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    Frieza by OmegaTerror

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    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3
    Frieza Strategy Guide
    By: Richard Oakes
    Version 1.1
    Ok people, I just felt like trying something new for once, so if there is
    anything you need that you might not get at all about this, hey, give me a
    buzz, I'm here to answer what you need some help with. Got me all AIM, YIM,
    and MSN. cerberus1572 for AIM, then wingedangelofthedark for YIM and
    wingedangelofthedark@hotmail.com for MSN. Like I said, give me a ring and
    I'll be happy to help with what is needed.
    Table of Contents:
    I. Reason for this FAQ
    II. Intro
    III. Configuration
    IV. Capsule Setup
    V. Move/Combo List
    VI. Frieza's Evaluation
    VII. Legal and Stuff
    I. Reason for this FAQ
    The villians in each and every single saga for Dragon Ball Z are great in the
    sagas, but in the games you need to find out all that is hidden within them,
    to turn them into full blooded death machines. For me, Frieza is definately
    one of them. Frieza may be one of the smaller, and to most weaker, of the DBZ
    villians, but once finding out the secrets of how to truly demolish your
    opponent, just move in and strike. As the saying goes, "Float like butterfly,
    sting like bee." Now for Frieza. He may seem weak since each of his forms only
    give a 5% increase in strength, but if you can utilize each and every one of
    those forms in a struggle of quick hits with a transformation, the damage
    racks up as I found out. Frieza definately, in my eyes, is a challenge to
    anyone who truly knows how to use a character to it's max. So be warned, if
    you're a person who can easily just grab the controller and use any character
    to its potential in at least 2 rounds, then man, you got a hard match on your
    hands. And that is exactly how I got Frieza up, just grabbing and going all
    out with him.
    II. Intro
    Frieza, tyrant of the Planet Namek.
    Frieza can become that same tyrant once more as he was in the Namek Saga. All
    you need is the right combos and the right time to transform. Most do it as
    soon as they can, yet that always tends to lead to more damage, but in the
    long run, wait for the right time within the combos to show the true use of
    this being. Frieza can easily take the upper hand in any battle if you can
    just wait it out, then strike when they least expect it. The best way I
    figured out how to, was the starter in the better portions of his combos.
    P,P,P,>P and the >P,P,P,K,K. Both of these can lead to the death of any
    challenger if followed up with the correct combos added. Remember the saying,
    "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."? Well, that perfectly describes
    Frieza. He is one of the quicker characters with attacks, so by holding out
    with opponents and quickly taking your chance with any opening, you're on the
    way to success my friend.
    III. Configuration
    Here is the key in which to follow for the combos.
    P = Punch
    K = Kick
    G = Guard
    E = Energry
    P+K = Punch + Kick
    P+G = Grab
    K+G = Kick + Guard
    P+K+G = Transform
    ~ = Cancel
    ^ = Juggle
    * = Stun
    _ = Break between combos
    dmg = Damage
    Just to make it easier on ya'll so it don't get too confusing. >.>
    IV. Capsule Setup
    For all of this FAQ I just used all of his capsules one right after another.
    Didn't have his breakthrough then, so I'll list them and some setups as well.
    Second Form: = 3 Ki bars to transform with 5% attack increase.
    Third Form = 4 Ki bars to transform with 5% attack increase.
    Final Form = 5 Ki bars to transform with 5% attack increase.
    100% Final Form = 6 Ki bars to transform with 5% attack increase.
    Death Beam		     1 capsule		2 capsules
    	P,P,P,P,E	     428dmg		490dmg
    	KK,>K,>K,E	     470dmg		532dmg
    Death Wave		     1 capsule		2 capsule
    	P,>P,P,E	     591dmg		701dmg
    	>K,P,P,E	     634dmg		744dmg
    Death Ball			1 capsule	2 capsules
    	5 Ki bars ( Final Form or higher )
    	-Power Struggle
    		Win		690dmg	862dmg
    		Loss		1150dmg	1437dmg
    1st Setup: Utilizes Frieza's Third Form into bringing an opponent into
    Dragon Rush then following it up once, then follow up right after if you
    	Second Form
    	Third Form
    	Death Beam
    	Death Wave
    	Ginyu Special Forces
    	Well Chilled Juice
    2nd Setup: This one is experimental to me as well, haven't used it much, but
    plan to very soon.
    	Death Beam
    	Death Beam
    	Ginyu Special Forces
    	Frieza's Spaceship
    V. Move/Combo List
    This is every single chain that I've found for Frieza, just so that nobody
    misses anything.
    ----Punch Starters----
    P,P,P,P = 178dmg
    P,P,P,>P = 193dmg
    P,K = 107dmg
    P,P,K,K,K = 297dmg
    >P,P,K,K = 244dmg (ground)
    >P,P,K,K = 237dmg (air)
    >P,P,P,P,P = 246dmg
    >P,P,>P,P = 214dmg
    >P,P,P,K,K = 298dmg
    >P,K,K = 215dmg
    >P,P,>P,K = 244dmg
    <P,P = 103 dmg
    <P,<P = 114dmg
    <P,>P = 114dmg
    <P,<K = 133dmg
    <P,K,K,K,K = 251dmg
    <P,>K = 157dmg
    ----Kick Starters----
    K,K,K,K = 224dmg
    K,K,>K,>K = 220dmg
    K,K,>K,K = 240dmg
    K,>K,K,K = 257dmg
    K,<K,K = 207dmg
    >K,K,>K = 187dmg
    >K,K,K,K,K = 289dmg
    <K,<K = 130dmg
    <K,K,K = 235dmg
    <K, >K = 141dmg
    <K, P = 103dmg
    >P+K, K, K, K = 206dmg
    ----Ki Blast----
    E = 50dmg
    E, E = 100dmg
    E, E, E = 150dmg
    E, E, E, E = 200dmg
    E, E, E, E, E = 250dmg
    <P, P^_<P,K,K,K,K = 377dmg 7 Hit
    K, <K, K~_>P+K,K,K,K = 343dmg 7 Hit
    K,>K,KK^_>P,P,P,P,P = 472dmg 9 Hit
    >K, K, >K^_K, K, >K, K = 404dmg 7 Hit
    <P, <P*_<P, P^_<P, >P = 311dmg 6 Hit
    P, P, P, >P*_>P, P, >P, K = 407dmg 8 Hit
    K, <K, K~ _P, P, P, >P*_<P, K, K, K, K = 531dmg 12 Hits
    P, P, P, >P*_<P, P^_P, P, P, P, E = 685dmg 11 Hits
    >P, P, P, K, K~_K, >K, K, K^_P, P, P, P, E = 864dmg 14 Hits
    K, <K, K~_<P, P^_P+K+G_>K, P, P, E = 848dmg 10 Hits
    K, <K, K~_<P, P^_P+K+G_>P, P, P, K, K~_P+K+G_P, P, P, P, E = 917dmg 17 Hits
    	This combo is kinda iffy, as in you must time the >P after the first
    transformation and the P after the second. For the second one its easiest to
    actually mash the button, faster you do the more chance you will have to land
    it, unless the opponent is at least the same heigth in the air, or equal to,
    Freiza's head.
    P, P, P, >P*_>P, P, P, K, K~_K, <K, K~_<P, P^_>P, P, P, K, K~_P+K+G_
    >K, P, P, E = 1350dmg 24 Hits ( Start from Second Form )
    	The >K, P, P, E can be substituted for P, P, P, P, E for 1170dmg with
    25 Hits. If both are used with Max Ki bars before starting, it can be brought
    into Dragon Rush for 2372dmg with 74 Hits for >K, P, P, E or 2176dmg and 75
    Hits with P, P, P, P, E. And if you're lucky you can be able to pull off a
    Death Ball instead of the Death Beam or Death Wave combos that finish off the
    entire combo. The Death Ball, if pulled off, will have an extra 832dmg added
    onto it, win or loss, its still a good improvement from the normal.
    VI. Frieza's Evaluation
    Range:  5 1/2 / 10
    Juggle Ability:  7 / 10
    Damage Potential:  8 / 10
    Cancel Ability:  7 / 10
    Stun Ability:  6 / 10
    Offense:  7 / 10
    Defense:  7 1/2 / 10
    Collness:  7 / 10
    Evaluation:  Like a good portion of the DBZ characters, Frieza is around the
    middle of the pack, but if you can utilize his combos correctly, he can give
    a massive load of damage to the opponent. But other than that, if you don't
    use him that much or can't use his effectively then might as well stick with
    the character you play as best. Keep Frieza off away from main opponents until
    they decide to run out of Ki by going into Hyper Mode, or just using Ki blast,
    then dash up and take them with the best combos you can dish out, and bring on
    the punishment. But remember, keep yourself on your toes with Freiza to keep
    that old saying goring strong. "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."
    Legal Stuff:
    This FAQ is only been posted here in www.gamefaqs.com. If you see this
    anywhere else at all and it has not been posted by me its plagiarism. You can
    distribute this just as long as you:
    I. Ask me first before distributing.
    II. Don't change my name or take it off.
    III. Don't change anything around so that it would look like you did it.
    IV. If you tell or speak of anything in this FAQ, make sure that you credit
    me for it.
    V. If I made any mistakes at all, tell me and I'll fix them.
    This document is Copyright 2005 Richard Oakes. All trademarks and copyrights
    contained in this document are owned by their respective trademarks and
    copyright holders.

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