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"DBZ Budokai 3: Quite Possibly the best DBZ ever."

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. This is my first review, so please bear with me. My fist review will be about a favorite game of mine.

After playing the last two Dragonball Z Budokai's, I thought there was no Dragonball Z game better than part two. When I played the third one, I was surprised at how good it was. I have even played Dragonball Z Budokai: Tenkaichi. It pales in comparison to this game.

First, there's the tutorial, here you learn the differences that have been made to this game. And you learn about the new tactics available to you, such as Teleporting, Dodging, Hyper Mode, Dragon Rush, the new way to pull off Ultimate Moves, and the fatigue meter. I give this feature a 6/10 for its usefullness.

Second would be how fighting combos are made. Sure, you could just use: PPPP>E all day, but there are many more ways to inflict punishment on your enemy. Some moves can even change completely when transformed. An example of this would be Super Saiyan 4 Goku's Kamehameha. I give this a 7/10 for improved fighting techniques.

Next, would be Transformations. Now, instead of de-transforming when your Ki Gauge is at 4 when Super Saiyan 3 Goku is knocked down, you only de-transform when your hit with less than one Ki Gauge bar, or when you expend Hyper Mode completely. There are a few characters whose transformations cannot be reversed. This I give 8/10 for more and longer lasting transformations.

Next up, Dragon Universe. Here, you get to experience the Dragonball Z story from the perspective of some of your favorite Dragonball Z characters. Some, such as Goku, experience all four Sagas. While others, such as Kid Gohan or Teen Gohan, only experience one or two Sagas. Sometimes, when you play someone's Story Mode two times or more, the story can actually change. For example, Cooler's appearance on Planet Namek. This mode plays in RPG-style, where you receive experience points for winning battles and doing other things while in battle such as: no dodging, no guard, finish by Dragon Rush or Ultimate move. When you level up, you get a point that you can add to your stats. And you also traverse the map, looking for items hidden on the ground, and sometimes you even find money too. And also, finding all seven Dragonballs will entitle you to a wish from Shenron. It's usually that character's Breakthrough, Memories of <Character's name>, and the best armor. This part I give a perfect 10. It's got both Part one and two's story modes beat by a long shot. I also liked how each character is played, and the process of unlocking other characters.

Next up, is the World Martial Arts tournament. Here, there are four modes of combat. The objective is to still knock your opponent out of the ring or Knock him out cold with out getting knocked out or defeated yourself. The first mode has three rounds with eight opponents. Winner gets a ten thousand zenny cash prize and the second mode is unlocked. The second mode has four rounds with sixteen fighters. The winner gets a thirty thousand zenny cash prize, and if enough characters are unlocked, the third tournament will be open. The third tournament has five rounds with thirty-two opponents The winner of the tournament gets a fifty thousand zenny cash prize. Also, when you defeat a certain character in the Dragon Arena, the final tournament is unlocked! This tournament is different. Welcome to the Cell Games! It's still five rounds with thirty-two opponents, but it takes place at the Cell Games ring, so in order to win you must defeat your opponent. The cash prize is still fifty thousand zenny. This mode I give a 6/10. The only new things are the ability to stop yourself from flying out of the ring and the Cell games.

Practice mode allows you to practice using your character to its fullest. You can set the CPU character to just stand there, evade, or even fight back. You have infinite health, so just let loose and have fun with it. I give this mode a 7/10 for the reasons I just described.

Duel mode allows you to take on a friend. Here, you can set the amount of health you can have and such. I give this a 7/10, because it's fun kicking your friend's butt over and over.

Dragon Arena. This arena is a secret arena where you can take on the strongest of opponents. Here, you can level up as you could in Dragon Universe mode. You may only take on opponents with levels up to twenty higher than yours. Ever so often, when you choose an opponent to battle, a message will appear telling you that someone has broken in. If you defeat the invader, you can win a nice prize, like the Cell Games for example. Also, in this mode you can take on other challengers online, so you never know what to expect in Commander Red's arena. I give this mode a 9/10, because of its innovation.

The option mode allows you to change several factors of this game. Fiddle with it to your satisfaction. Try what works for you. This feature I give 5/10.

Thank you for taking the time to rea what I have to say, and thank you CJayC, for having such an awesome site.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/27/06

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