Review by luigistarted06

"Nothing good about this game"

Now do not get me wrong I loved spyro on the ps1 but this one is just bad. I think this game was just boring.

Story 2
Come on spyro how many times have we had this story line. A evil dragon has taken all the eggs and its your job to get everything back and stop him. Its a overused story change it up a little.

Control 1
Its just bad crash into walls every 5 seconds miss a platform by inches and keep doing it over and over again. Gosh I want to say something good about controls but I can not.

Sound 2
If you like hearing the same boring thing all the time then you will love it. The music is bad the only good thing I have to say at least you can hear it. Well the music is very bad I think if you play this game do it on mute.

Graphics 4
Hey something that is not that bad. The graphics are very bright and kind of good they just look like something that should of came out 3 years ago. so this games graphics overall are just old looking but just below average.

Game play 3
Well lets get going. The game play in this game is bad one of the big problems is the ai there just so easy to kill its almost like they want to die so they can get out of this bad game. Another big issue the land in old spyro games there were all these little small lands it was fun. In this one it was 1 big world which is boring. 1 Good thing that I do have to say about game play is that they do have some challenge. It does stay a little close to past spyro games the way that it does is you have to collect a bunch of things but thats not much fun. So overall way to easy but its still a little fun.

Replay value 3
Its a game that you can play over again and it will not be worse or better. You can try to get more things but other than that not much different.

Overall 3
Its not that good of a game but I hope the next spyro is much better.

So should you rent or get this game I say if you love spyro games rent it first. I If you are somebody who just likes spyro games avoid it.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 01/23/06

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