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"Bolt on that No2 and start racing!"

Need for Speed Underground 2 was such an improvement from the first Need for Speed Underground. It featured more cars ( along with taking some out) and more upgrades, especially the engine parts instead of the kits. They also included more body parts and spoilers and added all those neat trunk additions like screens, woofers, and what not that you can place in your trunk. This game also gave you the opportunity to free roam around Bayview, which happens to have many lights in the main plaza(kinda like Las Vegas, huh?).


The graphics in this game were sick! The sight of all those cars just driving along side you during a race made it all the better. You could see all the different shades of the same type of color paint. The body parts made your average Civic look like a super rice rocket. The lights fade and spread as you zoom past them. The No2 effects on the lighting and screen can get anyone up to speed for this game. Anything lower than a 9/10 for graphics is crazy.

SOUND: 8/10

Once again, you have a game with the best music you can get. This game has so many different kinds of songs that you can just scroll around the track and just pick out the ones you DO want to listen to. Not only is the music good, but the sound effects are also nice. When you are racing and are in the lead by a second and all of a sudden another racer drives right past you, you can hear their engine roaring along with yours, creating a rumble. The No2 sounds are fun to hear, just playing around and beating those other racers.

STORY: 4/10

The story in Need for Speed Underground 2 is not really what you would call a story. Its just you, the racer, driving through Bayview to find secrets and then race in events. Then you get this new upgrade. Yeah...Story isn't the big thing in this game, but whatever. This game is still a winner.


The racing mechanics in this game are right on top. They feature everything that could happen if this happened. If you got rammed into by another racer, you could end up hitting a pedestrian car. This engages into a little cut scene where your car is smashing into another random car and destroying everything. The one thing that got me down was that it was WAY TOO EASY. THIS GAME WAS TOO EASY ESPECIALLY NEAR THE END. If you want a harder game, you might want to try another series. This game also excluded the Police. If you have a free roam racing game, then you have to have your police there. Too bad the creators didn't think of police. Now you get to hit whatever you want and you can get away with it.


The entire game is outstanding. You couldn't have asked for a better game. Just go and buy it if you don't already have it and enjoy. There are plenty of upgrades and parts in this game so making the best and fastest ride is in your hands.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/25/06

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