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"Dragonball Z Budokai 3: More fun than a squirrel!"


A few years ago, Atari published a little game, Dragonball Z Budokai. This game had somewhat okay graphics, a good few characters from the tv show and manga, and an incredible story mode, and while the game WAS fun, many characters were just clones. A year later, Atari published Dragonball Z Budokai 2. This game boasted vastly improved graphics, but the characters were still clones, and the story mode was a horrible, slow-paced board game. Now, enter Dragonball Z Budokai 3.


Although Budokai 2's graphics were okay, this game just annihilates budokai 2 in graphics. Everything looks better; charging up a character's ki energy produces not only a beautiful battle aura, but also dust gathers up and swirls around. The stages also look nicer, and the transformations are incredible. Along with that, a character's golden Super Saiyan hair looks alot nicer, it's brighter now, instead of a dull yellow. All in all, I give this game a ten out of ten in graphics.

Sound effects:

In this game the sounds are nothing too special. The intro theme is very nice, and goes along well with the movie it shows. However, returning from previous games are several VERY annoying sound glitches. These include Cell and Frieza's voices. In the anime, their voices changed every transformation, and while they DO have the proper voices in story mode, they still have their annoying first form voices in every single form. Seeing Perfect Cell's voice come out of Imperfect Cell just isn't right when it shows the character intro's. All in all, I give this game's sound an eight out of ten for sound. They could have easily changed character voices per form, but got lazy on us!!!

Story Mode:

Ah yes, story mode. Probably one of the main reasons many fans bought these games has been for the story modes: a faithful reproduction of the manga and anime. Or was it? In Budokai 2, many bogus things happened, such as babidi ressurecting Frieza and Cell. However, Budokai 3 changes this completely! The story mode is incredible as well as faithful to Akira Toriyama's classic. Fly throughout the world obtaining the seven mystic dragonballs, you know how it goes. HOWEVER, there is a HUGE letdown in this area as well for many fans like myself. Dimps(the developer of the game) was sooo lazy, they decided to only include ELEVEN CHARACTERS TO FLY AROUND AS! NOT COOL! And among these, there is only ONE real villain to play as! That's just lousy, especially when the villains have more personality than "I'm gonna beat you up now, 'cause you've been a bad little boy" attitude. All in all, the story mode was fun, but if you only like the villains, you might still enjoy this, as it IS still fun. Nine out of ten.


Ah yes. The main part. Of course, if the gameplay is horrible, it doesn't matter HOW good the story and graphics are. Nobody wants to pay fifty dollars just to be bored. However, this game DELIVERS! Afraid to buy this because you think it'll be the way budokai 2 was, introducing practically NOTHING new? WRONG. This game introduces many new features. Now, by pressing the gaurd button at JUST the right time, you can make your character dodge out of the way for half a ki bar. Also, when the computer has you in a ridiculously long string of juggle comboes, you can press towards them and the gaurd button at the same time to teleport behind them and deliver an attack to send them flying. However, they can still see YOUR counterattack coming, and COUNTER your counterattack! Along with this teleportation system comes to be a way to use it OFFENSIVELY as well! You can knock your opponent away, and with a press of the energy button, teleport behind them and whack them again, for a total of three attacks! Also, if you are saying to yourself " But all the characters will be the same, so it doesn't matter", stop right now. Each and every character has been changed completely, so no two characters play EXACTLY the same. Dragon rush is another fun part of the game, a rock-paper-scissors sort of game where if you win, you can dish out a ridiculously over-powered attack. This game introduces a whole lot, almost too much to cover! TEN out of ten.


If you just came to this review, and skipped down to this part, then I guess I have no choice but to show you the grades each area of the game got, just for your convenience. If not, thank you very much for reading!

SOUND: 8/10

Overall verdict: BUY!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/22/04

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