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"Budokai 3 a wonderful improvement"

I am a huge fan of DBZ and this game did not dissapoint. The DBZ games have a great history and this can be thanks to the tv show. This game was great however I would like to see some things changed.

Gameplay 8.6/10 A

The gameplay was good but kinda boring. Basically all you did was fly to locations and fight people. This was a major improvement of DBZ Budokai 2's game board movements. However I wish they could have made you see more background of a location rather then one still picture behind the person talking. Although it was a good idea to make places destroyed when it would fit the storyline, that was a magnificent idea. I liked the fact that you could change the storyline a bit for example I made ssj Vegeta kill Freza and I got to fight ssj Vegeta. Also that you could find a battle point to fight people to get to a higher level or any other reason. Another thing I liked was the fact that there was more than one way to unlock some of the characters. I also liked the fact that you could play more than one characters storyline. Although not every character had a storyline so that was dissapointing. One thing that was above all others was the leveling up. They even had a level up for effectiveness of capsuls, thats the first time ive seen something like that. The downside to that is that not everyone has a storyline in the game so they can't level up as fast and that the levels only go up to 99. I wanted to go all the way to level 100 but now I know I can't. One supject I am conflicted about is the fact that some characters have an advantage for the amount of energy they start out with. In one case this did make the game harder which I liked, however some people may start causing conflicts if they lose to a friend who used a character that starts out with more energy. I personaly love challenges so to me this has no downside but like I said above this may cause conflits amont people. The gameplay may have few small flaws however it is still great.

Controlls 9/10 A

One of the best thing about this game was that it was really easy to learn the controls. It took me about 5 minutes to learn everything. This was also an improvement of the budokai 2 game which made it difficult to do specials. In this game it's one button. Another improvement is that u could shoot more that one ki blast in short amount of time. The teleporting was great, you could teleport behind your opponent and use the basic counter-atk or you could hit with another atk if you just paused a little longer after teleporting. The controllers are simple and thats the way I like it.

Graphics/Sound 7.5/10 B

Good but with some flaws that needs to be fixed for the next game. The characters were defenately a major improvement and the atacks they perform were also great. The fact that characters actualy talked during matches was awsome, it defenately made it seem a bit more realistic and sometimes it was funny. My favorite one is when gotenks says something like he's the mackdaddy of justice when he's in his ssj3 form (super saiyan 3 form). Sometimes if you matched 2 specific characters together they would say something special (my fav is when you choose Krillin agains Cooler and Krillin would say "ahh Freeza" and Cooler would respond with "hmm, don't insult me") that was awsome. The graphics for the DU mode was outstanding, I loved the fact that you could actualy fly around. It was also good to see some locations destroyed when the story suits it (I know i'm repeting this but it has to be said more than once). Now time for the downsides. I saw was that when you enterd a location you didn't actualy get to see it, all you saw was a still picture with a person in front of it. There was absolutely no facial expressions at all. The faces of the people didn't change at all during the whole thing (eg. Vegeta would get mad sometimes but all it showed when he talked to someone was a picture with no expression). That was a major dissapointment. I did get bored of watching the specials over and over again and watching earth explode so many times.

Play Time/Replayability 10/10 A

This basically reviews how long it takes to beat the game and collect items. There isn't much to say. This game does take a REALLY REALLY long time to beat. I'm talking about getting all your characters to level 99 and getting all the capsuls. That will take a huge amount of time. This defenetely deserves a 10/10 since it takes such a long time to complete.

Final Recommendation

My final verdict...... buy this game. It's got a mixture of comedy and action and even a small amount of sorrow. It shows awsome explosions with great sound affects and it's also good for people at any age. It's an awsome game for fans and people new to DBZ. The controls and gameplay are fun and easy to get used to. In my opinion you should buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/15/05

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