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    Character Unlocking Guide by AzureFox

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    DragonBall Z: Budokai 3
    Guide to Unlocking Characters.
    By Azurefox
    This guide is intended to help people find a comprehensive place to get their 
    questions answered about the multitude of characters there are to unlock in 
    DragonBall Z: Budokai 3. It is a compendium of the information given by the 
    helpful folks on the GameFAQs DBZ:B3 Message board and what I have found 
    playing the game myself.
    Before anyone flames me or this guide, I will say that the methods listed here 
    are how I got items, so they do work, but if there are any mistakes and/or 
    suggestions, please e-mail me at Blitzfox@hotmail.com 
    Version Update 1.0-1.1
    Fixed a typo about Goku's SSJ4 capsule. 
    Updated notes on getting Uub and Metal Cooler.
    Fixed a missing detail that kept many folks from battling Omega Shenron.
    My thanks to all those who emailed me with information regarding such.
    Version Update 1.1-1.2
    It has been confirmed that Uub's DU mode is not required for Omega Shenron,
    and the problem most people were having was merely the lack of Goku's SSJ4
    1.) DU Storyline.
    All of the following characters are unlocked by naturally playing through the 
    Dragon Universe mode with various characters, on the first play through for 
    each story.  For the most part, they are considered standard characters. They 
    are listed Alphabetically.  Some are unlocked upon completing the DU mode for a 
    character, others by winning specific matches.
    Android 17: Defeat Android 17 in Piccolo's DU Storyline.
    Android 18: Complete Krillin's DU Storyline.
    Captain Ginyu: Defeat Captain Ginyu in Goku's DU Storyline.
    Cell: Complete Teen Gohan's DU Storyline.
    Dabura: Defeat Dabura in Gohan's (Adult) DU Storyline.
    Dr. Gero:  Defeat Dr. Gero in Yamcha's DU Storyline.
    Frieza: Defeat Frieza in Goku's DU Storyline.
    Gohan (Adult): Complete Teen Gohan's DU Storyline.
    Goten: Defeat Goten in Gohan's (Adult) DU Storyline.
    Great Saiyaman: Complete Gohan's (Adult) DU Storyline.
    Kid Buu: Defeat Kid Buu in Goku's DU Storyline.
    Kid Trunks: Defeat Majin Buu in Vegeta's DU Storyline.
    Majin Buu: Defeat Majin Buu in Goku's DU Storyline.
    Recoome: Defeat Recoome in Goku's DU Storyline.
    Super Buu: Defeat Super Buu in Goku's DU Storyline.
    Teen Gohan: Complete Kid Gohan's DU Storyline.
    Trunks: Complete Vegeta's DU Storyline.
    Vegeta:  Defeat Vegeta in Goku's DU Storyline.
    2.) Secret Characters
    I refer to these characters as secret characters, due to the fact that they are 
    not unlocked by simply playing straight through the battles within the game.  
    They also tend to be the harder characters to unlock, and some of them are 
    among the strongest characters in the game.
    - Android 16 -
    This peace-loving android can be unlocked only by playing through Krillian's DU 
    mode a second time.  During the Namek Saga there will be a point where two red 
    markers will be available on your map, and you must head to the easternmost 
    marker to initiate a conversation with a frog containing Captain Ginyu's 
    consciousness.  After the scene, proceed through the DU as normal, and you will 
    reach the Android Saga as a new feature to playing Krillin's DU a second time.  
    During this Saga, if you search the chain of islands on the southern portion of 
    the map, you will find a 'plains' area.  Here, Krillin and Trunks will find a 
    damaged android 16.  After the scene, head to West City, where Bulma will 
    repair Android 16, and he will become playable.
    - Bardok -
    Goku's father can be unlocked one of two ways.  He will be automatically 
    unlocked if you have a DragonBall Z: Budokai 2 save file on your memory card.  
    Otherwise, as soon as you begin Goku's DU a second time, search the northern 
    mountains for Raditz' Spaceship/pod.  When you find it, enter it, and you 
    will receive Bardok.
    - Broly -
    The massive and powerful legendary super saiyan is one of the more elusive 
    characters to unlock, but it is not difficult to do so.  In order to unlock 
    Broly, you must play through Goku's DU Story a second time after having 
    completed it once before.  The next step is to reach the Majin Saga, 
    specifically the point where Goku is looking for someone to fuse with via the 
    Potara earrings.  This segment occurs right after the scene where Gohan is 
    absorbed by Super Buu.  First, look in the immediate area surrounding where 
    Goku starts this stage. A ??? nearby should start a conversation with Hercule.  
    Once that scene ends, head towards the red dot on your map, but do not begin 
    the battle with Super Buu yet.  Near the battle with Buu, will be another ??? 
    mark what will show a scene with Tien.  Once that is finished, search the 
    surrounding area for a location that reads 'Mountains'.
    If you have found the correct location, a dialogue with kabitoshin will ensue, 
    where he discusses a greater evil being on the earth, and how he is intimidated 
    by the fact.  Once this dialogue has ended, feel free to fight Super Buu.  Once 
    you defeat Super Buu within Buu's body, there will be a new dialogue where 
    Vegeta will hold off Buu so that Goku can investigate the new force.  A new red 
    marker will appear on the map, where Broly will be waiting.  Defeat him, and 
    Broly will be unlocked for all modes, including DU.
    Note: Broly can be faught by Vegeta on a second play through of Vegeta's DU 
    mode.  Head to the island covered in snow before fusing with Goku to battle 
    Super Buu, and you will have an automatic dialogue with Kabitoshin about Broly. 
    After the dialogue, battle Buu as normal, and you will eventually face Broly.  
    Using Vegeta will not unlock Brolly, but it is necessary to fight him for some 
    of Vegeta's rare capsules.
    Note2: Broly can also be faught by Gohan (Adult) as happens in the actual movie 
    and in the Broly's DU mode, during a second playthrough of Gohan's (Adult) DU 
    mode, but this will not unlock Broly.
    - Cell Jr. -
    Cell Jr. is unlocked in Dragon Arena mode.  You must be fighting with a level 
    20-40 character, and should be battling opponents well above your level, 30+ or 
    so.  If you continue to do this, eventually Piccolo will break in and challenge 
    you.  When you defeat him, Cell Jr. will be unlocked.
    - Cooler -
    Frieza's Brother also tends to give gamers a bit of trouble to unlock.  The 
    most important note in unlocking Cooler is to complete Vegeta's DU, as well as 
    Goku's DU.  Play through Goku's DU a second time.  After your battle with 
    Frieza, there will be three red dots on your map of Namek.  Proceed to the red 
    dot directly below where you faced Frieza, and you will have to battle Super 
    Saiyan Vegeta.  Once you defeat Vegeta, head towards the red dot near the 
    middle of the screen.  This dot will initiate Cooler's appearance, and upon 
    defeating him, Cooler will be unlocked.
    Note: While Cooler can be battled in various ways with various characters in DU 
    mode, he can only be unlocked through the process listed above.
    - Hercule -
    During Piccolo's DU, search the desert south of Kami's lookout near Baba's 
    palace after the event at central city, but before fighting Buu. Once you find 
    Hercule you will then want to talk to Videl in central city, which will unlock 
    - Kid Goku -
    Goku's Childhood self can be unlocked one of two ways.  The first is to 
    complete Broly's DU.  Kid Goku can also be unlocked if you visit Grandpa 
    Gohan's house during Goku's DU, if you visit it after fighting Raditz, but 
    before fighting Nappa.  Grandpa Gohan's house is located on the right side of 
    the map along the coast, near the middle of the west coast.  It is an old 
    oriental style building located among many rock pillars, and is not hard to 
    - Omega Shenron -
    To face off with Omega Shenron, you will need to be playing through Goku's DU 
    mode on a second time or more.  In order to battle Omega Shenron, you need to 
    have collected Goku's SSJ4 Capsule.  With this prerequisite set, fulfill the 
    requirements for fighting Broly as listed above.  Once you have beaten Broly, 
    ignore the red dot on your map and proceed to West City where Goku will have a 
    dialogue with Bulma about the Dragon Radar.  Proceed to the red dot on your map 
    now, and defeat Gotenks using the Gogeta fusion.  Once you have done so, a new 
    red dot will light up on your map, where you will find Omega Shenron.  SSJ4 
    Vegeta will arrive, and he will fuse with Goku to form SSJ4 Gogeta and you will 
    battle Omega Shenron in this form.  Defeat Omega Shenron in an incredibly easy 
    battle, thanks to the power of SSJ4 Gogeta, and you will unlock Omega Shenron, 
    as well as Goku's SSJ4 Gogeta capsule.
    Note: Some players claim that collecting the DragonBalls is not required for 
    this series of events.
    - Saibaman -
    You can unlock the Saibamen for various modes by competing in the Dragon Arena 
    mode.  Your character should be level 10-20 and facing opponents at least twice 
    your level.  Nappa will eventually break in, and when he is defeated, you will 
    unlock the Saibamen.
    - Supreme Kai -
    Supreme Kai can be unlocked during Gohan's (Adult) DU mode on a second play 
    through, by searching the map and viewing the two Videl events and beating 
    Goten. After both of those are complete, head to Kami's lookout and beat 
    Piccolo. When the Debura marker appears, head to the mountains on the northeast 
    coast of the main continent to have a discussion with Vegeta. Afterwards 
    proceed to defeat Debura. Gohan should now decide to pursue Vegeta instead of 
    Buu. Defeat Vegeta, then head to the dot on your map, but before you face Buu, 
    scan the immediate area.  There is a 'plains' location which is easier to find 
    by using the Ki-search (R1) near central city, where you will find Supreme Kai 
    and he will be unlocked for you after the scene with Gohan.
    - Uub -
    In order to unlock the reborn Kid Buu, Uub, you must defeat Kid Buu in a 
    special way.  In Goku's DU, you must have Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, and 
    Spirit Bomb equipped in Goku's ability tray while fighting Kid Buu.  If you 
    meet these requirements, you will be able to perform the Super Spirit Bomb 
    You must defeat Kid Buu with the Super Spirit Bomb in order to continue the DU 
    and obtain Uub.  There are a few requirements in this regard.
    1. Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, and Spirit Bomb equipped in Goku's ability 
    2. You cannot use the Super Spirit Bomb while transformed into a Super Saiyan.  
    Goku's ultimate attack is different if you are Super Saiyan.  The attack must 
    be performed while Goku is at his normal state or in Kaioken.
    3. You must win the power struggle during the Super Spirit Bomb animation.  
    This can be very difficult to achieve based on the computer's result.
    If you fulfill all of these requirements, the DU will continue, and you will 
    have a red dot on the map at the World Martial Arts Tournament.  Go there, and 
    you will fight against Uub.  Defeat him, and he is unlocked in all modes, 
    including DU.
    My thanks goes out to all the nice folks who emailed me and confirmed that Buu
    does not have to be killed by the Super Spirit Bomb, he only needs to be hit
    with it, and lose the attack struggle.
    Note: The Uub that is unlocked is Uub as he is presented in DragonBall Z, not 
    Dragonball GT, and he is therefore untrained and does not have the same moves 
    he uses in GT, nor is he wearing a martial arts Gi.
    - Videl -
    Hercule's daughter can be unlocked only while in Gohan's DU.  Before your 
    battle with Dabura, search fields east of Goku's house for one event with 
    Videl, then search the island chain in the lower right portion of the map.  You 
    should find a spot that will initiate a second conversation with Videl about 
    how she's being trained, and afterwards, she will be unlocked.
    3.) Rare Transformations.
    Due to the number of requests, I've listed a few of the hard to find 
    - Gotenks -
    This must be bought from Launch's capsule shop.
    (Alternate methods welcome.)
    - Gogeta -
    After fighting Broly (Instructions listed above) during Goku's DU or Vegeta's 
    DU on a second play through, you will eventually battle against Gotenks at the 
    tournament grounds, and upon defeating him you will unlock Gogeta for the 
    respective character.
    Note: Gogeta is SSJ2 naturally in this fusion. He cannot further transform to a 
    higher or lower state.
    - SSJ4 Goku -
    To find the Capsule for this transformation, you must be playing in Goku's DU 
    mode, and have defeated Kid Buu using the Super Spirit Bomb, (Same as you would 
    in unlocking Uub. Detailed instructions above.) After the battle with Buu, 
    search the islands east of the World Martial Arts Tournament. You should find a 
    ??? mark on one of the islands, which will initiate an odd scene with Goku and 
    give you Goku's SSJ4 Capsule.
    The Capsule for SSJ4 Goku can also be collected on the same island as listed 
    above, prior to the fight with Broly. search the islands east of the World
    Martial Arts Tournament. You should find a ??? mark on one of the islands, 
    which will initiate an odd scene with Goku and give you Goku's SSJ4 Capsule.
    - SSJ4 Vegeta / SSJ4 Gogeta (Vegeta) -
    To find the Capsule for SSJ4 Vegeta, you must be playing in Vegeta's DU mode a 
    second time. You must fulfill the conditions to battle Broly (Instructions on 
    how to find Broly listed above.) but after leaving Buu's body do not 
    immediately go to the Broly fight. Instead, travel to the islands in the bottom 
    right corner of the map and when you pass over the right one, Vegeta will 
    automatically land and complain about Goku giving out orders. Now fight and 
    defeat Broly, and after the fight ignore the red dot and instead, head to 
    Baba's palace and search the vicinity for an even called 'plains' where you 
    will meet Bulma. Head to West City and activate the event there. You should get 
    SSJ4 for Vegeta. Now, head to the islands where the red dot is located and 
    battle SSJ4 Goku. When you defeat him, you will get the SSJ4 Gogeta capsule for 
    - Kabitoshin -
    To unlock this potara fusion, you must play though Gohan's (Adult) DU a second 
    time. Follow the events to unlock Supreme Kai (Listed above in secret 
    characters) and then fight and defeat Kid Buu with Gohan. Once you do, do not 
    head to Broly's red dot right away. Instead, go to Central City, and then fly 
    directly west to the coastline. You should find a small island covered in 
    forest, where there is a 'forest' event. Activate the event, and you will get 
    the Kabitoshin capsule.
    - Metal Cooler -
    To unlock Cooler's metallic self, you will need to be playing through Goku's DU 
    a second time.  During the Namek Saka, right after you fight Frieza, three red 
    dots will appear on the map. Go to the one on the center island and battle 
    Cooler and defeat him.  Another event will appear in the same spot, and Cooler 
    will now be metallic.  The capsule that enables his metallic form can be found 
    just north of Cooler's ship, before fighting him as Metal Cooler and after 
    talking to him as Metal Cooler.
    In Closing
    This guide is primarily to help people with questions as to unlocking the 
    secret characters within the game, as there were so many requests for it on the 
    message board. Perhaps in another version I will include more info on the 
    remaining secrets.
    Copyright Notice
    This guide is Copyright 2004 Justin Kriebel (Azurefox)
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web 
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation 
    of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    And lastly, thanks to all the people on the Budokai 3 Message Board who helped 
    make this possible, and this is for all of you kind people on the board who had 
    to answer the 'How do I get Uub?' question hundreds of times.
    Comments go to Blitzfox@hotmail.com

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