Review by Pozen

Reviewed: 12/21/04

Still A Great Game

The second need for speed defiantly has better graphics, then the first one. The cars look realistic, and some of them are so good you will find yourself thinking it is on actual TV and not off of your playstation 2. Although not all the cars are picture perfect, they did a great job on all the cars to make them look much more better. The main cars that got bumped up in the visual stage though seem to be the ones that are more commonly used (I.E. Civic, Skyline, Mustang, GTO, etc.)

SOUND: 7/10
Each car actually sounds different! In the last game it seemed as if they got some of them mixed up (for instants when i had a skyline it sounded like a domestic and not a import), but now imports sound like imports and the domestics give the sound of raw power rumbling through the engine! The NOS and Turbo sound as if they got a upgrade and now sound more realistic compared to last years game. Plus the new music is great.

The gameplay in this game is absolutley insane. The addition of Street X and Outruns really adds to the experience and makes the game last longer and be more fun. They still have the original races, but some of them they did tweak to make them more enjoyable (for instants you have downhill drift now). All of the tracks have become a bit more harder in some area's, plus with them adding in the new vehicles of SUV's it does make you work more harder because of there size. The game's new overall gameplay though is great and will keep you playing for hours on end trying to see what else there is, or what else you can do. The only thing confusing about the map is that sometimes you get lost (mainly on the highway when theres all the exits, thats why i gave this a 9). But when it gets right down to the point it destroys the gameplay of last year.

This game will keep you going the first time, but after so long of replaying it you might find some races, just to easy and lose the challenge that was there. So as far as a replay vaule goes, the races might get boring. But the hidden features in the game won't. Personally thinking though, this is a self-decided rating.

This is a great game, but not perfect (after all no game is). So you will find some cheap shots from the game or maybe even a glitch here and there. If you liked the first one though, you will fall in love with this one, because it is absolutley a big step into what will be there to come if they continue with the underground series. If you aren't a big fan of racing games though or didn't care to much for the first one, then the least you could do is to rent it, because it probably will change your mind on this GENRE of gaming. For those of the returning fans this game will blow your mind, with all the new unlockables, hidden stops and hidden races, you'll almost sometimes never think you will finish the game. This game is a must have for any racing fan gamer.


Rating:   3.5 - Good

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