"An average game which should have been so much better"

I have only played this at a friends house for a couple of hours so this is what I think


The main focus of the gme is cars. The cars that you are given look amazing. The way the paints reflects the light is amazing. Everything in the cars seem to work and they look well and textured. The streets and roads look absolutly beautiful when you are streaming past them at speed. That is a graphic problem in this game. Going 75 feels the same as when you are driving at 140. The only time you can feel a difference in speed is when you use NOS. The other cars on the road that are not yours or other rcers is a large problem for me. The cars look bland and as if they were made out of the wooden blocks you play with when you are young. The city from a distance also looks terrible. I have seen the way the city looks in games on the N64 and PS1.

Overall GRAPHICS = 7


This really depends on what music you like and dis-like. Now to me there were very few tracks that I liked on the soundtrack on NFSU2. When you put the camera into the first-person view that is when you hear a great noise - Your Engine. If you have the upgrades for your engine than I suggest drive around like that for a while. It is the sweetest noise in the game and it makes you feel good.

Overall SOUND = 7


This is overall good. There are one or two new styles of racing that he been bought in. These are Street X - Racing on a drift track, URL - Basically the tournaments from NFSU but on a proper racing circuit and "Special Event" - This enables you to get on covers of stuff if you get to a certain place within a time limit.Also you can challenge fellow racers to an OUTRUN. This is where you have to get 1000 feet away from the opponent in the shortest time
The new additions work well alongside the existing Drag, Sprint, Circuit and Drift modes. Now you have to drive around looking for the race of your choice and you also have to search for the different shops which allow you to improve your car in different way. That is fun to start off with but eventually becomes a bit of a bore.

Overall GAMEPLAY = 9


This is a good game but there was the oppuortunity for it to be so much more. It has let me down as a sequel to an amazing game. I suggest you save £20 (I'm British) and go and buy the original on Platinum

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/03/05

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