until  he  runs away. He'll  
    then  stand there flexing which allows  you to jump over  him and apply 
    even  more RHOH. When you see  his blue sparkles  just jump up  and use  
    another Red Hot  Kick to remove his aura. Repeat until dead.
    (Vs  Rachel: Exactly  the  same, he's  just  got a  HUGE  lifebar and  
    goes berserk much sooner)
    If you wanna be legit, though:
    Snow Balls
    Much  like Leo's  lava  rocks, Tiger  will run  around  the arena  
    dropping snowballs in his  wake. You can mach these  balls to get your  
    flame on and then go after Tiger, but it's really not necessary.
    Ice Blow
    Tiger will stop  and blow out a  haze of snow, slicking  the platform 
    below him. I've  never been  hurt by  this attack,  so I'm  willing to  
    assume it can't actually  do anything except push you  back. All the  
    same, jump over it  and, if  he's not  wearing his  aura, get  ready to  
    start dodging.  If you're playing  the "legit"  way any  iced up platform  
    will have  a pillar below it that you can mach to get your fire on.
    Run Like You Want To Win
    When you're  at the  bottom Tiger  will chase you  down and  do one  of 
    two things, both slow  dodgable. The first is  a spray of ice  that moves 
    along the ground and the second are two  icicles that he throws out in a 
    straight line. Note that Tiger won't go downstairs if you don't.
    Here's what you do: Get your fire on  with one of the ice pillars then 
    slow + mach to get close to him. If  you're fast enough you can punch him 
    before he gets  one of his attacks off,  otherwise your slowdown  will 
    protect you from both attacks.  If you're standing right next to  him the 
    icicle attack will miss,  but the ice  spray will pretty much  always hit 
    you.  Thank god for slow!
    Not So Tornado, Tornado
    Ostensibly the  same as Leo's tornado of  despair, Tiger will  swipe at 
    you six times with  a combination of high and low  attacks. Unlike Leo, 
    though, you only get one  chance to get it right. If you mess  up then 
    he'll finish off with  a sweep  attack that  cannot be  avoided (though  
    it can  be slow dodged) and then  he'll go back to his  pattern. If you 
    dodge  all six then feel free  to unload  on him  with RHOH, but  I don't  
    know why  you're not playing it the easy way.
    When Tiger has about two and a  half to three lifebars left he'll go 
    crazy. This is  not nearly as  dangerous as Leo  was because Tiger  
    doesn't attack you directly. No matter how fast he's  going, he'll always 
    stop dead in his tracks when you're in front of him so  he can get off a 
    move, he won't plow over you like  Leo did, so the  only concern Tiger's 
    berserk  will give you is that  yo might  not be able  to get  your fire 
    aura  up before  he comes around to attack you,  in which case he'll run 
    away and  you can try again. No big deal.
    Reel 6: Dr. Kranken
    Dr. Kraken is not nearly as scary  as you might expect. His lifebars 
    border on pathetic and  he has an astonishing five attacks  that are all 
    basically the same and  pretty much all slow  dodgable. The real trick  to 
    Kranken is finding out  how to  hurt him.  Here's a hint:  It's the  
    blatantly obvious yellow ball  on one of  his tentacles. Punch it  four 
    times and  his shield will go down,  then you can go off on  him with the 
    RHOH until  you see the blue sparkles appear. Get away from  the octopus 
    when this happens, running into his shield will hurt you.
    Little Flying Goobers
    Three of those  bat replacement robots will be flying  around. These 
    things a cinch,  if they grab  you just slow and  jiggle the controller  
    around to get rid  of it. As  Kranken gets more hurt  he'll summon the  
    pink versions that can actually  directly damage you. It's more 
    imperative  to kill these ones or they'll only end up harassing you.
    Kranken's first attack  involves using Magnets to pull spiked  tiles off 
    of the  ceiling. When  he starts  a  new pattern  he'll always  use the  
    "Orb" tentacle  to pull  up a  platform  in the  middle (for  some 
    reason).  Take advantage of this  to abuse the orb and  drop his shield. 
    If  you break his shield before the other magnets pull the  tiles off of 
    the ceiling then you won't have to  worry about them, otherwise you'll 
    have  to avoid them, slow dodging doesn't work.  The underside of the 
    doc's  platform seems generally good for this, but it's not 100%
    The drills  are another ridiculously easy  attack to ignore.  Generally 
    the "Orb" tentacle will be  out and away from the pack and  the drills can 
    only hurt  you when  they have  that  purple aura  around you.  If you're  
    quick you'll never  have to worry  about the drills  attacking. When the  
    aura is gone, attack as normal.
    The saws can be a little harder  to find an opening. Instead of poking 
    once and pulling  away like the drills  they drag along the  ground, 
    continously in  attack mode.  Still,  the  air  is generally  safe  and 
    they  are  slow dodgable. No worries, just work for your opening and 
    When hurt a  little Kranken will pull  out a combo of  magnets, drills, 
    and saws. This  is  not any more  difficult  than avoiding any  of  the 
    attacks seperately.  Just remember  that slow  +  mach is  your friend  
    and a  good offense is often the best defense.
    Spinning Time
    When  he's "killed"  the  good  doctor  will return  as  a head  with  
    many drills/saws  poking out  of  him. The  drill  attack  involves them  
    poking straight out and staying  there for a moment. The saws  have him 
    spin along the ground and you need to double jump over it to avoid it.
    Use Silvia. I  know, I know, she  stinks, but for once  she's got 
    something to contribute to the  fight. When Kranken goes into the  drill 
    mode keep an eye on  the yellow orb  which will circle  around his 
    various  tentacles. I tend to  wait until it's somewhere between  the 7 
    and  5 o'clock positions, then slow and fire away with her  double guns. I 
    suppose you could probably replay  a spin  kick or  something like  that, 
    but  I'm much  too lazy  for something like that. You could always try  to 
    use Joe for RHOH too, but the orb moves pretty quick at times.
    EDIT: The orb stops moving after the first hit it'd seem, so if you're 
    quic k enough with Joe then it should be a problem. Hooray! Another thing 
    we don 't need Silvia for!
    Once  Kraken's all  dizzy just  switch  back to  Joe  and jump  up for  
    the standard RHOH  combo. It should only take  about two rotations  for 
    this to finish him off.
    Reel 7: Dark Kaiser
    Black Kaiser is basically analogous to King  Blue and the Six x Six 
    Machine (besides referencing  Getter Robo and Voltes V) is  just the same  
    old Joe in robot form. Kaiser  is a much quicker battle than  King Blue, 
    you shouldn't have much trouble putting him down in about three patterns 
    worth of time.
    Heat Waves
    Kaiser will send out  waves in low and high positions.  Slow and then 
    dodge up or down accordingly, or just jump and avoid them all together.
    Flame Dragons
    A couple of  planets will fall onto  the ring of asteroids.  Use mach 
    speed to beat on  these until you're fired  up and the flame  dragons that 
    Kaiser shoots out of the sun will fly right through you.
    Jupiter Bounce
    Kaiser grabs  Jupiter with  a laser  beam and  uses it  to shoot  out 
    small spheres that look  like red blood cells.  Some are very slow  and 
    bounce up and down and some move about three  times as fast and roll upon 
    the ground. They are  slow  dodgable, so don't  worry  too much. The  
    only  real danger comes if two of them are approaching at the same time.
    This  is your  big  chance. After  Jupiter Bounce  or  Flame Dragons  Dark 
    Kaiser will come out  onto the ring. IMMEDIATELY mach speed  to him and 
    get ready to double jump.  He'll often try to encircle you in  a ring of 
    lasers that halts lateral movement. Not a big  deal if you know what 
    you're doing, but if you're not  close enough to him you'll lose out on  
    the chance to do any damage. 
    Double  jump  and   slow,  you'll  see  something  like   the  Matrix  
    from Transformers come out  of his chest, this  is your target. RHOH  as 
    much as you can. Just  about when it disappears  you want to unslow  and 
    fall down, just in time for  the missles to soar over your head  (they 
    were aiming for you while you were  in the air). You'll have another 
    chance  to hurt him in the same way before he runs back to the sun.
    If you're  not close enough to damage  him (shouldn't ever  happen) and 
    end up getting caught in the rings then  be sure to double jump and slow 
    anyway otherwise the undodgable  missles will take a pretty big  chunk out 
    of your life meter.
    After retreating  to the sun  Kaiser will send  down lasers much  like 
    King Blue did. Generally  you'll want to stand  still just like you  did 
    on King Blue, but I can't  confirm if this is how it always  happens (I'm 
    a twitchy gamer) so  my advice is to  slow and watch  for the lasers to  
    appear. Move accordingly.
    Reel 7: Jet Black
    The beginning of the fight  (Non-henshin) you absolutely POSITIVELY want 
    to use  Silvia (for  the second  time  in your  entire life).  Why? She's  
    the faster runner  and she  attacks faster. If  you run to  Jet ASAP  
    you'll be able to  re-henshin without any  loss of life.  Simply rush-
    punchpunchpunch and repeat. Those little whirly things won't cause you no 
    Now switch  to Joe  and realize, even  if you like  her, that  Silvia 
    still totally sucks.  I  can't believe she  doesn't  have mach speed.  
    Way  to be worthless.
    Jet will  swoop in and  do a sword  swipe, dodge and  hit him two  or 
    three times with  the RHOH,  he'll repeat but  you may want  to switch  to 
    Silvia after the dodge. After  this swing Jet will put an aura on  and it 
    seems to me that  (at least the first  time) he prefers  putting on the 
    aura  of the opposite character.
    Jet Black is not,  repeat, NOT invincible when he has  the aura around 
    him. You need to hit  him with approximately 2 dragon kicks  to remove the 
    aura, lighting or  fire respectively.  Pray for fire  because Silvia,  as 
    always, sucks the big one. After you've knocked  off his aura you have a 
    very brief window of opportunity  where you can do ridiculous damage.  
    With Joe if you aim just  right you  can dragon kick  twice in a  row 
    immediately  into the RHOH and take off  a full bar of life. If he does  
    the lightning aura then, well, I always  go for the taking off  but rarely 
    manage to  do any damage. Silvia's  "Sexy  Lightning  Butt  Slam"  or  
    whatever  it's  called  is  so absolutely  slow  it's   worthless.  And  
    if  you  don't   get  Jet  almost immediately after he loses the aura 
    you've basically lost your shot. You can attempt a slow, zoomed, replayed
    red hot kick, which will generally work, but your VFX may suffer in the
    When Jet has the  purple aura play it smart. I learned  quickly that if 
    you rush Jet  he just keeps  running. Let him get  a little distance  and 
    he'll stop, then  it's a simple  matter to jump  over him  and RHOH him  
    until he runs away.  Rinse  and repeat. Jet  only  really has two  
    attacks,  the one where he floats in  the air, swipes and then fires  off 
    two fireballs (this is your  key time  to dragon kick  and remove  his 
    aura if  he has  one) or he'll stand on the ground, sword  swipe and send 
    out dragons of electricity or  fire (if  he has  an aura)  at angles  of 
    1  o'clock, 2  o'clock and  3 o'clock. Pretty  easy to double  jump over 
    but  unable to slow  dodge. He's got some  goofy sword dive  move too but 
    you  can slow dodge/run  away from this easily, get behind him and get 
    free hits in.
    After Jet applies his first aura he'll putter around for awhile and then 
    ma ch speed himself, slowing you down big time. Here he's got a multi-stab 
    mov e that you can't slow dodge and a rising sword that you may've sene 
    before. Both of these provide ample opportunity to dodge, mach speed to 
    fall behind him and get in quite a few slowed RHOHs. The mach speed to 
    fall is crucial for dropping down quicker and getting in those few hits. 
    Eventually he will apply another aura and you'll have to start it all 
    over. If it's lightning I've found it best to just cut my losses, get rid 
    of the aura with Silvia and not try to get any extra hits in. Replay is so 
    awful, doesn't do a lot of damage and takes so much VFX. This can un-
    Viewtiful you and in higher difficulties you do NOT Want this.
    After this he'll pretty much repeat. Eventually he may bring out one of 
    those spinning crescent deals, but that's not all that much of a concern 
    as you can slow dodge it it necessary.
    After a strung  out battle (if you're mosting hitting  his purple aura 
    it's a LONG  battle) you'll emerge the victor  and, if your  game doesn't 
    freeze like mine did, you'll  get to go all teary eyed at the  ending. Oh 
    Jet, you silly fool!
    I hope you've enjoyed the  game as much as I did (or possibly more, it
    wasn't that great). And  I hope this FAQ will send you  well on  your way
    to not  only beating  the bosses,  but getting those Rainbow  Viewtifuls 
    too. I didn't  think the bosses this time around were  all that  much
    harder  than the  ones in  Viewtiful Joe 1, but  that doesn't mean they're
    pushovers by any  sense of the word. Keep reaching for that rainbow (oscar).
    Anime... for your FIST!!

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