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    Videl by Heromaster111

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    Dragon Ball Z:Budokai 3
    Videl Character Guide
    Hello and welcome to my Videl Guide this guide will explain how to play with
    Videl effectively or at a High Level of play. I will not list how much her
    Death Moves do. This is not one of those shallow guide. I will give some tips
    on what to do in certain situations and list some combos. I will also assume
    that you have working knowledge of how Cancels and that stuff work. If not
    read Spralwers' Combo/Mechanics Guide. So enjoy.
    Videl is Mr. Satan's daughter, nothing is ever mentioned about her mother.
    Videl first appears when Gohan first goes to Satan City's High school. She is
    stated to be stronger than Mr. Satan.
    As Mr. Satan's daughter she takes it upon herself to protect the citizens of
    the city, even if it means missing a class or two. Soon, a masked superhero
    named the Gt. Saiyaman appears and starts helping her catch criminals. She
    then becomes obsessed with learning his true identity.
    At first, Videl assumed was a dorky weakling but later found out he was the
    Great Saiyaman. When she forces him to join the World Tournament and forces
    him to teach her how to fly. Thinking they would eventually fight and that
    then it would be an even fight.
    At the Tournament she fights Suppovitch, a fighter even her father had beaten.
    But he was different now, he was under the control of the evil wizard Babidi,
    who sent him to the tournament to collect energy to revive Majin Buu. After a
    hit that would kill any normal human, Videl had to stay in the air so that she
    wouldn't be hit by him, since everything she tried didn't have any effect. But
    he knew how to fly too and flew after her. He eventually knocked her out of
    the ring.
    She later helped #18, Bulma, Chi-chi, Master Roshi, and Yamacha gather the
    Dragon Balls. She was to candy and eaten by Super Buu later in the show.
    Pros and Cons
    Now since I started using Videl I learned that she's pretty good, except that
    she has some major weakness's that bring her down quite a bit.
    <P is a good starter with good reach.
    Can play both offensive and defensive.
    Good Combo Resistance.
    She has an infinte.
    Low Damage
    Can't Teleport Counter or escape it or Fire Projectiles.
    Low Base Line Ki with no way of raising it.
    The problems really hurt her seeing as if your opponent gets you in an in an
    infinte your a sitting duck. And with no projectiles her Long Range game
    suffers. And she's not that damaging of a character. But her <P starter is
    great and is quick to come out and cancel and has 30 Reach Points. And she
    has good combo resistance to help her out. And the fact that her Starters are
    supposed to be used from a distance she can avoid being put in an Infinite.
    Budokai 3 Terms
    Here I will list terms used in Budokai 3.
    Canceling-Stopping an attack and recovering instantly. Ex. <KK-
    Stuns-A stun is an attack in which you recover in less frames than your
    opponent and can continue your combo unhindered. Ex. <P>P*
    Juggle-Knocking the opponent in the air then knocking them back in the air
    without them hiting the ground. Ex.KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^
    Base Line Ki- A characters Starting Ki. Videl has 3.
    Infintes-An attack string that can't be stop or hindered by the opponent.
    Combo Starter-A String used to start combos. Ex. <P
    Combo Resistance-Able to resist combos that work on others. Making some
    characters hard to do combos on.
    Reach Points-How far a string or attack goes. Reach Points are determined by
    Piccolo Steps.
    5 Reach Points- Half a Piccolo Step
    10 Reach Points-A full Piccolo Step
    Strategies for Videl
    Ok there's 2 ways of playing Videl offensively and defensively, I really
    prefer defensively but that's just me. Remember when playing as Videl to
    play at some distance as to not be put in some juggle, seeing as she can't
    escape it, but not far enough away that you can't connect on the opponent.
    When playing defensively I try to stay far enough away so I can't be hit
    with a P but can connect with her <K Starter, I also use her <P Starter here
    This is the general startegy now I will go more in-depth.
    Tips on Using her <P Starter
    Now like stated before her <P Starter is a very good starter, one of the best
    actually, no Piccolo's >P or Dabura's <P, but few are.
    Ok the thing that makes it great is that you don't have to be that close to
    the opponent to connect it, it has 30 Reach Points, and can be done from a
    distance where your opponent can't hit you with a generic P.
    Now the main trouble I had was with the <P>P stun, is's pretty strict on the
    timing so it takes some practice. My tip is right when the >P hits the
    opponent and Videl is retracting her elbow start the next string like K<K-.
    It's also worth noting that it has to be something fast coming out after the
    stun, like P or K, or it will be too slow.
    Another great thing about her <P starter is the <PP string. It's fast to come
    out, making it hard for the opponent to see coming, and knocks the opponent
    down on the ground where you can Taunt, Charge, Use an Item, or what ever. Now
    there's a way of hiding it so your opponent don't see it coming.
    1. Throw it out randomly-I don't suggest using this often seeing as it can be
    predictable. Use this method sparingly.
    2.Use during a juggle-This a great way. While your opponent is in an juggle
    use this and Taunt, Charge, Use an Item, or maybe do another combo. A little
    timing is required here. If done too early than than the opponent can break
    fall out of it. Try to time it when the opponents feet are around Videl's
    breast and torso. I use this method to also Combo shorten.
    3.Intergrate it into a combo-Kinda like #2 without the juggle. Doing it after
    a Cancel and Knocking the opponent down can give you time to start another
    combo. I use this method to combo shorten too, and don't have time to use a
    Death Move.
    You can also use >P+K as an alternative to <PP.
    Here's some combos giving examples of what I mean.
    ~Side Step Cancel
    vKnock Down
    <P<P^, <PPv
    KK>K>K^, <PPv
    <P<P^, >P+Kv
    KK>K>K^, >P+Kv
    Tips on Landing her Starters
    Now there's her Main Starter that I use <P and <K. Now like mentioned before<P
    be done from far enough away that she can't be hit by a generic P so use that
    to your advantage. Try to zone the gap between you and your opponent, I
    usually send a few <PP to keep it them at bay. Then just try to time the <P.
    There's other ways such as mind games to make the hit succesfull but I think
    first you should make the match play from a little distance like Kid Goku,
    just not that far away.
    Now of course the opponent isn't going to let you do this, unless they are Kid
    Goku or Dabura, so your going to have to stop them. Use >P+K(charge it if you
    want) and <PP to keep them away.
    My tips on her <K starter are about the same. Keep the opponent at some
    distance. Cause who throws a <K out at point blank range, the answer is no one
    should. So play away. There's ways of doing it too.
    1.Just throw it out.
    2.Dodge+Sidestep-Dangerous. Seeing as if you get caught your in a bad
    3-Back step then use it-This I find hard to do but can be effective.
    Videl's Strings
    Here are Videl's Strings. You must know all her Strings to be able to use her
    effective in battle in starting combos.
    vKnock Down
    /Knock Away
    \Knock into Sky
    +Death Move
    P Strings
    >P Strings
    <P Strings
    <P'>P'*(Doesn't Stun from behind)
    K Strings
    KK>K>K^(This is her Infinte)
    >K Strings
    >K*(Stuns from behind opponent only)
    P+K Combonation
    K+G Combonation
    K+G*(While on the ground)
    K+G/(While in the air)
    Dash attacks
    Now that you know her Strings you are ready to Start doing Combos.
    ~Sidestep Cancel
    Begginers'-Simple Juggles into Death Moves
    <P<P^, >PPPPE
    KK>K>K^, >KPPPE
    KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >KPPPE
    KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >E
    KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, <E
    Intermediate/Practice-Includes Cancels
    <KK-, K<K-, PPKKK-, <P+K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    K<K-, <KK-, PPKKK-, <P+K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    PPKKK-, K<K-, <KK-, <P+K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    <KK-, K<K-, PPKKK-, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    <KK-, PPKKK-, K<K-, <P+K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    K<K-, PPKKK-, <KK-, <P+K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    PPKKK-, <KK-, K<K-, <P+K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    Advanced-Includes Sidestep Cancels and Stuns
    <P.>P*, K<K~, >K*, PPKKK-, <P+K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    <P.>P*, K<K~, >K*, <KK-, <P+K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    <P.>P*, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    <P.>P, K<K~, >KPPPE
    <P.>P*, K<K~, >K*, PPKKK-, <KK-, <P+K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    <P.>P*, K<K~, PPKKK-, <K*, <P+K, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    <KK~, >K*, PPKKK-, K<K-, <P+K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    K<K~, >K*, <KK-, PPKKK-, >PPPPE
    K<K~, PPKKK-, <K*, <P+K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    K<K~, >K*, PPKKK-, <K*, >PPPPE
    <KK~, PPKKK-, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    Tips on Combos
    Now this is where knowing her Strings, some serious reaction time, and quick
    thinking come to play. In High Level Play they are able to think of combos on
    the spot based on the opponents Ki. This wasn't a problem in B2, but in B3
    with the addition of Base Line Ki it makes you decide how long the combo is
    going to be. Because of Base Line Ki the opponent is going to TC out. Turtle
    Shell and Concentration affect it too. But you need to learn to judge it.
    Examples would be like when the opponent has about 2 Ki it needs to be short
    like this
    <KK~, PPKKK-, <E
    Now if the opponent has less than half a Ki Gauge then go all out with
    something like this
    <P.>P*, K<K~, >K*, PPKKK-, <KK-, <P+K^, KK>K>K^, KK>K>K^, >PPPPE
    Now am I telling you to to do these combos when the opponent has this much
    Ki, no. These are examples, you'll have to learn how to think of a combo on
    the spot based on how much Ki your opponent has. This is where you need to be
    comfortable with Videl's Strings.
    Now there are a number of things you can do to lower the opponents Ki so you
    can unleash a combo.
    1.Knock them down and Taunt. Example would be something like this
    <PP or >P+K
    Just try to make this unpredictable.
    2.Make them TC-This can be really to do. Just attack. Though nobody is going
    to TC just a generic P or K. So make it seem like your starting a combo and
    that almost always makes them TC. If the opponent then TC Cancels and tries to
    start a combo which is stupid but still. Just TC cancel and start a combo.
    Here's a important tip if the opponent has more than 3 Ki after you  TC cancel
    DON'T ATTACK. Back pedal and try to start charging your Ki or try a Poke Game
    by throwing out your P and K. This is where having a good Poke Game comes in
    handy. So keep your opponent busy and gain some Ki. Sure if they block your
    attacks they gain Ki, but the point here is for you to get your Ki back up.
    Good Videl Capsule Setups
    Here are some capsule Setups for Videl.
    Personal Favorite
    Hawk Arrow x2
    King's Lineage
    Ki Control
    Review-This is my favorite setup for her, based on who I play. They use Goku
    and Vegeta all the time so I equip Yakon. The Ki Control while not Meditation,
    it still lowers the Ki you use, which helps since Videl's Base Line Ki is 3.
    An attack power up and double stacked Death Moves increase the damage output.
    Set-up #2
    Eagle Kick x2
    Hawk Arrow x2
    King's Lineage
    Turtle Shell
    Review-This an Attack setup. Both Death Moves double stacked, an Attack Power
    up, Turtle Shell so the opponent can't escape combos, and T-Shirt for some
    Set-up #3
    Eagle Kick x2
    King's Lineage
    Great Saiyawoman's Wardrobe
    Review-This is a defensive Setup. Eagle Kick double stacked and a Attack power
    up help out damge while the Great Saiyawoman's Wardrobe is your defense,
    raising it 40%.
    Videl's Evaluation
    Juggle Potential-8/10
    Cancel Potential-6/10
    Stun Potential-6/10
    Combo Resistance-9/10
    Death Moves-5/10
    Combo Starting-9/10
    If you have any questions just e-mail me at dbzgamer118@yahoo.com. Put Budokai
    3 or Videl in the subject so I don't delete it.
    Tier List Team-Nnamz, df_345, Robojoker, Blues003, Majin V, Kupomaster0907,
    plank, Cheesusaur, haitianhomey, and escobuu for their help and support in the
    making of this faq.
    Blues003-For giving me suggestion on making this faq better.
    haitianhomey-For the Bio and a capsule Setup
    escobuu-For giving me all the String to Videl. Great Help
    df_345-For letting me use some info from a section of his #18 faq.
    Dimps-For creating a great Game that has kept me entertained for hours.

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