Unlocking Broly & Cooler?

  1. I've fought Cooler and Broly repeatedly (at least 3 times each) in DU mode, and won in the first shot every time, yet for some reason it won't unlock them. Any tips?

    User Info: SkyHighFlamesV2

    SkyHighFlamesV2 - 8 years ago

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  1. to unlock broly play as goku DU second time.in majin saga there is point where you fuse(potara),first look in arena where goku start this saga.there ???? and Hercules there .next go to red mark but don't go to battle,near the red mark there plains or something there.look the scene where goku find tien down.know go to montain near the plains.look the scene where goku talk about new energy with kaioshin.know go to fight buu.after battle inside buu.there a new red mark and beat broly there

    to unlock cooler play as goku DU second time. in namec saga after beat frieza there 3 red mark.go to eastern red mark and beat vegita.know go to red mark and beat cooler there.

    User Info: rad1an

    rad1an - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Check the FAQ. By the way they can only be unlocked by Goku as far as I know. Trust me the faq is the best for unlocking characters, except Saibamen. A funny line from Broly.
    "My name is Broly sir."

    User Info: no3xaldin

    no3xaldin - 8 years ago 0 0

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