Review by dEaDaNdReD

"This Game is Friggin Awesome"

Wow this game just blew my mind. It is a perfect realization of what a DBZ game should be. This Game rules but is flawed by the dragon rush and hyper mode system.

Graphics: 9

This games graphics capture the DBZ look perfectly. The graphics are clean and crisp. They also are very bright and crisp. The look of the game is very good. It is almost exactly the look of the show/manga. The backrounds however are lacking.

Gameplay: 8

The gameplay is very good. The action is very fluid and mimics the show/manga very well. The teleportation and pursue attacks are handled very well. What takes away from the game though is..................... you guessed it DRAGON RUSH. The bad thing about it is that it is too repetitive and some of the special moves must be preformed through it. Also HYPER MODE is terrible. just having to do it to get an Ultimate off annoys the hell out of me. Hyper mode makes it too predictable when you want to pull and ultimate off. A plus to these minuses is the baseline KI system. This is excellent and is implemented into the game very well. This will help you stay in transformations longer and is more true to the source.

Sound: 9

The sound is very good. The sound effects are very good and the music is decent. I like the sound effects very much.

Control: 10

Well the controls to me were very good. The option to customize them is good and the controls are easy to remember, because when the time comes you'll have to do this and all of that. The contols respond well.

Overall: This game is very good. It would have been as perfect as Cell if they changed a bit of the battle system. Perhaps if they changed hyper mode to not be so predictable. This game is very good but still could get better

The BOTTOM LINE: A Good Game Only flawed by Dragon Rush and Hyper Mode.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/05/04

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