Review by Sephirothdadarkangel

Reviewed: 12/28/04

Start your engines!

EA has put out many good games..most of them being sport game. But this game Need for Speed Underground 2 is something totally different!

Gameplay 8/10
This game hasn't changed a lot from the first one...may be because it was rushed but I don't know if thats the reason. Well, a nice little feature that was added was when it rains its a lot harder to see. So a nice little challenge is added there. Also the graphics are improved. The lighting and the city is really nice. The only thing I really wish they would change from the first game is the darkness affect. When your raising at night there are still some spots in the game that you aren't able to see because of course you must race at night.

Story 10/10
When you first start the game you see a clip from 6 months ago. After a little bit of watching yourself race you get a phone call. And all of a sudden you get into a big wreck. Of course...this is no surprise because who would want to start a new game with a awesome car like the one you had in the beginning. Not me! Anyway you get to borrow a friend's car once you arrive to the new city to go to your garage to buy your own car. The name of the city that you start in is called "Bayview" and you must race the other people in the city to earn respect. You must also gain respect to join the "underground." There are many new cars this time around you are even allowed to drive SUV's.

Graphics/Sound 10/10
Like I said a little earlier that graphics are so much better this time around. Again the only problem that I have is that the game is to dark in some spots. But other than that everything looks so much better. I personally love the lighting affect and the car designs. The sound is also very awesome. You got some big name people on this game. Two of my personal favorites Snoop Dogg and Terror Squad. Who might even get crunk while driving in you SUV with the system blasting and the rims spinning!!

Play Time/Replayability 9/10
Expect to be playing this game for a little while. Its a very long game. If you don't have a life and all you wanna do s play this game then you might be able to beat it in about 3-4 days. As for Replayability I personally like it. I am on my second play through so I think it is pretty good.

Final Recommendation
This is a MUST BUY for the Christmas season.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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