Review by nightwing422

Reviewed: 11/27/04

Dragonball Z: Budokai 3. Yay or Nay?


Like all of the other Budokai games, this one will be a thriller for a DragonBall Z fan. Budokai 3 is an advanced fighting game, using skills that you aquire through capsules throughout the game. With a producer like Atari, it can't be so bad, right?


Wow, your probably wondering, how fun exactly is this game? It's a standard fighting game, like the other two Budokai games. It will surely addict you. With standard controls, it's not that hard to finally get the idea of how to play it. I bet you are asking yourself if this is easy or not. Well, if your a great fighting game expert, then this game will be a piece of cake. If your...not exactly the best, then I recommend that you start with the other two games, this one is slightly harder.


This game follows the same story as the show, definitely a good thing for devoted DBZ fans. It adds a few characters that AREN'T in any of the previous games like, Cooler or Brolly (as you have probably seen in commercials).


Graphics are amazingly better than the first one (DUH =P), and are slightly better than the second one. They are animated, with great cell-shading and detailed faces. The faces create great expressions. The sound lost some points here. Not too many songs in this game. The only thing you really hear is, "HAH! HUH! HAH!" or "TAKE THIS!!!"

Play time/Replayability

It took me a few days to finally beat this game. It gets easy once you get the hang of it, so you should be able to beat the story mode in 1-3 hours. Not too long, eh? Then, once you have done that, you can play other modes to win characters or money for capsules. It will definitely last you a good, long time.

Final Recommendation

I say, rent the first two games from your local Blockbuster to get the hang. After you have beaten those, then rent this game to see if you like it. It is slightly different from other fighting games, so only a real DBZ fan would REALLY like this game. If you like it after you rent it, then yeah, get it. I find that it's worth the 50 dollars, but there are better games out there that cost that much too. It's all your opinion. =D

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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