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    Omega Shenron by MajinSweet

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    Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3
    Omega Shenron Character FAQ
    10:31 PM 1/6/2005
    Version 1.4   added new capsule setup!
    By Nick J. Sweet
    Before I even get into the FAQ I would like to tell you the story about
    Omega Shenron.
    In the last saga of Dragon Ball GT its discovered that every time you make a 
    wish to the dragon the dragon balls accumulate negative energy.
    If you use the dragon balls too much the negative energy will break out of 
    the balls and form into evil dragons called the shadow dragons.
    Goku defeats 6 of the shadow dragons. The last and most powerful dragons
    name was Sin Shenron.
    During his fight with Goku he absorbs the 6 Dragon balls Goku and Pan had
    gotten from each dragon. Sin Shenron then transformes into Omega shenron.
    He is not only stronger than Sin Shenron but he has all of the ability's of the
    other 6 shadow dragons.
    In Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 his two death moves the WhirlWindSpin and
    DragonThunder are really moves of other shadow dragons.
    His ultimate move is one of his own.
    He used the minus energy ball in his fight with Gogeta.
    Table Of Contents
    I- Basic Controls
    II-Advanced Controls
    III-Special Controls
    IV-General Strategy
    V-Omega's combos
    VI-Omega's Capsules
    VII-Omega's Strategy
    VIII-Omega's Capsule setup
    IX-Omega Shenron for Dragon Arena
    X-Legal information
    XI-Closing statements
    I- Basic Controls
    Alright this is as simple as it gets...
    X=Guard       Guard is referred as G
    Square=Punch     Punch is referred as P
    Triangle=Kick      Kick is referred as K
    Circle=Ki blast     Ki blast is referred as E
    R1= Punch+Kick+Guard now referred as P+K+G
    L1=Punch+Guard now referred as P+G
    R2=Punch+Kick now referred as P+K
    L2+Punch+Kick+Guard+Energy now referred as P+K+G+E
    II-Advanced controls
    Still should be pretty simple...
    Gathering Ki-Hold down G then double tap and hold the directional button
    away from your opponent.
    Deflecting/returning Ki blast- Tap G just as a ki blast wave would hit you, the
    better the timing the higher chance of sending it back at your opponent.
    Sidestep- Tap G+Up or down to sidestep. 
    Dodging-Tap G just as your opponent would hit you with a physical attack
    to dodge it at the cost of half a ki gauge.
    Roll- Tap G just as you hit the ground from a attack to quickly 
    roll to your feet. 
    This is also used to prevent yourself from being knocked 
    out of the world martial arts tournament ring.
    Teleport-Just as you would be attacked tap the directional toward 
    your opponent+G to teleport behind them.
    Pursue-Press E as soon as you send your opponent flying to
    use a teleport to attack.
    Dash-Double tap the directional in either left or right to move much faster.
    Transform-Press P+K+G to transform as long as you have the
    capsule to do so and enough Ki.
    Grapple- press P+G when near your opponent to grapple.
    Charge attacks-While dashing towards opponent 
    press either P or K to break through a Guard.
    Guard Crash- Press P+K To preform a Guard breaking attack.
    You can also press K+G With directional to use a unblockable kick.
    Taunt or use item- To Taunt hold G then double tap down.
    If you have a item you must use it first.
    III-Special controls
    Still nothing difficult but now its starting to get interesting...
    If you and your opponent connect with a Guard Crash at the 
    same time you will enter burst mode where both players characters 
    will try to overrun the other with physical attacks.
    You can press all the buttons as quick as you can but the best
    way to win is to rotate both analogs like mad.
    If you and your opponent fire a special death move at around the
    same time you will enter beam struggle mode were both players 
    try to get there blast to power through their opponents attack 
    until  they get met with your attack.
    It works the same as burst mode.
    if you press P+K+G+E you will enter hyper mode were you are capable 
    of preforming ultimate attacks and dragon rushes.
    To activate a dragon rush do the same thing you would do to start a 
    pursue except you need to be in hyper mode.
    This is how dragon rush work.
    At the start both players can pick to press either P,K,G or E.
    If both players input the same button the defensive player will win and
    escape the dragon rush if not the offensive player will win,deliver 
    damage and the dragon rush will continue.
    In the second stage of a dragon rush both players can pick 3 buttons.
    Whatever buttons the offensive player used last stage is no longer a option.
    If the offensive player wins  it goes to the final third stage.
    In the last stage of a dragon rush both players pick between two final buttons.
    If the offensive wins in the final stage he delivers more damage and may even 
    preform a special attack if he has it equipped in his skill tray.
    To activate a Ultimate Attack you must have a ultimate skill in your
    skill tray and you need a certain amount of ki when you enter hyper
    mode depending on what skill you have.
    If  that was all done correctly press P+G+K+E and your character will use 
    a attack that if is successful will start the ultimate attack.
    This is how ultimate attacks work. At a certain point a two bars will appear
    on the screen. They will be filled up left to right with either a
    blue,green or red bar.
    Blue is slow, green is medium and red is fast. What decides this you ask?
    Your fatigue but I'll get into that later.
    You have to press G or any button really just as the bar fills. 
    You get to try three times.
    Whoever got the closest in each of the three attempts wins.
    If the offensive player wins the ultimate attack will do more damage. 
    If the defensive player wins it will do less.
    IV-General Strategy
    These are the basic strategy's that apply to all characters.
    A main element to all of the Budokai games has been send a enemy 
    flying into parts of the level for extra damage.
    In the simple form of this strategy hit your opponent into a wall.
    Another thing you can do is actually throw your opponent into 
    lets say a dinosaur!
    Yeah that can happen. There are plenty other level specific secrets like 
    that you can force your opponent into for more damage.
    One of the most important times to use this 
    strategy is to push your opponent out
    of the ring at the world martial arts tournament. It results in a automatic win.
    Raising your opponents Fatigue is another general strategy if you plan on 
    preforming a ultimate attack. There are a few ways to do this.
    You can hit your opponent with a string of Landed attacks. 
    You can attack with Successful pursue attacks.
    The best way to raise a opponents fatigue is probably the dragon rush.
    A very important general strategy in Budokai three is keeping your ki higher 
    than your opponents and there are several reasons why.
    The higher your ki the more damage you will inflict.
    If your ki is higher than your opponents your you have a better chance 
    at winning a teleport battle.
    Also if your ki is high it will be easier to keep your transformed states,keep 
    your opponent on his toes with a occasional ki blast
    and its easier to use your special moves.
    V-Omega's Combos    
    NOTE: all these combos were done on a medium sized character. 
    some combos may not work on smaller characters.
    These are Omega's physical attack combos.
    I'll get to his specials later.
    Ok lets start with Omega's most basic combos. no directionals.
    The following combos are when your on the ground.
    not a bad combo. 6 hits with no time for opponent to get out of it. 306 damage.
    probably not a combo you should do very often. 2 hits for 122 damage.
    This combo looks good at first but, the last 2 hits can be blocked mid combo. 
    leaving you open for attack.6 hits 378 damage well if your opponents 
    does not notice he can block it.
    K,K,K,   not a great combo either 3 hits 188 damage.
    this ones not bad. 5 hits for 326 damage. thats the most damage so far...
    ok now we get to some more complex combos now we add directionals.
    Forward is this symbol >     Backward is this symbol <
    >P,P,P,P,P,P,   A pretty nice combo dealing 392 damage in 6 hits.
    >P,P,P, >P,   
    Not a good combo low damage and the opponent has time to block.
    A combo with 5 hits. only does 280 damage but leaves juggle possibility's.
    This combo has 3 hits for a measly 186 damage but can start a pursue or 
    dragon rush.
    This combo does 359 damage in 6 hits. Not bad, not great.
    thats a good 7 hits. for 373 damage. pretty nice.
    Another combo to stay away from 2 hits for 130 damage.
    This is a pretty good combo. 3 hits for 193 damage. leave good 
    juggle possibilities.
    This combo may look bad but its got possibilities. 2 hits for 135 damage.
    The sweep at the end of this combo stuns your 
    opponent just long enough to string another combo.
    K,K,K>,K,K,thats 5 hits for 327 damage.
    Good setup for Pursue and dragon rush.
    This combo has 2 hits for 147 damage.
    It has a stun effect like the last combo but you have 
    less time to string a combo be careful.
    This combo has 3 hits for 217 damage with a nice juggle chance.
    3 hits for 217 dmg. Create pursue or dragon rush opportunity's.
    4 hits for 309 damage. not bad not great.
    A nice combo here.  6 hits for 431 damage.
    3 hits for 236 damage leaving a chance to juggle.
    If you press P to fast after the second P you will do a different combo.
    4 hits for 316 damage with pursue and dragonrush opportunity.
    2 hits for 141 damage creating a chance for pursue and dragon rush.
    3 hits for  229 damage. Stunning opponent just long enough to 
    string another combo.
    4 hits for 321 damage. nothing too special here
    Ok on to juggle combos.
    These can be a little tricky to people that don't play fighting games too often 
    but, with a little practice anyone can do it.
    I Will place a J where you start juggling. I will give you suggested combos.
    >P,>P,P,P,P, J  >P,P,P,P,P,P,  
    The timing for this one can be kinda tricky.  11 hits for 608 damage.
    <P,>P,P,  J  P,P,K,K,K,   
    The timing for this one is not very hard but you have to wait for the 
    opponent to drop a little.9 hits for 519 damage.
    This next combo has a juggle within a juggle.
    <P,<K,K,  J  <P, >P, P,  J   P,P,P,P,P,P,  
    thats a total of 12 hit for 636 damage.
    This combo has a lot of hits good damage and is not 
    really that hard to pull off.
    The W in this next combo means wait.
    If you press the third P to soon you won't do the correct combo.
    >K,P,P, W    J   >P,>P,P,P,P,    
    Thats a total of  8 hits for 488 damage.
    Timing can be tricky and damage is not too great.
    Ok now were on to stunning combos.
    These are combos that are linked through a attack that stuns the enemy 
    for a short period of time.
    I will indicate the moment of the stun with a S.
    Ok this first one is pretty simple.
    Make sure to notice the W right after the punch then continue with the combo.
    >K,P,  W  S  P,P,P,P,P,P,   
    Thats a total of 8 hits for 446 damage.
    This combo is not great but its easy to do.
    <P,K,  S   >K,K,>K,K,K,  
    thats a total of 8 hits for 537 damage. not bad.
    Be sure to notice there's no waiting here so just try to preform the
    combo as fast a you can.It pretty is easy to pull off. 
    <P,<K,  S   P,P,>P,P,P,  
    that  7 hits for  479 damage and also allows you to pursue or dragon rush.
    <K,P,P,  S  >P,P,P,P,P,P,  
    thats 9 hits for 582 damage. This combo is not to hard to pull off.
    Ok now we will try to link a stun with a juggle!
    <P,K,   S   >P,>P,P,P,P,   J  >P PPPPP  thats 13 hits for 697 damage.
    The timing for this can be tuff to get down but its a nice combo.
    You can make others on your own but, this one should do fine.
    If you have found or find any combos I don't have here feel Free to email me
    at  majinsweet@yahoo.com.
    Leave your name and the combo and I'll put it in here thanks to your credit.
    Ok now we will add some of Omega's Special attacks into his combos but, first.
    I'll tell you the damage for the special attack without a combo involved.
    Whirlwind spin does 300 damage while  one capsule.
    With 2 Capsules equipped it does 375.
    Dragon Thunder does 400 damage when using one capsule.
    With 2 capsules equipped it does 500.
    Here are the standard combos shown on the capsules.
    WhirlWind Spin  >P,>P,P,P,P,E,  6 hits for 580 damage 1 capsule.
    WhirlWind Spin  >K,P,P,E,   4 hits 536 damage 1 capsule.
    Dragon Thunder  K,K,K,P,E,  this technically is not a combo
    but is very hard to evade.  5 hits 633 damage. 1 capsule.
    Dragon Thunder  K,>K,P,P,E,  this also is not really a combo 
    but is hard to evade. 5 hits 656 damage.1 capsule.
    ok lets try some Stuns with the Whirl wind spin.
    This combos pretty simple.
    <P,K,   S    >P,>P,P,P,P,E,   
    thats 8 hit for 697 damage with 1 capsule.
    <P,<K,    S    >P,>P,P,P,P,E,   
    Thats 8 hits for 709 damage with 1 capsule
    A lot like the last combo except a little harder to pull of but, 
    does a little more damage.
    <K,P,P,   S    >P,>P,P,P,P,E,  9 hits for 781 damage with 1 capsule.
    This combo is not to hard to do and does nice damage.
    Ok lets move on to dragon Thunder
    These combo all depends on how quick your opponent is on his feet.
    As I said before the dragon thunder combos  
    not really combos just hard to evade.
    In this combo we use the Dragon thunder As our Juggler.
    K,>K,P,P,E,   J   P,P,P,P,P,P,  
    thats 10 hits for 909 damage with 1 capsule.
    As i said before this is not a real combo so it may not work.
    There are many other "Combos" using dragon thunder but, 
    I won't put them in here since they may or may not work.
    Ok on to Omega Shenrons Ultimate Attack the Minus energy Power Ball.
     This attack looks cool and does good damage.
    With one capsule you can do 1299 damage that is of course 
    if you win the power struggle.
    1624 with 2 capsule's.
    If you lose the struggle the damage is only 800. 
    1000 damage with 2 capsule's in a loss.
    Lets try some combos ended with  Minus Energy Ball.
    Remember to preform these combos you need to be in hyper mode.
    If you mess the combo up and miss the minus energy ball you will lose 
    5 ki gauges so I suggest practicing these first before you try them out.
    <P,>P,P,   J  P+K+G+E thats 4 hits for 193 damage added on to 
    either a win or a lose in the power struggle.
    This next on is just a add on of the last one adding in a knee.
    >K,   S  <P,>P,P,  J  P+K+G+E    
    Thats 5 hits for 261 damage added on to either a win or a lose in 
    the power struggle. 
    Like I said earlier if you know something I don't please Email me.
    Ok now lets do some combos that end in either a pursue or a dragon rush.
    Its your choice just make sure if you wanna do a dragon rush at the end 
    of a combo you got to be in hyper mode.
    First I will tell you Omega's Full dragon rush damage.
    This will only be achieved after a perfect dragonrush for the offense.
    Omega does  811 damage in a perfect dragonRush.
    If omega is stopped in the second stage the damage is 381. 
    If omega is stopped in the first stage the damage is 281.
    For the Pursue and dragon rush combos pursue damage varies.
    Following damage amounts assumes you used a dragon rush.
    Ok now for some combos.
    ok this ones pretty basic...
    thats  very easy to do and it adds 3 hits with 217 damage added.
    Alright lets add special attacks into the dragon rush.
    <P,K,    S   >P,>P,P,P,P,E,E,
    Not a bad combo at all.
    adds 8 hits for 697 damage to your dragon rush.
    will do more damage with 2 whirlwind spins equipped.
    <P,<K,   S    >P,>P,P,P,P,E,E,  
    this  combo adds 8 hits with a extra 709 damage with 1 whirlwind spin.
    <K,P,P,  S   >P,>P,P,P,P,E,E,  
    this combo adds 9 hits for 781 damage to your dragon rush.
    with 1 whirlwind spin.Feel free to experiment with
    these combos to try and make them better.
    I won't get into dragon thunder because I said before
    its does not link up combos.You may Email
    strategy's to use Dragon thunder if you wish.
    VI_Omega's capsules
    I am only going to describe Capsules that are specifically for Omega Shenron.
    Heres a list of capsules Omega Shenrons can use.
    Ability's Capsules
    WhirlWind Spin- already stated.
    Dragon Thunder- already stated
    Minus Energy Power Ball- already stated
    Breakthrough- can use all of Omega Shenron Ability's
    Equipment capsules
    Appetites of Man-  Attack power up
    Shenron's hide- 10% Defensive power up
    Porunga's hide- 20% Defensive power up
    Shadow Dragon's Hide- 30% Defensive power up
    Black Dragonball- Attack and Defense power up
    Gero's Deflection R&D
    Gero's Deflect-Back R&D
    Gero's Energy R&D
    Viral Heart Disease
    Evil Grin- Reduce amount of KI used
    Thirst for Earth's Destruction-  Suppress Ki Guage Consumption during
    hyper mode
    Turtle Shell
    We Gotta Power!
    We Gotta Power!!
    We Gotta Power!!!
    We Gotta Power!!!!
    I'm not going through item capsules. Sorry but there's really no need.
    VII-Omega's Strategy
    Like Every other character in budokai 3 Omega Shenron 
    has his Strengths and weaknesses.
    First  the size of your character is a major factor in every character.
    For example a small character like Ubb may have short reach but he 
    is a very small target so certain juggles may not work on him.
    On the other hand Ubb may not be able to preform certain 
    juggles because his lack of reach.
    In Omega Shenrons case he is one of the bigger characters giving 
    him large reach but making him a big target.
    As you probably already know Budokai 3 Added a thing to the 
    fighting system called a Ki Baseline.
    Its a simple idea but is extremely important. If your Ki is below 
    the baseline your Ki will increase.
    If your Ki is above the baseline it will decrease. 
    Transformations can increase your baseline.
    One Reason I like Omega Shenron in this game is because he 
    has a perfect baseline.
    That means he starts a battle with a full 7 ki gauges and his Ki 
    is always on the rise.
    That can be extremely helpful in a battle. 
    Transformations play a big role in Budokai 3 as well.
    Unfortunately Omega Shenron cannot transform 
    but its not really a big problem.
    He already has a Perfect baseline and plenty of capsules
     to raise attack power.
    This is the overall strategy for Omega Shenron in my opinion
    Keep on the offensive. If your fighting someone that needs to
     transform keep forcing Pursues.
    If they don't teleport back they will lose lots of health.
    If they do teleport back they will lose lots of ki and will
    not be able to transform.
    Either way you have the advantage.
    It would probably be best to have at least 1 of your ability because
    your Ki baseline is so high you should probably take advantage of it.
    VIII-Omega's Capsule setups
    These are some combinations of capsules that I think go well 
    with Omega Shenron.
    Evil Grin-Reduce amount of Ki used
    Concentration-Ki gauge consumption during dodging and 
    teleporting will be halved
    Potential-Attack power increases for fixed time period
    WhirlWind Spin
    WhirlWind Spin
    This Setup is simple but, effective.Pursue like crazy and throw 
    in WhirlWind Spins often.
    Your Ki advantage is insane with this setup.
    Appetites of Man-Attack power up
    Black DragonBall- Attack & defensive power increase at 
    regular intervals.
    Thirst for Earth's Destruction- Suppress KI Guage consumption 
    during Hyper mode.
    Minus Energy Ball
    This Setup is a little more dangerous than the last one but if 
    done correctly is lethal.
    At the very beginning of the fight enter hyper mode and try to hit them 
    with your minus Energy Ball. Repeat.
    Appetites of Man-Attack power up
    Evil Grin-Reduce amount of KI used
    Potential-Attack power increased for fixed time period
    Whirlwind Spin
    Dragon Thunder
    In this setup the object is to use as many Whirlwind spins and 
    Dragon thunders as possible.
    Heres a setup that was Emailed to me by sergio felipe manosalva valderrama
    WhirlWind Spin
    Dragon Thunder
    Yakon ( Omega does not transform)
    We gotta power!!!!
    This Setup is for dragon Arena but can be modified for any mode.
    IX-Omega Shenron for Dragon Arena
    This section does not have any tips on dragon arena itself 
    but suggestions on how to level up Omega Shenron.
    I will be assuming you plan on reaching level 99.
    This first setup of levels is for a player character.
    A player character means you plan on using this character when hes done.
    health-Max this stat. It will come in handy. 20 lvs
    KI-19/20 points. Omega does not really need it but it helps. lv 39
    Attack-Max this stat you will be fighting people with very high Guard. 59 lvs
    Guard-Max this stat your going to need it trust me. 79 lvs
    Arts-Max it your going to be doing a lot of special attacks. 99 lvs
    Ability-Zero affects Capsule effectiveness.
    I personally think this attribute is not very important. 
    Com-Zero this is a player character.
    This setup is if you want your omega Shenron to be a COM character.
    That means you will have the computer control him when your done.
    health-Max. 20 lvs
    Attack-max. 40 lvs
    Guard-max. 60 lvs
    Arts-10/20 70 lvs
    Ability-9/20 79 lvs
    Com-max this is a com character. 99 lvs.
    X-Legal information
    Copyright 2005 Nick Sweet
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use.
    It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without 
    advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of 
    any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    XI-Closing statments
    If you see any type of errors in my FAQ please Email me at majinsweet@yahoo.com
    Feel free to submit any extra combos, Capsule Setups, Dragon Arena guides,
    Dragon Arena Passwords or any general strategy's.
    Thank you GameFAQS for giving me the opportunity to type this FAQ.
    Thank you Dimps and Atari for making this great game a reality.

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