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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Sound Defense

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/16/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Viewtiful Joe 2 FAQ/Walkthrough.
    Copyright 2005 Jim Avery
    Due to the abuse of my e-mails to send me mind-blowing amounts of spam
    (as well as questions that are answered in my walkthrough), I have
    been forced to stop all my e-mails.
    Table of Contents
    1 - Version History
    2 - Basic Info
      2.1 - Characters
      2.2 - Controls
      2.3 - VFX
    3 - Walkthrough
      3.1 - Reel 1: Ten-Million Years B.C.
      3.2 - Reel 2: Viewtiful Heroes, and The Statue of Doom
      3.3 - Reel 3: Memoir of an Invincible Monster
      3.4 - Reel 4: Thunder boy lives twice
      3.5 - Reel 5: Ice Edge
      3.6 - Reel 6: Do Androids Dream of Romantic Scene?
      3.7 - Reel 7: STARSHIP VIEWTIES
    4 - Frequently Asked Questions
    5 - Thanks To...
    6 - Legal Info
    (I) = Incomplete
    (N) = Not started
    1 - Version History
    Version 0.1 (7:07 PM EST 1/4/2005) - Finished with Reel 1. More to come 
    Version 0.2 (8:46 PM EST 1/7/2005) - Reel 2 complete.
    Version 0.4 (10:16 PM EST 1/7/2005) - Reel 3 complete.
    Version 0.6 (1:00 AM EST 1/8/2005) - Reel 4 complete.
    Version 0.7 (8:53 PM EST 1/8/2005) - Reel 5 complete.
    Version 0.9 (1:24 AM EST 1/9/2005) - Reel 6 complete.
    Version 1.0 (5:14 PM EST 1/11/2005) - Walkthrough complete! Now you 
    people can stop asking the same questions over and over on the board. 
    More stuff later.
    2 - Basic Info
    2.1 - Characters
    Joe - The old hero returns for a new adventure. He's got attitude, but 
    sometimes forgets his place around Silvia.
    Silvia - Joe's girlfriend is sick of being the hostage, and is coming 
    into this adventure as a hero like Joe.
    Captain Blue - Silvia's father, one of the original heroes. He gets 
    turned into a blue Oscar early on.
    Jet - Joe's father is running the theatre from the other side of the 
    screen, but it looks like he's hiding something...
    2.2 - Controls
    Control stick - Menu: switch selection; Gameplay: move Joe/Silvia (left 
    and right), dodge (up and down)
    Control pad - Menu: switch selection
    Start - Menu: select; Gameplay: pause; skip FMV sequence
    A - Menu: select; Gameplay: jump, double-jump
    B - Menu: cancel selection; Gameplay: Zoom In/Out
    X - Menu: select; Gameplay: kick
    Y - Menu: select; Gameplay: punch
    Z - Gameplay: switch Joe/Silvia
    C-stick - Gameplay: Zoom In (up), Zoom Out (down)
    L - Gameplay: Slow
    R - Gameplay: Mach Speed (Joe), Replay (Silvia)
    2.3 - VFX
    - Joe and Silvia -
    Slow: Activated by holding L. Everything slows down, and you are able 
    to dodge most attacks automatically. Bullets move more slowly, so you 
    can deflect them back at enemies.
    Zoom: Activated by hitting C-up or B (deactivated with C-down or B). 
    The camera zooms in on you, and smaller enemies are temporarily 
    stunned. Your punch becomes more powerful (with Joe, it's faster), and 
    your kick becomes a spin kick. If you use it in the air (as you're 
    coming down), you'll do a downward attack; if you use it and jump, 
    you'll do a jump attack.
    - Joe -
    Mach Speed: Activated by holding R. You alone move faster. This is 
    great for getting places quickly, and if you attack long enough while 
    in Mach Speed, you'll catch fire and can ignite enemies.
    - Silvia -
    Replay: Activated by holding R. You'll go into Record mode, and if you 
    hit something with a punch or kick (or zoom attack), that attack will 
    be repeated two more times. Of course, if you are hit in Record mode, 
    you take the damage two more times as well.
    3 - Walkthrough
    We start at the end of the original Viewtiful Joe, specifically where 
    Captain Blue tells Joe that he has to save the world two more times and 
    where Silvia gets a V-Watch. The Black Emperor, with his Gedow 
    organization, is invading Movieworld and turns Captain Blue into a Blue 
    Oscar in hopes of forever sealing away the happy ending or some such. 
    Joe and Silvia are then abducted.
    Note: I do not leave out spoilers.
    3.1 - Reel 1: Ten-Million Years B.C.
    - Act I -
    Dino Land! And for some reason, your V-Watches don't work. You'll start 
    with some quick battle tutorials, then the game begins. Go forward to 
    the mission.
    Mission 1: Defeat three enemies
    Use the techniques demonstrated in the tutorials and this is a snap. 
    Continue across the leaves to the next part.
    Mission 2: Defeat two enemies
    To defeat the shield guy, hit him, then quickly duck, then attack. 
    Afterward, you'll be ambushed by a tank, but you'll remember your 
    Viewtiful style just in time. You'll get a quick tutorial on VFX; punch 
    the enemy into the tank to destroy it. Defeat the other enemies, then 
    head on.
    Mission 3: Cross the gorge
    Use Slow to make the dam break, then jump across the logs to the other 
    side. Defeat some more enemies, then use Slow next to the wall to bring 
    a platform down. Jump on, then go up and jump to the cliff.
    Mission 4: Destroy the helicopter enemies
    Use Slow to bring them down, then when they put up their dukes, let go 
    and attack. Jump on the platform and use Slow to make it explode, then 
    you'll advance to the next area.
    - Act II -
    Go forward.
    Mission 1: Defeat enemies
    Defeat the enemies, then approach the bridge, which will go up thanks 
    to an eruption.
    Mission 2: Lower the bridge
    Make your way carefully back to the big switch, avoiding the falling 
    rocks, then use Slow and uppercut the giant rock, then return to the 
    bridge and cross it.
    Mission 3: Defeat three enemies
    Defeat the enemies, then go forward and shoot the targets with Silvia 
    in Slow to get lots of V-Points. Continue on.
    Mission 4: Get the key and go through the door
    Use Slow as the volcano's erupting to make the rock fall on the switch, 
    then go back to below the bridge. Defeat the enemies to get the key, 
    then go back and Slow uppercut the rock, then go through the door. Go 
    onto the bridge, then enemies will break it.
    Mission 5: Get the key and go through the door
    Defeat the enemies to get the key, then go to the right side and use 
    Slow to lower the platform. Go up and jump to the bridge, then open the 
    door and go through. Continue to a laser guy.
    Mission 6: Defeat the laser guy
    Use Slow to avoid his laser attack; the only time to hurt him is to 
    punch his normal bullets back at him while in Slow, which is quite 
    effective. Once that's done, hit him in Slow until his regular armor's 
    off, then normal Slow attacks will effect him. You'll get a tutorial 
    about Mach Speed. Continue on past the triceratopses and defeat the 
    enemies, then jump on the platform at the end and use Mach Speed to go 
    up; make sure you avoid the fire spouts.
    Mission 7: Get the key and go through the door
    First, use Slow to get the volcano to spout the rock, then jump to the 
    punching bag. Use Mach Speed on it to get on fire, then jump across the 
    flaming rocks. If you can't get on fire in time, then you can use Mach 
    Speed to put them out as well, but temporarily. At the end, defeat the 
    laser guy to get the key, then go through the door to Dino Park.
    - Act III -
    Mission 1: Defeat four enemies
    Fairly straightforward. Go through the door.
    Mission 2: Get out of the room
    Defeat the enemies here, then go over to the plug and uppercut it into 
    the outlet. Jump into the center of the wheel and use Mach Speed, then 
    run inside it and keep the meter within the "good" range (stop using 
    Mach Speed when it goes over). Once it's powered, the door will open. 
    Jump out of the wheel and go through the door.
    Mission 3: Defeat the enemies
    This is a fiery area, with fire spouts and fire pits fire fire fire. Be 
    careful when fighting some enemies. Go through the door when you're 
    Mission 4: Destroy the tank
    It'll continually stick a bit of its drill out of the ground; when it 
    does, you can force it out with Mach Speed. When it pops out, hit 
    bullets and enemies back at the tank to damage it quickly. It'll take a 
    while to defeat it, since normal attacks do virtually nil.
    - Act IV -
    -- Boss: Drill Sergeant Big John --
    Joe is best for this battle. When the three lower skulls appear, dodge 
    up, then use Slow punches/kicks. When the higher skulls appear, get 
    really close to him and duck to avoid the fire. Attacking when the 
    napalm comes down is harder, just FYI. The other attacks are easy to 
    dodge. He'll go down eventually.
    Congrats! You've got yourself a green Oscar! Joe's dad, Jet, will send 
    you to another film from the other side of the screen.
    3.2 - Reel 2: Viewtiful Heroes, and The Statue of Doom
    - Act I -
    Mission 1: Get the key and open the door (outside)
    Defeat the simple enemies here, then go up to the slot pillar. Use 
    Slow, then punch to stop it on each V, bottom to top. You can also get 
    coins and a hamburger if you want. When you get three V's, you get the 
    Mission 2: Get the key and open the door (inside)
    More shield enemies here, along with a balloonist (Mach Speed brings 
    him down) and a bone-thrower. There are two hamburgers near the top.
    Mission 3: Connect the statue parts
    You need to kick the statue head over to the body on the other side of 
    the wall. Mach Speed will raise the water level, and the head travels 
    farther in water. Kick and punch it over the wall (uppercut, then 
    kick), then hit it onto the body and collect the Replay ability for 
    Silvia. Commence tutorial.
    Mission 4: Open the door
    Jump onto the log and up to the ledge, then Replay punch/kick the 
    numbered switch to open the door.
    Mission 5: Defeat four enemies
    You want Joe for all combat purposes. Three regular enemies and a laser 
    guy. Once done, try to cross the bridge to have a block destroy it.
    Mission 6: Get to the flag
    You'll notice the spike pit opening and closing. Switch to Silvia and 
    approach the switch; once the door is done closing, use a slow Replay 
    punch/kick on the switch to have three blocks fall. Jump on them and 
    get to the flag. Once out, jump on the platform and use Slow; once the 
    explosion is finished, you'll travel up, so jump off at the ledge.
    Mission 7: Get the key and open the door
    Some balloonists, some bone-throwers, then shield and helicopter 
    enemies. The surprise is at the end, where a sort of reaper will show 
    up. When a skull icon appears from him, he'll attack where it appears, 
    then he'll do another really quick where the skull wasn't, so you have 
    to dodge both before you can hit him. He holds the key. Open the door, 
    get the burgers, hit the bag for points, then get on the cart.
    - Act II -
    While riding in the cart, you can jump, use Slow and Mach Speed and all 
    that. Running backward slows you down, running forward speeds you up. 
    Spend the first part of the level getting films for the second part, 
    when Big John shows up on a tank.
    Mission 1: Defeat Big John
    Here, you can move back and forth in the car, so you can run up and 
    attack if you feel daring. I wouldn't recommend it, though, I'd rather 
    you use Slow and punch his bullets back at him; it takes an entire life 
    bar. He'll throw barrels at you, shoot you, charge you (move backward) 
    and breathe fire at you, then move out of the way so rocks can take 
    care of you. Avoiding the rocks takes practice.
    - Act III -
    Go forward and defeat some enemies.
    Mission 1: Get through the door
    First, shoot the wheel as Silvia so the green arrows line up, then jump 
    across the platforms and run through the door. You may need another try 
    to make it across in time; on the way back, you can punch out some 
    swinging blades.
    Once you're through, destroy some enemies in here, then go to the other 
    end of the room. Take the bomb, when a new one falls, and hit it over 
    to the cracked floor. Use Slow when it explodes to destroy the floor, 
    then drop in. Destroy the enemies, then jump up to the torches and 
    platforms. Use Mach Speed and punch/kick one until you and it are on 
    fire, then set the others on fire as well to open the door.
    Mission 2: Defeat six enemies
    Shields, axe-throwers, and two nurses. Just slow attack then until 
    their aura leaves, then wail away some more. It takes a second. You 
    could also dodge their attacks; down, up, down. Once they're gone, a 
    sphere will fall from a dragon's mouth.
    Mission 3: Destroy the statues
    Jump on the sphere and run in the opposite direction of the statue to 
    get there. Once there, jump off and slow uppercut it into position. A 
    bomb will fall out, and lava will start falling. You need to very 
    carefully kick the bomb to the other end between lava spouts. Get as 
    close as possible and do it as soon as possible. Once it's on the other 
    side with the cracked dragon, use Mach Speed and punch/kick to light 
    it, then use Slow when it explodes. They'll all topple. Continue on 
    through the door.
    Mission 4: Unite the statue head
    Indiana Joe and the Staircase of Doom. Defeat the enemies and make your 
    way up to the one with the statue head, then get near the pedestal to 
    put it back on. You'll automatically jump in the hole.
    - Act IV -
    You'll spot the yellow Oscar in the possession of a large statue 
    guardian. You know what that means.
    -- Boss: Ancient Guardian Flinty Stone --
    Slow uppercuts are good for this battle. Move away when he uses the 
    orange ball, stone ray, and ground slam attacks. Once he turns into a 
    giant snake, he'll use his head as a drill to attack you. Use Slow to 
    dodge the drill, then attack his tail for more damage. Once he falls 
    asleep, if you can, charge up Z and fire your giant laser at him for 
    lots of damage, then move away, because he'll do some stomping. Repeat 
    this process until he falls.
    And a second rainbow Oscar is yours! Jet will move you to your next 
    3.3 - Reel 3: Memoir of an Invincible Monster
    - Act I -
    Defeat the enemies here, then move forward to the tower.
    Mission 1: Destroy the plane
    You can climb on and use slow attacks, but real damage comes from 
    uppercutting enemies into the plane. Do whatever you need to take it 
    down. Remember to use Slow to dodge bullets, and attack missiles to 
    have them destroy their own kind. Once it's done for, it will destroy 
    the tower, and you'll grab your last VFX power, Zoom. Tutorials will 
    ensue. You now have your ultimate technique, the Red Hot One Hundred, 
    or RHOH; it's a slow zoomed punch that does a lot of damage. Only works 
    well with Joe, as do most attacks. Anyway, finish off the enemies, then 
    Mission 2: Catch a cable car
    Stand underneath the traffic signal, zoom, and jump to hit the switch 
    and stop the cable cars. Some enemies will pop out, so take care of 
    them. The last one has the card key, so defeat him, then hop on the 
    cable car and go through.
    Mission 3: Enter the power plant
    Defeat the enemies here, then switch to Silvia, then jump and zoom 
    stomp through the window to the women's restroom. Go to the other end 
    and use a zoomed Replay jump to hit the switch, then leave. Back up 
    top, a car will crash, so defeat the enemies that come out. Once done, 
    stand between the switch towers as Silvia and use a zoomed Replay kick 
    to hit them. Go through the door to the plant, then continue onward 
    through the dim lights.
    Mission 4: Defeat five enemies
    Lights make it hard to see projectiles, so be on your guard, and watch 
    the electric generators as well.
    Mission 5: Defeat six enemies
    More of the same, essentially. Once done, move forward to the lever and 
    slow uppercut it.
    Mission 6: Complete the circuit
    Ignore the enemies and run up to the top of the spiral. Get an enemy 
    directly under the plugs, then dodge his attacks to make him dizzy, 
    then slow uppercut him into the plugs. Keep using Slow until the tower 
    Mission 7: Destroy the plane-bot
    It can shoot fire and fire more missiles. Otherwise, same as the plane, 
    essentially, except you can RHOH the plane-bot if you like. Works 
    really well as he's firing his missiles, since they all explode to 
    damage him.
    - Act II -
    Mission 1: Insert the gear and turn the gears
    Go forward to the gear in the floor, then zoom stomp it to make it fall 
    below. Continue down to where the gear is (defeat enemies if you want, 
    but it's not necessary) and kick it over to its position on the right. 
    Stand next to it and keep using zoom kicks until the gears have turned. 
    Go back, jumping over the gears (watch out for high-lying electric 
    boxes) and go through the rotating gear at the end (avoid the spikes). 
    To defeat this cloaked enemy, just RHOH him. Go through the other side 
    of the gear and get on the circular platform to go down, collecting 
    Mission 2: Get the key and open the door
    Defeat the nurse enemies here with RHOH, then defeat the cloaked enemy 
    the same way and use the key to get through the door.
    Mission 3: Open the safe
    Defeat the enemies, then jump on the conveyor belt and make your way 
    past the presses (VFX = useful). Use Mach Speed to get past the vacuum 
    tube, then jump on the lever and zoom stomp it to reverse the tubes and 
    stop the conveyor. Go back across the conveyor, then move the large 
    cylinder into the vacuum tube and get in with it. On the other side, 
    move it under the hole in the safe and uppercut it into place. Move to 
    the side where the light is and kick it once, then go to the new lit 
    side and RHOH it, then use Silvia's Replay kick to open the safe. Guess 
    who's inside?
    Mission 4: Defeat Big John
    His attacks are essentially the same as when you saw him on the cart. 
    The main thing to watch out for is his charge; when he leans over, run 
    away. You can RHOH his head for big damage.
    - Act III -
    You're in a lab with the purple Oscar; chase it around to find a mad 
    scientist. He'll talk more about rainbow Oscars, then unveil his 
    chameleon. He'll mention the power of the Black Film, then you'll do 
    -- Boss: Cyber Phantom Cameo Leon --
    Cameo Leon's attack is based on what Dr. Cranken is doing in the 
    background. When he's at the right, he'll fire missiles, and Leon will 
    use his tongue (four skulls); dodge and RHOH. When he's up top, he'll 
    create a laser grid to restrict your movement, and Leon will use his 
    tongue. When he's in the center, Leon will climb up a wall and Cranken 
    will throw either food or potion at him; RHOH Leon and collect the 
    food, but run from potion. If Cranken stays in the center, he'll lock 
    on and fire lasers. When he's at the left, the platforms will disappear 
    and be replaced with bumpers; hit them so they become spiked, then 
    uppercut Leon into them when he passes by. Continue until he's done.
    Cranken will vanish, promising a new toy for you. You've got the 
    rainbow Oscar, so Jet will install another film.
    3.4 - Reel 4: Thunder boy lives twice
    - Act I -
    Mission 1: Defeat eight enemies
    You can RHOH these guys into oblivion. After, zoom stomp the last part 
    of the bridge to get some goodies below. Continue on.
    Mission 2: Defeat ten enemies
    RHOH is the magic word.
    Mission 3: Destroy the carriage
    Hold Mach Speed with Joe and the paraders will stop temporarily, 
    allowing you to switch to Silvia and use a Replay punch on each of the 
    three switches on the carriage (you'll have to use Mach Speed a few 
    times). The last switch, by the way, is hidden under the statue on top; 
    break it.
    Once you're done, you'll be introduced to ninja robots. When they 
    attack, you'll see the first two skulls, but not for the other two 
    attacks. The other two, though, will always be the opposite of the last 
    skull, and then the other. Continue on to the moving blades to see a 
    bell. Go past the blades (for the fast one, use Slow and Mach Speed at 
    the same time) and jump on the spring. Use Slow and Zoom when it's 
    going up to ring the bell. You'll summon a UFO a bit over.
    Mission 4: Destroy the UFO
    Similar to destroying the plane, except you can only uppercut enemies 
    into it to damage it, and there's lots of fire that the enemies' water 
    barrels will douse. Continue on over the right houses to the field and 
    destroy the enemies here.
    Mission 5: Destroy the Buddha statue
    His hand can crush you, but it can be stunned with a zoom jump. Enemies 
    will come out eventually, but they're easily taken care of. Lasers are 
    easily dodged as well. When he fires missiles, you need to hit them, 
    wait 2 seconds, then use Slow so the explosions damage the statue more. 
    Eventually it will be destroyed. Take the giant key and go in the door.
    - Act II -
    Mission 1: Get the key and open the door
    More enemies. The last one is a black cloaked one that's the same 
    concept as the red cloak, just with more stamina. RHOH. Defeat the 
    enemies on the other side of the door, then zoom kick the gear until 
    the ladder falls. Go up.
    Mission 2: Return the three artifacts
    We'll number the steps; this is a more complicated puzzle, this helps 
    keep your place.
    1) Defeat the enemies here, then go through the left door to recover 
    the shell. Bring it everywhere you go.
    2) Defeat these enemies, then zoom stomp the lever.
    3) Put the shell in the hole in the floor and zoom stomp it into the 
    next room. Place the shell in the background.
    4) Return to the other room and zoom stomp the lever twice.
    5) Go through the right door into the first room and zoom jump into the 
    6) Go through the left door, jump up and slow kick the sword to 
    dislodge it. Follow it, defeat the enemies and return to the gear room. 
    The rooms will rearrange.
    7) Uppercut the sword into the stairway, then zoom jump it into the 
    room. Follow it.
    8) Defeat the enemies and hit zoom jump the switch twice.
    9) Go left and jump up to the mirror, then use a slow kick to dislodge 
    10) Return to the room and zoom jump the lever, then go to the left 
    room (to get the artifacts across the gap, push them in, slow punch 
    them out, then punch them over).
    11) Defeat the enemies, then zoom stomp the lever twice. Bring both 
    artifacts down to the other room and place them. You're done.
    Go up a room and leave via the right door.
    Mission 3: Light the torches
    Defeat the enemy, then Mach Speed attack the torches as Joe so you 
    light on fire. Quickly change to Silvia and Replay kick the unlit 
    torches while still on fire.
    Mission 4: Light the torches
    Defeat these enemies, then jump between the torches. Mach Speed attack 
    to light on fire, the switch to Silvia and use a zoom Replay kick on 
    the torches. Defeat the enemies in the next area, then jump up the 
    branches through the hole in the ceiling.
    Mission 5: Ring the bell 108 times
    You'll have to attack the bell to the left 108 times while fending off 
    enemies at the same time. Not horribly difficult. The most effective 
    way is to continually zoom stomp right next to the bell.
    - Act III -
    It's Dino Li (Big John)! But he's effectively shut down by your old 
    rival, Alastor. He'll do his lame shtick, then you'll battle.
    -- Boss: Blade Master Alastor --
    He's susceptible to RHOH like everyone else. After he charges at you, 
    he'll leave himself open to two hits (the maximum). You can attack him, 
    though, essentially whenever you have a free moment. He has an electric 
    attack that sweeps the roof that you can jump over, and he'll also 
    summon heat-seeking swords that act exactly like missiles; hit them to 
    have them rebound. He's got only a little health, so this will be 
    Looks like it's over...nope. Jet's accidentally reeled up the Black 
    Film, and it's taking over Alastor!
    -- Boss: Underworld Emperor Alastor --
    Same as before, but with a lot more stamina, and he's a little faster, 
    I think. Also, two parts of the roof are gone, and he can summon stones 
    that create electricity; if you break them with RHOH, they'll give a 
    hamburger or VFX.
    Alastor has been put to rest, and Jet destroys the Black Film. You also 
    have the red Oscar, but how did Alastor get in the real world?
    3.5 - Reel 5: Ice Edge
    - Act I -
    Mission 1: Defeat four enemies
    Fliers, bomb-throwers, ninjas. Pretty simple.
    Mission 2: Cross the geyser
    Destroy the enemies, first off. Then, take the snowball on the ground 
    (possibly on a ledge) and move it under the branch to the left. Jump 
    into the branch to knock snow off, and roll the snowball onto the snow 
    to build it up. Once it's reached its maximum height, roll it into the 
    geyser and cross it.
    Mission 3: Get to the flag
    Destroy these enemies, jumping over the avalanche snow; it won't hurt, 
    it's just irritating. The last one holds a remote control; collect it 
    to activate the platform. Move it over to the far right (use Slow when 
    it gets close to the ground to lift it), then get on and use Slow to 
    launch up to the flag.
    Mission 4: Get to the flag
    More avalanche, more enemies, ninjas mostly. When they're gone, jump on 
    a platform and wait for the avalanche to pass the air spout and get to 
    the flag.
    Mission 5: Defeat six enemies
    Four normal enemies, two cloaked. Should be easy by now. Once done, 
    jump on the platform and use Slow to go up. Head right.
    Mission 6: Catch a cable car
    More shield Eskimos here, then some gun-wielding ninjas. Once done, 
    head right to the tall ice tower to see a UFO come down with a cable 
    car pass. Defeat the laser enemies here, then use zoom jump twice on 
    the ice above to break through. Defeat the cloaked enemy and go up 
    again, then defeat another cloaked enemy. Jump on a cloud to get up, 
    then get on the platforms and defeat the jet enemies. Jump on another 
    cloud and jump into a tornado, then land on the UFO and hit it once to 
    down it. Go back down and get the key card, then go down to the cable 
    Mission 7: Destroy the plane-bot
    Same as last time; you should remember what to do. When he goes down, 
    jump on the cable car to go down. Avoid the tornadoes and defeat the 
    enemies, then Big John will come along to knock you out of the air.
    - Act II -
    This is the only Six Machine level in the game. I advise you to note 
    the following things:
    1. Joe's machine is a submarine. Y fires missiles, X drops bombs.
    2. Silvia's machine is a drill. Y drills, X fires floating bombs.
    3. Silvia's drill can destroy ice blocks in front of and under you; a 
    zoom jump will destroy blocks above.
    4. Whenever enemies are dropping lots of things on you, use Silvia's 
    5. Whenever swarms of enemies are in front of you, fire lots of 
    missiles in Mach Speed while moving up and down wildly.
    6. Slow increases missile size.
    7. If you're playing Adults like I was, this is hard.
    8. If you die anywhere before the battleship, you start from the 
    Mission 1: Destroy the battleship
    At the very end. This thing has two main attacks; bullets from turrets 
    and missiles from launchers. Destroy the source to get rid of it most 
    easily, but keep in mind it will become its opposite and you have to 
    destroy that too. Don't underestimate the power of Slow. In the middle, 
    Big John will show up, and all the turrets will regenerate. Shoot at 
    him until he goes down, then do the same for the UFO. Destroy the last 
    turret afterward and the mission is over.
    - Act III -
    Mission 1: Destroy five enemies
    Shield Eskimos and gun ninjas. Afterward, jump on the moving platform 
    and destroy more enemies. Watch out for the fire spout.
    Mission 2: Destroy eleven enemies
    Ten weak lockers, as they are called, and one cloaked enemy do not a 
    challenge make. When the platform reaches the other side, you can grab 
    the hamburger if you're careful.
    Mission 3: Break through the ice
    A slow, zoomed uppercut from Joe will do the trick. Remember to hold X. 
    Destroy the enemies on the other side.
    Mission 4: Destroy three enemies
    Two ninjas and a black cloak. Go to the right at the end.
    Mission 5: Get to the flag
    Mundane enemies to defeat here. This platform goes right when there are 
    no enemies on it; when you use Slow, the water goes down, and when you 
    use Mach Speed, it goes up. Make sure it's above the floor so you can 
    safely reach the flag.
    Mission 6: Defeat three enemies
    It's the three nurses again. RHOH is the magic word.
    - Act IV -
    It's Big John again! Wait...no...it's Fire Leo's brother, Frost Tiger, 
    bent on revenge, whatever he says.
    -- Boss: Blizzard Hazard Frost Tiger --
    He's similar to Fire Leo, if you remember him. He's got an ice aura on 
    him, which can be broken with fire. When he runs around the arena, 
    he'll drop snowballs; break a couple with Mach Speed to catch fire, 
    then RHOH him before you lose it. If you have Red Hot Kick, though, you 
    can do that in Slow, then zoom to turn it into a fire kick. That works 
    equally well if not better (it's useful when he starts moving really 
    fast). After that, he'll retreat; follow him, then legitimately dodge 
    all six of his attacks and he'll fall over. Now is the time to attack 
    with RHOH. Once you've caused enough damage, he'll start moving a lot 
    faster, so I recommend charging up your fire on some pillars on the 
    lower level. Watch out for those flying ice things. If you're really 
    skilled, you can use Red Hot Kick to break his aura as soon as he puts 
    it up for a really easy fight.
    Joe gets the Oscar, and...there are two Silvias. Joe lets his hormones 
    get the better of him, and gives the Oscars to the fake, much to 
    Silvia's disappointment. In the real world, Captain Blue's film starts 
    glowing, so Jet sets it up.
    3.6 - Reel 6: Do Androids Dream of Romantic Scene?
    - Act I -
    You'll start out in a familiar area, if you played Viewtiful Joe. 
    Collect all of the films, then move forward to find Dr. Cranken and 
    your opponent.
    -- Boss: The Serial Killer Android Miss. Bloody Rachel --
    She fights you in four forms that should be familiar.
    -- First Form: Drill Sergeant Big John --
    She's got more life than Big John, and after she does the first tail 
    swipe, she'll charge twice before launching a different attack. 
    Otherwise, she's essentially the same as Big John.
    - Act II -
    -- Second Form: Ancient Guardian Flinty Stone --
    Almost exactly the same. She does the drill thing a few more times, 
    The three of them will discuss what a heart is (and how Rachel can't 
    battle without it), then you'll end up in another familiar area, with a 
    familiar puzzle to solve.
    Mission 1: Use the bus to get on the UFO
    Jump on the bus, and as it's going up the slope, use Slow to boost its 
    rockets, and you'll get onto the UFO. In the meantime, Jet has to run.
    - Act III -
    Rachel wants to know more about the heart.
    -- Third Form: Cyber Phantom Cameo Leon --
    She's a little faster and hardier, but otherwise identical.
    - Act IV -
    -- Fourth Form: Blizzard Hazard Frost Tiger --
    She certainly goes nuts sooner than before. Same strategy applies, 
    - Act V -
    Rachel finally understands the concept of a heart, and Gedow certainly 
    can't have that, so Dr. Cranken decommissions her.
    -- Boss: Mad Scientist Dr. Cranken --
    He's got a bunch of octopus enemies flying around that get annoying, 
    but his real power is in his tentacles. They can pull blocks from the 
    ceiling to fall on you, slice at you, and all that. You need to hit the 
    lit orb on one of his tentacles four times to break his shield, then 
    wail away with RHOH until you see the blue spots; run from those, his 
    shield hurts. Once you take care of his health bars, he'll turn into a 
    head with lots of tentacles. Run away from the saws, but when the 
    drills appear, you can take out the orb, and then Cracken.
    Cranken's gone, and you're able to save Rachel besides. She thanks you 
    and gives you the Oscars, which Joe gives to Jet before heading to the 
    final film.
    3.7 - Reel 7: STARSHIP VIEWTIES
    - Act I -
    Mission 1: Get the key and open the door
    You've got a lot of enemies here. The new guy is a scorpion; when he 
    attacks, jump over him, then RHOH him from behind. There's also a guy 
    with a pointy laser shield that prevents you from using RHOH; use 
    regular zoom punch. Frankly, way too many enemies.
    Mission 2: Hit the three switches
    This can be tricky. Each of the switches needs to be hit with a dizzy 
    enemy; I prefer the shield one. For the left one, slow kick him into 
    the switch; for the middle, slow uppercut. For the right one, do a 
    regular uppercut, then slow kick him in midair.
    Mission 3: Get the key and open the door
    Another gigantic amount of enemies. Once done, go into the next room, 
    switch to Silvia, and zoom Replay kick between the switch towers.
    Mission 4: Hit all of the switches
    All of the switches in here require a Replay attack, be it zoom stomp, 
    zoom jump, or kick. The rotating platform will help you with zoom jump. 
    You've got one minute.
    Mission 5: Guess what
    Another huge amount of enemies, in addition to some fire spouts and 
    electric things that make the scorpions difficult.
    Mission 6: Destroy the tank
    It's like last time, except it takes longer. Also ninjas. 
    Once done, go through the door to the low-gravity room. When you jump, 
    you'll slowly float to the ground. Go to the end here and jump as high 
    as you can, then float across the spikes, following the film. Jump up 
    again and go forward, then carefully cross these spikes. Fall down the 
    next few platforms, then go through the door at the end. You're on a 
    larger platform now. Defeat the nurse robots here, then the platform 
    will begin moving.
    - Act II -
    Mission 1: Defeat a lot of enemies
    Defeat all the enemies that come by; they come in all varieties here. 
    You also need to watch out for swinging blades, although you can hit 
    them out.
    Mission 2: Defeat the plane, the plane-bot, and Big John
    In that order. Big John is the most frustrating, mostly because of the 
    mini-Johns he launches at you. Destroy them, but watch out for their 
    fire breath. You'll go through the door, so go through the next one 
    when prompted.
    Mission 3: Destroy the Buddha statue
    It's got two hands now, and they fire a giant laser when the Buddha 
    fires his, hindering your movement significantly. Missiles don't only 
    appear when you stun the hands, though, which I guess is good. It's got 
    more stamina, too, and after the lasers the hands will clap, so try to 
    make sure they're high up and you're down low. Once done, go back 
    through the door and go through the other one.
    Mission 4: Get to the end
    Okay, Capcom, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Anyway, defeat the bunch of enemies 
    here, then you'll have to dodge some spike platforms; Slow and Mach 
    Speed is useful for getting out of harm's way. At the top, defeat more 
    enemies, then avoid more obstacles. Defeat the three nurses at the end, 
    then go through the final door.
    - Act III -
    Joe and Silvia run in on Black, the Emperor of Gedow. Turns out he has 
    the indestructible black film, and he sets it up on his reel. Now 
    you're reeling in space, and Black gets into his Dark Kaiser robot. 
    You'll counter with your 6 x 6 Majin.
    -- Boss: Ultra Black Behemoth Dark Kaiser --
    You can switch bots here, but I can't understand why you would want to. 
    Anyway, Dark Kaiser has a few phases of attack.
    1a) He folds his arms (jump there) to release heat waves from the sun. 
    Jump over them.
    1b) Releases a planet from his chest that fires energy balls from the 
    eye of the storm on its surface.
    2a) Releases fire dragons from the sun that go around the asteroid 
    2b) Fires numerous beams from his hands; Mach Speed in either direction 
    and don't stop until eight beams fall.
    3) He'll then disappear and get onto the asteroid belt. Mach Speed over 
    to him, and he'll release a red thing from his chest. This is his only 
    weak point; RHOH it as long as you can. Once it goes back, he'll fire 
    missiles. He may trap you in Saturn's rings, so you need to get really 
    close to him.
    4) Return to either 1a or 1b, alternating.
    - Act IV -
    Dark Kaiser is destroyed, and...Jet will jump and grab the blue Oscar. 
    Holy cow, he's the Black Emperor. He'll take the Rainbow Oscars and 
    turn himself into the ultimate hero. Back in the real world, we're at 
    the Viewtiful Awards, and Jet Black will send Joe and Silvia back into 
    the real world to battle him powerless...
    -- Final Boss: Dark Hero Jet Black --
    This is the one time in the game you want Silvia. Run directly up to 
    Jet Black and punch him three times, avoiding his crescent things. Do 
    this three more times, and the power of the audience will give you your 
    powers back. Now the battle really begins.
    Switch to Joe for this. He's almost always moving around, too fast to 
    be hit. Usually, when he lands, he'll put up a purple aura, which 
    negates most damage, but you'll have to RHOH him with it anyway. 
    Sometimes, he'll put on a red or blue aura, draining your VFX. You'd 
    better have your Red Hot/Cool Blue Kick here. Switch to Joe if red, 
    Silvia if blue. When he lands, you need to jump above him (dragons will 
    come out directly in front, above, and at a 45 degree angle in front) 
    avoiding the dragons. Then, use Slow, then the Kick, then use Zoom. Two 
    of those will take off his aura, then RHOH will be much more effective 
    until he resumes his purple aura. 
    Here's the problem: most of his attacks aren't slow-dodgeable, so it 
    will take a while to learn his attacks before you can beat him. One 
    last thing he does is change the gravity so you float like in that one 
    room. Right after he does this would seem like a good chance to attack, 
    NO. He'll take out three hearts almost unavoidably.
    Jet Black will lose his Rainbow Oscar power, as well as that of the 
    Black Film. Captain Blue will return to normal and take the Black Film. 
    He'll explain the story: Blue and Jet were good pals when younger, Blue 
    as a director, Jet as a theatre owner. Eventually, Jet found the Black 
    Film and became seduced by the dark side of movies, wanting to become a 
    hero himself. Joe and Jet will square off, each landing a hit.
    Jet's impressed by Joe and how he's grown, and he'll remove his 
    costume. After some chatter, a dark castle arises in the real world. 
    This is your final mission, to be concluded in Viewtiful Joe 3!
    4 - Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Who's the best character to use?
    A: Joe in all non-puzzle situations, except one during the final boss.
    Q: What's this RHOH you talk about?
    A: The Red Hot One Hundred is a slow, zoomed punch that does ample 
    Q: When are you going to finish the FAQ?
    A: I don't know. Please don't ask.
    Q: Can I host your walkthrough on my website?
    A: E-mail me that question and I'll give you my answer.
    Q: You forgot to mention this./I have a tip for doing this./How do I do 
    this, because it's not in your FAQ, but should be?
    A: E-mail me concerning any of the above situations. Remember to put 
    'Viewtiful Joe 2' somewhere in the subject line so I know what you're 
    talking about. Always double-check to make sure my FAQ doesn't answer 
    your question, because 90% of the time, based on what I've seen, it 
    does. If you e-mail me asking a question that's not in my FAQ because 
    that particular section is incomplete...just don't, because the odds 
    are my answer is 'I don't know.' Soon I will know all, and you can e-
    mail me then.
    5 - Thanks To...
    GameFAQs for posting this.
    Capcom and Nintendo.
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    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
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