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"This Game Has Too Much Driving and Show"


I myself believe this game isn't that great. There has always been all driving on most NFS (Need For Speed), but this seems boring. Once you play it awhile, after all the driving you have to do around town non-stop, you get bored. When not customizing your car you get bored with the long races that are all similar to eachother. I'm writing this review to show that I believe NFS is too much driving and glamour, not enough focus on real racing. I have barely played any NFS titles other than this one, yet I own it and play it frequently.


This is probably one of the best parts for me. The driving, handling, shifting, racing, A.I., etc. are all good, except like I said, this game takes away the real-life Underground series racing experience. It is always nighttime, no matter what, and there are overall a small amount of performance parts to choose from, making it mostly about how your car looks, not how it drives or handles. The cars get fast and handle good, but the focus is show and expression, not the cars themselves. Remember, the game is called Need For Speed, not "Need For Looks".

This game is all locked. You can't even drive on grass anywhere in the game. The game boundaries blocky ou from going anywhere but a road, which is one thing that makes this game feel fake.

Now when you play the game you realize all you do (in career mode) is drive around town, get sponsors, and win (usually) easy races. There are shops spread across town, and by the time you drive to them to update something on your car, someone will call you about a race or event. Then you have to drive all the way BACK across town and do that. To drawn out and not enough racing. I don't think being an underground racer like this in real life (if there are any) would be this way. I know EA didn't want to make it like real life, yet they made Burger King, Best Buy, and all kinds of ads in the game.


I never have totally completed this game, but from what I understand, there is no basic storyline that I see. You just show up in this town and start a racing career. I may be missing some things right now since I haven't completely beat the game, but I never understood this storyline, if there is any.


This game has a good soundtrack, with great sound quality. The music sounds great, although a lot of the songs I either don't know or don't like. The cars sound real, like real tricked out street cars, yet the tire effects aren't really great. Like many racing games, it doesn't take much of a turn to make the tires squeal. This doesn't hurt you but does get annoying.

The graphics are pretty good, making real-life places like Burger King and Best Buy in the game. It really gives the real-life experience, although it's different in the gameplay section of the review. Still, this game focuses too much on how the cars look, and while they look awesome when tricked out, the game creators made these cars and their upgrades too much for style and not speed. The graphics on all the cars, tracks, city places, and people still look great.


You can beat this career mode in about 5 days if you work hard and don't lose too much.

This game gets boring with what seems like the same races over and over (especially in circuits). There really isn't much EA could do to make them different, they just seem boring (and usually easy). Once you beat this game there's nothing left except messing around with what could be some fun races or tricking out new cars with all your parts. The customization is the only reason I'm giving this section a 2 instead of 1.


If I was new and reading this guide, I might get this game, but I would definitely think about it. You might want to try it to see if you find it differently. You may disagree with me, but I am just stating my opinion. You drive around too much in story mode and it's more about how your car looks than how it races. You may not believe this. You can try this game, but I do slightly regret paying $15 for it at Game Exchange. I would rent it first to see if you like it at all.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/21/08

Game Release: Need for Speed Underground 2 (Greatest Hits) (US, 10/01/05)

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