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    Kid Goku by Heromaster111

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    Dragon Ball Z:Budokai 3 
    Kid Goku Character Guide
    Version History
    Version 1.00-Completed guide
    Version 1.01-Fixed some typos, added missing strings his combo strings which 
    were missing, updated legend to strings, and fixed the credits.
    Hello and welcome to the Kid Goku Guide. This guide will explain how to use
    Kid Goku effectively, list some combos for him, and give some capsule setups.
    This guide's propose to teach those that want to get good with Kid Goku, and
    passed a begginer's level and try to use him at higher skill levels. I will
    not explain how to Combo Cancel or Cancel Sidestep seeing as they have their
    own guides.
    Kid Goku came from Planet Vegeta. He is a Saiyan. His mission is to destory
    earth, but after he crashed on earth, an old man named Gohan took in Goku and
    took care of him. Now Kid Goku is a powerful warrior, but only fights for 
    Pros and Cons
    Great Reach
    Jaiken Fist is very versatile
    Great Capsule Setups
    Two Infinites
    Can control the distance between the opponent and him
    He's the fastest small character at punching and dashing
    Very Combo risistance
    Some of his starters are a bit slow
    He's a offensive character with no transformation
    Low Base Line Ki
    Now Kid Goku's got some great pros but some of his cons hurt him pretty bad.
    such as his <PPP- combo starer being kinda slow, to the point where a 
    character can dogde out of it. His Base line Ki starts at 3 with no way of
    increasing it, putting at a Ki disadvantage against some characters. But his
    pros make up for his cons. Kid Goku's <PPP- string has amazing reach, JF
    can be used to start combos, two Infinites at his disposal, he's a very
    speedy character and he's hard to use combos on.
    Budokai 3 Terms
    Here I will list terms I will use often in this guide or you read in some of
    the other guides.
    Canceling-Stopping an attack and recovering instantly.
    Stuns-A stun is when you attack your opponent and you recover in less frames
    than the opponent
    Juggle-Knocking opponent in the air and keeping them from landing with another
    attack that launches them back in the air.
    Base Line Ki-Character's starting Ki.
    Infinites-Moves that can be continued forever without being interrupted
    Combo Starters-Moves that can be used to start combos. Ex. >PKK- is one for
    Kid Goku
    Combo Resistance-Able to resist combos that work on other characters. Making
    some characters hard to do combos on.
    Startegies for using Kid Goku
    Okay as stated before Kid Goku has great range so the basic idea is for you
    to use it. Use his <P>P and P+K to keep your opponent away from and give you
    some breathing room. <P has great range, most in the game, so use that as your
    main combo starter, as it beats Kid Goku's >PKK in almost every way. Also try
    not to let the opponent get too close as this destories Kid Goku's range
    advantage, but at the same time don't let the opponent get too far away as to
    not be in range for a combo starter. Kid Goku has great reach with his 
    starters and therefore can control the distance in which the match is played.
    Also try to use his <PPP- as his main combo starter seeing as it has great
    range and is better than his >PKK-. And when fighting a defensive character
    if they know about the slowness of <P then from far away start a <P but charge
    it, if they start the <K then continue the charge and start a combo. If they
    don't use <K, then cancel it and start another <P up but don't charge it. 
    Being able to charge the <P is the good news about it. Honstestly how is 
    someone going to counter it from like 5 steps away.
    Here I will list some combos for Kid Goku.
    ~Sidestep Cancel
    Beginner's-Simple Juggles into Deathmoves
    <P<P^, >KPPPE 
    <P<P^, KK>KKEEE 
    >PPPP<P^, >KPPPE 
    Intermediate/Pratice-Includes Cancels
    >PKK-, KKKK-, <P<P^, KK>KKEEE 
    <PPP-, KKKK-, >PPPP<P^, >KPPPE 
    <PPP-, >PKK-, >PPPP<P^, >PPPP<P^, KK>KKEEE 
    <PPP-, >PKK-, KKKK-, PPPPE 
    <PPP-, >PPPP<P^, >KPPPE 
    <PPP-, PP<P*, >KKP*, >PPPP<P^, >KPPPE 
    >PKK~, PP<P*, >KKP*, >PPPP<P^, <EEE
    >PKK-, KKKK-, <PPP-, >PPPP<P^, >PPPP<P^, >PPPP<P^, PPPPE
    >PKK-, KKKK-, <PPP-, >PPPP<P^, >PPPP<P^, >PPPP<P^, >PPPKE
    <PPP-, >PPPP<P^, >PPPP<P^, >PPPP<P^, >PPPP<P^, >PPPP<P^, PPPPE
    KKKK-, >PKK-, <P<P^, >PPPP<P^, >PPPP<P^, PPPPE 
    Advance-Includes Sidestep Cancels and Stuns
    >PKK~, PP<P*, >KKP*, >PPPP<P^, >KPPPE
    KKKK~, PP<P*, >KKP*, >PKK-, <P<P^, KK>KKEEE
    Master-Requires timing and patience
    >PKK~, PP<P*, >KKP*, KKKK-, <PPP-, <K*, <P+K^, <P+K^, >PPPP<P^, >PPPKEEE 
    >PKK~, PP<P*, >KKP*, KKKK-, <PPP-, <K*, <P+K^, >PPPP<P^, >PPPKE
    >PKK~, PP<P*, >KKP*, K<KPPP-(charge first punch), <P<P^, >PPPP<P^, >PPPP<P^,
    Combo Strings
    Here the Strings for Kid Goku so you make your own combos.
    p - punch attack          P - chargeable punch attack
    k - kick attack           K - chargeable kick attack
    g - guard                 G - chargeable guard
    e - energy attack         E - chargeable energy attack
    -note- Chargeable attacks are optionally and/or situationally charged 
    depending on what you would like to do.
    > - forward               < - back
    >> - dash                 + - at same time
    * - stun                  ^ - juggle
    - - cancel                ~ - sidestep cancel                
    ! - guard break           !! - unblockable          
    () - nullifies            * - guard break that causes stun
    CH - counter hit
    AR   - Air Recover. Opponent can Air Recover after the string.
    GR   - Ground Recover. Opponent can Ground Recover after string.
    NR   - No Recover. Opponent can’t recover at all after the string.
    NRR  - No Recover, Rolling. Opponent can’t recover at all after the string and
            is sent rolling away along the floor.
    NRS  - No Recover, Sliding. Opponent can’t recover at all after the string and
            is sent sliding away along the floor.
      -note- A * placed next to recovery notations, for example *NRR or *NRS means
             that the string can become non-recoverable with a delay of the last
    -note- * Stun attacks create a stun on the opponent which leaves them 
    temporarily stunned and unable to attack, block, or move. Opponent cannot
    teleport if they have enough ki. Also an opponent that is stunned cannot 
    be thrown.
    -note- ^ Juggle attacks knock and/or keep your opponent in the air for 
    follow up attacks. Opponent cannot attack, block, or move. Your opponent 
    may teleport if they have enough ki. Exceptions being Hercule, Videl, and Uub.
    -note- - Cancels are performed by pressing the guard button while 
    charging an attack. Cancels can be used to create stun and juggle 
    opportunities. Cancels also are used to recover quickly from attacks. 
    -note- ! Guard Break attacks create a guard break on a blocking opponent. 
    This allows you to attack an opponent who cannot attack, block, or move. 
    Opponent cannot teleport.
    -note- () Nullifying attacks nullify your opponents attack. You are invincible
    to one attack from your opponent. You can, however, be thrown or hit with ki 
    blasts or blast-type deathmoves. Also note that two nullifying attacks activate
    Burst Zone.
    Dragon Rush 1 - Kick to opponents stomach then a kick to the opponents back.
    Dragon Rush 2 - Single Ki blast thrown at opponent.
    Dragon Rush 3 - Rain of Ki blast down upon opponent.
    Dragon Rush 4 - Series of one finger ki blast.
    Dragon Rush 5 - Two handed, one finger ki blast, unique to Third Form Frieza.
    Starter reach points are determined by how many Piccolo steps away the attack
    can hit from. One Piccolo step equals 10 points and half a step is 5 points.
    This gives you an idea of how far away you can land certain starters. The more
    points, the longer the reach.
    Starter speed was found by having two starters that trade hits, trade, then 
    input the starter command while both character's are in hit stun. When they
    leave hit stun, they attack at the same time and whichever starter hits first
    is faster. Then starters were compared to other starters from other characters
    to determine it's placement and speed by comparison. The lower number means
    a faster starter.
     P reach:20 speed:4
    pp*pPe [Kamehameha]                      5 hits! 489 dmg.   NR
    pp*pPp                                   5 hits! 146 dmg.   
    pp*p(>P)                                 4 hits! 147 dmg.   NRR
    pp*<P*pP                                 5 hits! 208 dmg.   GR *NRS
    pp*<P*pk                                 5 hits! 199 dmg.   AR
    pp*kk(P)                                 5 hits! 238 dmg.   NRR
    pp*kkk                                   5 hits! 254 dmg.   GR
    pp*k>k                                   4 hits! 157 dmg.   NR
      -note- pp* is an infinite, 523 dmg.
    p>pPk                                    4 hits! 228 dmg.   AR
      -note- k changes in the air, 4 hits! 207 dmg.
    pk                                       2 hits! 95 dmg.    AR
     >P reach:20 speed:9
    >pppPE! [Rock-Scissors-Paper]            5 hits! 266 dmg.
    >pppPp                                   5 hits! 171 dmg.   GR
    >pppP(>P)                                5 hits! 196 dmg.   NRR
    >pppP<P^                                 5 hits! 183 dmg.   
      -note- >pppP<P^ is an infinite, 710 dmg.
    >ppp<pp(P^)                              6 hits! 248 dmg.
      -note- Becomes >ppp<pp(P) in the air, *6 hits! 255 dmg.
    >pppkE!E!!E!! [Rock-Scissors-Paper]      7 hits! 569 dmg.
    >pppkk                                   5 hits! 213 dmg.   GR
    >pppk>k                                  5 hits! 224 dmg.   AR
    >pk(K-)                                  4 hits! 156 dmg.   NR
     <P reach:50 speed:16
    <PpP-p                                   5 hits! 226 dmg.   GR
    <P>P                                     2 hits! 118 dmg.   NRS
    <P<p^                                    2 hits! 86 dmg.    
    <Pk                                      2 hits! 105 dmg.   GR
    <P(>K)                                   *2 hits! 102 dmg.  NR
    <P<k                                     2 hits! 86 dmg.    NR
     K reach:5 speed:6
    kkk(K-)                                  5 hits! 197 dmg.   NR
    kk>k*kE!E!!E!! [Rock-Scissors-Paper]     7 hits! 597 dmg.
    kk>k*kK                                  5 hits! 261 dmg.   AR
    kk>k*>k                                  5 hits! 261 dmg.   GR
    kk<k                                     4 hits! 192 dmg.   AR
    kkpP-P                                   6 hits! 269 dmg.   GR *NRS
    k>k                                      2 hits! 100 dmg.   GR
    k<k*PP*(P)                               *5 hits! 216 dmg.  NRS
    k<k*PP*(K)                               *5 hits! 229 dmg.  NR
     >K reach:15 speed:5
    >k*kkkk                                  5 hits! 248 dmg.   GR
    >k*kk>kk                                 6 hits! 284 dmg.   AR
    >k*k<k                                   3 hits! 147 dmg.   NR
    >k*kP*kk                                 6 hits! 321 dmg    GR
    >k*pPPe [Kamehameha]                     5 hits! 563 dmg.   NR
    >k*pPPK                                  5 hits! 257 dmg.   AR
     <K reach:10 speed:14
    (<k*)k                                   2 hits! 107 dmg.   NRS
    (<k*)>k                                  2 hits! 117 dmg.   AR
    (<k*)<K                                  *2 hits! 111 dmg.  NR
    (<k*)p^P                                 3 hits! 142 dmg.   AR
      -note- P changes in the air, 3 hits! 133 dmg.
      -note- <k* stuns from behind and on CH
    >e [Kamehameha]                          375 dmg.           NR
      -note- Consumes 1 ki
    <E!E!!E!! [Rock-Scissors-Paper]          3 hits! 405 dmg.   *NR *GR
      -note- Consumes 1 ki, can also be done (<E!E!!<E!!) (<E!>E!E!!) 
             (<E!>E!>E!!), damage may vary
    e                                        50 dmg.
    P+K!                                     83 dmg.            NRR
    (>P+K)                                   74 dmg.            NRR
    <P+K^                                    60 dmg.
    k+g                                      2 hits! 127 dmg.   GR
      -note- k+g changes in the air, 102 dmg.
    >K+G                                     79 dmg.            AR
    p+g                                      2 hits! 200 dmg.   NRS
    >>p!                                     56 dmg.            NRS
      -note- >>p! changes in the air, 60 dmg.
    >>k!                                     60 dmg.            AR
      -note- >>k! changes in the air, 69 dmg.
    >>p+k!                                   56 dmg.            GR
      -note- Doesn't guard break in the air
    >>e!                                     2 hits! 183 dmg.   GR *NR *NRS
      -note- >>e! changes in the air, 93 dmg.
      -note- damage and hits may vary, depends on distance from opponent
    P+K+G+E!! [Super Dragon Fist]            1500 dmg.
      -note- Consumes 4 ki
     Dragon Rush
    Dragon Rush 2                            15 hits! 730 dmg.
    Use these strings to make your own combos and to work mind games on the 
    opponent. Quoting from df's #18 faq your playing as a character not a combo
    so just don't learn one combo and ride with it, you'll lose that way. Good
    players make their own combos right the moment he/she starts a combo, also
    based on the opponents Ki gauge. So if your opponent has 1.7 Ki and a base 
    of 3 Ki you'll want to use something short. While if they have only 0.5 you
    want to use something longer and more powerful. Though the strategy will
    change if your opponent has capsules like Turtle Shell, Concentration,
    Meditation, or Yakon equipped.  
    Jaiken Fist Variations
    Kid Goku's Jaiken Fist unlike many deathmoves can be used to start combos. 
    Jaiken Fist hits three times. The possibilites for Jaiken Fist are Rock,
    Paper, and Scissors. Rock makes Goku quikly punch the enemy, Scissors makes
    him juggle the opponent, and Paper makes Goku powerfully slap the enemy after
    a Scissor Juggle. Notice how unlike other Level Death Moves, Jaiken Fist
    instead of the usual three and it only cost 1 Ki. Still, his >PPPPE only can
    be perform one Rock so you can't start combos from it. It's kind of useless.
    Here's the variations and their rating.
    Before a Juggle
    <EEE-8/10, default version, 337+ damage
    <E>E>E-9.5/10, stronger than default, will not combo in the air, 392+ damage
    <E>EE-0/10, will not combo within itself unless performed after a juggle,
    during the lag time opponent can transform.
    <EE<E-7/10, a little weaker than the default, hard to after a juggle 324+
    After a Juggle
    <EEE-10/10, easy to combo, strongest
    <E>E>E-0/10, will not combo
    <E>EE-4.5/10, weaker than default, if your lucky you can pull off a P off
    after doing this.
    <EE<E-5.5/10, easy to pull off, weaker than default.
    <EEE-0/10, can't combo after
    <E>E>E-9/10, often gets behind the opponent, easy to combo after
    <E>EE-10/10, almost always gets behind the opponent, a bit difficult to combo
    <EE<E-5/10, hard to combo after and will rarely get behind opponent.
    Capsule Setups
    Here are some of Kid Goku's setups. He has some very good setups which are
    very damaging.
    KupoMaster0907 Personal Favorie
    Jaiken Fist x2
    Kamemehameha x2
    Full Moon's Glow
    1 slot Armor
    Review-With this capsule setup, not only do you have both Death Moves double
    stacked but you also have a nice Attack and Defense% boost. If you don't like
    either Death Move, or don't need them stacked, increase your defense.
    Max Attack(260 attack, 90 defense, HP draining)
    Going All Out!
    Full Moon's Glow
    Paozasarus Tail
    Review-A gigantic capability for a fair price. Your HP keeps draining, your
    defense drops to 90% and you won't be able to guard. So attack like crazy.
    Waiting and guarding is forbidden here. Just Attack and you'll win in no
    time. You also don't have your Death Moves so you have to deal damage some
    other way.
    Balanced Setup
    Full Moon's Glow
    3 Slot Armor
    Kamehameha x2
    Review-This is a nice set-up, a bit like the first one, without the JFx2 and
    with two 20% more defense.
    Going All Out!
    4 Slot Armor
    Review-The purpose of this set-up is to make you have big defense and 
    considerable Attack%. The 4 slot Armor is there to make up for not being able
    Paozusaurus Tail
    Going All Out!
    3 slot Armor
    Review-A nice set-up. Just make sure you have time to use Paozusaurus Tail,
    so that your Attack% gets a boost.
    Jaiken Fist
    Going All Out!
    Full Moon's Glow
    2 slot Armor
    Review-Now you have Jaiken Fist! Use it to your advantage. Keep attacking.
    Jaiken Fist x2
    2 slot Armor
    Full Moon's Glow
    Review-Took out Going all out and added JF. Now you can guard.
    Good Kid Goku Capsules
    In this section I'll explain what good capsules Kid Goku has.
    Kamehameha-Lv.1 Death Move. Try to double stack\
    Jaiken Fist-Lv.2 death Move. Really try to double stack this.
    Super Dragon Fist-Crap. All Ultimates are.
    Juice!-A one slot equipment capsule which increases attack % by 10.
    Full Moon's Glow-A one slot equipment capsule that increases your attack
    Going All Out!!!-A one slot equipment which gives you a 25% attack boost and
    a 30% defense boost. You can't guard though.
    Vest from Grandpa Gohan-one slot Armor. 10% defense boost.
    Vest with hole for Tail-Two slot Armor. 20% defense boost
    Turtle Shell Vest-Three slot Armor. 30% defense boost.
    Kami's Vest-Four slot Armor. 40% defense boost.
    Grandpa Gohan's Teachings- Reduces Ki lost in Hyper Mode. 2 slots. Useless.
    Yakon-If anyone transforms their base line Ki is 0. 1 slot. Great.
    Turtle Shell-1 slot. Makes teleporting cost double the Ki.
    Concentration-1 slot. makes teleporting cost half the Ki.
    Overtension-2 slots. Slowly drains health, but raises Attack by 30%.
    Panzossauurus Tail-2 slot Item. Raises attack by 45%, but decreases defense
    by 50%.
    Creating your own capsules
    It's all about personal perfenrence. If you like offense then equip Attack
    increases. While if you like playing Defensive equip some Armor.
    If you don't use both deathmoves then don't equip both just equip one. Seeing
    as you have limited room in your set-up.
    Don't equip Ultimates they just don't work at High Level play. And Hyper Mode
    is a risk since it drains your precious Ki.
    And lastly try to equip capsules that will give you the advantage. If your
    playing some3 one who is using Frieza, or any character that requires
    transformations to use their Lv.2 Deathmove, equip Yakon. This will make
    Freiza's damage drop down considering he can't use Death Wave. When playing
    Omega Shenron or Kid Buu consider using Turtle Shell so they won't have that
    big of a Ki advantage over Kid Goku, seeing as he has a Base Line Ki of 3.
    Final Evaluation for Kid Goku
    Juggle Potential-9.5
    Cancel Potential-7/10
    Stun Potential-5/10
    Combo Resistance-9.5/10
    Death Moves-8/10
    Combo Starting-8.5/10
    If you have any questions just email at dbzgamer118@yahoo.com. Put Budokai 3
    or Kid Goku in the title so I don't delete it.
    KupoMaster0907-For the Info in the guide
    HeroMaster111-For typing the guide
    Blues003-For contributing the Bio, Capsule Reviews, some combos, and more.
    He was a great help. Thanks.
    escobuu-For pointing out that some of Kid Goku's strings were missing for
    letting use the move list and legend from his faq.
    haitianhomey-For contributing some capsule setups.
    df_345, Nnamz, Robojoker, Blues003, Majin V, KupoMaster0907, plank, Spralwers,
    escobuu, SuperShinySonic, EVIL CAP AMERICA, Ven100 and Cheesusaur-These guys 
    really helped me figure out the real depth of this game
    Dimps-For creating the Game 

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