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"Fight or flight."

Well what can I say, Dragon Ball Z is quite a saga indeed. With cartoon episodes spanning a few hundred. And not to mention it's popularity. So in saying this, there are quite a few Dragon Ball Z fans out there (including myself obviously)

Sadly we were let down by the previous titles but after that you kind of give up hope. Don't give up hope yet, DBZ:B3 Might be the greatest DBZ game ever! Oh yes, this games brings it 110 percent alright.

There is one thing however, this game isn't as "open-ended" as it's made out to be. Yes you can fly around the worlds (not that large) but thats it. You can't land and run around freely as you wish. This game is strictly battle with a touch of RPG. There is a point to flying around the worlds though...there are a ton of goodies to collect. Sometimes you can drop down on a location (sometimes an unidentified mark on your map or a village or home) and the game will cut into dialogue, while not much it still enhances the play. You have the option to go right into battle or stick around and level up a bit. Choices are very nice and convenient!

When you fight, it's graphically better than the cartoon. And in some aspects is pretty similar in style. Probably the closest you can get to DBZ combat. The battle zones you fight in are HUGE. So you have plenty of room to cause serious destruction on your foe or the environment. All the charged attacks shine and are spectacular to watch. The game is cel-shaded but when you play this game, it wouldn't look right any other way. You will soon come to appreciate that.

There are a good selection of characters to choose from to begin your story and each character has their own story to fulfill. The stories take place from the show and for people who never got into show may be a little lost as to what is happening. Why? because the game does have a story but it's short sweet and to the point. Also the story lacks out HUGE details that even leaves veterans of the saga a little lost. The characters are dead on in terms of detail and look awesome in the flow of combat.

My only gripe with this game is the controls. And it's not that they are impossible to get but take a long time on the learning curve. The learning curve for the controls will take you a few hours, 2-3 maybe. Believe me there are a LOT of things to to in combat so it takes a little time to catch on. Thank the heavens for the training sessions and practice modes.

Like I said previous, the game isn't as "open-ended" as it's made out to be but in some aspects it is. The game has a two player mode so you can battle your friends and that never gets old. It's also good for practice. It has a VS the computer mode, which is also good for one on ones and practice. And heck there is even a computer VS computer so you can sit bac and watch you favorite characters go head to head all by themselves. There is also a nifty tournament mode so you can work your way to being the best of the best. And of coarse the "dragon universe" where you engage in the story part of the game (fly around and defeat enemies to advance)

The graphics are really neat. And I already said that this game wouldn't have been any better due to the cel-shade. Everything connects perfect!

The music is catchy and fun for a game like this. I kind of wish they added the song and a few tunes from the show but im happy with what already is.

YAY! they used original voices for the cast! this SO adds to the game play you know? it's always good to know that Goku and Vegita sound like Goku and Vegita :)

When you save (auto-save feature) The game doesn't keep track of time so it's kind of hard to determine game play time. But this game is HUGE. With so many different things to do, find, and fight, you'll be spending a lot of time with this game indeed. Plus the benefit of playing with different characters and they all have their own set of moves and their signature "death-strikes"

When it comes to deciding if you should get this game or not, it depends. For all DBZ fans it is a yes all the way. For people who are looking for a good fighter than yes all the way. Otherwise rent it and see what you think.

-Happy Gaming!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/17/06

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