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Reviewed: 12/01/06

I Remember Back in the Day...

As the world falls into darkness the one to saves it will be known as a legend....

Luckily for Nippon a savior is awakened. Amaterasu, the goddess of the the Sun, is reawakened by the Wood Spirit Sakuya in the form of a wolf. Sakuya as tried her best through the years too keep the world from falling into despair. He has plated Konohama trees (spirit trees) through out Nippon to try too keep evil at bay. Sadly as people faith in gods and spirits decline so do her powers. the Trees have all withered and died. Now she has recruited the help of Amaterasu. Amaterasu is reawakened from 100 years ago when she saved the world from evil. But sadly it's been a long time since gods have roamed the world. No one seems too believe in you anymore. No one sees you as the majestic wolf you really are. You are significantly weaker than before. Your powers from the time when you saved the world are completely gone. The future looks bleak.

Luckily your not here on you own. Straight from Sakuya's robes comes Issun. A miniature glowing "bug", as most people call him, Issun will be your guide through the entire game. Along with being your guide Issun is your mouthpiece. As most people should know. Wolves don't talk. Therefore Issun speaks for you. Now you may be thinking, "Not another Navi..." well don't worry. Issun is much better than Navi could hope to be. Issun, along with being your guide, inserts little blimps of humor here and there.

Okami is as much a game as it is a piece of art. The graphics of this game are beyond anything you'll ever play. The entire game's graphics are based around Japanese art form. The background are based on Japanese watercolor. Will the foreground is all seemingly made by a brush. The coloring and shading of the game is too great for words to describe... But I'll try.

The gameplay is as unique as anything you'll play. You play as the ancient goddess Amaterasu, reawakened in the form of a wolf too save Nippon from darkness. Accompanying you will be... your brush. That's write (pun intended) your brush makes this game one of the most unique aspects of this game or any other game! Simply by pressing R1, time freezes and the whole screen becomes a canvas ready for you to paint on. You're free to do lots of thing. Make flowers sprout, fill up springs, dry clothes. You can't only help people though. You can also destroy the monsters plaguing the land. You can make bombs to destroy enemies, cut enemies in half, electrocute them. And this is only a fraction of the things you can do.

As you know the world has lost all belief in goods weakening you significantly. Now you must perform good deeds too restore the world's faith in gods. For every good deed you do you will earn praise. Leaving room for a tons of side quests, making this game's play time a whole lot longer. Praise can be used to increase the amount of ink you can hold for your brush, it can raise your max life, it can increase your wallet size, and it can increase your Astral Pouch (a pouch that restores you when you die). Although the Astral Pouch is rarely needed.

Which brings me to my next subject: Combat. There are 2 weapon slots: Sub and Main. In this game you have 3 basic weapons: a glaive, a charged weapon that when released sends out massive amount of damage, a reflector, when used as a Sub weapon reflect enemy's attacks and spends you into a counter attack and as a Main is your normal hack-n'-slash weapon, and a rosaries, a weapon when equipped to main unleashs rapid fire attack and when used a Sub is transformed into a gun of some kind.

The combat system is a Hack-n'-Slash. You'll use your weapons to slice up your foes. Through out the game you'll learn a variety of different attacks and such. But along with the use of weapons there is also the use of your brush. You can use your brush to inflict a multitude of different attacks on your foes. Making this game clearly stand out among the hack-n-slash genre. The only complaint I have about the game is the difficulty. Most of the enemies take little to no effort to beat. Rendering Astral Pouch useless.

Now time for the music. The music in the game will have you thrown even deeper into the game. Sounds that seem to come right from Japan illustrate this instant classic beautifully.

Overall I have to give this game a 9/10 for the sole fact that it's battle are way to easy.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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