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"Somewhat lost its underground feel - but still a good game"

Need for speed underground 2 is the latest addition to the long running need for speed series and the second underground one. From the last game, there have been some vast improvements and new additions, I'll get to those later, but in a one line summary-this is a very good game and great fun to play.

Graphics: To be honest, I haven't noticed many improvements. Again, they have gone for the wet look which I am a fan of. It always makes a game look sleek and fast, and this has been achieved. There are still no pedestrians, but to keep this a game suitable for young kids, that is probably a good idea! It doesn't seem as fast as the game, it says you are going at similar speeds, but even with the NOS on, it seems a little slow. There are also some new options for car setup that can come under graphics- there is more detail on the engine and some extras that can be fitted into the trunk, they all look pretty good, no complaints there. Overall, sleek graphics nice detail-not bad at all. 9/10

Sound: The sound track to this game is pretty good. Whereas the last game went for a more urban theme, this game has a bit of everything. The old game sometimes got annoying as there was almost always the same kind of music on, but this has a variation which is a little better. One complaint about that would be; like I mentioned in the title, it kind of makes it lose its underground feel. You can edit your play list, so if you don't like a particular song, you can get rid of it :D. Sound effects are good. The engine growls and you still get a whooosh! noise when you tap L1. Crashes sound fairly realistic, you can here broken glass this time, but there still isn't any damage, and the victim of your crash always seems to come out okay. How nice! Overall, a nice sound track and good special effects, very good. 9/10

Gameplay: The gameplay is still very much the same as before. All the controls are the same, but with a few other special functions. There is one new kind of race - the street X. To be honest, this is nothing special but does add an extra aspect to the game. Of course, in case you didn't know; there is now the ability to free roam. You now have to drive around the city (which you unlock parts of as you progress) to your race. This may sound annoying, but there is a kind of GPS system you can enable to make your life a little easier. For new upgrades to your car, you can either search out new shops, or just race to unlock. There are a few more additions to the car lot as well - classics such as the 350Z and Skyline are still available, but now you can race in an Evo 8 or Impreza. Also, there are a lot of new upgrades. You can now change the style of your doors, but neon's in your trunk or hood, have hydraulics fitted or have carbon fibre body kits, and much more. When it comes to racing, the controls are easy to pick up, and if you played the last game - you'll know some races can be very frustrating, the same still applies. Overall, a lot of new stuff, but also the good stuff from the last game. Wonderful. 8/10

Multi-Player: There is nothing new here, apart from the new cars. There is still the standard split screen, or online options. There may be nothing new, but what it has is still okay. 8/10

OVERALL this is a good game. Its great fun to play and should keep you entertained for a few weeks, or months if you are interested in playing online. I think it has lost some of the underground feel, but if you were a fan of the old game, you like this too. If you were a fan, then this is definitely worth a look. There is some degree of challenge in there, but it isn' the most difficult game ever to be made. Overall, 8/10, a good game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/29/04

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