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"Best Dragon Ball game ever"

The final installment of the popular Budokai series is finally among us. The Budokai series was designed in a way so that anyone can play it. This was problem for the more hardcore fighting game fans that complained about how easy the games were to master. The series also didnt get any good reviews because the games were just below average and were recommended to Dragon Ball Z fans. Is Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 any different than the previous games? Find out right here.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 at first glance looks like the previous games. Its not until you actually play it that you being to realize this is nothing like the other ones. Dimps has added so many new features to the combat that it does feel like a new game. Because of all of the new features the game gives an authentic Dragon Ball Z experience! You can do everything from dodging to teleporting your opponent all over the arena. The biggest new feature is hyper mode where you can now unleash ultimate attacks without having to do a complicated combo. Also while in hyper mode you can unleash dragon rush that allows you to attack your opponent with cinematic camera angles. The main objective of dragon rush is to successfully attack your opponent three times in order to lower their fatigue level. Careful though dragon rush can be countered so it is not guaranteed that you would win every time. Your opponent can also do it to you. Fatigue plays a large part in the gameplay as when your opponent is tired it will be harder for them block ultimate attacks. The combat system has been improved drastically over the two previous games. This time each fighter has his or her own unique set of combos, which makes each fighter feel different. The biggest problem with the first two games was that they all controlled the same so it was a relief that they didn’t. Overall, the core gameplay has been improved.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 has the same cel-shaded style of Budokai 2 but only this time it looks a lot better. The game uses the same models from Budokai 2 but they now have been improved greatly. Each fighter truly does look like his or her anime counterpart in every way. Ultimate attacks look just as great only this time certain moves can now destroy the arena, a feature that missing from Budokai 2. Transformations are better than ever with transformation animations for characters that can transform. Not only does transforming make you more powerful but also now it gives your character more energy.

All of the voice actors return to deliver lines for their characters. The dialog sounds just as good as it does from the show, which is a big plus. The sound effects in the game appear to have been taken right from the anime, which is cool. All of the sounds, music, and voices you expect from Dragon Ball Z are in this game.

What would a Dragon Ball Z Budokai game be without extra modes? There are plenty of things to do in Budokai 3. First off the board game of Budokai 2 has been replaced with an rpg style adventure mode called Dragon Universe. In this mode you control Goku and his friends as you collect the Dragonballs and grow stronger with every intense battle. The biggest draw of this feature is the ability to customize your characters attributes. The more levels your character gains the more powerful it becomes. You can even use the passwords you get from leveling up to battle other players custom characters for the closets thing to online play. Duel and World Tournament mode make a return with minor upgrades to each mode. In Duel you can now choose how many health bars you can have while in World Tournament you can stop yourself from being kicked out of the ring!

With so much to unlock in Budokai 3 like characters, special capsules, and Dragon Arena you will be busy with this game a long while. Especially with the option of facing other players characters from around the world anyone can get into this. With the games great graphics, updated combat engine, smooth gameplay, and semi online play this game is definitely worth a purchase from both dbz fan and non dbz fans alike.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/30/04

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