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    FAQ by slickmarcusvick1

    Version: 3.1 | Updated: 01/26/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    By Slickmarcusvick1
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    Contents                           PP             S       2
    Intro                              PP             S      2
    1. Controls                        PP             S     2
    A. Offense                         PP       SSSSSSS    22222
    B. Defense
    C. Slam Dunk Contest
    D. Three-Point Contest
    2. Team Overviews
    3. Rookies
    4. Venues
    5. Game Modes
    A. Play Now
    B. Dynasty
    C. Season
    D. Playoffs
    E. 1-on-1
    F. All-Star Weekend
    G. Online Play
    H. Slam Dunk School
    6. NBA Store
    7. Song List
    8. Legal Information
    9. Credits
    Version 3.1
    Added Freestyle controls, and added more insight on teams.
    Added song list
    Hey every body this is my first FAQ and I hope
    it helps you out!
    A. Offense( With Ball)
    Move the selected player- Left Analog Stick
    Take Shot- Circle
    Go For A Dunk/Lay-up- Square
    Pass The Ball- X
    FreeStyle- Right Analog Stick
    Set Up An Alley-Oop For Your Teammate- R2
    Turbo– R1
    Freestyle- Right Analog Stick
    Freestyle+Up on right analog- Jab step and dribble
    throught the legs while taking a step back
    (Without Ball)
    Call For The Ball- X
    Set A Pick- L1
    Call For A Shot- Circle
    B. Defense
    Go For A Steal- Square
    Switch Highlighted Player- X
    Take A Charge- Circle or R2
    Turbo- R1
    Intentionally Foul- Select
    Block A Shot- Triangle
    C. Slam Dunk Contest
    (On The Floor)
    One Footed Gather- Square
    One Footed 180 Degree Gather- Triangle
    Two Foot Gather- Circle
    Two Foot 180 Degree Gather- X
    Ball Toss( For An Alley-Oop To Yourself)-
    Right Analog Stick
    Move Your Player- Left Analog Stick
    Use A Dunk Modifier- L1 Or R1
    (In Mid-Air)
    Do A Tomahawk Finish- Square
    Do A Pump Finish- Circle
    Do A Windmill Finish- Triangle
    Do A Clutch Finish- X
    Rotate Your Player
    (Only to Be Used When You Do A 180 Gather)
    - Left Analog Stick
    D. Three Point Contest
    To Grab The Ball From The Rack- R1
    To Shoot The Ball-X, Circle, Square, or Triangle
    Team Overviews
    Atlanta Hawks:Overall Rating 77
    Key Players
    PF- Antoine Walker
    PF- Al Harrington
    SG- Josh Childress
    What to look for?- Look for the Atlanta Hawks to gradually
    work their way inside, then hit you with their outside shooting.
    They will also look for Antoine Walker alot, because he
    can shoot the lights out from three-point range.
    Weaknesses- Their ball handlers aren't that good,
    so try and go for the steal if possible.
    Also,use your team's height to your advantage,
    because they dont have height on their side
    Boston Celtics:Overall Rating 84
    Key Players
    SF- Paul Pierce
    SG- Ricky Davis
    PG- Gary Payton
    What to look for?- Look for Boston to 95% of the time pass
    the ball to Paul Pierce right away, he tries to take it in and
    get a foul called. The only time that the first pass doesn't go
    to Paul is when somebody is wide open for a shot.
    Weaknesses- They don't have a very good inside game,
    so defend the shot, and let them take it in and try to score.
    Raef Lafrentzis their starting Center, and he isn't very physical.
    Charlotte Bobcats:Overall Rating 58
    Key Players
    C- Emeka Okafor
    SF- Gerald Wallace
    SG- Jason Kapono
    What to look for?- The Bobcats only have a very good
    outside shooter in Steve Smith,and Emeka Okafor and Melvin Ely
    are both beasts in the low post if you give them the chance
    to get easy baskets.
    Weaknesses- Their bench is weak, along with their shooters.
    Their three point shooters are a liability that basically
    determine the outcome of the game.
    Chicago Bulls:Overall Rating 82
    Key Players
    C- Eddy Curry
    SG- Ben Gordon
    PG- Kirk Hinrich
    What To Look For?- Look for Kirk Hinrich to shoot
    alot of three pointers,and he normally will make most of them.
    Also, the Bulls have a pretty inside game,
    so try to get as many defensive rebounds as possible.
    Weaknesses- The Bulls mid-range shooting and
    inside shooting aren't too good,
    so keep them from getting easy lay-ups and dunks.
    Cleveland Cavaliers:Overall Rating 79
    Key Players
    PG- LeBron James
    PF- Drew Gooden
    C- Zydrunas Ilgauskas
    What To Look For?- Look for Cleveland to feed the ball to
    LeBron James, because he is their whole team.
    Don't let him score on you. Also,
    try to keep the ball away from Zydrunas Ilgauskas,
    because he is a beast down low.
    Weaknesses- Cleveland isn't a very good shooting team,
    with the exception of LeBron James.
    Also their bench won't help them in long games.
    Dallas Mavericks:Overall Rating 88
    Key Players
    PF- Dirk Nowitzki
    SF- Jerry Stackhouse
    Sg- Michael Finley
    What too look for?- Look for the Mavericks to shoot a
    boat-load of three pointers.Watch out for when you try
    to lay it up or dunk, 7'5" Shawn Bradley may be there!
    Weaknesses- The Mavericks major weaknesses are their inside scoring,
    and ball handling.
    Denver Nuggets: Overall Rating 84
    Key Players
    SF- Carmelo Anthony
    PF- Kenyon Martin
    PG- Andre Miller
    What to look for?- Look for Carmelo Anthony to score in just about
    everyway possible. However, you can't just focus on Carmelo because
    Marcus Camby, Kenyon Martin, Earl Boykins will have a field day
    on you if you don't contain them.
    Weaknesses- Their post play is ok at best, if you can shut down
    Kenyon and Camby from inside 15 you are just about all set.
    Detroit Pistons:Overall Rating 90
    Key Players
    C- Ben Wallace
    PF- Rasheed Wallace
    SG- Richard "Rip" Hamilton
    What to look for?- The Pistons are a very versitile team,
    and they love to run the ball up the court. They play very
    strong defense
    Weaknesses- A weak bench sets the Pistons back, along with iffy
    three point shooting from Rasheed Wallace.
    Golden State Warriors:Overall Rating 77
    Key Players
    SG- Jason Richardson
    SF- Mike Dunleavy Jr.
    PG- Derek Fisher
    What to look for?- Golden State is a very fast team that is capable
    of large runs off of fastbreaks, and defensive rebounds. Golden State
    also has an above average backcourt of Richardson and Speedy Claxton,
    who can bot hit shots. Mike Dunleavy is their go to shooter, he is money
    if you leave him open. Golden State also plays pretty good perimiter defense,
    and shuts down the open three.
    Weaknesses- The Warriors low post is the only thing separating them
    from a playoff spot. Their low post offense is terrible, and
    they do not do a good job of boxing out on defense. Their lack of hight
    hurts them even more because they commit stupid fouls in the low post,
    due  to their lack of rebounding talent.
    Houston Rockets:Overall Rating 83
    Key Players
    C- Yao Ming
    PF- Juwan Howard
    SG- Tracy McGrady
    What to look for?- Look for the Rockets to give the ball to
    Tracy McGrady, when it's possible.Your best chance to shut him
    down is to double team him. However, you can't sleep on Yao,
    because he can take over the game just as well as T-mac.
    Indiana Pacers:Overall Rating 80
    Key Players
    PF- Jermaine O'Neal
    SG- Ron Artest
    SG- Reggie Miller
    What to look for?- The Pacers are a very good team,
    and are well rounded.You can't just target one thing that
    will stop them. They also play great defense. Try not to let
    the Pacers run wild on fastbreaks against you.
    Weaknesses- The Pacers are a team without a stand-out shooter,
    Reggie Miller and Ron Artest are both good, but not spectacular.
    Try to limit the number of offensive rebounds that O'Neal
    gets so that you can keep them from getting easy shots.
    Los Angeles Clippers:Overall Rating 74
    Key Players
    PF- Elton Brand
    SG- Corey Maggette
    PG- Marko Jaric
    What to look for?- Look for the Clippers to spread out the ball
    to get easy, uncontested shots. Their shooting game is underestimated.
    Weaknesses- Their inside shooting, their bench, and rebounding.
    They can be one of the elite teams in the NBA if you let them
    get open outside shots, and let them get offensive rebounds.
    Los Angeles Lakers:Overall Rating 88
    Key Players
    SG- Kobe Bryant
    SF- Lamar Odom
    SF- Caron Butler
    What to look for?- Look for the Lakers to shoot the ball well,
    and often. Try to defrend the shot as best as you can.
    Weaknesses- With the loss of Shaquille O'Neal,
    the Lakers don't have a very good inside game.
    Try to use that to your advantage.
    Memphis Grizzlies:Overall Rating 91
    Key Players
    C- Pau Gasol
    SG- James Posey
    PF- Stromile Swift
    What to look for?- Look for Memphis to take the ball to the rim,
    they have a good core of inside shooters. Also, defend James Posey,
    he can shoot the lights out if you don't cover him.
    Weaknesses- Their ball-handlers are young, and inexperienced,
    so exploit that.
    Miami Heat:Overall Rating 80
    Key Players
    C- Shaquille O'Neal
    SG- Eddie Jones
    PG- Dwayne Wade
    What to look for?- This team is a two-man band,
    Shaq and Dwayne Wade will score points on you all day if you're not carefull.
    On offense, don't even think about taking it in the paint, it will
    get swatted by Shaq.
    Weaknesses- Their forwards are dismal, they traded away two of their
    best forwards to get Shaq. Let them have mid-range shots,
    they won't make the contested ones,
    their shooting from there isn't very good.
    Milwaukee Bucks:Overall Rating 79
    Key Players
    SF- Desmond Mason
    SG- Michael Redd
    What to look for?- Look for the Bucks to shoot alot of shots,
    and play tight defense at crucial times. They will also try
    to drive the ball in the key alot.
    Weaknesses- The Bucks don't have a very good core of Centers
    and Power Forwards, so their inside game is not very good.
    Minnesota Timberwolves:Overall Rating 82
    Key Players
    PF- Kevin Garnett
    SF- Latrell Sprewell
    PG- Sam Cassell
    What to look for?- Minnesota will constantly give the ball
    to Kevin Garnett, and in the late part of the game,
    they will shoot the ball well. They are a clutch team.
    Weaknesses- Their Guards aren't very good,
    and their Center Michael Olowokandi is constantly injured,
    and that weakens their inside game.
    New Jersey Nets:Overall Rating 68
    Key Players
    C- Aaron Williams
    SF- Richard Jefferson
    PG- Jason Kidd
    What to look for?- The Nets offense is horrendous,
    I wont be surprised if they are last in the league
    in offense, but they have a very affective defense.
    Weaknesses- Their offense, and the Shooting Guard
    and Power Forward positions.
    New Orleans Hornets:Overall Rating 89
    Key Players
    C- Jamal Magloire
    SF- Jamal Mashburn
    PG- Baron Davis
    What to look for?- The Hornets are one of the best
    all-around teamsin the league, so they are good
     at almost everything.
    Weaknesses- Their defense is their only major weakness.
    New York Knicks:Overall Rating 87
    Key Players
    PG- Stephon Marbury
    SG- Penny Hardaway
    PG- Jamal Crawford
    What to look for?- Look for strong play from
    the guard position,and good shooting.
    Weaknesses- Their Forwards and Centers aren't very good,
    so they don't rebound very well.
    Orlando Magic:Overall Rating 83
    Key Players
    SF- Grant Hill
    SG- Cuttino Mobley
    PG- Steve Francis
    What to look for?- Look for the Magic to bang the ball
    into the post,and have their Centers and Forwards
    hit-up the guards for easy shots.
    Weaknesses- Centers, and their defense isn't very good.
    Philidelphia Seventy-Sixers: Overall Rating 76
    Key Players
    C- Samuel Dalembert
    SF- Glenn Robinson
    SG- Allen Iverson
    What to look for?- The Allen Iverson show is
    all that's playingin Philidelphia. He is basically
    their whole team.
    Weaknesses- Their offense, and their guards play.
    Pheonix Suns: Overall Rating 81
    Key Players
    PF- Amare Stoudemire
    SF- Shawn Marion
    PG- Steve Nash
    What to look for?- Look for good all-around
    play from the Suns.
    Weaknesses- Their Center, and their bench
    are the only things that make them an 81.
    Portland Trail Blazers: Overall Rating 83
    Key Players
    C- Theo Ratliff
    PF- Zach Randolph
    PG- Derek Anderson
    What to look for?- The Blazers are a very versitile team,
    but their main weapon is Zach Randolph in the key.
    Also, watch out for Derek Anderson's 3 point shot.
    Sacremento Kings:Overall Rating 92
    Key Players
    PF- Chris Webber
    SF- Peja Stojakovic
    PG- Mike Bibby
    What to look for?- The Kings are the best all-around team,
    you can't just pinpoint one certain thing.
    Weaknesses- Their bench isn't as good as last year,
    they've lost alot of key role players to other teams.
    San Antonio Spurs:Overall Rating 88
    Key Players
    PF- Tim Duncan
    SG- Manu Ginobili
    PG- Tony Parker
    What to look for?- Mainly, the Spurs offense
    is Tim Duncan down low, and Manu Ginobili
    shooting threes up high.
    Weaknesses- Their forwards aren't the best in the league,
    and their players aren't too good on the fastbreak.
    Seattle Supersonics:Overall Rating 82
    Key Players
    SF- Rashard Lewis
    SG- Ray Allen
    PG- Ronald "Flip" Murray
    What to look for?- Just defend the outside shot,
    because that's the only thing that they can do well on offense.
    Weaknesses- Inside scoring, without a very good Center
    you can't have a good inside game. The Sonics also aren't
    too good on the defensive end of the court.
    Toronto Raptors:Overall Rating 86
    Key Players
    PF- Donyell Marshall
    SF- Jalen Rose
    SG- Vince Carter
    What to look for?- Toronto like to try to work the ball around,
    and then when you least expect it,
    drive to the basket for an easy dunk.
    Weaknesses- Defense, they have a very small team.
    They also aren't a very good rebounding team either,
    given their height problem.
    Utah Jazz:Overall Rating 80
    Key Players
    PF- Carlos Boozer
    SF- Andrei Kirilenko
    PG- Carlos Arroyo
    What to look for?- The Jazz play pretty good defense,
    but their offense isn't very explosive.
    Weaknesses- Shooting, the guard position,
    and fast break will plague the Jazz in their games.
    Washinghton Wizards:Overall Rating 85
    Key Players
    PF- Antawn Jamison
    PF- Kwame Brown
    PG- Gilbert Arenas
    What to look for?- Look for the Wizards to be agressive
    on both offense and defense. You definately want to tightly guard
    Gilbert Arenas, he will have a field day on you,if you dont!
    Weaknesses- Rebounding, and inexpierience.
    The Wizards are one of the youngest team in the league,
    so they will make mistakes. Make sure you capitalize on these.
    3. Big Impact Rookies
    Atlanta- SG Josh Childress
    Rated: 62
    Josh Childress, a rookie from Stanford will make an immediate
    impact on the Hawks. He is a good shooter with confindence,
    and he will get a ton of playing time.
    Boston- SG Delonte West
    Rated: 55
    All last year, Delonte West played second fiddle to Jameer
    Nelson at Saint Joseph's but still averaged over 15 PPG.
    Look for Delonte to get alot of playing time, and use it
    to his advantage.
    Charlotte- C Emeka Okafor
    Rated: 70
    Emeka Okafor is going to be the next Shaquille O'Neal in a
    few years. He is a very physical Center, and he goes after
    every rebound there is. If you have a Dynasty I would highly
    suggest that you trade to get him.
    Chicago- SF Luol Deng
    Rated: 59
    Luol is a rookie out of Duke University. His coach
    (Mike Krczewcewzki) really developed him into a good all
    around ball player.
    Cleveland- PG Luke Jackson
    Rated: 52
    Luke Jackson is a good athletic point guard that reminds
    me of Magic Johnson, because he can take the ball inside too.
    He also had a very high shooting percentage at Oregon
    last year.
    Dallas- C Pavel Podkolzin
    Rated: 46
    Pavel Podkolzin is a great compliment to 7'6" Shawn Bradley,
    who he will be playing with. Podkolzin was a good all around
    player, but he can block the ball very well.
    Denver Nuggets
    They traded away their only draft choice to Orlando.
    Detriot Pistons- SG Carlos Delfino
    Rated: 49
    Not much is known about this 2nd-round draft pick from
    Argentina. He played on Argentina's Olympic Team in
    Athens, so he is pretty good.
    Golden State Warriors- PF Andris Biedrins
    Rated: 54
    Andris is another international player that I don't know
    much about, seeing that he played in Latvia. This year
    he's played in the only two preseason games, but he shows
    a great upside.
    Houston Rockets- Did not draft anyone in the draft
    Indiana Pacers- C David Harrison
    Rated: 52
    David Harrison was Colorado's leading scorer last year,
    and he won't get much playing time right out of the gate.
    Los Angeles Clippers- Lionel Chalmers
    Rated: 50
    Chalmers is a great shooter, he single handedly lead his
    college team (Xavier) to the final stages of last year's
    March Madness. He has great talent,and will be a good player
    down the road.
    Los Angleles Lakers- Have no rookies.
    Memphis Grizzlies- SF Andre Emmett
    Rated: 53
    Emmett won't get alot of playing time, but he will shoot
    the ball, and make the most of his time on the floor with
    hustle plays.
    Miami Heat- SG Dorell Wright
    Rated: 58
    Not too much is know from the 18-year-old form Leuzinger
    HS in California, but he is a type of player similar to
    Sebastian Telfair.
    Milwaukee Bucks- Have no rookies this year.
    Minnesota Timberwolves- Also have no rookies.
    New Jersey Nets- C Nenad Kristic
    Rated: 48
    Nenad played on the Serbia-Montenegro Olympic team,
    where he averaged 5.2 PPG and 3.2 RPG in Athens.
    New Orleans Hornets- SG J.R. Smith
    Rated: 57
    J.R. is a very good shooter. He came straight out of
    Saint Benedict's Prep HS in Newark, New Jersey. In the
    pre-season he is shooting .500 from 3-point range, and
    .484 for Field Goal Percentage.
    New York Knicks- Have no rookies
    Orlando Magic- PG Jameer Nelson
    Rated: 54
    Jameer Nelson was a good aquistion in the off-season for
    Orlando. He lead his Saint Joeseph's team very far
    into March Madness this year with his shooting,
    Philidelphia Seventy-Sixers- SG Andre Igoudala
    Rated: 62
    Andre Igoudala is going to be a star someday. This
    year he is going to develop into a great player,
    because he will get alot of playing time.
    ballhandling, and leadership skills.
    Pheonix Suns- PF Jackson Vroman
    Rated: 47
    At the end of his college career, Jackson ended
    up finishing second on Iowa State's all-time
    rebounding list, and ninth on their block
    list. He has the potential to be a threat in the low
    post for years to come.
    Portland Trail Blazers- SG Sebastian Telfair
    Rated: 52
    Sebastian Telfair is a good player that won't get
    much playing time in the Blazer's loaded roster.
    Telfair played on the U.S. Junior National Olympic
    team this year. Look for him to really steal the
    spotlight in the games that he gets good quality
    Sacremento Kings- SG Kevin Martin
    Rated: 58
    Nobody really knows who Kevin Martin is,
    or what he is capable of doing. He looks to me like
    a good player, but won't end up playing up to his
    capability. He won't get much playing time with
    the playoff bound Kings.
    San Antonio Spurs- PG Beno Udrih
    Rated: 51
    Beno is a 22-year-old from Slovenia, that I am
    unfarmilliar with, but I do know that he won't
    get a reasonable amount of playing time with Tony
    Parker and Manu Ginobili in.
    Seattle Supersonics- PF Nick Collison
    Rated: 57
    Collison will fit in perfect in Seattle. They need
    a big man in the middle that can block shots, and
    get physical. That's Nick Collison's style of play.
    Toronto Raptors- C Rafael Araujo
    Rated: 55
    Araujo lead his Brigham Young team last year,
    single-handedly. Rafael is a big guy who
    likes to bang around in the paint, and slam
    dunk on you.
    Utah Jazz- SG Kirk Snyder
    Rated: 59
    Kirk Snyder is a very good shooter, but lacks
    very good defense. He was the Second-Round pick
    of the Utah Jazz
    Washington Wizards- Have no rookies
    4. Venues
    Atlanta Hawks
    Phillips Center
    Maximum Capacity:20,000
    Opened: 1999
    Boston Celtics
    Boston, Massachussets
    Maximum Capacity:19,600
    Opened: 1995
    Charlotte Bobcats
    Charlotte Arena
    Center City, Charlotte, North Carolina
    Maximum Capacity: 18,500
    Opened: 2004
    Chicago Bulls
    United Center
    Chicago, Illinois
    Maximum Capacity:20,500
    Cleveland Cavaliers
    Gund Arena
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Maximum Capacity:20,500
    Year Opened: 1994
    Dallas Mavericks
    American Airlines Center
    Dallas, Texas
    Maximum Capacity: 18,500
    Opened: 2000
    Denver Nuggets (Home of The 2005 All-Star Game)
    Pepsi Center
    Denver, Colorado
    Maximum Capacity: 20,000
    Year Opened: 1995
    Detroit Pistons
    The Palace of Auburn Hills
    Detroit, Michigan
    Maximum Capacity: 20,371
    Year Opened: 1988
    Golden State Warriors
    Oakland Arena
    Oakland, California
    Maximum Capacity: 18,500
    Year Opened: 1996
    Houston Rockets
    Toyota Center
    Houston, Texas
    Maximum Capacity: 19,000
    Year Opened: 2003
    Indiana Pacers
    The Conseco Field House
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Maximum Capacity: 18,345
    Year Opened: 1999
    Los Angeles Clippers
    Staples Center
    Los Angeles, California
    Maximum Capacity: 21,000
    Opened: 1999
    Los Angeles Lakers
    Staples Center
    Los Angeles, California
    Maximum Capacity: 21,000
    Opened: 1999
    Memphis Grizzlies
    The Pyramid
    Memphis, Tennessee
    Maximum Capacity: 20,150
    Year Opened: 2001
    Miami Heat
    American Airlines Arena
    Miami, Florida
    Maximum Capacity: 19,500
    Year Opened: 1999
    Minnesota Timberwolves
    Target Center
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Maximum Capacity: 19,000
    Opened: 1990
    Milwaukee Bucks
    Bradley Center
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Maximum Capacity: 18,500
    Year Opened: 1988
    New Jersey Nets
    Continental Arlines Arena
    East Rutherford, New Jersey
    Maximum Capacity: 20,000
    Year Opened: 1981
    New Orleans Hornets
    New Orleans Arena
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    Maximum Capacity: 20,000
    Year Opened: 2002
    New York Knicks
    Madison Square Garden
    Ney York City, New York
    Maximum Capacity: 19,500
    Year Opened: 1968
    Orlando Magic
    The Orlando Arena
    Orlando, Florida
    Maximum Capacity: 17,000
    Year Opened: 1989
    Philidelphia Seventy-Sixers
    First Union Center
    Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
    Maximum Capacity: 20,500
    Year Opened: 1996
    Pheonix Suns
    American West Arena
    Pheonix, Arizona
    Maximum Capacity: 19,000
    Year Opened: 1992
    Portland Trailblazers
    Rose Garden
    Portland, Oregon
    Maximum Capacity: 20,000
    Year Opened: 1995
    Sacremento Kings
    Arco Arena
    Sacremento, California
    Maximum Capacity: 17,000
    Year Opened: 1988
    San Antonio Spurs
    SBC Center
    San Antonio, Texas
    Maximum Capacity: 19,500
    Year Opened: 2002
    Seattle Sonics
    Key Arena
    Seattle, Washington
    Maximum Capacity: 17,000
    Year Opened: 1995
    Toronto Raptors
    Air Canada Centre
    Toronto, Ontario; Canada
    Maximum Capacity: 19,500
    Year Opened: 1999
    Utah Jazz
    Delta Center
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Maximum Capacity: 20,000
    Year Opened: 1991
    Washington Wizards
    MCI Center
    Wahington, District Of Columbia
    Maximum Capacity: 21,500
    Year Opened: 1997
    5. Game Modes
    A. Play Now
    This is a game mode when you want to pick up the controller,
    sit down and just play with a friend, or by yourself.
    Note: If you pick Play Now you cannot pick your starting five,
    they are automatically chosen by rating.
    B. Dynasty Mode
    Can you lead your favorite team to the NBA Championship?
    Try it in Dynasty mode where you can play for up to 20 seasons
    with the same team. You can trade, draft, sign free agents,
    scout rookies, and much more in this game mode.
    Note: If you win more than two straight titles you may be let go,
    in which case you might have to change teams.
    C. Season
    Play a single season with any team of your choice,
    and try to win it all. Beg, borrow, and deal your way
    into the NBA Finals, in your only shot for the title.
    Note: Seasons end after the first year.
    D. Playoffs
    If you want to start off with the intensity off the playoffs right away,
    try this mode and see if you can win it all.
    E. One-on-One
    Ball it up with and against your favorite players 1-on-1, any place,
    any time.
    F. All-star Weekend
    (A New Feature)
    Do the Rookie vs. Sophemores, 3 Point Contest, Slam Dunk Contest,
    or the All-star game at anytime you want!
    The newly added feature of the All-Star weekend brings alot of
    fun to the table, but is difficult to master. In the Slam Dunk
    Contest you will have to time your dunks just right, or you
    will fall flat on your face.
    You can pick any player for the 3-Point Shootout and Slam Dunk
    Contest, but choose wisely. You don't want to have Earl Boykins
    in the Dunk Contest, or Shaquille O'Neal in the 3-Point Shootout.
    Note: If you win the Slam Dunk Contest you will unlock everything
    in the NBA Store.
    G. Online Play
    Think you can beat some of this country's finest players,
    try it on EA Sports Online. If you are ready to take on
    players from all around the U.S.A, and you better bring
    your A-Game, or you will have a long night.
    NOTE: You need the online adapter to play the game online.
    H. Slam Dunk School
    Learn how to alley-oop and dunk with the tutorials,
    or just fine tune your dunking.
    6. NBA Store Check List
    Item                      Price
    	Hardwood Classics
    ()Atlanta       1971-1972 Away    200
    ()Atlanta       1974-1975 Away    100
    ()Boston        1923-1924 Home    200
    ()Chicago       1970-1971 Away    100
    ()Chicago       1995-1996 Alt.    200
    ()Cleveland     1976-1977 Away    100
    ()Cleveland     1986-1987 Home    200
    ()Dallas        1994-1995 Home    200
    ()Denver        1977-1978 Home    100
    ()Denver        1978-1979 Home    100
    ()Denver        2001-2002 Away    50
    ()Denver        2001-2002 Home    50
    ()Detroit       1981-1982 Away	  250
    ()Detroit       1997-1998 Home	  100
    ()Golden State  1976-1977 Home	  200
    ()Golden State  1990-1991 Home	  200
    ()Houston       1969-1970 Home	  200
    ()Houston       2002-2003 Home	  50
    ()Houston       2002-2003 Away	  50
    ()Indiana       1988-1989 Away    200
    ()Indiana       1993-1994 Home    100
    ()LA Clippers   1973-1974 Away    250
    ()LA Clippers   1979-1980 Home	  100
    ()LA Lakers     1949-1950 Away	  200
    ()LA Lakers     1961-1962 Home	  200
    ()LA Lakers     1961-1962 Away	  200
    ()Memphis       2000-2001 Away 	  50
    ()Memphis       2000-2001 Home	  50
    ()Miami         1995-1996 Alt.	  100
    ()Milwaukee     1986-1987 Home	  200
    ()Milwaukee     1996-1997 Alt.	  200
    ()New Jersey    1983-1984 Away	  100
    ()New Jersey    1991-1992 Home	  150
    ()New Orleans   1997-1998 Alt.	  150
    ()New York      1979-1980 Away	  200
    ()New York      1985-1986 Away	  150
    ()Orlando       1994-1995 Away	  150
    ()Philidelphia  1965-1966 Home	  250
    ()Philidelphia  1977-1978 Home 	  200
    ()Pheonix       1970-1971 Home    250
    ()Pheonix       1988-1989 Away	  150
    ()Pheonix       1988-1989 Home	  200
    ()Pheonix       1996-1997 Alt.	  200
    ()Portland      1971-1972 Away	  200
    ()Portland      1991-1992 Home	  150
    ()Sacramento    1961-1962 Away	  200
    ()Sacramento    1986-1988 Away	  250
    ()San Antonio   1968-1969 Home    200
    ()San Antonio   1973-1974 Home    250
    ()Seattle       1967-1968 Away    150
    ()Seattle       1993-1994 Away	  150
    ()Utah          1976-1977 Away	  200
    ()Utah          1983-1984 Away	  250
    ()Utah          1987-1988 Home	  100
    ()Utah          1987-1988 Away	  100
    ()Utah          2002-2003 Away	  150
    ()Washington    1971-1972 Away	  250
    ()Washington    1995-1996 Home	  200
    ()East          1963-1964 Home	  250
    ()West          1970-1971 Home	  250
    ()Air Jordan III                  200
    ()Air Jordan III                  200
    ()Air Jordan IV                   200
    ()Air Jordan VII                  150
    ()Air Jordan XI                   200
    ()Air Jordan XI                   200
    ()Air Jordan XI IE Low            150
    ()Air Jordan XII                  150
    ()Air Jordan XIII                 150
    ()Air Jordan XIX                  150
    ()Jordan Big Fund                 100
    ()Jordan Team 10/16               100
    ()Jordan Team 10/16               100
    ()Jordan Elite II                 100
    ()Jordan Pro Status               100
    ()Jordan Pro Status               100
    ()Nike Air Zoom LeBron II         200
    ()Nike Air Huarache 2K4           100
    ()Nike Air Huarache 2K4           100
    ()Nike Shox Elite                 150
    ()Nike Shox Elite                 150
    ()Nike Shox Elite                 150
    ()Nike Shox Elevate               100
    ()Nike Shox Elevate               100
    ()Nike Shox Elevate               100
    ()Nike Shox Elevate               100
    ()Nike Shox Elevate               100
    ()Nike Shox Elevate               100
    ()Nike Shox Elevate               100
    ()Nike Shox Elevate               100
    ()Nike Shox Elevate               100
    ()Nike Shox Elevate               100
    ()Nike Shox Elevate               100
    ()Nike Shox Jumpoff               100
    ()Nike Shox Jumpoff               100
    ()Nike Shox Supremacy             100
    ()Nike Shox Supremacy             100
    ()Nike Shox Status                100
    ()Nike SHox Status                100
    ()Nike Air Foamposite Pro         150
    ()Nike Air Foamposite Pro         150
    ()Nike Air Zoom Flight 2K3        100
    ()Nike Air Zoom Flight 2K3        100
    ()Nike Air Zoom Flight 2K3        100
    ()Nike Air Force 1                100
    ()Nike Uptempo Game               150
    ()Nike BG Ultraposite             150
    ()Nike Air Force Max              100
    ()Nike Air Hyperflight            100
    ()Nike Air Intense                75
    ()Nike Air Intense                75
    ()Nike Air Unlimited              100
    ()Nike Uptempo Game               150
    ()Nike Delta Force                100
    ()Nike BG Rollout                 75
    ()Nike BG Rollout Low             75
    ()Nike Zoom Drive                 100
    ()Nike Air Flight Hops            50
    ()Nike Air Flight Hops            50
    ()Nike Blazer                     100
    ()Retro Socks 1                   50
    ()Retro Socks 2                   50
    ()Retro Socks 3                   50
    ()Retro Socks 4                   50
    ()Retro Socks 5                   50
    ()Retro Socks 6                   50
    ()Retro Socks 7                   50
    ()Retro Socks 8                   50
    ()Retro Socks 9                   50
    ()Retro Socks 10                  50
    ()Multicolored Headband 1         50
    ()Multicolored Headband 2         50
    ()Multicolored Headband 3         50
    ()Multicolored Headband 4         50
    ()Multicolored Headband 5         50
    ()Multicolored Headband 6         50
    ()Multicolored Headband 7         50
    ()Multicolored Headband 8         50
    ()Multicolored Headband 9         50
    ()Multicolored Headband 10        50
    			Practice Jerseys
    ()Atlanta Hawks      Home         50
    ()Atlanta Hawks      Away         50
    ()Boston Celtics     Home         50
    ()Boston Celtics     Away         50
    ()Charlotte Bobcats  Home         50
    ()Charlotte Bobcats  Away         50
    ()Chicago Bulls      Home         50
    ()Chicago Bulls      Away         50
    ()Cleveland Cavs.    Home         50
    ()Cleveland Cavs.    Away         50
    ()Dallas Mavericks   Home         50
    ()Dallas Mavericks   Away         50
    ()Denver Nuggets     Home         50
    ()Denver Nuggets     Away         50
    ()Detroit Pistons    Home         50
    ()Detroit Pistons    Away         50
    ()Golden State       Home         50
    ()Golden State       Away         50
    ()Houston Rockets    Home         50
    ()Houston Rockets    Away         50
    ()Indiana Pacers     Home         50
    ()Indiana Pacers     Away         50
    ()LA Clippers        Home         50
    ()LA Clippers        Away         50
    ()LA Lakers          Home         50
    ()LA Lakers          Away         50
    ()Memphis Grizzlies  Home         50
    ()Memphis Grizzlies  Away         50
    ()Miami Heat         Home         50
    ()Miami Heat         Away         50
    ()Milwaukee Bucks    Home         50
    ()Milwaukee Bucks    Away         50
    ()Minnesota          Home         50
    ()Minnesota          Away         50
    ()New Jersey Nets    Home         50
    ()New Jersey Nets    Away         50
    ()New Orleans        Home         50
    ()New Orleans        Away         50
    ()New York Knicks    Home         50
    ()New York Knicks    Away         50
    ()Orlando Magic      Home         50
    ()Orlando Magic      Away         50
    ()Philidelphia       Home         50
    ()Philidelphia       Away         50
    ()Pheonix Suns       Home         50
    ()Pheonix Suns       Away         50
    ()Portland Blazers   Home         50
    ()Portland Blazers   Away         50
    ()Sacremento Kings   Home         50
    ()Sacremento Kings   Away         50
    ()San Antonio Spurs  Home         50
    ()San Antonio Spurs  Away         50
    ()Seattle Sonics     Home         50
    ()Seattle Sonics     Away         50
    ()Toronto Raptors    Home         50
    ()Toronto Raptors    Away         50
    ()Utah Jazz          Home         50
    ()Utah Jazz          Away         50
    ()Washington Wizards Home         50
    ()Washington Wizards Away         50
    7. Song List (By order of when they are played during NBA Live)
    Don Yute
    "Dem Gals"
    Brand New Heavies
    "Jump and Move"
    Lloyd Banks ft. Young Buck
    "Me Against You"
    Pete Rock ft. Kardinal Offshall
    Wylde Bunch
    "Our Life"
    Joell Ortiz
    "Mean Business"
    "Carolina Pride"
    MC Lyte
    "My Main Aim"
    "Here We Go"
    Stat Quo
    "The Best"
    The D.O.C
    "Mind Blowin'"
    Will I Am
    Murphy Lee ft Jazze Pha
    "It's In Da Game"
    Bump J
    "We Don't Play No Games"
    8. Legal Information
    Copyright 2004 Alex Gormley(slickmarcusvick1)
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except
    for private use.
    It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part
    of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and is a violation of copyright.
    This faq may only be used by Gamefaqs.com,  www.geocities.com/crusadersol68,
    or if I give written consent to it.
    9. Credits
    EA Sports( For Making An Awesome Game )
    Electronic Arts
    ( for help with the spelling of certain players names)

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