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"DBZ addiction"

Being the third DBZ game released by Atari/Dimps, there are more than a few notable changes in the engine that help bring the fury of DBZ to life. While the first two were not for people who aren't fans, Budokai 3 is entertaining for all, and a must have for fans.

The graphics are not vastly improved over B2, because the cel-shading already captured the anime perfectly. The main difference is lighting and special effects: beams are bigger and brighter, while gathering ki and the auras are incredible. Dust flies, and little effects like the land being scarred when you slam your opponent in the dirt go a long way. Level destruction is awesome, while the only negative is that the ultimated sequences are largely unchanged from the second Budokai, except for awesome world shattering explosions seen from space. A beautiful game on the PS2.

Excellent; explosions, teleportation, and character voices are matched. THe only major downside is that Cell and Frieza's voices still do not coincide with their various transformations, which is annoying to fans.

The most important aspect. Teleportation is one of the biggest changes, and this seemingly minor addition completely changes the combat. You can now dodge beams with ease, perform your own warp kamehameha (kind of), and hit opponents back and forth. Also, quick tapping of the guard button will cause your character to duck and dodge the opponents punches at a small cost of ki. This is very cool and satisfying, as a fight can totally be reversed. Another subtle difference is that power level is now related to ki; base goku with full ki has 110% power. However, if you ki is low, you will suffer a loss of defense. The ki system has been overhauled, and now each character has baseline ki bars in addition to normal ki. The baseline ki will automatically recharge, while any excess ki will drain back to the base level. Each additional transformation adds more baseline ki, so SSJ4 Goku has 6 auto-recharging bars and only one normal. Speaking of SSJ4, it is included, as well as a few GT characters and some movie characters, like Brolly and Cooler. SSJ4 Gogeta is very powerful, but you should find out for yourself. Also, the new and improved Dragon Universe allows an RPG-esque adventure where you can level up characters and explore the worlds of DBZ.

The game is a must have for fans. There is so much to unlock and the new additions to the game make it faster and much more satisfying than the first two.
Non-fans should consider this game; the destruction and frenzy may appeal to you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/19/04

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