Where are all the Car Specialties Shops located?

  1. Does anyone know where ALL the car specialties shops are located? And when do i unlock the doors and split hoods parts?
    If anyone could provide exact locations or a map i would be extremely grateful, as i do not know how to upload maps into an answer on this just e-mail me instead at Blu_Flash98@Hotmail.com

    User Info: Death_Master911

    Death_Master911 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well there are four total. i will give u the level areas they are in, so if u have any trouble use your map. The first is in City Core, at the first car lot, where u get your first car, if your facing the road from the car lot exit, take a right and follow that road straight out untill u find a big wide turn and u should see the yellow light, the building has a big blue circle neon light on it. the second is in Beacon Hill if u take the tunnel under the highway, the one with the S turns in it as soon as you see a big flat dirt area on your right, on your left is a path that goes back to the next shop. the third is in Coal Harbor East, come trhough the little highway that goes through the Airport coming from City Core, if u don't know what i mean face the road from the exit of your garage, take a left and another left which takes u through the Airport. the shop is on the right u should see the yellow light right behind the green sign on the building. from the Car Lot in Coal Harbor East faing the road from the exit of the car lot, take a left and another left through the trainyard to the body shop, from the body shop take a right up the hill to the trainyard go left through the trainyard, as soon as u exit the trainyard take a left and u should see the yellow light for the shop. hope this helps i played through my Underground 2, to help u as much as possible. my directions are correct if u need asistance use you map. good luck in finding the shops.

    User Info: terryd23

    terryd23 - 7 years ago 1 0

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