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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kabul04

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 12/27/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Viewtiful Joe 2!
    By: Kabul04 (claudio Gomez)
    e-mail: claustupido@hotmail.com
    Version: 0.50
    ------------------------Table of Contents---------------------------
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    1. Version history
    2. Introduction
    3. The basics
      a. Controls
      b. VFX
      c. TIPS
    4. Walkthrough
      a. Reel 1: Ten-million years B.C.
      b. Reel 2: Viewtiful Heroes, and The Statue of Doom
      c. Reel 3: Memoir of an Invincible Monster
      d. Reel 4: Thunder boy lives twice
      e. Reel 5: Ice edge
      f. Reel 6: Do Androids dream of Romantic Scene?
      g. Reel 7: Starship Viewties
    5. FAQ
    6. Special thanks
    7. Copyright
    1. Version history
    Version 0.5
    27th December 2008
    Reel 1, Reel 2, Reel 3, Reel 4 (until ACT II)
    2. Introduction
    Hello gamer, this is my first guide and hopefully not the only one(a 
    useful one). 
    Anyway, let's talk about this viewtiful game. This is the direct 
    sequel to viewtiful joe, and it doesn't disappoint a bit! The game 
    is full of puzzles, some are hard and others easy. The storyline is
    pretty cool and it will surprise you, but the real new element 
    introduced into this game is that you now get to play silvia, your
    girlfriend. She is a helpful character but you won't really use her
    a lot, she is ok. This game also has very high replay value because
    you get another difficulty (after beating it in adults) and you keep
    your stats (life, attacks). There are also this 36 chambers that are
    really hard to get and to complete.
    Well, enough with the intro, now let's start this. 	
    3. The basics
    Ok, first let's talk about the characters:
    Joe: The main character! He's back to the game, he's funny, friendly
    and crazy for girls even in front of silvia...
    Silvia: Joe's Girlfriend now is going to fight next to you, she is
    very aggressive but lovely and sexy.
    Jet: He is joe's father, he is the one that put on the reels for 
    each movie.
    Captain Blue: this one is silvia's father, he was a great hero and 
    fought bravely the villains before joe.
    a. Now on to the controls :
    In the menu (when you start the game, and when you are buying 
    A button: to choose this option.
    B button: to cancel or go back to the screen that was before.
    Control Stick: Switch between the options in the screen.
    Control pad: Same as the control stick
    Start button: same as the A button.
    Now in the gameplay (when fighting androids and stuff):
    A button: Jump  (you can double jump when you are transformed into
    viewtiful Joe/ sexy silvia)
    B button: Zoom in or Zoom out (that's a special VFX you'll get later
    Control Stick: Move to the left or to the right, you'll dodge if you
    go up/down
    Y button: Punch!
    X button: just a kick.
    Z button: changes between silvia and joe.
    L button: Everything will go slow. this is for both silvia and joe.
    R button: With joe, you'll go super fast (this is called mach speed).
    With Silvia it will appear a REC sign in the screen, and every attack 
    you make will repeat twice (be careful because if you have REC activated
    and you get hit, you'll get hit three times as well)
    C-Stick: The same as B button, the difference is that, in order to
    zoom in, you have to tilt it up, and to zoom out tilt it down.
    b. The VFX (all the special attacks or powers) are these:
    Slow (L button): Your attacks are stronger, you can dodge, return or
    just watch bullets, this will also be very helpful in some puzzles.
    Zoom (c-stick tilt up and down/ B button): this will make the camera
    close in to you, making common enemies be scared of you. In this VFx
    all your attacks are stronger and faster (and they also change 
    visually). This zoom in is also used to make a "ground pound", that
    is if you are in the air and zoom in. And if you zoom in and try to
    jump you will start spinning to the direction you selected, making
    damage to the enemies.
    Joe unique VFX:
    Mach speed (R button): You are super fast. So fast that if you 
    attack an enemy, two things will happen: first, you can get ignited,
    burning the enemies or making you invulnerable to fire. And second,
    making a lot of Joes appear in the screen hitting everything in
    sight (you can upgrade this so that 6 other Joes appear in the
    Silvia unique VFX:
    REC (R button): a "REC" sign will appear on screen, but you won't 
    see any change in the enviroment (nothing is slow/fast or no close 
    up). But once you get to hit something (an enemy to be more 
    specific) your attack will repeat twice, making tons of damage! 
    is very useful to make a lot of damage to enemies but be careful
    not to get hit because the "REC" power will also repeat the damage
    made to you.
    c. TIPS
    Ok, now some tips!:
    -If you alternate punch and kick you'll make a long combo (very cool
    to watch) that's very useful when hitting enemies with high HP (try
    to alternate faster the X button and the Y buttonso that you make 
    the combo faster).
    -Hold the A button when jumping will make you jump higher, and use
    double jump also (only when transformed into viewtiful joe/ sexy 
    -If you see a box behind, destroy it by using mach speed and hitting
    things in the same area (you must be close to the box, I mean it 
    must be seen in the background while you are hitting stuff).
    -To get a good rank, always try to dodge the enemy attacks, and hit
    with Slow and if there are more enemies keep hitting them without 
    letting go slow.
    -If you fire silvia's pistol in slow, the bullets will grow huge, by
    the way the bullets don't repeat twice with REC, only the attacks 
    with your body (kicks/punchs).
    -There is a very useful attack for joe only, that consists of using
    all three VFX powers (zoom in, Slow and mach speed) and holding the
    Y button (punch), this will make a super strong combo that makes
    devastating damage.
    -If you have the VFX bar full, when changing with silvia hold Z and
    check out the different attacks depending on the amount of VFX you 
    are going to spend.
    -If an enemy is giving you a hard time buy the "Take 2" item! it will
    revive you in the precise moment you die. Extremely useful.
    4. Walkthrough
    Now let's start the Walkthrough.
    Everything starts with a movie showing what happened in the first
    Viewtiful Joe, then when they show you the ending of the game, they 
    tell you that the game has just started. 
    So the game starts where the first one ends. After watching that
    cutscene you'll see the title with Joe to the left and silvia to the 
    Now the fun begins, you are heading to earth and everything is 
    destroyed, when you land, the emperor starts to talk to you, and says
    that you are not the one he's looking for, then you'll see captain blue
    getting transformed into a blue oscar. After that he will say the same
    thing every villain says: I'll get the "insert thing here (in this case
    the rainbow oscars)" and rule the world and finally his ship sucks you.
    a. Reel 1: Ten-million years B.C.
    ACT I
    It starts after they left you stranded in a Jurassic Park world. 
    Joe and Silvia fall and they realize their V-watches don't work, they
    try to transform but nothing happens.
    Now you have control! right after you start an enemy will go directly
    to you, making you enter the tutorial (you can't skip it), just do it:
    Punch (Y button), Kick (X button), low kick (tilt the control stick 
    down and press the X button), uppercut (tilt the control stick down and
    press the Y button), Then start the dodge, tilt the control stick down
    to dodge the enemy's first attack, then tilt it up to dodge the second
    attack, this will make him dizzy, if you hit him now (you must) he will
    almost sure get destroyed by one hit. Then press the Z button to change
    to Silvia, and they will give you another enemy to practice, press the
    START button to end the tutorial.
    Anyway, back in the real game, grab the first 4 film reels, hit the box
    on top (if you want to get a hamburger) and then the other 4 reels.
    This reels will raise your VFX bar, allowing you to use your VFX powers
    for more time. After that a small cutscene will appear, kill those 
    three androids things (a piece of cake). Keep going and getting all the
    reels, you'll find a new enemy, he is like a octopus looking robot, 
    just jump and hit him, is really easy. Destroy the boxes but don't
    destroy the Big Purple/Red one, jump on top of it and then jump again
    to get more reels! After continuing and getting mroe reels, you must 
    kill again androids but just 2. You'll realize that 1 of them has a
    shield, to defeat him just hit and he'll try to attack you, quickly
    dodge and hit him until he dies. The other enemy is also new but is 
    a piece of cake, he throws bones, just hit him.
    After killing both and going right, a cutscene will appear, and a tank
    will jump out of a waterfall, now into the tutorial of using the VFX
    Hold down the L button to slow, and avoid bullets (WARNING: this will 
    consume VFX). Hold the L button again and wait until the bullet is 
    close enough to hit it, you'll make it go back to the tank, damaging it
    Enemies will come out of the tank and one will try to hit you! dodge it
    by tilting the controller stick down, after dodging let the stick go,
    make it all slow and PUNCH, enjoy what happens. Now that there's no
    tank, just some enemies in front, get all the reels and if you haven't
    missed one, before getting to the cutscene of the logs and the SLOW
    word coming out of them, you should have already 50, making the VFX bar
    increase. Now press Slow to make the "dam" blow up, just hold it until
    it blows. After that you'll have to cross to the other side of the 
    waterfall jumping from log to log, don't be scared to fall, actually,
    I suggest you go down, because there are reels, enemies and money at
    the bottom (the reels are in all the leaves to the left and others are
    to the right on top of the purple box). Go back up and get the reels
    that are on the way to the other side, by timing and jumping from log 
    to log.
    Once you get to the other side the mission will be finished, and three
    enemies will appear (one behind you and two in front of you), kill them
    Go right and Hold slow until a floating platform with a propeller in
    the bottom, jump on top of it and let go slow, so that it goes up. Get
    all the reels on the way up. You should have 19 after getting to the
    top. Now after going right, you'll see a cinematic of an UFO dropping
    two new green enemies. How to kill them? If you hold slow they will 
    fall and will be an easy prey for your attacks. After killing them, 
    the UFO will go to the background, just go to the right until you see
    a metalic-rocket-platform,  jump on top of it and Hold SLOW. Until you
    see an small explosion finish. you have finished the first part of the
    reel 1!.
    Save the game, get some power ups. Suggestions: Get Lives! you are weak
    if you don't want lives the get the AIR combo for Joe and Silvia or the
    Sliding, Don't Buy boomerang or Yamarashi (it's useless). 
    Now Joe/Silvia must go on.
    ACT II
    You should have 30 film reels by now (before getting the first in this
    area). After defeating an enemy and continuing to the right, you'll get
    a mission: kill 2 androids, kill them, get points and continue to the
    right. When you get to the bridge you'll see a cinematic that closes it
    because there is a rock that is pressing a button back to the left. Go
    back now. The first two platforms are safe spot for those hot rocks
    falling into the area. Time it right and get to the first step of the 
    three-stepped ladder, there you won't get hit, jump and get more to 
    left, so that you are next to the Big Rock laying on the floor, then
    press down, slow and do an uppercut (punch). The rock will go back to
    the volcano, and the bridge is now down again! lets continue to the
    right! Some enemies will appear before you get to the bridge, kill
    them for money. In the middle of the bridge a mission appears and
    you must kill again 3 enemies (there two octopus robots that are not
    necessary to kill but do it to get some money). After passing the
    bridge, you'll see a "shoot me sign with the silhouette of a human in
    black, to get money transform into silvia and shot it. To get more 
    money from them, shoot them without using any VFX power. After 
    destroying all of them, continue to the right and another mission!
    Watch the volcano and hold down Slow before the moment it's going to
    erupt, making the rock fly through the air holding a button in front of
    you. Now back to the under the bridge area. Three enemies there, one
    with the key to the next area! Kill 'em all. Get the key and get all
    the reels, to get the ones behind the platforms and next to lava just
    jump really low and before you get to touch the lava jump again low
    (tap quickly the A button). If you get burn run to the right and lay
    next to a water sprout. Now continue and hit the Big rock so that it
    lets you continue (crouch and hit Punch with Slow On). Mission Finished
    onto the next area! after going into the bridge to shielded enemies
    will jump and destroy it! kill them both and then a third enemy will
    appear with a key, destroy him and get the key, go to the right,
    another shielded enemy will appear, dispose of him. now hold Slow to
    get the propeller-platform thing down. jump on top of it and let go
    slow so that it goes up again. Get the reels that are on top and open
    the door. In the next area a new enemy will appear, this one is a bit
    tough. He uses lasers at the beginning, run away from him, they are
    avoidable with the slow but it consumes VFX so just jump back, until
    he changes weapons. He will now use two handguns! just stand in front
    of him and when he starts swinging his weapons hold slow, if you punch
    the bullet it will go horizontally, if you kick it, it'll move in a
    diagonal way. After returning him a bullet (hitting him with it),
    he will get dizzy, now is your chance! Slow and punch/kick it until it
    dies! after that get the green ball that is shining in a platform.
    MACH SPEED Tutorial!
    piece of cake, just hold the R button and hit him until all the boxes
    in the background are destroyed. Now a bomb will hit you and you'll see
    that you can put out fire! Then you'll see that if you ignite yourself
    you become invulnerable to fire.
    After that tutorial make the enemy follow you a bit to the left so that
    you can see a box on the background and kill him with mach speed.
    Go back to the right and get those reels (you can kill the triceratops,
    they give you hamburgers), after passing two of the green dinosaurs
    (triceratops) you will see a new enemy, a green android with a red
    globe on his back, just use mach speed until he falls. Continue to the
    right and get all the reels, go down and you'll see two enemies (one 
    with some forceps or pincers, this one is almost the same thing as the
    other ones, no need to really explain his attacks, just dodge and hit).
    Now there is a platform that doesn't go up, you have to jump on top of
    it and use mach speed! Be carefull with the flames on top (get all the
    reels!). Just use mach speed and let it go between both flames and then
    when the top one stops use mach speed again to go to the top. Now we'll
    see another volcano trying to erupt with a rock blocking it, hold slow
    when you see is about to erupt and now a bunch of rocks will fall onto
    the lava, use them as platforms, but be careful, the rocks continue 
    falling on top of the ones that already fall. In the middle of the area
    there is a punch sack, hit it to get money. Continue to the right, and
    be careful because this rocks jump on fire, if you use mach speed, you
    will out out the fire on them, do that to get the reels on top of some
    of them. After that you'll encounter another blue android with laser 
    weapons and handguns, kill him to get the key. In this one you must 
    kick his bullets,  so that you return them in a diagonal way. And 
    that's it! area finished. Save and power up. Buy anything but Voomerang
    , shocking pink, Yamarashi and desperado, you won't need them in the 
    whole game probably. If you can get mach speed 2 get it, it's awesome.
    You are getting closer to the boss! Anyway, kill the four enemies using
    mach speed (if you want to destroy the boxes on the background), and
    get all the reels, destroy the Shoot me thing on top of the entrance
    with silvia and proceed to the right. Once you enter kill the enemies
    and if you go further a mission will start! continue to the right, 
    don't forget to double jump to check the reels on the above zone.
    You'll see on the right area that you have to plug a cable (do an 
    uppercut with slow activated) after plugging the cable a cutscene 
    will show you that a wheel thing that is next to you will activate,
    what you have to do is jump inside of it and using correctly the mach
    speed get it to be in Good for about 4 seconds. And that's it. In the
    next room jump on top of the doorframe you just entered and double jump
    to get 2 more reels. You are now in a very hot area where flames go
    up and burn you, here you must defeat 6 enemies. Just continue and kill
    them on the way to the right, also get the reels! There are 5 on top of
    the door to the right (you must double jump very high from the last
    In the next room... first boss! (mini boss actually).
    A Drill machine with an android driving it! So at the start he will
    drill his way through the floor and disappear get all the reels in that
    moment and then get ready to fight.   
    What you have to do is this: when the mud comes out from right to left,
    hold slow after he goes out (when he is in the air) and if the drill 
    is going out vertically hold mach speed when the drill is coming out.
    After he is out, he will drop 3 enemies that are going to fight you,
    dodge them and try to hit the drill-machine with these enemies by 
    making them dizzy, holding slow and punching them in the direction of
    the drill-machine. if he is still alive the wait until he turns red, 
    in that moment hold slow because he is going to shoot you a bullet, 
    just jump and return it to him by hitting the bullet. Repeat this until
    he dies. By the way you should have 43 reels by now.
    Area finished! Save the game and get power ups! I haven't mentioned 
    this but Sliding is very useful when getting V-points because this
    will allow you to move faster while in slow. 
    ACT IV
    Now the real thing, the big boss. After getting all the reels you will
    have your VFX full, and after passing the center you will enjoy a 
    cutscene, funny. A dinosaur (Big John)will appear screaming to you. Joe
    and Silvia will ignore his introduction. He will get angry and now fight
    He starts by attacking you with his tail, dodge it by tilting the 
    control stick up and holding it. After dodging get close and hit him
    with slow and mach speed (hold L and R at the same time). If he 
    spits fire just get close and crouch or jump out of his range.
    He also jumps to the background and calls for helicopters to attack you
    by dropping explosive barrels. After this, he returns and attacks you
    by crouching and jumping with his mouth open, be careful because this
    attack is impossible to dodge with slow, you have jump out of his way.
    Oh, and if he says "artillery". Some tank bullets will try to hit you
    from the background.
    Anyway after repeating this you'll get him. 
    Then you'll hear them talking about the results and where are they 
    going now. Then Jet (joe's dad) after talking a bit will change the
    reel. By the way you just got your first rainbow oscar.
    Reel 1 finished!!!
    b. Reel 2: Viewtiful Heroes, and The Statue of Doom
    ACT I
    This reel starts with a cutscene of Joe/Silvia driving a car (Six 
    machine) at high speed in a desert, it finishes quickly when Joe/silvia
    jumps out of the car. Get the reels and before passing the second step
    you'll see a cinematic of a slot totem that throws 4 enemies, kill them
    and now onto this totem thing. Help yourself hitting the same thing
    three times by using slow. If you get three V you'll get the key to the
    next area, if you hit the three hamburgers you'll get a hamburger, the
    three G signs will give lots of coins (money!) and the yellow skull 
    with the red explosion behind makes you damage. After opening the gate,
    you'll have to get another key to open the next door, go up and get the
    reels. After killing the many enemies you'll get the key, you should
    have by now 35 reels. In the next room, you will find a puzzle.
    Ok, this room has at its bottom water, and it's divided by a small wall
    that you can easily jump, your objective is to put the statue that is
    on the left side of the wall, on top of the thing with the red and blue
    balls that is on the right side of the wall. To do this, first you have
    to use mach speed, this will make the water go up, then at normal speed
    hit the statue to make it go to the right side, kicks help a lot.
    After putting it on top of the thing grab the Green shiny ball and 
    learn the basic s of the VFX power "REC".
    Tutorial time
    No need to explain this one.
    Now a thing with the numbers 1,2 and 3 will come from up and you have
    to use REC to destroy it, before using REC, make Joe destroy the box
    behind with mach speed. And also grab the reels on the top right area
    of the room. After grabbing them you should have one more VFX section 
    (A Total of two, including the bigger one you always have) and 14 more
    reels. Now REC the thing with Silvia and to the next room. This room
    has some enemies (get the reels first!), at the right final area there
    is a blue enemy with laser weapons, to kill him really fast make the
    other enemies try to hit you so you can dodge them, and then slow and
    all enemies will become very easy targets. Now a Squared Rock will fall
    and destroy the path you were walking on. Once down, get the reels and
    get the purple box on the background, then change to silvia, wait until
    the Spiked zone gets covered by the trapdoor and hit the red button 
    using REC and SLOW at the same time. This will make three Squared rocks
    fall on top of the trapdoor,  quickly jump them and go to the top right
    area, finishing the mission.
    The next part is really is, just kill the octopus robots and then jump
    into the platform, hold SLOW and go up! get all the reels, you should 
    have 38 reels by now.
    When you go down to the right a mission will start, kill the enemies,
    use mach speed to hit the box on the background, and after killing like
    8 enemies a new enemy will appear, it's an android with a pink scythe!
    To kill him just watch where his first attack is going (up or down),
    avoid it and then quickly dodge into the next direction it attacked, in
    other words, if the attacks up, dodge by tilting down and after dodging
    the first attack, tilt the control stick up. And that's it, if a big
    Warning sign appears in front of him run, because he'll make a slice
    attack that cannot be dodged without slow. After repeating this process
    you'll eventually kill him, and proceed to the next area, oh and if you
    want to open the box on top change to silvia and carefully use REC and
    SLOW on it (kicking it of course) but be really careful not to get hit
    while using REC.
    Next room, hamburgers! if you got hit pretty hard you can now recover
    and after that a boxing sack, hit it to get money. Now you'll jump into
    a wagon. And area finished.
    Ok, save and power up. 
    ACT II
    In this next area is really hard to get all the reels. What you have to
    do is that when there are reels under you (in another rail) tilt the 
    control stick down and press A (jump) and you'll go down. There are 61
    film reels in this area. If you got them all you should have 49 reels
    with three VFX bars (including the one you begin with)
    Now fighting time, its again Big John (the dinosaur) but now he is 
    driving a tank. He is very easy. He throws barrels at you, slow down
    and kick them to hurt him. Be careful when he throws the barrels 
    bouncing they are a little hard to kick. He also jumps at you trying
    to bite you, after that he will turn red (stay completely to the left)
    and rotate like a beyblade. Finally he will leave the area and you'll 
    have to evade some rocks. Then the process repeats.
    Right at the beginning three enemies will appear (easy ones), kill them
    and proceed, you'll see a cutscene where a lighting won't let you pass
    and a thing will start rolling to the right of the lighting. Change to
    Silvia and shoot the thing (in slow) so that the green triangle fits 
    in the other triangle that is exactly on top of the thing. When you hit
    the thing, the lighting will disappear and a door at the end of the 
    area will open, continue with caution because there are hanging axes 
    that can hit you and throw you to the lava (don't be on a rush, get all
    the reels and hit the boxing sack to the right, you can go back left 
    and hit the thing again so that the door re-opens). Before entering the
    door with the green arrows pointing up, you should have 4 VFX bars and
    22 reels. In the precise moment you enter the next area something will
    lock on to you, it's the eye thing on the background (you can't kill 
    it) so continue to the right avoiding getting hit by that and 
    destroying all the enemies on your path, at the right part of the room,
    there is a bomb, what you have to do is move it to the center and when
    the SLOW sign appears hold Slow (it will blow the floor and you will
    be able to proceed to the next zone.
    Now, first kill all the enemies and get the reels, after getting all
    the reels (you should have 43 so far) and killing everything (the final
    enemy is the android with the pink scythe) go up and next to one of the
    jars (better the one to the right or to the left), hold mach speed and
    hit one until you get ignited then go to the others and hit them until
    all four jars are in fire, then the door will open (for a limited 
    amount of time). In the next room, you'll see four snake pillars (the
    first one broken) and some enemies (kill them and get the reels) here
    you'll be introduced to a new type of enemies, the android nurses! what
    you have to do is concentrate in one of them, dodge her attacks and 
    after dodging hit her with slow until her shield disappears, making
    the rest of the nurses targets for your slow attacks. After killing 
    you'll see a cutscene where the first statue drops a big blue ball and
    the fourth statue is missing one (pretty obvious what to do). But 
    before moving it, jump on top of the ball and get the four reels in the
    top part of the room, then jump on top of the ball again and move it
    by running on the opposite direction you want to go and holding mach
    speed (to go faster) when you get under the statue jump off the ball,
    stay next to it, crouch... slow... and Uppercut! Cutscene! A bomb will
    fall from the fourth snake statue, move it to the left side, and make
    it explode by passing it through one of the fire pillars that falls 
    from the snake mouth, then put it in front of the first statue and wait
    until it explodes, hold slow of course. Everything destroyed! proceed
    to the right and get all the reels (after entering the next room you 
    should have 16). New room, New mission, get the key! Kill the enemies
    that appear in front of you and get the reels that are in the way, on
    top of the staircase, a common enemy will appear and he will have the
    key (a green yellowish statue), kill him, get it and get close to the
    green yellowish altar to continue. ACT finished!
    Save time and buy power ups! If you had a hell of a time in this reel,
    buy a Take 2, this precious item activates in the precise moment you 
    die, reviving you with your life full and in the same place you died.
    ACT IV
    Boss time! enjoy the cutscene where the yellow oscar falls in front of
    you, then the statue that is on the background will get closer angry,
    the video continues as the statue keeps talking to you. The statue is
    a very sleepy statue, you'll realize that in the video. After the video
    the fight will start, get all the reels and then get ready to fight.
    He has four basic attacks, first he may throw an orange ball to you,
    he can also do a stomping attack (he will move his torso and head back
    and then hit you hard), he also transform into a flying snake (it will
    be flying on the background and when it gets close to you, a drill 
    sound will be heard and in that moment hold slow and dodge his attack,
    you can hit his orange ball after his drilled head attack finishes. 
    After the third attack, he will transform back to the normal form and
    he will start sleeping, jump and hit him in the back and in the face!
    (because he will wake up and start hitting the ground). He can also 
    shoot you a beam thing that you can dodge just by jumping. Repeat the
    process and he's a goner.
    Reel finished!! Enjoy the narrator talking and the video of Jet 
    changing reels. Save the game! and NEXT FILM! as for power ups,
    like i told you, don't waste money on: Voomerang, shocking pink,
    yamarashi, desperado or Ukemi. There is no need for these for now.
    Buy mach speed, VFX turbo CHARGER (this one is incredible), Lives!
    and some "take 2" if you want.
    c. Reel 3: Memoir of an Invicible Monster
    ACT I
    You start in a futuristic city jumping out of a hole making a sexy pose
    , anyway some enemies will appear with new looks (police androids), 
    they are the same as the shielded ones before. Kill them and get the 
    reels. Continue to the right and you'll get to see a cutscene where you
    will be trapped by two lightings on both sides, and an airplane will
    appear. Just go for it! get all the reels and then get ready to fight!
    It will shoot you with its machine gun, jump on top of it or try to
    return the bullets by kicking them. He will then drop 3 enemies, make
    them go dizzy, SLOW and try to punch them so that their bodies hit the
    plane. After destroying the plane, it will crash into the antenna and
    you'll be free. A green shiny ball will fall in front of you, grab it
    and ZOOM IN/OUT power tutorial!
    Finish the tutorial (you can also press the B button instead of the 
    After that proceed to the right, grab all the reels (in the final right
    part of the room) and then go back to where the Shoot me sign where.
    Change to silvia, shoot it to get money (without slow to get more) and
    after that stay under the traffic light thing, zoom in and jump (you
    can do this with Joe or Silvia, and no need to use SLOW). A vehicle
    will then stop and some enemies will jump out of it (new enemies but 
    these are the weakest). Then a common android will come and he will 
    have the ticket to enter the vehicle. Kill him and go up, Don't enter 
    the vehicle yet, jump on top of the traffic light and then jump on top
    of the vehicle, there are some reels if you double jump on top of the
    vehicle. There is a L.I.V. inside the vehicle. Continue and a new 
    mission will start, jump and get all the reels, to get the ones that
    you cannot reach with your double jump, use an enemy to get them by
    doing this: stay exactly under the reels, make an enemy try to hit you
    (you must be under the reels), dodge his attack and them make an 
    uppercut (crouch and punch with slow), this will make him fly upwards
    and as he touches the reels, this will make them come to you.
    After that, Change to silvia and in the first tunnel where the cars
    come out, jump and zoom in in the air, so that you enter in the ladies
    room. If you change into Joe inside enemies will appear. After killing
    the enemies a 1,2,3 thing will appear inside the bathroom, stay under 
    it, zoom in, REC and jump with silvia. this will activate another 1,2,3
    pillar on the outside. As you leave the bathroom a car will crash, and
    more enemies will appear, kill 'em. After disposing of them, jump 
    between the two 1,2,3 pillar things, change to silvia, use REC and Zoom
    in and kick. The door will open. Proceed!
    You are in a dark area now, walk to the right carefully and getting all
    the reels. After killing all the enemies continue going up and getting
    all the reels. In the top of the building you should have 3 VFX bars 
    and 8 film reels. Go back down and stay next to the Red lever, crouch
    and uppercut it with slow. This will make two scythe enemies appear 
    behind and in front of you, destroy them and go up, on top of the 
    building a common enemy will show up in front of you, stay under the 
    gap between the two electrified cables and dodge the enemy attack so
    that he gets dizzy, then crouch, SLOW and uppercut him, this will make
    him conduct the electricity between the cables, keep holding slow until
    the tower finishes going up. And mission complete! Now the Airplane 
    revenge! this time it transformed into a mecha-anime with legs 
    robot/plane. It's easy anyway. He has the same attacks as before just
    that he makes them in other ways, he fires missiles (when he does this,
    get close and hit him while hitting the missiles), he uses a
    flamethrower (jump it), he uses machine guns also, he tries to kick
    you, he throws some forceps that grab you and make you damage, just 
    dodge them or hit them to destroy them.
    Everytime you are going to attack him, use the Zoom in, Slow,
    Mach Speed, punch super combo. Repeat and he will get OWNED.
    First ACt finished!!
    Save the game and power ups!
    ACT II
    You start in an engine area with a lot of gears, jump to the top of the
    gear behind you and get the reels on top. Proceed to the right and 
    you'll find a yellow gear, just make it go downn by jumping on the
    right side of it, and in the air zooming, making a ground pound attack.
    Continue going down killing all the enemies on your path and getting
    all the reels, after a while going down, you find again the gear that
    you hit on the top part, move it to the right by hitting it in SLOW,
    and it will fit into a gears mechanism. Zoom in next to the yellow gear
    zoom in and press kick continuously until a cutscene happens. A laser/
    handguns blue android will appear behind you, kill him, and go up. 
    Watch out for the cogs that are rolling downwards. All cogs can be 
    destroyed (except the huge ones) but the yellow ones give hamburgers.
    Once you get to the top, an enemy will appear (the one with the red
    hood and the pink scythe) kill him and continue, be careful with the
    moving gears with spikes.
    Now go to the elevator and it will start going down rotating. DO NOT 
    USE MACH SPEED, use only SLOW or no VFX power at all. try to get all 
    the reels. If you got them all, you should have 4 VFX bars and 22 reels
    When you finally reach the bottom of the building, three android nurses
    will receive you, fight them as i told you before: make one try to hit
    you, dodge her attack and hit her until she loses her shield and 
    becomes a target, then without letting go slow chase the others. Be 
    careful with their new attack, they will make a piramyd and then 
    split, one will be at one side and two of them to the other side, they
    will throw a volleyball ball at you, to avoid this hit the one that is
    alone with slow and zoom in, she will lose her shield and she will be
    vulnerable. After killing the three of them proceed to the right. Kill
    then the android with the pink scythe to get the key and go to the 
    right. Now into a room with the conveyor belt and presses. Kill the 
    enemies and get the reels before doing anything else, there are hidden
    reels under the conveyor belts, to get them simply slide before jumping
    into them (crouch and kick), the reels are on both sides of the 
    conveyor belt. Be careful with the presses, and get the reels on top
    of them. If you got all the reels of this area, you should have 5 VFX
    bars and 16 reels. So, to complete the mission, to pass through the
    ventilated tunnel without being sucked use mach speed. on the other 
    side, there is a red lever, activate it by jumping on top of it and 
    zooming in in the air. Now the circular metalic thing that was on the
    beginning must be rolled so that it stay on the vaccumed area. After
    it goes through the ventilated tunnel, and gets dropped to the right,
    you must push it more to the right, so that it stays right in front of
    a hole with a red triangle on top of it, now crouch and punch 
    (uppercut). Once placed on the hole, a white light will appear in one 
    of the six slots. Ok, so what you have to do is make the white light
    move to the top spot (the one with the red triangle on top). 
    You must know that to move the light to the right you must hit it from
    the left, and vice versa. The strength of your attacks will affect how
    many spaces will the light move, if you want to move it just one space
    hit it normally without using any VFX power. If you want to move it
    to spaces, use SLOW and hit the thing, and to move it three spaces 
    change to silvia and use REC. After moving the light three times to the
    top space, you will have to fight again Sgt. Big John... it's getting
    repetitive now. Anyway, he is on his tank machine, and he does the 
    same attacks as the fight in the mines, the only differences is that
    he starts doing barrel rolls in many directions so be careful. To kill
    him, you can do many things: Return the bullet he fires at you, return
    the barrel he throws at you, or wait until he breathes fire, get close
    and use Zoom in + Slow + Punch combo. The last one makes devastating
    damage. Repeat process until you get him and ACT II finished.
    Save and get power ups.
    You'll start in a huge room with lots of reels, and the purple rainbow
    oscar next to you, you can't grab it, the oscar will just fly avoiding
    you, so get all the reels without paying attention to the oscar. 
    A suggestion: destroy the two electrified boxes on top with silvia 
    because once the boss battle begin that can make you damage.
    After making the proper preparations follow the oscar until a cutscene
    appears. After the cutscene, you'll be ready to fight. This boss is
    really easy, he has a small variety of attack: he can hit you with his
    tongue, just crouch or dodge by tilting the controller stick up 
    depending on his tongue direction, then Slow, zoom in and punch (you 
    will be able to land just 3 hits). After that lasers will prevent you
    from moving freely, he will repeat the tongue attack, just keep hitting
    the thing. He will also try to recover by jumping to one side of the 
    room, and going to the top area of that side, to prevent him from 
    recovering, just follow him, and when he stops (or before) jump and 
    hit him with the zoom in + Slow + Punch attack (it's called Slowz-RHOH
    btw, i forgot to mention it before but i was saying the same thing so
    not really a problem). Anyway if you manage to prevent him from 
    recovering, Doctor Kraken will drop a hamburger and you can recover 
    instead of him. The "strongest attack" is the one where three pinball
    bouncing things will appear on top of you, then Camo Leon will jump,
    rotating at high speed, becoming some sort of a ball, Just hit him 
    at the beginning with a SLOW kick, and he will start to bounce between
    the pinball things, after that he will fall dizzy... HIT HIM.
    Just a reminder: Doctor Kraken will be on the background firing
    A lock-on laser and missiles at you , hit the missiles and they will go
    back to him, the laser is just impossible to return.
    Repeat the process and he will be pwned. 
    ACT III finished! This reel had only three acts! That means towards the 
    next reel!
    save and get some power ups.
    d. Reel 4: Thunder boy lives twice
    ACT I
    Here everything starts in a asian-style place. Go to the right and get
    the reels, before you reach half of the bridge, enemies will appear and
    the first mission of the reel will start, same enemies you have always
    fought, so just practice your skills (use mach speed if you want to get
    a box that is on the background to the right). After finishing the 
    first mission, get the reels under the bridge, just find the broken
    area of the bridge (it doesn't have rails and the floor looks a bit
    destroyed), jump and "zoom in" in the air so that you ground pound
    that area, no need to use slow. After getting all the reels, go to the
    right and onto the next mission! You just have to kill 10 enemies, 
    piece of cake. By the way There is a box behind the blue curtain, and
    it has L.I.V. Anyway, once you finish the mission, jump to the roofs
    (not the ones on the top, just the normal ones), because a horde of
    enemies will appear (invulnerable) and will be moving on the floor.
    This will make a new mission start. What you have to do is:
    first: Destroy the ninja statue on top with a jump+zoom in+slow on top
    of it.
    Second: change to silvia, and REC+kick the three 1,2,3 things. A TIP to
    make it easier: the one on the top just "zoom in" in the air and use
    REC, but the ones to the sides wait until the altar thing goes to one 
    of the side, because in that moment the enemies with spikes will not
    be next to the altar.
    Ok, so now you did the mission and a new enemy will appear, this is 
    probably the hardest common enemy in the game. THE NINJA! His attacks
    are fast and at the beginning very unpredictable (he makes four hits
    in a row which you must dodge all in order to make him dizzy). Here's
    the thing: if both of the first attack start going down the combination
    will be like this: down, down, up, down. (I' telling where he is going
    to attack, not where you have to tilt your stick).
    If he starts down and then up the combination is: down, up, down, up.
    That's all the combinations I think, if there's another mail me.
    Repeat the process and he is dead. Then proceed to the right, three
    enemies will appear, two normal androids and another ninja. (use mach
    speed if you want to get the box on the background). Then go to the 
    roofs and destroy the boxes to get reels and money. Now you'll see some
    guillotine things that are constantly moving, just use Slowz-RHOH to
    destroy them with one punch, and get the reels, also kill the octopus
    androids and get to the spring. Jump on top of it and use SLOW+ZOOM IN 
    in the air and hold SLOW. Cutscene, and now a quite hard part. Get the
    reels, but watch for the Laser blue guy (I suggest you kill him first,
    it's really easy with the Slowz-RHOH, you don't even have to return the
    bullet to him). Well, what you have to do here is dodge enemies attacks
    to make them dizzy and uppercut them to hit the UFO. To put out the
    fires, just kill the androids and they will drop a bucket of water, 
    move it to where the fire is and destroy them making a lot of water 
    come out and extinguish the fire in its surroundings.
    After destroying the UFO, jump up to the right and continue, get the
    hamburger on the top (inside the box) and continue until enemies appear
    more ninja! hit them with mach speed if you want to get the boxes on 
    the background, both have money. Kill the enemy and go right, you won't
    be able to continue because a giant statue will come from the 
    background to fight you! is really easy, he'll fight you with his hand,
    his attacks are very simple: fires a laser that goes through all the
    floor while the hand moves on top (if you touch it you will get hit),
    here you just can dodge, just make small jumps when the laser gets
    close to you. After that the hand will just try to smack you while the
    statue fires missiles at you, hit the missiles so they go back to the
    statue and you make damage to it. After that the hand will throw 2
    ninjas at you. Repeat the missiles part to kill the statue and get the
    GIANT key (by the way, the three boxes on the top area have hamburgers
    and you must get on top of the hand to get them *when it is trying to
    smack you in the missile part*). AND if you open the door to the right
    with the key... ACT I finished! Save the game and get some power ups,
    you must have the VFX turbo charger (so start saving) and if you have 
    it, then get more lives or mach speed.
    ACT II
    You start in an asian-style house. Your mission is to get a key, first
    jump and get the reels on top (you won't be able to get the ones that 
    are higher, never mind that), then continue killing enemies, until you
    reach the door and finally a black android with a scythe will appear 
    with the key. continue and kill the enemies in the next room, then hit
    the yellow year with mach speed to get the boxes on the background.
    Now, to make it spin just zoom in + mach speed and use kick a while 
    until a ladder descends from the roof. Go up and another mission (a bit
    tricky). First kill the two enemies that'll get out of the door to the
    right, and then go left and hit the brown lever with the two red 
    squares WITHOUT TOUCHING THE GREEN THING (to hit the lever just jump on
    top of it, and use "Zoom in" in the air to ground pound it), this 
    will make all the rooms move, by the way, don't mind the enemies, kill 
    them if they annoy youbut they will keep coming out of that freaking 
    As i was saying... now make the green thing stay on top of a hole (it
    won't be able to get through, but just make it fit the hole, then jump
    on top of it and "zoom in" in the air to ground pound it, making it go 
    down (Without SLOW, only zoom in) then move it to the right until it 
    gets magically to its place. Go back up, and hit the lever again twice,
    making the rooms go back to the starting position, then go right into
    the other room and hit the other lever by staying under it, zooming in
    and jumping, go left and hit the sword that is stuck on the wall with a
    SLOW kick. then you can stay where the sword was, change to silvia and
    hit the SHoot me thing to get money. Go down and try to get all the
    reels on the way down. Once you go down, lots of enemies will appear,
    including 3 ninjas and other stuff. After killing all of them, go back
    left and move the sword (just run on the left side of it to move it to
    the right, and use mach speed). Put it right under the entrance to the
    3 rooms-that-move area, crouch next to it and SLOW uppercut it. If you
    make it correctly, the sword will get stuck on the entrance to the 
    upper area, if didn't then move it back right under the entrance. 
    Once you get it to get stuck on the entrance, stay under it and use
    zoom in + Jump to make it enter the 3 rooms area. Now move the sword to
    the room of the left and use the lever once to make go through the hole
    on the floor and then move it to the right until it gets in its righful
    place. Then go back and use the lever twice to go back to the first 
    room, enter the first room (the one to the right) and use the lever 
    twice, now go left and up and hit the mirror that is chained on top of
    the room (with a SLOW attack). Hit the lever and move the mirror to
    the left room and repeat the process said before. After all three 
    relics are in place, a new door will open and you'll be able to go 
    to the right, in this new room with 6 torches (3 lit), 2 enemies
    will appear (kill 'em) and stay between the torches, make Joe use mach
    speed until he ignites, then quickly change to silvia and kick the 
    torches that aren't lightened with REC activated. Mission complete.
    Next room! a ninja will jump out of nowhere to fight you, just destroy
    him as you had destroyed everything in the whole game and go to the
    right to find more torches! Stay betweem them, hit one torch with Joe
    so that he ignites and then quickly change to Silvia, Zoom in, REC and
    KICK (the spinning kick attack), and mission accomplished. Now, once 
    you enter the next room, an enemy will fall in front of you (android 
    with scythe) and two octopus will go down to kill you... you know what
    to do with them. Go up by jumping into the green branches, just hit
    the A button when you see he touches the branches, you can wait a bit,
    but you'll almost instantly fall from them. 
    Once up, you'll have to hit a giant bell 108 times, don't do it yet, go
    to the right without killing any enemies and destroy the box on the top
    right area, it will drop a Red Jar that makes your VFX bar infinite,
    now Hold slow and dodge one enemy so that he becomes "TARGET", hit him
    and start hitting every enemy in the room until they disappear, this 
    will give you tons of money (if your infinite VFX runs out, there is 
    another one to the left, this is the last room of this act, so don't 
    think about saving the jar for the next room). Once you kill all the 
    enemies, go for the bell and hit it 108 times (still without letting
    go slow because this gives you more points, if you did it correctly
    you'll have 99999 V-points to buy stuff from the power up store.
    So you finished the act II and now time to save and as i said before to
    power up whatever you want hehe, get the VFX turbo charger if you still
    don't have it, you can also get all the lives and the rest is up to 
    your likes (just don't waste on yamarashi).
    5. FAQ
    Nothing here yet
    6. Special thanks
    -To victor because he helped me with some difficult words.
    -To Capcom because they created this viewtiful game.
    -To you who read, I mean if there were no readers I don't think i would
    have written this.
    7. Copyright
    This guide may not be published or reposted in whole or in part, 
    without my permission. If you want my permission send an email to the
    address in the intro.

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