3D ArtMike Green
3D ArtistJavier Leon
AnimationAndy Morriss
Art ManagerNeil South
Audio & Animation ProgrammerPaul Scargill
Concept & 3D ArtPatrick Romano
Concept ArtistTom Gluckman
Creative DirectorMartyn Brown
FMV ArtistTony Landais
Game DesignKelvin Aston
Game DesignKevin Carthew
Game DesignJohn Dennis
Game DesignMark Dimond
Game DesignPorl Dunstan
Game DesignJohn Eggett
Game DesignGrant Towell
Lead ArtistDave Smith
Lead ProgrammerCharles Blessing
Level TexturesMar Hernandez
Level TexturesEnrique Corts Llopis
ProducerPaul Kilburn
ProgrammerPhil Carlisle
ProgrammerAndy Clitheroe
ProgrammerSteve Eckles
ProgrammerColin Surridge
ProgrammerMartin Swaine
ProgrammerPaul Tapper
Sound & MusicBjorn Lynne
Support ArtistRico Holmes
Technical ManagerStefan Boberg


Data and credits for this game contributed by Mookiethebold, LordAndrew, and odino.

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