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    Greetings and welcome to the Okami Secrets Guide! Actually, this should probably be called the Okami Secrets, Easter Eggs, and Did-You-Know Guide, but that's a bit wordy, eh? Regardless, contained herein is a list of all kinds of nifty information about easily missed and commonly overlooked tidbits from the world of Okami.

    This guide was inspired by the "did you notice..." topic from the GameFAQs PS2 Okami message board. Over the course of its nine month run, many users have added various bits of info about all sorts of neat stuff that you might otherwise miss on a regular playthrough of Okami. Heck, even after multiple runs through the game, many folks still aren't aware of lots of these secrets!

    Though much of this guide is a compilation of the information from the previously mentioned topic, that's not to say I haven't added other fun facts that I noticed on various playthroughs of my own. All the users who posted new info in the topic are given credit at the end of this guide. If you posted in it but don't see your name mentioned here, then most likely someone else contributed the same info before you did. Nothing personal against anyone, but as with many things in life, first come, first served. Also, many thanks to teronic, who had the foresight to save many of these secrets from an earlier "did you know" topic which fell victim to the old daily purge.

    If you know of a secret or have unique information about some aspect from the game feel free to email me for its possible inclusion in future updates (using the contact info found at the end of this guide). Please keep in mind that I will make the final determination if your secret will be added or not. What you may think is a secret or a neat tidbit might actually be nothing special, so please don't take it personally if I don't use your suggestion.


    Secrets are listed according to the specific area of Nippon in which they can be found/performed. Some secrets aren't specific to any one area in particular and thus are listed in the "General" section of the guide.


    • Power Slash the giant orange on the roof of Mr. Orange's house to receive orange slices to fill your Astral Pouch.
    • Power Slash the large clover on the roof of Mushi's house and it will fly off the roof and spin around, then land back on the roof.
    • Power Slashing the rice in Kushi's rice paddy will give you food to fill your Astral Pouch.
    • When you go to Mrs. Orange at night to get some Cherry Cakes from her, the "attack" she performs to make the cakes is the Shun Goku Satsu (which translates to "imprisoning death flash" or "instant hell murder"), used by Akuma from the Street Fighter series. The kanji that flashes onscreen is the character for "mochi", in reference to the food.
    • You can go back to Mrs. Orange every night for more Cherry Cakes, if you're so inclined (she won't mind a bit).
    • Inside Susano's house you can Power Slash the scroll on the wall to find a picture of Kushi hanging behind it.
    • When Ammy picks up Susano to take him to remove the boulder blocking the path out of the village, take him around to the villagers first to hear some funny reactions. Also, you can take him inside the Cave of Nagi all the way to the Statue of Nagi and he will comment on its appearance, prompting Issun to wonder if he's been there before.
    • When you return to Kamiki to bloom the trees in the village (after going through Hana Valley and Shinshu Field), if you Power Slash them instead of blooming them, Issun will scold Ammy for cutting them down (don't worry, they'll "grow" back).
    • During the Kamiki Festival some of the villagers will mention that Kushi and Susano don't seem to be around to enjoy the festivities. However, you can find them sharing a romantic moment together at the Statue of Nagi inside the Cave of Nagi (no, it's nothing dirty).
    • During the festival, Mr. Bamboo, Karude, and the Nameless Man can be found sitting around drinking sake, specifically, Kushi's Thunder Brew! Using Waterspout, you can draw a line of sake to each of them to get them drunk (since they don't seem to be having much success on their own). Listen to each of them for some funny dialogue, then walk away for a minute or two and go back to witness their hangovers and hear their "excuses". Issun seems to make a reference to the movie The Sixth Sense when he talks to Mr. Bamboo, who mentions Kaguya, and Issun responds by saying "Kaguya? That's your wife's name? Do you see dead people? *gulp*".
    • By Crom! After the festival go back and pay your "brother", Susano, a visit. He'll be out in his yard brushing up on his sword-play skills. If you pay close attention, you'll notice that the maneuver he's performing is the same one used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Conan the Barbarian, the morning after he is protected from the evil spirits on the beach.


    • Using different brush techniques, such as Power Slash or Galestorm, you can mess with the hawks flying around in the sky.
    • At the dojo, Onigiri Sensei does a "dance" just like Joe, of the game Viewtiful Joe, when he transforms into his superhero persona. Also, Onigiri Sensei's head was designed to create a logical face whether you're seeing it upside-down or right-side up. So, indeed, his own head DOES spin around when he's "henshining".
    • There's a high ledge above the dock leading to Agata Forest which can only be accessed through a tunnel in the forest. After helping Kushi fill the sake barrel and after rescuing Ume (again!), you can find Kushi out on said ledge, trying to carry the HUGE barrel back to Kamiki for the upcoming festival. If you listen to her plea for help she'll give you a Large Holy Bone as thanks. This is the earliest time in the game when you can get a Large Holy Bone.
    • If you visit the Nameless Man in his house at night and listen to him, he'll give you some food for your Astral Pouch. If you repeatedly listen to him he'll continue to give you more food, until finally refusing to do so after four or five helpings!
    • Tama the Pyrotechnist named his first fireworks display "Midnight Wonder Boy", which is a reference to Viewtiful Joe's "Midnight Thunder Boy".


    • If you attack Susano (before you enter Tsuta Ruins), he'll do a pretty good impression of Link's Jump Attack from the 3D Zelda games against Ammy (for no damage).
    • There's a secret tunnel in Madame Fawn's house which is a shortcut to Ryoshima Coast, however, it can't be accessed till after blooming the Guardian Sapling at Ryoshima.
    • There's an easily missed clover worth 50 praise hiding on a small ledge at the east end of the river where the log bridge is, but you'll need the Holy Artifact Water Tablet in order to reach it and not get swept away in the rushing waters instead!
    • After learning the Vine technique in Tsuta Ruins you can skip a couple of the Konohana Flowers in the initial climb up the chamber by moving the camera around a bit.
    • When the Imps attack Kushi at the spring, failing to Power Slash when Susano does causes his clothes to rip a little.
    • There are some rather cool looking sculptures carved into the mountain over the Tsuta Ruins entrance which resemble old Mayan or Aztec statues.


    • No matter how many times you play whack-a-mole with Moley and the Molsters, you never get a better reward than a plain old vase.
    • There's a grave next to the Cutters house in remembrance of some poor souls who fell victim to their wicked ways.
    • The Sasa Traveler pushing against the mountain wall, trying to find the secret Sparrow hideaway, never finds his way in. Even when Ammy listens to him while accompanying Chun back to Sasa Sanctuary, the traveler seems to take no notice of the sparrow girl's presence.
    • Unlike every other body of water, Ammy can spend all the time she likes in the hot spring at Sasa and she'll never drown!
    • If you bomb the servants holding rice, instead of flying off as normal, they'll stop while their cargo flies straight up. Then, they catch it with a shine and continue about their business. Also, some of the bird-folk at Sasa can't fly off from a bombing - for instance, the two bathers in the hot spring and the guy at the desk.
    • After gaining access to Sasa Sanctuary, Komuso (the basket-head traveling monk) can be found relaxing in one of the upper rooms. When you speak to him he'll say to Ammy "What are you looking for...", referencing the various monster fights that happen when you speak to him at other locations. For once, Ammy is safe, and needn't prove her combat skills to him! =P


    • When you first arrive while the village is cursed, Ammy's usual trail of pretty flowers that she leaves in her wake will be withered and decayed instead.
    • When at the Gale Shrine and the constellation of Kazegami appears, you can use the Galestorm brush technique even before you officially acquire it from the wind god.
    • After restoring the well near the entrance to the village you can use Galestorm again to see water spurt up from it and make a small rainbow appear!
    • The sleepy bear statue in the Kusa Inn reacts just like the real Sleepy Bear when you Power Slash or headbutt it/him.
    • The houses and the Inn have Teru Teru Bozu (shiny-shiny Buddhist priest) dolls hanging outside, which are used to bring good weather. They look kinda like a ghost hanging from a string, made of white paper or cloth.
    • Each of the Canine Warriors wears an orb that embodies one of the eight virtues of Confucianism: Chu/Hayabusa - Loyalty. Jin/Ume - Justice. Gi/Take - Duty. Tei - Brotherhood. Rei - Honor. Chi - Knowledge. Ko - Wisdom. Shin - Faith.
    • Ammy isn't the only one who likes exploding poo attacks. Canine Warrior Jin is also capable of using Brown Rage during battle!
    • If you Power Slash Canine Warrior Jin or Ume they will walk if they were sitting, and sit if they were walking.


    • Issun's paint brush is used when you draw a design on the imp mask to sneak past the guards.
    • After rescuing the cook in the kitchen, Ammy can jump in and swim in the cooking pot. Though with a name like "Dungheap slimebucket goulash", I'd think you'd want to stay as far away from that food as possible!
    • There's a hidden room in the chamber with all the sandpits. Let Ammy fall down the pit that has a clover right next to it to access this area. You'll find a chest with a common treasure, then you can Cherry Bomb the crack in the wall to exit and return to the spot right by where you fell in.
    • During the fight with Orochi, if you miss with Power Slash, thus causing Susano's attacks to miss, his clothes will get more tattered as the battle continues.


    • Jump and headbutt the Ankoku Temple Bell fifteen times to get a Small Holy Bone, a Medium Holy Bone, and a Large Holy Bone. You can only do this once and if you don't pick up the bone before it vanishes, you can't get it again.
    • There's a pair of large rocks in the water connected by a rope bridge which is a reference to Meoto Iwa, also known as the Husband-and-Wife Rocks, located in the sea off Futami, Mie. In Shinto belief, they celebrate the union in marriage of man and woman, the rocks representing the union of creator gods Izanagi and Izanami.
    • Onboard the Sunken Ship, the spirits you encounter are those of Green Imps, the Spider Queen, and Crimson Helm (not Orochi). Also, the Prayer Slips that Rao uses to exorcise the spirits look a bit like Tobi, the demonic slip of paper that you race against on Oni Island later in the game.
    • Using lily pads or the Water Tablet you can reach a crack in the wall at the base of the island where the dojo is located. Upon bombing the crack to make an opening and entering the small chamber, you'll find a treasure chest inside.
    • There's a man on the beach known as the Animal Lover who is looking for his lost pet, a hare named Inaba. Its name is derived from none other than the Producer of Okami, Atsushi Inaba!
    • While following the image of Rao, after leaving the Dragon Palace, you'll pass through a secret underground tunnel down the well behind Ankoku Temple and you'll come across a decayed corpse. After clearing Oni Island return to the tunnel and examine the corpse to learn that it's Rao's! This has led to much speculation about how long she's been dead and how long Ninetails was masquerading as her. There's also a grave by the bell that you can examine which has now been dedicated in memory of Rao.


    • While the city is cursed, you can draw ink bullets at Tao Headquarters floating in the sky, to briefly remove the mist from around it.
    • When you're shrunk down to infiltrate the Imperial Palace, you can use Issun to retrieve the demon key by drawing a line from him to the key, rather than trying to get on the soldier's foot and jump off of it into the small crevice where it's being kept.
    • The graffiti on the walls around town is the design that you drew on the imp mask back in the Moon Cave.
    • Once you draw the first pattern for the little girl/kimono shop quest, the graffiti will be replaced by whatever the current kimono pattern is that you just drew for Mr. Chic.
    • The little girl drawing on the sidewalk makes a reference to the game series Viewtiful Joe, by asking you to draw a "V", the "henshin pattern". After successfully doing so, the next time you listen to her she says "Look, doggy! Isn't it viewtiful? This is my latest design, the "henshin" pattern! Women often want transformation. ...Into real beauties! Henshin-a-go-go, baby!"
    • After retrieving the Tao Mask from the thief, Ammy actually wears it herself, before returning it to its rightful owner!
    • Inside Tao HQ you can see various images of Orochi, Ninetails, the Spider Queen, and either Crimson Helm or Blight (it's kinda hard to make out which one) on the computer screens to the left and at the rear of the room.
    • If you headbutt the Lucky Cat statue at the item shop it'll fly up in the air, land, and make a purring sound.
    • The same four people are always in line outside Rao's Lecture Hall, but their position in line changes every so often. They all have interesting stories to share about Rao and how she affected their lives.
    • The Herbal Medicine you buy from the Tool Dealer for Blossom's Papa looks just like a red & green herb mixture from the Resident Evil series.
    • After helping Gen get his clocktower working you can actually see the hands moving around the face of the clock, particularly if you draw the sun or the moon while looking at it. Also, according to the time shown on the clock, day starts at 5:00 am and night starts at 9:47 pm.
    • During the fight with Evil Rao, Himiko's mirror has the symbol of Ninetails displayed on it.
    • At the Emperor's Imperial Palace, you can swim in the small pond without drowning. But then again, it's probably only a few inches deep at best, so it only makes sense. It would be a shame for a goddess to meet her untimely death in such shallow waters.


    • If you try to enter the whirlpool to the Dragon Palace, either by drawing lily pads, using the Water Tablet, or jumping off Orca, Ammy will spin around on her back on the surface of the whirlpool only to wind up back on the beach.
    • You can jump off the outer edge of the topmost barrier/platform of Catcall Tower, fall all the way down, and land perfectly unharmed if you'd rather not climb down or use the Mermaid Spring. You can even land on some of the clouds surrounding the tower during your fall!


    • There's a couple hidden areas in the side scrolling part of the island, both in the upper-left part of said section. One is through a tunnel you can jump up to, behind a hidden wall, leading to a treasure chest. The other is in the same general area, reached by double jumping, then vining to the Konohana Flower, and continuing to ascend up the narrow shaft. Again, a treasure chest can be found at the end of this path, too.
    • If you continually fail in the races with Tobi, some of the obstacles will start moving slower or rearrange themselves to make it easier for you to succeed.
    • Speaking of Tobi... Want to make a little extra yen to help ease any frustration you may be experiencing while racing him? Simply equip the Golden Lucky Cat (which absorbs all nearby money) and just stay at the starting point of each race while Tobi runs off and drops money as he goes! You can repeat this a couple of times at each race if you feel like milking the little scrap for all you can.
    • You can skip the Blockhead! Yes, really! Back in the room just before him, look up and to your right for a small ledge with a wall with a crack on it. Paint a Cherry Bomb up there and blow up the wall, then double jump and press R1 to bring up the brush screen. Move the camera around till your brush makes contact with the Konohana Flower that is behind the wall you just destroyed and draw a vine. Once up there, turn around and jump over the gap to the other little platform. From here, do a dash start, double jump, and do a mid-air dash to reach the far platform where Tobi is. Ta-da! You're now behind Blockhead!


    • Power Slashing some of the snowpiles around the village will reveal a snow sculpture of Ammy, Issun, or Sakuya.
    • Inside Oki's hut you'll find a log which he uses for sword practice. Give it a swift strike with Power Slash to reveal a carving of an owl.
    • You can Power Slash the owl sitting on the roof of Wali's house to make it spin its head and flutter around.


    • By drawing Bloom around any of the Oina villagers, they'll transform into their animal personas.
    • You can Power Slash or headbutt the chimneys on the roofs of the houses to make them bounce and spit out various goodies.
    • If you roll the snowball into the water it will slowly melt away, but it won't completely vanish.
    • Oki's sword, Kutone, has what appears to be faces of five owls carved into the handle.
    • The elaborate headdress that Tuskle wears has a tan/gold and white/silver owl perched on each side, representing the twin owls Lechku and Nechku.


    • The balloon that the boy is holding onto looks like the head of the enemy called Dogu.
    • When Nagi is riding on Ammy's back, take him around to the villagers to hear some amusing responses (especially from Shakuya).


    • If you draw various brush techniques during the fight with Yami, different characters from the game will show up and lend a hand. Drawing Crescent makes Nagi appear, Veil of Mist will summon Himiko, and Blizzard will bring out Oki.


    This section is divided into parts depending on whether the secrets are character related, brush tech related, etc.


    • Each of the 13 Brush Techniques' gods are from the Chinese Zodiac: Tachigami (Rat), Kazegami (Horse), the Greensprout trio (Monkey), Amaterasu (Dog), Yomigami (Dragon), Nuregami (Snake), Gekigami (Tiger), Bakugami (Pig), Itegami (Ox), Kasugami (Sheep), Moegami (Rooster), and Yumigami (Rabbit). Catwalk's cat, Kabegami, is included, but officially, the cat is exempt from the true Zodiac, seeing as he was the only animal who didn't come when a dying Buddah called (or he was tricked by Rat and told the day that everyone goes and gets made Zodiac animals was different, depending on the story).
    • Drawing Bloom around people will make them run to Ammy and pet her. However, if you're standing too far away they'll give up and sulk away in disappointment.
    • Cursed trees can be temporarily stunned by painting a dot on the ground to make a tree grow right in front of them.
    • Using Power Slash or Waterspout on the fuse of a Cherry Bomb will defuse it, allowing you to roll it around and play with it.
    • Sometimes when you draw lily pads frogs will appear on them, then jump away after a moment or two.
    • When drawing a line of fire from a fire source you can hit multiple enemies at once (such as the Igloo Turtles) or light multiple torches at the same time (handy when you're trying to light up Sei-an City).
    • You can use different brush tech's to mess with the Demon Scrolls, such as Power Slashing them, or burning them with Inferno, thus temporarily incapacitating them for you to safely pass by.
    • Using the Blizzard technique on people will temporarily turn them into a snowman.
    • Painting dots in the sky at night will create shooting stars.
    • If you paint a dot on the end of the fishing pole or on the tip of Ammy's nose (when the Thief Glove is equipped) a flower will sprout forth.
    • Proving how powerful it is, Whirlwind can uproot trees, lift crops from the ground, blow away animals, and more!
    • There are scrolls and curtains hanging in various houses and buildings all over the world that can be Power Slashed to reveal hidden paintings.


    • You can have a little fun with fire and a certain lead character's tail... Should you happen to get Ammy a little too close to a fire, like the phoenix statues at the City Checkpoint for example, you can light her tail on fire!
    • You can headbutt nearly every character in the game to hear funny (or angry) responses. If you try to headbutt Waka, Oki, and Shiranui you'll just "phase" right through them. If you headbutt Queen Himiko you'll be repelled by a magic barrier and if you hit Jamba the Sparrow leader his underlings will respond for him.
    • You can cover people in ink to confuse and annoy them when they're standing around or performing an action. They'll shake it off after a few seconds and resume what they were doing.
    • Further expanding on the previous tip, you can use virtually all of the brush tech's to mess with people, from lighting them on fire to zapping them with electricity to blowing them up with Cherry Bombs. Experiment and have fun. They won't mind (much)!
    • When approaching characters from a distance you will see a henohenomoheji face in their thought bubble. This "face" is made up of seven hiragana characters representing two eyebrows (he), two eyes (no), a nose (mo), a mouth (he), and the outline of the face (ji).
    • Waka makes a reference to the Viewtiful Joe series and the Devil May Cry series, reciting Joe and Dante's favorite line "Let's rock, baby!" and to Silvia from Viewtiful Joe by saying "Just go for it!" (Though Dante usually just says "Let's rock!", which isn't really an uncommon phrase, but still.)
    • The various types of Imp enemies encountered throughout the game each have a different Japanese katakana character on their masks. Green Imps are "I", red "RO", yellow "HA", blue "NI", and black Imps have something like a stylized "HO". These represent the first line of the famous Japanese poem "Iroha", which contains one of each of all 45 Japanese symbols (plus two obsolete letters). If there were a "HE" and a "TO" Imp (which may be lurking in the Moon Cave somewhere) they would make the first line of the poem which is "The colourful scent...".
    • The Imp Merchants have the kanji for "goods" on their masks, which is shown as three squares in a triangle formation.


    • Just like the people of Nippon, you can mess with the animals using the brush techniques to blow them away with Whirlwind, freeze them with Blizzard, burn them with Inferno, make them go bonkers with Deluge, etc.
    • Painting the ground to make flowers or trees grow near animals will make them flock to it (and Ammy) in joy!
    • In the mood for a good old fashioned howl? When you're near a dog, draw the sun in the sky to make them howl just like Ammy does after defeating a boss. HOOOOOWWWWWLLLLL!!!
    • Barking at most of the animals will scare them and cause them to jump in the air.
    • Attacking some animals, like tigers, bears, and boars, will make them retaliate against Ammy.
    • Barking at monkeys will prompt them to slap their butt at you, as if to say "Bite me, furball. You don't scare me!"
    • Attacking monkeys will cause them to fight back and throw stones (or nuts?) at Ammy.
    • Most of the smaller animals can be picked up and carried around, but after a few moments they'll vanish in a puff of smoke and reappear where you found them. You can even toss some of them off cliffs or into the water (they'll be fine, don't worry). Also, if you carry one to another animal and bark, Ammy will drop it and it'll then do a weird sort of dance. Be sure you're standing right next to the larger animal when you do this or you'll miss the action!


    • The Okami logo on the main title screen features the Solar Flare reflector, sans the fire.
    • The painting in the background of the equipment menu screen shows a picture of the weapon you currently have equipped.
    • You can scroll through the painting of the enemies in the bestiary without having to view each monster entry individually. It's really quite impressive!
    • The green paint brush you see during the intro at the start of the game belongs to Issun.
    • The brush used for the remainder of the game is actually Ammy's tail!
    • Once Ammy's Astral Pouch is full, any further pieces of food she collects adds yen to her Purse! Not a bad way to make a little extra dough early on, if you need some.
    • On the blank loading screen, if you make sixty pawprints appear you'll get one Demon Fang. (Unfortunately this only applies to the PS2 version. Sorry, Wii gamers.)
    • On the loading screen with the trail of pawprints, you can repeatedly earn one Demon Fang for successfully enlarging all the pawprints of one trail. I've gotten as many as six from this method. How about you? (This also is only on the PS2 version.)
    • When Ammy runs on grass she leaves a trail of flowers behind. When running on water, lily pads appear behind her, and when running on snow, snowflakes appear.
    • The Karmic Transformers you can earn as rewards for various in-game achievements represent the five Canine Warriors that are always with Princess Fuse, Shiranui, the "statue" form of Ammy, and a realistic looking version of a wolf (as opposed to a cel-shaded version).
    • Battle tip #1: If you use a Reflector sub-weapon in midair and successfully block a melee attack from an enemy that you can piledrive, you'll instantly go into it without a pause.
    • Battle tip #2: On the Wii version, while in battle and using the first, third, or fifth rosaries as a sub-weapon, you can just hit with a normal weapon or press Z first, then continuously press C to fire off sub-automatic shots.
    • If you walk (and keep walking) after the end of a battle, you'll continue to prowl along as if still in battle (as opposed to normal walking) as long as you just keep moving slowly.


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    Version 1.0 / Rao 12-23-07: Wrote a basic outline of the guide. 1-01-08: Finally typed everything up.



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