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    FAQ/Walkthrough by rathee

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    !!:       !!: :!!   !!:       !!:  !!!  !!:  !!!    !!:    !!:  !!!  !!: :!!
    :!:       :!:  !:!  :!:       :!:  !:!  :!:  !:!    :!:    :!:  !:!  :!:  !:!
     ::       ::   :::   :: ::::   :::: ::  ::   :::     ::    ::::: ::  ::   :::
     :         :   : :  : :: ::   :: :  :    :   : :     :      : :  :    :   : :
               _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _
              / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
             ( C | o | n | c | r | e | t | e ) ( J | u | n | g | l | e )
              \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/
    Predator: Concrete Jungle
    for XBOX
    Began July 16, 2005
    Finished July 23, 2005
    Written by Rathee
    To make this guide easy to navigate I have set up the ctrl+f system. Just press
    ctrl+f and type in the number of the section you want to skip right to it.
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction.....................(10001)
    2. Version Info.....................(10002)
    3. Game Info........................(10030)
    3-1.  controls......................(10031)
    3-2.  Weapons/Gadgets...............(10032)
    3-3.  Vision Modes..................(10033)
    4. Walkthrough......................(10400)
    4-1.  A Midsummer Night's Massacre..(10401)
    4-2.  Copycat.......................(10402)
    4-3.  Sacrifice.....................(10403)
    4-4.  Dead Man Walking..............(10404)
    4-5.  Sanctuary.....................(10405)
    4-6.  La Famiglia...................(10406)
    4-7.  Death in the Family...........(10407)
    4-8.  Under the gun.................(10408)
    4-9.  Skin Trade....................(10409)
    4-10. The Machine Men...............(10410)
    4-11. Sink the Shipment.............(10411)
    4-12. Raze the Depot................(10412)
    4-13. The Monster Squad.............(10413)
    4-14. A night to remeber............(10414)
    4-15. Extinction Event..............(10415)
    4-16. The Boss of this City.........(10416)
    4-17. Escape........................(10417)
    4-18. Rescue........................(10418)
    4-19. Prey of The Clan..............(10419)
    4-20. Ten Thousand Ways to Die......(10420)
    4-21. Come to MOTHER................(10421)
    4-22. Hot Time in the Old Town......(10422)
    4-23. Last Rites....................(10423)
    4-24. "If it bleeds...".............(10424)
    4-25. Bug Hunt......................(10425)
    4-26. The New Flesh.................(10426)
    4-27. End of Empire.................(10427)
    5. Ritual Challenges................(10005)
    6. Frequently Asked Questions.......(10006)
    7. Contact Me.......................(10007)
    8. Thanks...........................(10008)
    9. Legal Stuff......................(10009)
    1. Introduction       (10001)
    Well this game will be the third game I've written a guide for since I've
    been deployed with 3ID here in Iraq. I wrote this guide since I really
    enjoyed this game and as something to do to pass the time while I'm here.
    It gets boring out here sometimes. >.>
    You can go to that link to find any of my other works I have posted on
    2. Version Info       (10002)
    V 0.4 Finished just less than half the storyline walkthrough. Still have alot
    of work to do should be finished by saturday.
    V 0.7 Only have eight more storyline missions to complete. Need to complete
    alot more other content. Right on track to finish on saturday.
    V 1.0 Well it's Saturday and as I promised it's done. Completed the entire
    walkthrough today re-did the title ascii art, fixed some errors and completed
    all of my content. Changed my email address.
    V 1.1 Added location of a power box in A Night to Remeber thanks to Nottheone.
    3. Game Info          (10030)
    3-1. Controls         (10031)
    Left Control Stick - Move your Predator/aim in first-person mode. In
    first-person mode click to zoom out.
    Right Control Stick - Move camera (click to center view behind Predator)
    /lean in first-person mode/cycle targets. In first person mode click to
    zoom in.
    Control Pad Up - Cloak on/off.
    Control Pad Left - Cycle vision modes.
    Control Pad Right - Turn vision modes off.
    Control Pad Down - Toggle wrist blades in/out.
    L Trigger - Target lock.
    R Trigger - Use ranged attack.
    White Button - Speacial action.
    Black Button - Toggle first-person mode.
    Start Button - Pause/in-game menus.
    Back Button - Weapon select.
    A Button - Jump.
    B Button - Light melee attack. (claws)
    X Button - Use Gadget.
    Y Button - Heavy Melee attack. (weapon)
    3-2. Weapons/Gadgets  (10032)
    (taken from in-game descriptions)
    Combistick - A telescopic quarterstaff, each sweeping blow is capable of
    knocking several enemies off their feet, leaving them vulnerable to follow
    up attacks.
    Glaive - A twin headed pole-arm, the glaive's rapid spinning moves slice
    through enemies with ease.
    Maul - A heavy weapon of blades and spikes, it's powerful spinning and
    crushing blows can penetrate even the strongest defence.
    Wristblade - The Predator's basic weapon, these extendable metal claws are
    perfect for preforming fast slashing and ripping attacks, and can kill an
    off guard enemy with a single strike.
    Plasmacaster - This shoulder-mounted cannon rapid-fires explosive plasma
    bolts of variable power. It's heat-tracking targeting system lets it
    target enemies on every side of the predator.
    Speargun - For the hunter who prefers a long-range silent kill, this fires
    telescopic spears which can take off a man's head or pin him to a wall.
    Smart Disc - This smart throwing weapon homes in on it's target with
    lethal precision, it's spinning blades cutting a person in half. The disc
    can also be programmed to take down multiple enimies in one swooping arc.
    Traps - These traps can be attached to any surfaceand will trigger when an
    enemy gets to close,or can be thrown directly at a target to cause instant
    Sonic Trap - Sonic Traps release a burst of multi-spectrum light and
    subsonic sound wave designed to breifly disrupt the nervous system of the
    prey without causing permanent damage.
    Fire Bomb - Fire bombs cause a short-live incendiary burst. Victims that
    are set on fire will bur until their flesh is consumed.
    Pulse Mine - Pulse Mines release a micro-second burst of electro-magnetic
    pulses which disrupt electronic systems. They are designed to disable
    cybernetic or robotic enemies, as well as disrupt holographic camoflage or
    cloaking systems.
    Plasma Mine - Plasma Mines explode with devastaing force, spraying super
    heated plasma in a controlled burst designed to miimize risk to the user
    while searing the flesh from the target.
    Medicomp -  A powerful and versatile first-aid kitwhich lets the injured
    huter treat virtually anymanner of wound while still in the field. Using
    the Medicomp will therefore heal all damage that has been suffered.
    Vocal Mimicry - In third person mode this is used to let out a fearsome
    roar that will cause enemies to cower if fear. In first person mode it is
    used to play back passwords to gain entry to certain areas.
    3-3. Vision Modes    (10033)
    (taken from the game manual)
    Thermal Vison - This highlights prey based on thier body heat. Preforming
    a detailed scan will analyze a target's armor and psyhical structure for
    weaknesses. By studying thethe resistance to the various attacka in your
    arsenal, you can choose the most effcient weapon for each kill.
    Neuro Vison - This is tuned to the electrical activity in the human brain
    and its pheremone signatures. This allows you to detremine the current
    primary emothion of the prey, as shown by the following color key.
    Green: passive
    Flashing Green: panicing
    Yellow: Hostile
    Red: Aggressive
    Flashing Red: Violent
    A detailed scan will evaluate the prey's loyalty and highlight any nearby
    individuals that share the same loyalty. Markers will be added to your HUD
    to allow easy detection of this prey group, eve through intervening
    physical obstacles.
    Tech Vision - This detects fluctuating energy signatures which can be
    useful or harmful to you. Energy sources which can be used to replenish
    your power supply, mechanical enemies, electronic security systems, and
    surfaces which you can climb are the most common items highlighted.
    A detailed scan will analyze a target's weponry and technological
    equipment, plus any cybernetic augmentations. The scan can also be used to
    discover the properties of electronic security devices such as cameras.
    This will allow you to evaluate what threat the prey may present, and act
    accordingly to achieve a successful hunt.
    4. Walkthrough        (10040)
    4-1. A Midsummer Night's Massacre    (10401)
    Bonus Tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 0
    Attribute upgrades - 0
    Alternate Costumes - 1
    This is basically a training level, not difficult at all. Though you
    won't be able to cloak most of the level because of the rain. You also
    can't use vision modes because of your lack of mask.
    Objective - Get back to your ship.
    Escape through the city to reach your spaceship. The waypoint markers on
    your radar and heads-up display will show you where to go.
    Ok easy objective just follow the markers. First jump into the court-yard
    below you and kill the men there. Now head for the building with the big
    doors. Inside you will get your execution tutorial. Now head down the hall
    and go outside. Don't worry about killing anyone in this area, just run to
    your next waypoint. Keep Jumping around from roof to roof until you get a
    grapple tutorial. Try it out if you want but you'll also notice you got
    your first bonus mission.
    Jump down to the next area and continue on. You will get a cut scene of
    your predator jumping onto a wall. Climb up this wall onto the roof.
    Continue on until you get a scene of a building crumbling, you will have
    to jump around a bit in this building and over to another building beside
    it to continue on. Right before the next way-point you will get a cut
    scene ending the level.
    Objective - Bonus Mission - Kill the Irish Boss
    Broken-Face Finlay, the leader of the Irish mobsters, would make a worthy
    Once you get this mission just jump down to the area below you and find
    the guy with the way-point marker over his head. Kill him to unlock a new
    alternate costume.
    4-2. Copycat                         (10402)
    Bonus Tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 1
    Attribute Upgrades - 1
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Flay the killers
    Hunt down the copycat killers and make trophies out of 3 of them.
    Ok first objective the first thing you are gonna have to do is switch to
    tech-vision mode to be able to see the copycat killers. When in tech
    vision mode you can also see them as the bulls-eye like markers on your
    radar. Now find one and target him, make sure you dont have your claws
    out. Hit him with light melee attacks to grab him. Now switch back to
    normal vision and follow the way-points to find a place to flay him. Do
    this two more times to complete your mission.
    Objective - Wipe out the riot police
    The police have arrived to break up the riots. Kill all police and destroy
    their Ulysses Machines. Watch out for patrol cops that may try to call for
    Now that the cops are here in force move on to killing them. They will
    show up on your map as the little bulls-eye marker. In each group there
    will be multiple cops and probably a Ulysses. I suggest going for the
    Ulysses first since it has the most firepower. To kill on just get cloaked
    and walk up behind it and jump on it. You will automatically kill it after
    you jump on it but all the cops around you will start to fire at you, if
    you stay cloaked though they will not have good accuracy and probably miss
    you. Kill all the cops to end this objective.
    Objective - Locate the entrance to the Serviteur Base
    Locate the entrance to the Serviteur Base.
    Easy objective just follow the way-point marker on your map to the base.
    It is near where you did the bonus mission for this level.
    Bonus Mission - Hunt down the psychopath preying on the city's homeless.
    This time you wont be told what to do in an objective, you will have to
    find this guy on your own. To find him Head to the North West corner of
    the city where all the broken down buildings are. Now look for the guy
    with the marker over his head. Kill him to get a health upgrade.
    Weapon Upgrade - Wrist Blade
    This can be a bit tricky to explain but here goes. Ok go to the North East
    most police barricade. Now there should be railway tracks above you,
    follow them around the first corner. Now head down this road and take the
    first right, above you should be some more tracks, jump up there. Now just
    above you there should be some catwalks jump up here to get the upgrade.
    These can also be easily seen in tech vision mode from the blue glow they
    will emit. Now your Wristblades do more damage.
    4-3. Sacrifice                       (10403)
    Bonus Tasks - 0
    Weapon Upgrades - 0
    Attribute Upgrades - 0
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Defeat all Serviteurs
    The Houngan, voodoo priest of Les Serviteurs, is Alpha male of this pack.
    His skull will make a fine trophy.
    Alright the first thing to do is switch to tech vision mode and take out
    all the serviteurs in the ghosts suits. After they are all dead switch
    back to normal vision and kill off the rest of the grunts. Stay cloaked
    the whole time to make them miss you.
    After they are all taken out The Houngan will appear. First off to weaken
    him you can throw a few fire bombs at him, then follow it up with a couple
    charged plasmacaster bolts. Don't worry about cloaking, it wont work on
    him. After you have expened all your fire bombs and energy start to use
    your wristblades on him. Don't worry about your speargun either, he will
    deflect incoming spears. Also you shouldn't waste time using your
    combistick on him, it wont do much damage. Just jump around him and behind
    him and wait for an opening to attack with your wrist blade. Hit him a few
    times until he dies. After he goes down target him again and press B to do
    a skull rip and end the level. This will also unlock the New Way Ruins
    Ritual Challenge.
    4-4. Dead Man Walking                 (10404)
    Bonus Tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 1
    Attribute Upgrades - 1
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Locate the Beacons
    There are 3 beacons located in the area which will lead you to the ship of
    your fallen clan brothers. Locate all 3 using your Tech Vision and
    activate them (B)
    First off this will be your first "stealth Mission" you have to go through
    most of this level without being seen. You will notice a panic meter near
    your radar that will go up when you are seen, and down when you are not
    seen. Don't let it reach the top or game over.
    Now what you need to do is switch to Tech Vision. Now the beacons will
    show up an your radar and you can see them in your screen. Find the first
    one directly in front of where you start on the next set of railway
    tracks. Now if you look infront of you you will see a wall you can climb
    up. Climb up it and you should see the net beacon infront of you. The last
    beacon can be found on the other side of the church on top of a building.
    Once you get the last beacon you will get a new objective.
    Objective - Stop the supplies
    Make sure none of the stolen supplies make it into the Dead Men network.
    Kill all supply carriers before they leave the streets.
    Now if you havent already switch back to normal vision mode and hunt down
    the targets shown on your radar. They dont move fast but if they see you
    they will start to run, I suggest the speargun. After you have killed all
    four of them you get another mission.
    Objective - The Arms Deal
    A shipment of weapons has been stolen by the Juvenile Pack 9. The Dead Men
    want them and have set up a meeting. Make your way to the exchange.
    To complete this mission all you gave to do is head to the waypoint
    Objective - Stop the arme deal
    Kill the Juveniles and the Dead Men trying to buy the weapons.
    All you have to do here is what it says, kill all the targets that appear
    on your radar. Becareful though, your stealth still counts.
    Objective - The Mugging
    A Juvenile drug dealer has strayed into Dead Men territory, go to his
    patch and witness the gang retaliation.
    All you have to do for this objective is get to the next waypoint marker
    which should be near where you started this level.
    Objective - Kill the muggers
    Kill the Dead Men who dished out the beating.
    Another simple objective you dont even really have to move from where you
    are, just snipe the three guys that show up as targets on your radar.
    Objective - Enter the Church
    Head for the church and record the password to gain entry. look for the
    drone with the icon above his head, Lock On to him in 1st person and
    remain locked on throughout the conversation. Once he has entered the
    church use Vocal Mimicry to enter.
    This is a good objective, first stay hidden and move to the target on your
    map. Now enter first person mode and lock on to him. once he says the
    password lock on to the intercom next to the church door and select your
    Vocal Mimicry gadget. Press X to use it and end the level.
    Bonus Mission - Locate the two weapons crates around the city and destroy
    their contents.
    The first weapons crate will be north of your start point on top of a roof.
    It will probably be guarded by a few bad guys, you can take them out with
    the spear gun. The second upgrade you can get right after you take out all
    your targets in the "Stop the arms deal" objective. Just look for the crate
    in that area on ground level. For this mission you will get an energy
    Weapon Upgrade - Combistick
    To get this upgrade head to the waypoint for the "The Arms Deal" objective
    and go to Tech Vision mode. Now look South East of that point, you will
    see the upgrade on top of a building with a climbable wall. You now do
    more damage with the Combistick.
    4-5. Sanctuary                       (10405)
    Bonus Tasks - 0
    Weapon Upgrades - 0
    Attribute Upgrades - 0
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Make trophies of the strongest prey
    The Triad are the most feared enforcers of the Dead Men. They will fight
    and die as a pack.
    These guys are easy the only tough part is that there are 3 of them. First
    off, don't use the combistick unless you have two or there of them near
    you and you want to kock them down. Just pick one out and target him, now
    just run circles around him and slash with your wristblades. Repeat this
    on all three for another victory. Oh and dont forget to take their heads
    for trophies. For completing this level you will unlock teh Inner City
    Ritual Challenge.
    4-6. La Famiglia                      (10406)
    Bonus Tasks - 0
    Weapon Upgrades - 1
    Attribute Upgrades - 0
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - The Don's mansion
    Get through the defences and into Don Giovanni's mansion.
    When you start this level if you switch to tech vision and scan the turret
    in frot of you you see that it has thermal and motion sensing capability.
    This means if you get infront of it, even if you are cloaked, it will
    shoot you. Now stay in tech vision and go around its line of sight and
    down the path on your left. Jump over the mine that you see in the path
    unless you like being shot at. Complete the sentry turret objective and go
    back the way you came. Now head toward the mansion until you see another
    bridge on your right, go down here to do the shield mission. After the
    shield mission you will get the next mission to protect the Ulysses.
    if the Ulysses makes it to the door before it gets killed you will
    finish this level.
    Objective - Disable the sentry turrets
    Find a Mafia Lieutenant to operate the Bio-scanner and disable the sentry
    The mafia lieutenant will be at the end of the walkway with a symbol above
    his head. Grab him and press his face into the scanner.
    Objective - Disable the mansion's shielding defences
    Shut down the Don's exterior defensive shield so the Juvenile Pack 9 can
    push forward in their onslaught.
    Now that the turrets are disabled head toward the mansion until you see
    another path on your right. Head down here and grab the lieutenant down
    here to activate the scanner to shut down the shield.
    Objective - Protect the Pack 9 Ulysses
    The hijacked Ulysses will be capable of smashing a way into the Don's
    mansion. Protect it from the defenders until it can reach the front doors.
    All you have to do is kill people. Be especially careful to kill the guys
    with the rocket launchers as soon as you can. Becareful though, if the
    girl in the Ulysses sees you she will fire at you.
    Weapon Upgrade - Speargun
    To get this upgrade you need to get on top of the mansion. During the
    protect the Ulysses mission head around to the left side of the house to
    see a glass porch, jump on here then up to the roof and find the upgrade
    on one of the helipads. Your Speargun can now hold 20 spears instead of
    4-7. Death in the Family              (10407)
    Bonus Tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 0
    Attribute upgrades - 1
    Alternate costumes - 0
    Objective - Recover your Glaive
    Search for a piece of history that the Don bought online.
    As soon as you start this level the glaive will be in the middle of the room in
    a glass case, just grab it.
    Objective - Crush all of your enemies
    The Juvenile Pack 9 have gained access to the masion. Now you can eliminate all
    your enemies.
    For this objective you just have to kill everyone. Although you can just start
    off by cutting people up I reccommend just letting them fight it out first then
    picking up the stragellers. After the Ulysses and the Don's head man (you can
    otice him by the big gun ad the red glow) are dead clear up the last of the
    men and the level will end. You will also unlock the Church of the Dead Ritual
    Bonus mission - Hunt down Don Giovanni
    All you have to do for this mission is go up the stairs in the room and head to
    the back of the area, you will see some curtains in the back, go in there to
    find the Don cowering. You will get an armor upgrade for your ...hard work.
    4-8. Under the gun                   (10408)
    Bonus Tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 1
    Attribute Upgrades - 0
    Alternate Costumes - 1
    Objective - Follow El Hongo stealthily
    El Hongo is about to leave the meating. Follow him and see what you can find
    If El Hongo sees you then your hunt will be ended, so stay out of sight.
    Ok you dont really have to follow El Hongo, you just have to make it to your
    next waypoint before a certain time has elapsed. Secondly the only person you
    need not let see you is El Hongo, random henchmen seeing you wont end the
    mission. First what you should do is head along the railway tracks until you
    see the target marker, not waypoint, on your map. This will be a cop grab him
    and head to the first waypoint marker. After the cutscene go inside this
    building you are next to to use the cop on the bio-scanner (it should appear as
    a waypoint on your map). Doin this will make the level much less annoying as it
    will shut off the cameras that will see you and end the mission. After about
    five waypoints of jumping around this objective ends and you get a new one.
    Objective - Los Matadores safe house
    El Hongo is about to enter th Matador safe house. Get to the roof of the
    building and check out what's happening inside.
    This is simple just go around the corner of the building you ended the last
    objective at, go up a couple floors and get to the waypoint.
    Objective - El Hongos Guns Trade
    Scour the area for El Hongo's Weapon dealers and bring an end to his guns
    You dont reall have to scour the area, the weapons dealers will be marked on
    your map as target symbols. There should be six of them in all they will be the 
    actual hot dog vendors at the shops, not the costumers. Finish this objective
    to clear the level.
    Bonus Mission - Destroy all Matador vehicles
    The first truck can be found on your right as soon as you finish the safe house
    objective. Just go down to street level and pound it up, also kill the arms
    dealer here. A second truck can be found on the third floor of the parking lot
    on the north side of town, near where you began the level. The last one can be
    found directly under where you started the mission. Destroy all three to unlock
    an alternate costume.
    Weapon Upgrade - Plasmacaster
    From where you start this level look behid you to see some broken down
    buildings. The upgrade will be on the top of the building furthest North West.
    Your Plasmacaster will now shoot plasma that explodes in a bigger area, not for
    more damage but for more AOE.
    4-9. Skin Trade                      (10409)
    Bonus Tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 0
    Attribute Upgrades - 1
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Follow El Hongo
    El Hongo is making his way to a meeting in his car. Follow him without raising
    the alarm.
    El Hongo's car will be the little red dot on your radar. Just lock on, stay
    cloaked , and follow the car to a sex club.
    Objective - Hunt down the Matador Pimps
    El Hongo has built up a network of pimps roaming the streets. Disrupt his
    bussiness by hunting down and killing pimps loyal to the Matadors. Preform a
    neuro scan to identify them.
    First find a Matador pimp by neuro scanning a few pimps. Now all Matador
    members will be highlighted on your map and have a red marker above their head.
    Find seven of the pimps to clear this level. Also Note that this is a stealth
    mission, so dont raise too many alarms.
    Bonus Mission - Kill the Matador whores
    For this mission after you have neuro scanned one of the matador pimps, start
    running around and looking for the eight whores, unlike the pimps which there
    are a continuous supply of, there will only be eight whores in the entire city.
    But it is a good thing for you they stay still and are normally on street
    corners. And also note that if you switch to any vision mode other than neuro
    or regular, all your neuro scan markings will go away. Kill all eight to get a
    Bandolier upgrade so you can hold more traps.
    4-10. The Machine Men                (10410)
    Bonus Tasks - 0
    Weapon Upgrades - 1
    Attribute Upgrades - 0
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Defeat the Machine Men
    El Hongo has calle din cyber-enhanced mercenary terrorists to protect his skin.
    Show them the stregth of a true warrior.
    Start off by emptying your plasmacaster into thier group, this should bring
    down all their life quite a bit. For the rest of the battle I would reccommed
    that you make ample use of your glaive with some claws mixed in. keep it up and
    soon all four Machine Men will be dead, but remeber your health since they can
    do alot of damage in a short amount of time. Clear this level to unlock the New
    Way Field Ritual Challenge.
    Weapon Upgrade - Wristblades
    To get this upgrade just run around the ground level until you see them sitting
    in the open, not hidden at all.
    4-11. Sink the Shipment              (10411)
    Bonus Tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 0
    Attribute Upgrades - 1
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Track down El Hongo
    Locate El Hongo and make sure he isn't going anywhere.
    Once you have tracked down the Matador Boss, lock on to him in 1st person to
    listen in.
    Ok after your first few steps you will get a cutscene that will tell you that
    your cloaking will now be disabled. Now that you have to use skill to remain
    undetected head to the North East to find and listen to El Hongo. You will be
    able to see him through a window in the building he went into at the start of
    the level.
    Objective - Find a supply of Pulse Mines
    To gain access to Lucretia's shipment you will need to first collect a new
    weapon from the black market trading area of the docks.
    To find the pulse mines you need head West. You will be able to find multiple
    ways into the black market area but the easiest is to go back to the start of
    the level, if you look around you will see an open shipping crate around you.
    Go in this crate and work your way around until you are in the black market
    area. Kill all the guards in this area and head into the little tented area
    with the sign that says "ARMS SALE TODAY". Now you will see a breakable crate
    here, break into it to pick up the mines. I would also recommend that you kill
    every guard around the entire level during this objective.
    Objective - Cut the power supply for the waterfront gates
    You will need to find a way past the generator room's voiceprint lock, then
    use Pulse Mines on the generators until the are destroyed.
    Make your way on top of the building that is connected to the building that
    El Hongo is in. Now look down into this alley until you see the target get
    close to the generator room door, now lock on to her in first person mode to
    get the pass code. After you've got the code stay on top of the roof and lock
    on to the scanner by the door, use your vocal mimicry and the two guards in
    the room will come out and stand at the end of the alley. Go down and kill
    them then go into the generator room and kill the woman in there. Now take
    out your pulse mines and throw them at the two generators in this room.
    Objective - Gain access to vessel and destroy main cargo
    Gain access to vessel and destroy main cargo.
    Now that all the cameras and jammers are shut down you can use cloaking
    again and make your way to the North West to head out to the boat that you
    will need to sink. There should be six women to kill in this area, one on
    the catwalk to your left right as you enter this area, two standing right
    after the first truck, two standing next to the crane, and one more
    patroling between those two sets. Take them all out and climb up the crane.
    After you get off the cargo net jump straight up to grb on to some bars that
    you will use to get over to the ship. There will be two women patroling
    together on the deck of the ship, take them out and go down into the hold.
    Down here there will be three women patroling, kill them all and head to the
    East end of the hold to find some blue barrels, Break one open to start a
    twenty second countdown to get out of the ships hold. Head up to atleast the
    deck of the ship before twenty seconds to clear this objective.
    Objective - Make a trophy of El Hongo
    The Matador Boss has outlived his usefulness - make an example of him as you
    claim this hunting ground for yourself.
    At this point when you start out after El Hongo you will start getting shot at
    alot, just run through it, activate cloaking if you still have it and run after
    the target on your map. Kill him to end the mission.
    Bonus Mission - Hunt down the leader of Les Serviteurs
    You can complete this mission during the Pulse Mine objective. In the black
    market area you should see a little area with 2 women, 2 cameras and some
    hostages, the leader will be the man with the mark above his head. For doing
    this mission you get a health upgrade.
    Weapon - Maul
    The level stats say there isn't an upgrade in this level, and theres not, you
    get a brand new weapon! You will pick up the Maul (which is my favorite melee
    weapon) under the same tent you pick up the pulse mines at.
    4-12. Raze the Depot                 (10412)
    Bonus Tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 0
    Attribute Upgrades - 1
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Penetrate Lucretia's depot
    You need to gain access to the weapons labs hidden below the depot. Find and
    destroy 4 power feeds to the elevator, while making sure you do not get
    detected by any cameras.
    To start off head around the west wall once you start this mission to find a
    single guard standing in a hallway on ground level. Grab this guard and take
    him up to the new waypoint marker to deactivate all the cameras. Now head back
    down to where you picked up the guard and switch to tech vision. Follow the
    glowing blue wires to the box next to you, smash it and that will be one box
    down three to go. Now go to the North East corner of the room and jump up to
    the next box. From this box jump up to the next level kill the guard up here
    and jump down to the next guard on the other side of this platform. The box is
    on this platform too. To get to the last box follow the wall around to a
    platform on the South side of the room, the box will be up here.
    Objective - Sabotage the power core
    The lower level's power core has 4 auxiliary bio-plasma containment units.
    Destroy each of these to expose the power core itself.
    Head down the now open elevator to the bottom floor. Now get up on to the
    structure down here and find the 4 power cores. You will notice them by the
    blue glowing liquid. Find and destroy all four (they are very easy to see).
    Also don't be anywhere near them when they explode as they cause massive
    Objective - Destroy the depot
    The central power core is unstableand vulnerable. Destroy it to shut down the
    depot for good.
    For this mission just head to the top of the structure and go to the middle.
    Now you will see the power core exposed, bash it up to start a 20 second
    countdown for you to reach the lift and end the level.
    Bonus mission - Hunt down the Weyland executive
    Right after you get the third box jump to the platform above you, if you aren't
    too late there will be a ship there. All you have to do is wait for the man
    with the symbol above his head to come out and kill him for an energy upgrade.
    4-13. The Monster Squad              (10413)
    Bonus Tasks - 0
    Weapon Upgrades - 1
    Attribute Upgrades - 0
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Eliminate Lucretia's forces
    Eliminate Lucretia's forces.
    These four guys are tough, The one with a rocket launcher should be closest to
    you when you start. Kill him first. I suggest circling him and hitting him with
    your maul. He should go down in no time. Go after the other three in this same
    manner. If you circle and hit they won't get a chance to move or attack. If you
    need to get close but can't find an opening, just throw a pulse mine at him.
    This will cause their armor to momentarily shut down long enough for you to get
    in and start whacking him. Kill all four and claim their skulls to end the
    level. You will unlock the South Point Docks Ritual Challenge for completing
    this level.
    Weapon Upgrade - Glaive
    You will find this upgrade in the little nook where the guard you grab to shut
    down the cameras was in the previous level. Your glaive will now do even more
    4-14. A Night to Remeber             (10414)
    Bonus Tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 0
    Attribute Upgrades - 0
    Alternate Costumes - 1
    Objective - Follow Bruno into the museum
    Bruno is heading into the museum. Follow him and find a way inside.
    Head to the first waypoint on top of the area you see Bruno go in. From this
    roof you can either try to take the more acrobatic way through this area by
    jumping onto the wood beam you will see here and going across the area, or you
    can just run through while people shoot at you, choice is yours. Head to the
    next waypoint to activate the next objective. After you have killed the five
    lieutenats head to the next waypoint. Now head to the last waypoint to end the
    Nottheone adds:
    In the level "A Night To Remember" at the first waypoint, look just ahead,
    if you go left over the catwalk just ahead and jump up some roof tops to the
    left there will be some boxes under a light hit the boxes and a power up
    station will be there, its visible before the boxes are hit but they must be
    moved out of the way. This power up station is a real big help as you know
    the level only starts with 26 energy. This is the only one I was able to
    Basically right after the first waypoint you will see a beam that you can perch
    on right infront of you. After that will be some pipes and then another beam.
    After the second beam you will jump onto a rooftop, from there turn north and
    jump up onto the building connected to the one you are on. Find the power box
    hidden behind some crates. You can also use tech vision while standing at the
    waypoint to see the power lines. This power box will help a great deal with the
    bonus mission.
    Objective - Hunt down 5 mafia lieutenants
    Assassinate Bruno's lieutenants, and show him who the real boss is around
    There will be alot of people in the area below you when this objective starts,
    jump down and kill them all to make sure you get the five lieutenants. But
    watch out for the snipers, on young blood they take of 25 hp per hit.
    Bonus Mission - Kill the 7 mafia snipers
    This mission can be tough since you have to snipe all seven snipers and they
    obviously have you out numbered. The area you take them down in is the area
    where you get the lieutenants objective. First you want to still have all 25
    energy you start this level with, now jump down into the little garden area
    that is sunken into the ground on your right as you enter this area. Once you
    are down here kill anyone else here, once everyone is dead activate your
    cloaking and pick off the four snipers that are on the east wall of the area.
    You should be able to reach all four from this part of the area. Now head up
    the stairs and start back into the main area, stop at the top of the stairs.
    You should be able to pick off two more of the snipers on the south wall from
    here. After they are down run out and hide behind the fountain, from here you
    can lean out and nail the last sniper in the area to unlock a new alternate
    costume. Note: do not worry about getting head shots on the snipers, they are
    not wearing anykind of armor so body shots will kill them.
    4-15. Extinction Event               (10415)
    Bonus Tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 0
    Attribute Upgrades - 0
    Alternate Costumes - 1
    Objective - Defeat Bruno Borgia
    Bruno has taken refuge within the museum. Track him down, kill him, and take
    his skull as a trophy.
    First keep cloaked and head through this area don't worry about the four guys
    in the first room you start in. Run through here, if you stop to kill the four
    guys in the first area a gate will close and you will have to take the time to
    lift it up while being shot at by the guys on the other side. Head upstairs in
    this room to the net floor. Head upstairs again and on this floor jump off the
    balcony. In here you will have to lift up the gateat the east end of the room
    to move on and finish the level.
    Bonus Mission - Hunt down Police Chief O'Brian
    Right after the first room there will be a room with stairs going down, go down
    the stairs and just wait for the police chief to come to you down here. Kill
    to earn a new costume.
    4-16. The Boss of this City          (10416)
    Bonus Tasks - 0
    Weapon Upgrades - 0
    Attribute Upgrades - 0
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Defeat Bruno Borgia
    Bruno has taken refuge within the museum. Track him down, kill him, and take
    his skull as a trophy.
    The normal boss strategy won't work on this guy. But fortunately you will only
    have to adapt a little bit. First, don't try to shoot him with spears or the
    smart disc, his shield will block them. What you are going to have to do is
    jump directly over him and hit him a few times in the back with your glaive.
    He sometimes turns around really fast and you won't be able to get behind him
    so what you do is slap his front a few times to get his guard up so he won't
    turn around as fast. Now just repeat thie process until he dies. Take his skull
    to unlock the Borgia Depot Ritual Challenge.
    4-17. Escape                         (10417)
    Bonus Tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 0
    Attribute Upgrades - 1
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Escape
    Break free from your restraints by repeatedly pressing (B).
    In your weakened state, you will need to be extremely cautious as you look for
    a way out of here.
    Just tap (B) when the level begins to clear this objective.
    Objective - Retrieve your mask
    You will need the vocal mimicry and visions modes of your mask in order to make
    your escape. Find and reclaim it.
    After you jump out of the room you start in this objective will start. Just
    follow the hall you are in when you get to the catwalk cross it too. Head down
    the next hall and drop down into the room below. Only two kills in this room
    are honorable, so kill the scientist and the guard and turn around ad head out
    the hall with the guard standing at the end. Go kill him and then go around
    this room and kill everyone in it before getting your mask. After they are all
    dead head to the room on the east side of the big room to get your mask.
    Objective - Grab a senior scientist to use on the Scanner
    Only senior scientists will have the cybernetic implant needed to the security
    lock on the exit. Use vision mades to identify your prey.
    When this objective starts switch to first person mode and lock on to the guy
    out the window with the mark above his head. This will re-enable vocal mimicry
    and make the 2 guys move so you can kill them. The easy way is to grab the one
    closest to you, throw him at the other guy then stomp the one you just threw
    the guy at. Now head to the now open room on the south west end of the room.
    In here use neuro scan to find a senior scientist, grab him the head to the
    scanner on the north west end of the room.
    Objective - Find your way to the upper level
    The morgue has a way out - see where it leads.
    Head down this hallway and into the room on your left. Kill the guards in here
    and head out the opening above you at the west side of the room. In this shaft
    just keep jumping up until you come to a short hall you can go into.
    Objective - Recharge your energy
    This room contains a power node where you can recharge your energy reserve.
    You should see the power node directly across from you as you enter this room.
    Jump to the ledge to your right and then to the next ledge further down. Pick
    up the healing charges here and then jump to the next platform to recharge your
    Objective - Acess the lift shaft
    The way forward is now open - somewhere ahead there must be a way out of this
    Jump down one level below you, now use the stairs on the north east end of
    this walkway to go down and behind the guards without alerting them. Now just
    lift up the gate here to end the mission
    Bonus Mission - Hunt down the head scientist
    During the use a senior scientist on the scanner mission you will go into a
    room with one guard, 4 scientists, and this guy. He will be the one with the
    mark over his head. If you alert any of the people in this room he will run
    straight out the door. Kill him to get an armor upgrade.
    4-18. Rescue                         (10418)
    Bonus tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 4
    Attribute Upgrades - 1
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Defeat the Borgia forces and escape the lab
    Your escape route is still blocked. If you kill enough of these enemies they
    will have to send reinforcements, which will open new paths for you to take.
    First thing you want to do is fire a fully charged plasma shot into the group
    of enemies in front of you since it's the only thing the aren't resistant to.
    Now kill them all and just keep killing any reinforcements that appear near
    you. Always remeber to grab one of the enemies from each group and use them on
    the scanner at the end of hallways to get new weapons. Also don't forget to
    free the other captured predators. The green lazer guys can be hard on this
    level until you get atleast your glaive back, to kill them just wait for them
    to start to charge up, then jump behind them and hit them until they stop
    shooting. Then back up and repeat until he dies. After you get the glaive back
    you can just do the normal boss strategy of circle and hit until he dies. After
    all the guards on this level are dead this objective is complete.
    Objective - Retrieve the clan weaponry
    The Borgia stole clan weaponry when the captured you and your brethren. Reclaim
    it and punish the Upstart prey.
    To Clear this objecyive you will need to pick up the Smart Disc upgrade. Don't
    forget your glaive in the next tank over either.
    Objective - Make your way to the exit
    The window at the end of this wing is your way out.
    After all the guards have been killed, even the ones that look like scientists,
    you will get this objective. Just head to the waypoint to end the level.
    Bonus Mission - Hunt down the leader of the Juvenile Pack 9
    This person will be at the end of the west hallway after the third set of
    reinforcements appear, you will need to activate the scanner to get to him.
    You will get a bandolier upgrade for killing him.
    Weapon Upgrade - Speargun
    To get this upgrade, after you defeat the enemies at the very beging and the
    first reinforcements appear kill all but one of these guys. Grab the last one
    and take him to the end of the hall and use him on the scanner to unlock a room
    with the upgrade in it and a green lazer guy from the Monster Squad mission.
    You can now carry up to 30 spears.
    Weapon Upgrade - Combistick
    This upgrade can be aquired in the same manner as the first. Except you will
    be able to access it after the second group of reinforcements. Your Combistick
    will now do more damage.
    Weapon Upgrade - Smart Disc
    After the second set of reinforcements appear head down the east hall and look
    for this upgrade in the room at the end of the hall. Your Smart Disc will now
    lock on to three targets. Also you will now have a smart disc instead of not
    having it.
    Weapon Upgrade - Maul
    This upgrade will be in west hall after the forth set of reinforcements appear.
    Remeber though that you need one of the actual guards, not the other guards
    that come out that are really women in chameleon suits. Your maul will now do
    even more damage.
    4-19. Prey of The Clan               (10419)
    Bonus Tasks - 0
    Weapon Upgrades - 0
    Attribute Upgrades - 0
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Kill Swift Knife
    Brainwashed and surgically altered, this 'Bad Blood' rouge warrior has been
    dispatched by Lucretia Borgia to kill the Research Assistants and stop you
    deactivatig the weather control towers.
    Easy to do, when the level starts he will be behind you and to the right. He
    will immediately head to the catwalk that is to your right and in front of you
    then jump over to the main catwalk, intercept him here. Just use the same
    strategy as all bosses to down him. Take his skull to complete the objective.
    Objective - Disable Weather Station at Venus Reach
    Each of the platforms houses a weather station being used to create the rain
    disabling your cloak. Grab one of the research assistants and force them to
    turn off the machine. Kill all resistance.
    Head along the main walkway quickly to avoid Long Spear's shots. At the end of
    the walkway jump onto the wall and climb up. Head out onto the Venus Reach
    tower and kill all the guards. Now grab a researcher and take him to the
    Objective - Disable Weather Station at Callisto Spire
    Use a research Assistant to disable the Weather Station at Callisto Spire.
    Kill all resistance.
    By now police helicopters and Long Spear will be shooting at you. Never stop
    running unless you want to take alot of damage. When you get to Callisto Spire
    get inside as soon as you can to take refuge form both Long Spear and the
    police. Do the same thing you did on the last tower, kill the guards and grab
    a researcher to use on the scanner.
    Objective - Disable Weather Station at Triton Crest
    Use a Research Assistant to disable the Weather Station at Triton Crest. Kill
    all resistance.
    Same thing as the last two kill the guards and grab a researcher.
    Objective - Defeat your Brethren
    Two other Bad Bloods, Long Spear and Stone Heart, have been ordered to kill
    you. Defeat these once-proud warriors and bring an end to their disgrace.
    Once you climb up the building that says Appolo Hieghts Stone Heart should come
    to find you. You will want to lure him around to the back of the building so
    you can avoid Long Spear shooting you. Now you dont stand a chance against him
    close quarters. So what you want to do is stay away from him, which is easy
    since he is so slow, and shoot him with your plasmacaster and speargun until he
    runs away. Yeah you don't get to kill him now, he runs from you.
    Now head to the center platform and kill Long Spear, he should try to run
    around and shoot at you but he goes down in about three hits from your maul.
    Take his skull to unlock the Uptown South Ritual Challenge.
    Objective - Disable Weather Station at Atlas Round
    Use a Research Assistant to disable the Weather Station at Atlas Round. Kill
    all resistance.
    After Stone Heart and Long Spear are out of your way jump down to the catwalk
    below the tower you killed Long Spear on ad grab oe of the researchers. Use him
    on the scanner to end the level.
    4-20. Ten Thousand Ways to Die       (10420)
    Bonus Tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 1
    Attribute Upgrades - 1
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Reach Lucretia's penthouse
    Work your way across the city to Orient Park where Lucrtia's penthouse is
    First eliminate all the enemies around you, move on to the next tower and do
    the same. Now kill Lucretia's bodyguard and keep moving on. After you disable
    the electrified wall climb it and jump to the next building, Paradise Meadows.
    Now watch out going to the back side of this building as there will be two
    rocket launcher guys that track you by heat, so cloaking doesn't matter to
    them. They will be over on the building that say MONSTER BOWL around the
    bottom. Now climb up this building and then jump down on the east side of it.
    Turn on tech vision before heading up this path you will see alot of mines
    here. The ones on the ground are pulse mines and the ones circling are plasma
    mines. You want to wait for the opeing in the plasma mines and then jump over
    the pulse mine. If you hit a pulse mine try to run back to the start of this
    path before the police ship sees you. After you make it through you will get
    the Terra Verde objective. Complete everything here and move on to fight the
    prototype Ulysses. After that battle go on to the Delta Shores building, when
    you are just about the you will get the missle speacialist objective. Kill him
    and you will get the final objective for this level to kill all three of the
    ronin bodyguards, kill them to finish the level.
    Objective - Eliminate all enemies at Marble Point
    Eliminate all enemies at Marble Point.
    You start off on Marble Point, just jump down here and kill everyone.
    Objective - Eliminate all enemies at Titan Rise
    Eliminate all enemies at Titan Rise.
    Same thing as the last objective, watch out for snipers on this tower too.
    Objective - Engage Lucretia's Ronin and defeat him
    Engage Lucretia's Ronin and defeat him.
    This guy is easy but if you give him a chance he can do quite a bit of damage.
    Just use the same strategy as all bosses, circle and pummel with the maul.
    once you get his health low enough he will run away.
    Objective - Disable the electrified wall
    Locate and destroy the power source for the electrified wall.
    After you get to the Coral Soar building you will get this objective. First
    head over to the opposite side of the building and use tech vision to look for
    a set of wires leading up to a box that you break to disable the forcefields
    into the building. Now go into the building and destroy the box here to shut
    down the wall.
    Objective - Eliminate all enemies at Terra Verde
    Eliminate all enemies at Terra Verde.
    Same as before but this time there will be guards in chameleon suits among some
    civilians, so watch out for dishonorable kills here.
    Objective - Engage Lucretia's Ronin and defeat him
    Engage Lucretia's Ronin and defeat him.
    Another ronin will appear after you take out all the chameleon suited guards.
    Use the same tactics as before.
    Objective - Destroy the prototype Ulysses
    Destroy the prototype Ulysses.
    This guy is kinda tough, first off don't try to jump on him like you would a
    normal Ulysses. He will throw you off and shoot you. Switch to pulse mines if
    you have them, if you don't this is gonna hurt. Now the pillars up here are
    there for a reason, use them for cover. When the Ulysses turns his back to you
    run out hit him a couple times with the maul until he turns to you. Now back
    off a bit and throw a pulse mine at him. Now pummel him with the maul until he
    reactivates, Now back off and throw another at him. Repeat this process until
    he dies.
    Objective - Eliminate the last remaining Missile Speacialist
    Eliminate the last remaining Missile Speacialist.
    After you reach the Delta Shores building this objective will activate. Run
    back to where you fought the prototype and kill the missile speacialist.
    Objective - Engage Lucretia's Ronin and defeat all of them
    Engage Lucretia's Ronin and defeat all of them.
    These guys are no joke if you let them get a chance. Start off by killing the
    one closest to you first. Hopefully you can finish him off before the other
    two close in on you. After one is dead it can get tricky, if the other two are
    close together just slap them both around with the maul, if they are seperate
    circle around one until both are in front of you so you don't get attacked from
    behind. Kill off one more to leave you with just one, kill him to end the level.
    Bonus Mission - Locate and activate all of the cloaked beacons
    For this mission you will have to activate three beacons. You can see the
    beacons while you are in tech vision. While in tech vision you can also see
    them on your radar very faintly. The first beacon will be on Titan Rise on the
    very top. To get up there you will have to jump up on one of the larger tower
    like structures and then jump over onto the lip of the building. Now go around
    to the back side of it to find the beacon. The second beacon will be around the
    back of the tower you fight the prototype Ulysses on. The last beacon is on the
    Delta Shores building, instead of running back immediately and killing the last
    missile speacialist head straight forward to the beacon and activate it to get
    a health upgrade.
    Weapon Upgrade - Glaive
    At the very end of the level you will get to the Delta Shores building, before
    you go to kill the last missile speacialist head around to the south side of
    the Delta Shores building to get this upgrade. Your glaive will now do more
    4-21. Come to MOTHER                 (10421)
    Bonus Tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 0
    Attribute Upgrades - 1
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Follow Lucretia to the upper floors
    Using the building's maintenance shaft will allow you to evade most of the
    security systems. Locate it and force a way in.
    Pick up the pulse mines in the room you start in, you will need them. The next
    room you come to you will have to kill 12 Ulysses 3 at a time, and it can get
    difficult when you have 2 shooting you while you kill one, so throw pulse mines
    like theres no tommorow and hope to get out with a couple left. The door will
    finnaly open once all of them are dead. Keep on going through this area until
    you get to a large circular room with lots of prototype Ulysses, find the
    target on your radar and grab her. Carry him to the scanner to open the
    elevator. Enter the elevator to end the level.
    Bonus Mission - Destroy all the Ulysses cyborgs defending the way to MOTHER's
    To finish this mission you will have to beat down all 4 Ulysses cyborgs in the
    large circular room. You will get a energy upgrade if you can pull it off.
    4-22. Hot Time in the Old Town       (10422)
    Bonus Tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 1
    Attribute Upgrades - 1
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Find a way into MOTHER's chamber
    Find a way into MOTHER's chamber. Smash all power boxes to power down the
    There are four power boxes in this room, to find them use tech vision and
    follow the power lines to them. The first is on ground level directly east of
    the hologram generator. The second is all the way on top of the church. The
    third box is directly across the street from the church one level above ground.
    You will have to climb up on to the american flag pole to get up there. The
    last box is in the south west corner of the room on level above ground. Just
    high jump to get up there. Smash it and four Monster Squad guys will attack
    you. Throw any remaining pulse mines you have at them to disable them and then
    go in with your maul flailing. Take all four of their skulls to end the level.
    Bonus Mission - Hunt down the Mimicked Black Ops guarding MOTHER's chamber
    without alerting your prey
    Easy to do, there are only eight of these guys and you will have to stealth
    kill all eight. They are even easy to find they will be the only white dots on
    your radar. After you find them just sneak up and kill them to get an armor
    Weapon Upgrade - Plasmacaster
    After getting the second power box on top of the churchlook west of you and
    down and you should see the blue glow from this in tech vision. Just jump down
    from where you are on top of the church to the platform this is on. Your
    plasmacaster now has a very wide blast radius.
    4-23. Last Rites                     (10423)
    Bonus Tasks - 0
    Weapon Upgrades - 0
    Attribute Upgrades - 0
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Fight for your honor
    Ok Stone Heart, the last of the Bad Blood predators actually wants to fight
    this time. Use the same strategy as last time you fought him. Keep away from
    him and use up all your energy for plasmacaster ammo first. After you run dry
    fire all the spears you have at him until he dies. If you don't have enough
    spears to kill him then you will have to try to melee him to death, which is
    quite a task as he is highly resistant to all forms of melee attack. But if it
    comes to it, i would suggest the maul to finish him off. Take his skull to end
    the level and unlock the Uptown West Ritual Challenge.
    4-24. "If it bleeds..."              (10424)
    Bonus Tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 1
    Attribute Upgrades - 1
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Shut down MOTHER's facility
    Shut down MOTHER's facility - and beware of her 'little friends'.
    First run over and grab the sonic traps and pulse mines, you will need alot of
    them this level. Now when fighting the xenomorph aliens is the olny time that
    I suggest using the Combistick instead of the Maul since they bleed acid for
    blood and the combistick is the only weapon you have that does blunt damage.
    To take care of aliens easy run around a group to herd them together, now throw
    a pulse mine or sonic trap at them to incapacitate them, then just walk in
    swinging with your combistick. To shutdown the facility you will have to find
    the four cooling fans. After the fans are destroyed you will have to find the
    coolant core and shut it down.
    Objective - Core stability now at 75%
    Core stability now at 75%. Find and destroy another 3 fans.
    Not really an objective but ok. After you destroy one fan you will get this. Go
    take care of 3 more now.
    Objective - Core stability now at 50%
    Core stability now at 50%. Find and destroy another 2 fans.
    Same as before happens after the second fan.
    Objective - Core stability now at 25%
    Core stability now at 25%. Find and destroy the last remaining fan.
    Same again find the last fan now.
    Objective - The cooling system has failed.
    The cooling system has failed. Now find the core and shut it down.
    After the forth fan you will need to head to the core. Just wander around to
    find it. You'll know your there when you see a big structure in the middle of a
    circular room. Break the glass on the core to end the level.
    Bonus Mission - Destroy all cooling fans in the correct order
    Do just what it says there. The cooling fans will all be numbered 1-4 to find
    the first one easily you will have to jump up to a platform above you from the
    first room. Now just follow the signs to fan 1. Then head back to the room you
    started in and find your way to fans 2 and 3. Fan 4 will be in the same area
    you found fan 1 in.
    Weapon Upgrade - Smart Disc
    This upgrade can be foud sitting on the floor in the core room. Your disc can
    now lock on to 5 targets at a time.
    4-25. Bug Hunt                       (10425)
    Bonus Tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 0
    Attribute Upgrades - 0
    Alternate Costumes - 1
    Objective - Return to MOTHER's camber
    The generator has malfunctioned and power is down throughout the facility. Make
    your way back to MOTHER's chamber.
    The easiest way back to MOTHER's chamber is to drop down to the bottom of the
    room you start in and head out the big 4 door. Drop down this shaft and look
    for the sign that says COOLING FAN 4, head the opposite way from that arrow.
    When you get to the 4 way intersection with the pillar that has a big 1 on it
    go north. You will end up in one of the big open rooms, jump across the room
    and climb up the opposite wall. After you get to the top you will be at another
    four way intersection, but this time you can go either up, down, or straight
    across, go straight then around the two corners and you will see a sign that
    points one way and has a 4 and points the other way and has a 1. Head south
    here and you will be in MOTHER's chamber.
    Objective - Eliminate the nest
    The bulk of the alien hive have awoken. Kill atleast 30 xenomorphs before
    facing MOTHER.
    Simple enough just kill 30 aliens on your way back to MOTHER's chamber.
    Bonus Mission - Kill atleast 50 xenomorphs before facing MOTHER
    Easy enough just kill 50 aliens before you get back to MOTHER's chamber.
    4-26. The New Flesh                  (10426)
    Bonus Tasks - 1
    Weapon Upgrades - 1
    Attribute Upgrades - 0
    Alternate Costumes - 1
    Objective - Defeat Hunter
    Defeat Hunter.
    Just hang back and run from Hunter for the first part of this fight. You can't
    hurt him until Lucretia's Ronins show up. Just run around and listen for the
    sound of his smart disc, if you hear it getting close jump over it and keep
    running. Once the ronin show up switch to tech vision to find Hunter. Head over
    next to him and the ronin will make short work of him. He will then start to
    run away. After he jumps out the window the level will end.
    Bonus Mission - Destroy the computer containing record of Hunter's experiment
    To complete this mission you will have to get up to the highest platform in the
    room. Up here you will see the computer, destroy it to get the alternate
    Weapon Upgrade - Maul
    When you start this mission run forward and then right onto a catwalk above a
    pit, on the platform at the end is the upgrade. Your maul will now do more
    4-27. End of Empire                  (10427)
    Bonus Tasks - 0
    Weapon Upgrades - 0
    Attribute Upgrades - 0
    Alternate Costumes - 0
    Objective - Defeat Hunter
    Defeat Hunter.
    Follow Hunter and the ronin up this building jumping all the way to the top.
    When you get to the top just hang back for a second and let the ronin die off
    from Hunter. (if you kill them you get a dishonorable kill.) After they are
    dead its your turn. Even though he is the last boss the same old boss strategy
    will still work on him. Just circle and hit him with the maul. When he is very
    low on life he will run again. This time just runs on top of his statue and
    down the other arm, finish him off then enjoy the ending. Remeber to watch
    after the credits for a little extra bit of ending.
    5. Ritual Challenges  (10005)
    1. New Way Ruins - Gold - 0:50
    Rathee - 0:48.9
    2. Inner City - Gold - 0:51
    Rathee - 0:48.2
    3. Church of the Dead - Gold - 0:58
    Rathee - 0:52.8
    4. New Way Field - Gold - 1:01
    5. South Point Docks - Gold - 0:47
    6. Borgia Depot - Gold - 0:49
    7. Uptown South - Gold - 1:07
    8. Uptown West - Gold - 1:34
    Right now these are just the default times for each challenge. Please refer to
    the contact me section so you can email me your best times and they will be
    posted here. Thank you.
    6. Frequently Asked Questions (10006)
    Q) How is Iraq?
    A) It sucks, what do you think? I've been here for the last 6 months and hardly
    a day goes by that I dont hear some kind of incoming rocket or mortar. And they
    are getting closer.
    Q) How do you find time to play video games or write an FAQ out there?
    A) I only work 8 hours a day like most of you people back in the states.
    Q) Can I send you a boatload of cash?
    A) Yes. Rathee3@gmail.com is the email address I use for paypal send money
    7. Contact Me         (10007)
    You may contact me about this guide at this email address rathee3@gmail.com.
    Any questions I can answer about this game or any questions you have in general
    may be directed my way. You can also send me money via paypal at the same email
    8. Thanks             (10008)
    I would like to thank anyone reading this, I do it for you guys. Also anyone
    that sends me anything about the FAQ I would like to thank in advance.
    Big thanks to Nottheone for the location of a well hidden and much needed power
    box in A Night to Remeber level.
    9. Legal Stuff        (10009)
    As of right now this FAQ may be posted at www.gamefaqs.com
    If you wish to have this guide posted at your site email me to ask first. I
    will normally say yes as long as you dont give me a reason not to. If you see
    this FAQ on any other site than those listed above contact me to let me know.
    All material in this guide is copyright to it's respective owner and may not
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