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"Okami is the king of the PS2."

I know there will be some people who will say no Okami isn't the best well those people probably have not played Okami. Because from the tutorial I was hooked and for once the storyline was different and was bigger than some of the platformers for example, Zelda is usually based around getting certain items and then having to save the princess Zelda from the same guy over and over again I mean I loved The legend of Zelda but the storyline sometimes got boring. And the first time I saw this game I didn't want to get it because of the graphics. Well one day I was going to get another game but they did not have it and I gave Okami a shot and I was EXTREMELY impressed with the game even though I thought the graphics were...meh....anyways on to the review....

Story 15/15
The story is just perfect because I mean who wouldn't like being the god/godess of the sun? Well anyways the story sometimes is sad, happy, and there is sometimes where it can make you mad which is the best story in a game. I mean if you don't have these elements in the story in a game then its worthless...but the gameplay may save the game but I digress anyways the story is so awesome at times it wraps your hands so tight around your controller where you can't quit playing so I give this 15/15

Audio 4.9/5
Okay the sounds in this game are wonderful and awesome to hear sometimes it sounds like it's real life, like running through the grass, breaking objects, and even swimming. The music is basically just great because all of this music fits the game, for example when you are fighting a monster or something there is a tune where it sounds like it is dark and ominous which fits some of the fights really well and it also gets you riled up for some of the boss battles...well at least it riled me up.... and then we get to the voice overs.....this is the most annoying thing in the game (well at least the only annoying thing to me) I mean yeah the voice overs fit but it just gets....annoying after a while....and that is why I give it a 4.9/5

Gameplay 10/10
Gameplay is what made me addicted to this game. After playing so many Zelda titles I thought that you didn't have any jump abilities in this game but I was wrong. The combat system is great and it gets better as you progress in the game having to fight harder creatures or monsters.Some of the skills you can do in this game are just simply amazing...this game to me and maybe you will never get old...the cities have many things to do in them making the game even longer....

There are somethings I do not like about the combat system for example I really didn't like that when you used up all your ink or power from the celestial brush (which is your main ability do some of the main things in this game) Amaterasu will turn into a plain white wolf while your ink gets filled back up when this happens you lose your weapon for a little bit and your power is weakened...and I also didn't like how some of the enemies in this game were really easy to beat even when they got harder.......but anyways I give gameplay a 10/10

Replayability 10/10
There is a bunch of things to do in this game and it is real hard to do all of them on your first try. And I usually replay this a lot because for me this game doesn't get old....maybe it gets old on some other people but not me.....I usually play this a lot and I mean A LOT after I beat it for the first time. After you beat it there is a option if you want to start a new game with your weapons,items and your other collectibles attached and you can get anything you missed as the game progresses. And this game can take a while to beat I can't really give a estimate of how long I played it the first time.But anyways I give this a 10/10

Controls 10/10
I liked the controls for this game a lot because they were easy. Like you push X to jump, square to tackle, and R1 to take out the celestial brush and square to draw. The rest of the controls are very easy as the rest are. Considering the controls are so easy to use I give them a 10/10

I would say that you should look for it and if you see it for sale BUY IT with this game you can't really go wrong.The controls are awesome, the storyline is deep and long and emotional like it should be,there's a lot of replayability in this game, the gameplay is stunning, the sounds are great excluding the annoying voice overs.

If the score is rounded...then it is...

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/09/08, Updated 12/09/08

Game Release: Okami (US, 09/19/06)

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