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"Budokai 3 sets the bar for Dragon Ball Z Games"

Ah, the infamous Budokai series. Some people say that it hasn't lived up to what it should've, but others love the Budokai series and couldn't wait to get Budokai 3, such as myself.

Budokai 3 is the sequal to the previous 2 Budokai games. Budokai, which gave fans a taste of true 3-D Dragon Ball Z action, and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, a sequal that seemed to fall short of it's hype. So where does that leave Budokai 3? Well, you'll have to read. I didn't make this review for my health, ya' know?

Though an 8/10, this isn't a downfall at all to the game. Like most games, it takes time to get used to battle systems.

Budokai 3's graphics are stunning! This truley shows the power of the Playstation 2 console, as well as Dimp's efforts to give us a truly remarkable DBZ game. The Aura's look simply amazing in Budokai 3. When you are fighting, it fills that your are actually living the Dragon Ball Z fights right in your living room!

Story mode in Budokai 3 is known as Dragon Universe. In Dragon Univse (DU) you select 1 of 11 characters and go on missions, flying across earth and namek, progressing in the certain character's story, finding dragon balls, or finding secret characters. Though there are many things missing, you punish it's score because it doesn't say STORY MODE in the game now does it?

SOUND: (9.5/10)
Not much to say here. It has everything that DBZ has originally. Some sounds may get annoying, such as Pan's voice in the beginning of the game, or Recoome saying "You do well, hah hah, you do well!".

GAME PLAY: (9.5/10)
This is a HUGE imrpovement over the last Budokai games. There are many new features in Budokai 3, such as the teleporting counter attack. For example, if an enemy fires a Kamehameha Wave at you, you can simply press a few buttons, and appear right behind them. The most common difference has to be Dragon Rush. You activate Dragon Rush by entering Hyper Mode "Press the L1 and L2 buttons". Once in Dragon Rush, you and your opponent select a buttom of 4 choices "/\. X. [ ]. O". If the person who activated Dragon Rush picks a different button than the opponent, Dragon Rush continues. This step repeats 2 other times. If you have a Dragon Rush attack capsule equiped "Such as Warp Kamehameha" you will automatically do that attack at the end of Dragon Rush, that is if you can make it to the 3rd selection.

Unlike the previous Budokai games, Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 will keep you up endless nights with it's new modes "Such as the popular Dragon Arena" where you can gain levels and fight other player's characters from passwords online! Plus, the 60+ characters will just keep you wanting more!

For hardcore fighting game fans, I'd say rent first and see if you like it. For DBZ fans, sprint to the nearest best buy and make sure that sucker is in your PS2 right when you get home!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/27/04

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