Review by Spartan011

Reviewed: 12/09/04

The best DBZ game, or is it?

This game to me is one of the best DBZ games. This game carries one of the best features such as the One Player mode. On the one player mode it's not the most common for the Budokai series. This one is an RPG! It's an RPG because when you fight you get expirience for beating that person in a fight. Then if you level you get to use the number of points that you have to enhance the categories that they have available.

Also, one of the best features is when the players, or COM both throw a Kamehameha or another thing you have to spin either the Left Anolog, Right Anolog, or both at the same time to make the blast go back. The easiest is to spin both because it gives a better affect.

One of the funnest things in the game is when you lauch an Ultimate Attack. When you launch you need to be in Hyper Mode. Then you need to click all four buttons at the same time. Then two bars go on the bottom and you haveto click L3 or R3 and another button at the same time when the bar on the bottom fills.

Also in this game you get to teleport. Attack teleport, or defense teleport. The attack teleport is when you hit someone teleport behind him hit him again. You can do this about five times.

The blocking in this game is really unique. You get to teleport, use super speed to evade the attack, or you can just normally block. When you use the teleport behind him without him attacking you is called a defense teleport as we talked about earlier. This takes up about 3 Ki gauges. The normal blocking wastes your life. The evade is when you go super speed and dodge. This is the best because you only waste little Ki gauges.

There is a wide variaty of characters in this game. You can even use characters from the GT episodes such as people think there is, but I have no proof is Goku SS4. You can also use all three forms of the Buu's.

If you liked the first or second game, you should buy this one. If you didn't like any of the DBZ Budokai series don't buy this game. If you love fighting games buy this one, and finally if you didn't like any fighting games don't buy this one.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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