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    FAQ/Walkthrough by clockstomper

    Version: Final | Updated: 07/08/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          .8MZr,     rMMM8                                                         
          :0MMMMM@2.   @MM8                                                        
              78MMMMMX ;MMMB                                                       
                  XMW0ZBM@BWM@@@MMMM,      :SZ808S;                                
                 :MWr   2MMM0;    XX.   .aMMMMMMMMMMZ.                             
                 0M7     0MMW,         SMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMW2                         
                ;MB      8MMM;        7MMMMMMMM@BWMMMMMMMMMr                       
                         2MMMX       .BMMMMMMMMMWWWZr X@MMMMr                      
                         iMMMZ       .0MMMMMMMMBZ7:    ZMMMMB                      
                         .WMMW        XMMWMMWMB827rSZZaXWMMMB.                     
                          2MMMa        MM0WBZZZMMMMMBMMB0MMMa                      
                          .@MMM2       aMWZSXrrX7XXZa82:,ZMB                       
                           rMMMMW.     0MMWa7;XX:  ,i,iSZWZ                        
                            0MMMMM:     .7ZBZ280X7r7XZMM@:                         
                                  ,0MMMW00B0Z7r  0MMr                             
                                  .2BBaSXXS:     :MMB,  .:;ZMM8,                   
                                  :X80888ZBBS     aMMM07MMMMMMWr                   
                                ,aMMMMMMMMMMMM8i   ;Z@MMMBZ7..7i                  
                            i8MM@W88880X   X@MMMMM@WMMX                            
                           .2MMM@WW088Z.     SWMMMM@MM8                            
                            XMMMBWMMB8;       :a@MM@WMMi                           
                            ;MMMWWM@@W           aMMMMMZ                           
                            :WMM@MM@MB            ,0MMMMS                          
                             ZMM@MWMW               ,BMMMZ,                        
                             XMMM@MWi                 7MMMMMW2,                    
                             rMMMMMX                    XMMMMMMZ.                  
                             ;MMMMZ                      .BMMMMMM7                 
                             :MMM0                         XMMMMMMa                
                          .::X@MW.                           7WMMMMB.              
                        7BMMMMMMX                              .aMMM@i         
                      ;MMMMMMMMX                                  aMMMr            
                    ;BM@8Xi.                                        ZMMS          
                    @M;                                              ,@MZ          
                    @MX                                                XMW.        
                    ZMW.                                                :WM:       
    Disney's The Incredibles
    Table of Contents:
    A. Introduction
    B. Bonus
    C. Walkthrough
     1. Bank Heist
     2. Skyline Stretch
     3. Buddy Pine & Bomb Voyage
     4. Apartment Inferno
     5. Late for School
     6. Beach Landing
     7. Nomanisan Island
     8. Volcanic Eruption
     9. Robot Arena
     10. Great Falls
     11. Syndrome's Base
     12. Finding Mr. Incredible
     13. 100 Mile Dash
     14. Violet's Crossing
     15. Incredi-Ball
     16. Secret Lava Labs
     17. Rocket Silo
     18. Save the World
     [C6] "BATTLE ARENA"
    D. Copyright Info
    E. Credits
    A. Introduction
    Welcome to the Walkthrough for "The Incredibles". I decided to make this 
    very document that you are now reading because I realized that no one 
    deemed this game worthy of a written contribution. This game features the 
    voice (and video game debut) of Samuel L. Jackson for crying out loud! The 
    guy from Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, Unbreakable and a lot of other great 
    movies (and some bad ones). And he just doesn't just spout off a few lines 
    as Frozone. He taunts you, cracking wise throughout the game and even on 
    the menu screens.
    Sit back, relax, and let me and Sam "The Man" take you through the game.
    B. Bonus Items
    These are special icons that you collect during the game that unlocks bonus 
    art and other goodies. If you spot one that I missed, let me know via e-
    mail (sac36373@csus.edu) and I'll add it here with full contribution credit 
    (the same goes for any other tricks, tips or strategies you might have). As 
    for the bonus items I've found, I'll let you know where each one is as the 
    walkthrough progresses but if all you want is locations, here they are, in 
    list form:
    Level 1:
    #1: Behind the starting point.
    #2: Top right corner of the burning bank vault.
    #3: Tyler writes- I found this through the windows on a ledge outside the 
    thug-filled control room (after the roof with the control box). There are 
    two window openings.
    Level 2:
    #1: In between two metal boxes, just before gap in fence.
    #2: Tyler writes- Bonus Item can be found on the rooftop where you learn 
    Incredi-Punches. Beside the large sign is an opening in the fence. 
    Carefully jump to the right behind the sign a red health icon and the bonus 
    #3: Tyler writes- In the same level can be found inside the warehouse where 
    you swing across the hanging lights. After throwing bad guys at the 
    warehouse door, turn left and left again to find the Bonus Item between the 
    Level 3:
    #1: Swing left when the copter first fires at you.
    #2: Swing right during the last set of obstacles.
    #3: On the white square on the right side of the roof.
    Level 4:
    #1: After the fire jets, it's behind the wall the thugs jumped out from.
    #2: After you cross the last girder, it's in a corner to the right.
    #3: On the see-saw obstacle, tilt and get it from the ceiling.
    Level 5:
    #1: Left of the construction, right before the tunnel.
    #2: On top of the truck you use a ramp to jump over.
    #3: To the right after the last ramp, just before you pull up to school.
    Level 6:
    #1: Cross the pillar you knock over to reach it.
    #2: On the final island, keep going forward and jump to little island.
    #3: P Vedder writes- Behind the waterfall, in a secret area, before the 1st 
    cable slide.
    Level 7:
    #1: At the start, go behind the waterfall to the right.
    #2: Behind the laser grids in area behind second waterfall set.
    #3: On white pillar after first person shooting.
    Level 8: 
    #1: Under Omnidroid's first position.
    #2: At the edge of the area.
    #3: At the edge of the area.
    Level 9:
    #1: Behind the breakable wall on second floor.
    #2: In the area with the tank, it's in the upper right corner.
    #3: P Vedder- Lower level of arena, turn left and break wall.
    Level 10:
    #1: On edge of island.
    #2: On edge of island.
    #3: On edge of island.
    Level 11:
    #1: In the storage room next to where you fight the tank. 
    #2: In the area at the end of the bridge, in the room to the right.
    #3: P Vedder- Corridor leading to electrical generator room - last room on 
    the left - access room after using 2nd console.
    Level 12:
    #1: Inside the elevator shaft that enemies spawn from.
    #2: To the right of the control room.
    #3: In the back of the last platform in the room with the rotating hook.
    Level 13:
    #1: Along the path you jump to after the boulder.
    #2: Michelle-The area with the bonus item above the final water path should be 
    at 83%, and is almost impossible to get by jumping at that tunnel. However,
    at the beginning of the level, at about 11%, you can look to your right 
    and there will be a dirt ramp leading up to that bonus item, which makes it 
    A LOT easier to get.
    #3: P Vedder- In the caverns at the end, second path to the left just 
    before exit.
    Level 14: 
    #1: On the cliff visible from the second rock you use to peek.
    #2: to the right of the second building.
    #3: Tyler writes- Just before you head through the exit gateway invisibly 
    sneak into a cave on the right. Inside this cave is the final Bonus Item. 
    Then sneak back out.
    Level 15:
    #1: Behind the laser grid that needs 3 devices to open it.
    #2: Turn right in the final area to find the bonus.
    #3: P Vedder- Turn right on 1st track - end of track near lasers
    Level 16:
    #1: Behind the big pile of yellow barrels. 
    #2: P Vedder- Move up circular walkway, look down after passing through 
    tunnel, below the walkway
    #3: P Vedder- Look right as soon as you enter the room with the lobber 
    henchmen and the moving current
    Level 17:
    #1: Let the hook carry you backwards.
    #2: Behind the door that opens after fighting the two tanks.
    #3: P Vedder- In the turret room at the end of the level - inside one of 
    the destroyed tanks.
    Level 18: 
    #1: On the sidewalk to the right of the Omnidroid's first position.
    #2: On top of the mobile home on the left side of the road.
    #3: Behind the red trailer. 
    C. Walkthrough
    Since I rented the game, I did not receive the manual and had to learn the 
    moves as the game told me them. I'm using the PS2 version, but in an effort 
    to make this walkthrough applicable to all versions of this game, I won't 
    specifically name which buttons you press. The game is often happy to 
    remind you of them as you go along.
    Any reader contributions are welcome and will be added with full credit. 
    1. Bank Heist
    From the starting point, move Mr. Incredible to the area to the back of 
    him, to score a bonus item. Now move on ahead, and you'll see a highlighted 
    area on the ground. This is one of many tutorial points, step on it and 
    Samuel L. will inform you on how to jump. Continue, and you'll soon see a 
    bridge to the right, which has instructions from Sam "The Man" on how to 
    After getting across, Sammy Jackson will tell you about incredi-punches, so 
    head right to test it out on some thugs, ultimately heading in the 
    direction of the fire you'll see up ahead. 
    You'll arrive at another bridge, and upon stepping onto it, a cut scene 
    will take over. Head into the burning building and fight the onslaught of 
    thugs that appear. Then make your way forward. You'll be instructed on how 
    to lift the door, but ignore that for the moment. Head as far right as 
    possible, and there'll be secret bonus on the table in this corner. Now go 
    back and lift the door. You'll be instructed on how to incredi-jump to the 
    next area.
    After landing, fight your way to the right, turn left and jump into the 
    burning window. Turn left once inside the building, and two obstacles will 
    be ahead of you. The chain link doors can be punched away, but the lasers 
    are a different story. At the first chain link door, the control box is in 
    reach and can be punched to deactivate the lasers. 
    At the second obstacle, SLJ will tell you how to throw things. Don't hold 
    the throwing button; simply tap it so you can carry the throwable object 
    where you want. Now tilt the angle so you can see the laser control box, 
    throw when it's highlighted blue. 
    Now you can turn the corner and Mace Windu will let you know can throw 
    enemies. The same rules apply, only tap the button, and angle so you can 
    see when the control box is highlighted. Once that's all done, jump out the 
    window up ahead go left. Shaft will tell you how to jump onto pipes. Jump 
    up on pipe to another, and you can shimmy over and jump down to a ledge on 
    the right (or go up and engage the lone enemy if you like.)
    Head left (ignore all windows, they're electrified) and repeat the process 
    with the pipes again. The enemies standing up here and can actually be 
    taken out if you shimmy over under them and hit the incredi-punch button 
    while they're highlighted blue. Once you jump up here, there'll be a big 
    window with a control box next to it. Jump and punch it once you go through 
    the window you'll be in a thug-filled control room. 
    Fight your way through, the head out the window up ahead. Dodge the 
    helicopter's fire and head left to the tutorial spot to the left. Mr. Glass 
    will tell you how to zipline away.
    Once you land, the game will tell you to take cover, but you can easily 
    outrun the chopper's fire and run to the next tutorial point up ahead. 
    You'll create a make shift bridge and end up in an area where enemies fling 
    bombs at you. Ignore the advice on throwing the bombs back at them and just 
    punch all of the enemies to death. Then some flying enemies will throw 
    bombs at you, but if you avoid them, you'll have plenty of time to pick 
    them up and throw them at your enemies using the same techniques you used 
    earlier in the level.
    Once the bad guys are all dead, just incredi-jump to end the level.
    2. Skyline Stretch
    You'll now be in control of Elastigirl, so head forward and run to the 
    tutorial spot up ahead. Coach Carter will tell you how to swing by grabbing 
    the lamppost in front of you. Once you've landed head forward to the 
    platform up ahead, where Officer Tenpenny will teach you to throw bad guys 
    in a tutorial. Use it on the thugs here and a cut scene will take you to 
    the next area.
    Once you've landed, fight all the thugs and proceed to the top left corner 
    of this area where there'll be a tutorial on incredi-punches (the last from 
    Frozone, I'm afraid.) Jump down to the area below, and head right as you 
    fight your way through all the thugs. Turn right and the game will instruct 
    you to throw a thug to open the door up ahead of you. 
    Now run inside the warehouse and take a left. After beating up all the 
    thugs in here, jump on the wooden crate up ahead. Now look up and to the 
    left, you'll see a thug on a crate. Stretch to take him out and again to 
    grab the lamp and get up where he was standing (you may need to angle for 
    the lamp to become grab-able.) 
    Turn left and jump to the crate that's now in front of you. From here you 
    can repeat the process of taking out the thug and grabbing the lamppost. 
    Run forward and then to the left along this platform, and again repeat the 
    process to stretch to the next platform. Jump over the small crate in front 
    of you and then turn left grab the last lamp, then head out the window. In 
    this new rooftop area, several flying bad guys will pop up. Take them all 
    out until a helicopter appears on the right. Grab onto it to go to the next 
    In this new area, use the lampposts to swing over the electrified areas in 
    front of you. Turn left, and throw the henchmen into the electric generator 
    as the game suggests in order to proceed. Now go to the right and then turn 
    right again to arrive in an area where you once again must throw henchmen 
    in order to get across the electrified area. Go right and follow the path 
    around to yet another electrified area where you must repeat the same 
    process. Do so, and then head forward and walk up to metal boxes up ahead, 
    you should find a bonus item between them. Now proceed onward by jumping 
    through the gap in the fence to your left.
    Turn left and the game will supply bad guys for your use in turning off the 
    electrified area. Run to the next electrified area, but stand close to the 
    edge this time so you can reach the flying enemies and throw them into the 
    Now the helicopter will appear and shoot missiles at you. The first strike 
    will make a girder drop, and you can grab this to swing across the gap 
    (it'll be a bit of a struggle to angle your view correctly so you can grab 
    it). There will be two electrified gaps up ahead, use the lampposts to 
    swing across while avoiding missiles. Now a helicopter will appear, so 
    angle your view so you can grab it and ride to an area up above. 
    In this new area, there's yet another electrified area and bad guys to 
    throw. Once that's done with, go right and then turn left and beat up the 
    enemies here before you grab the hook and proceed to the last area. Once in 
    the area, head left to fight an onslaught of enemies. Once they're all 
    killed, head left to be faced with a very large electrified area. 
    You need to swing from lamppost to lamppost in rapid succession to make it 
    across. Just tap the button as you're at the highest point in your swing 
    and you shouldn't have a problem. Just don't be slow about it, as an enemy 
    could throw a bomb and you'll fall to an automatic death. After this, 
    proceed forward and the level's done.       
    3. Buddy Pine & Bomb Voyage
    In this phase of the level, you'll need to move right and left to avoid 
    exploding obstacle's as you hang from the young Syndrome's cape. You can 
    usually tell which way you should lean because there'll be a health pick-up 
    in the direction you should lean. Even if there isn't, just look to see 
    which side of the obstacle is lower and lean accordingly.
    After about ten obstacles, the helicopter should appear. Immediately lean 
    left, as this will not only help you avoid the volley of missiles the 
    helicopter unleashes, but will also allow you to acquire the floating bonus 
    After about four more obstacles, you'll have to avoid traffic. Lean to the 
    right as each car comes up and you should take no damage. You'll then have 
    to avoid four more obstacles before you need to lean left to avoid another 
    round of missiles. Now just avoid the obstacles a few more times (or try 
    swinging right each time and you'll take a little damage but get a bonus 
    item for your trouble) and a brief cut scene will take over.
    In Phase 2 of this battle, you'll have to fight Bomb Voyage and his 
    chopper. The first thing you should do is run to the left side of the roof, 
    and you'll find a bonus item sitting on the ledge here. On to business; in 
    order to score damage on the copter you must throw back the bombs Bomb 
    Voyage hurls at you. Just pick them up when they're lit green, and throw 
    them back (you'll see an area of the chopper become highlighted blue before 
    you throw.) 
    After each time you throw a bomb at the chopper (you'll need to do it 6 
    times,) it will respond with an attack. The first time it will emit 
    gunfire, and the second time it will launch missiles at you. Each 
    subsequent time after this it will launch missiles and gunfire at you. Just 
    take cover until Bomb Voyage starts chucking bombs again.
    Don't worry, it's not a very tough battle at all. You should take little to 
    no damage. Just don't stand to close to the edge of the roof when the 
    missiles are flying, if you're knocked off it means instant death.
    4. Apartment Inferno
    When starting out this level, you'll want to keep an eye out to the left 
    and right as you approach the enemies up ahead. There should be objects you 
    can throw sitting here, as the enemies in this level need to be taken out 
    from a distance. Once you've killed the bad guys, go up the steps on the 
    right, but be careful on the second set of steps, as they'll collapse and 
    you have to jump the gap. Turn right and you'll have another gap to jump. 
    After that, take a left and you'll have to do some button tapping to clear 
    a path so you can proceed. Go forward and turn right, punching the 
    obstructed door way and pushing on through. Going toward the next doorway 
    will trigger a cut scene. 
    Now go to the left and use near by items to kill the thugs. Follow the path 
    to the right, and leap over the first jet of fire. The second fire jet can 
    only be avoided by jumping over it at the point where it emits from the 
    pipe on the wall. Now kill the bad guys that obstruct your path, and be 
    sure to check behind the collapsed white wall behind them, for a bonus 
    item. Now tip over the girder, as the game instructs, so you can cross the 
    gap ahead. 
    Turn to your left and walk through the doorway, and some enemies will 
    approach. Lure them back toward the doorway, that way they'll be in range 
    so you can walk back into the previous room and hurl objects at them. 
    Continue on once they're dead, there'll be a series of fire jets in this 
    hall, just watch their pattern and you can get past them using the right 
    In the next room, a cut scene will take over as you make your way down the 
    path. Grab items near the doorway you last went through to use on the 
    enemies up ahead. Then follow the path and button tap to knock over the 
    girder to create a bridge (it should kill the enemy when it falls). You'll 
    have to do the same thing two more times. Before you cross the third 
    girder, grab the items right before it to throw at the thugs on the 
    opposite side. Then when crossing, jump up on to the ledge up ahead to get 
    the bonus item up here. 
    Go through the doorway, and as you follow the hallway, you should come to a 
    gap in the floor. Hug the right wall and jump across. Go forward a bit and 
    there'll be another gap, but this time you need to swing across using the 
    green swing hanging above you. Go on ahead, and you'll end up having to 
    jump on a part of the floor that tilts like a see-saw. Stand on the back of 
    it to force it as high as it can go, so you can run and jump to grab the 
    bonus item that's on the ceiling (to the left). Now just tilt it enough so 
    you can jump to the swing and use it to cross the gap.
    The next hallway will have more timed fire jets so just use the same 
    techniques from before to get past these ones. The next doorway will have 
    three enemies who block the way. You can try to nail them all by using the 
    single piece of debris here that you can throw, or you can try smashing 
    through them with a well timed incredi-punch. Once you go through the 
    doorway, turn left and pick up an object to throw. Now follow the path to 
    the right, the ground will tilt, but it's not a problem if you hug the 
    right wall. 
    Now stand in front of the gap and wait for the two enemies to be close 
    together and throw the object at them. Don't worry if you miss, just back 
    track to find plenty of objects to throw where you picked up the last one. 
    Once they're dead, you can safely swing across the gap without fear of 
    being knocked off the swing. 
    The next gap can be jumped, if you use stand as far as you can to the left 
    right before you jump the gap, you should be able to grab onto the ledge. 
    The next gap is simple enough, just swing your way across. Head left, and 
    jump onto the collapsing floor, jumping off to the safe area before it 
    drops out from under you. This next set of swings is tricky, but if you 
    adjust your angle properly, you should make it across this final gap. Now 
    just run forward to activate the final cut scene. 
    5. Late for School
    Dash must beat the bus to school, which isn't too hard. All you must do is 
    direct Dash left and right to avoid obstacles, and occasionally jump and 
    boost as well. Once you gain control and read the game's directions, start 
    boosting. Slow down and hang a left when you see the moving van pull out of 
    the driveway on the right side of the road. 
    Keep going, and soon big rigs will block the road ahead. Follow the right 
    most big rig with the green stripe, staying behind it until you have room 
    to slip out to the left when it passes the one with red stripe. You can 
    boost a bit, but slow down to avid cars at the two upcoming intersections. 
    Move left to dodge the road construction, and jump the train when you reach 
    the railroad crossing. 
    Stay on the left side of the road to avoid the police chase. Now stay as 
    far as you can on the right side of the road, you'll avoid the construction 
    and you should pass right in front of the three minivans that back out onto 
    the road. Avoid the red cars by staying in the middle of the road, then 
    boost at the dirt ramp up ahead, but slow before you hit the intersection 
    to avoid cars. 
    Dodge the green car by going left, then zip right, left and right again to 
    avoid the road construction. Head for the dirt ramp ahead but swing to the 
    left to nab the bonus item. At the tunnel up ahead, stay to the right at 
    first, avoid the boxes and boost as you hit the ramp. Slow down before you 
    hit the intersection up ahead and dodge the traffic. 
    Boost a bit, going to the right to avoid construction and a red car. Boost 
    as you hit the ramp ahead, and you should nab a bonus item sitting atop the 
    truck here. Go on ahead, slowing to avoid the intersections full of 
    traffic, the dodge the boxes the truck going in front of you is dropping. 
    Go right to avoid the trucks, and then jump through the gap in the 
    construction zone. Zip right, left and right again to avoid construction, 
    the carefully go around the truck that backs out into the road. Jump over 
    the ramp, making sure to land on the right to get the bonus item. Now just 
    boost the rest of the way and you'll beat the bus to school.
    6. Beach Landing
    Proceed forward, and Mirage will warn you about the laser turret up ahead. 
    Pick up any one of the boxes lying around and throw it when the turret is 
    targeted (you may have to do some angle adjusting, as usual). Once it's 
    safe, push forward and then turn to the left and take cover behind the tree 
    trunk, as there are two turrets in this area. Use boxes as you did before 
    to take them out from a safe distance. 
    Move ahead to the next area where yet another pair of turrets wait, so use 
    the plentiful boxes to take care of them. A flying enemy with a nasty 
    electric attack will show up, jump and punch it when it's inactive. Now 
    turn to the left and as the game instructs, use the tree to hurtle you onto 
    the next area.
    In this new area, go ahead a bit and you'll notice two turrets in the next 
    area. Use the boxes to take them out so you can safely move on. Head right, 
    and you'll be faced with 3 of the flying machines to destroy along this 
    path. You'll end up on the beach, and Mirage will warn you about the blade 
    bot down here. They're easy to defeat, punch them while they're scanning 
    the area, and make sure you destroy the device the spawn from (stand on top 
    of it, then jump and punch to pound down on it). 
    While standing on top of the robot spawning device, you'll see an 
    electrified railing on the platform above you. Jump when the electricity is 
    deactivated and climb up onto the platform. Turn to the right and destroy 
    the device with the blue lights, and this will turn off the electricity on 
    the bridge to your right so you can cross it. Once across, you'll see a red 
    striped device. The game will tell you how to grab it, and once you have, 
    move to turn it until the electricity turns off on the next bridge. 
    Quickly make it across, dodging the flying machine that try to fry you. 
    Once across, destroy the device to your right so the bridge's electricity 
    is permanently off. Keep going to the right, and more blade bots will 
    spawn. Punch them and then pick them up and hurl them at the island with 
    the electricity device on it. This will deactivate the electricity on zip 
    wires that hang off the side of this area. Jump onto the left most zip 
    wire, jumping from side to side to avoid the rock formations, and you'll 
    zip to the next area.
    When you land, you'll be faced with a laser turret and spawning blade bots. 
    Take them out and go to the right, jumping to the island across the gap. 
    Destroy the flying machine, and then knock over the pillar so you can cross 
    to the next area. Once you've crossed, turn left and take out flying 
    machine and the gun turrets. Wait until the rails on the wall aren't 
    electrified and climb up to the area above and to the left. Up here will be 
    a flying machine and a movable crane. Adjust it so you can swing across the 
    gap to the next area.
    When you land, you'll be faced with four laser turrets to destroy. After 
    doing so, head up the path and destroy the flying machine. Before turning 
    the crane to swing to the next area, activate the metal elevator to the 
    right so you can get back here easily if you happen to fall. Now adjust the 
    crane and jump the gap. On this new area, there will be two turrets, 
    spawning blade bots, and a flying machine. Once they're all gone, you'll 
    have to fling yourself using the tree. 
    When you land, climb using the rail that electrifies periodically. Take out 
    the two turrets and the two flying machines, and then turn the device here. 
    Fling back to the previous island using the tree, and quickly use the zip 
    line. Once you land, destroy the device to get rid of the electricity 
    permanently. Use the next zipline to get to the next area. Once you land, 
    head forward and destroy the spawning blade bots. Tip the pillar up ahead 
    and cross it to get a bonus item. 
    Go back and head through the gap in the wall to find an area with a lot of 
    boxes and three laser turrets. Keep following the path and destroy the two 
    turrets by the exit. Jump across the gap to the next island, where flying 
    machines will spawn. Smash them, then pick up the wreckage and throw them 
    at the laser turrets across from you. Once that's done with, fling the 
    wreckage at the electricity devices. Now you can proceed to the previously 
    fenced area, and tip over the pillar. Before leaving this next area, run 
    forward and jump to the small island below to get a bonus item. Now run 
    back and hurl yourself to the level's end using the tree. 
    7. Nomanisan Island
    As soon as you move forward, a cut scene will show you that your path is 
    blocked off by a grid of lasers. First, jump into the water to the right, 
    and explore behind the waterfall closet to the starting point to find a 
    bonus item. Now get back to land and head towards the lasers, and then get 
    rid of the blade bots and laser turrets in this area, so you can safely 
    turn the device that will temporarily disable the lasers. Run to get past 
    the gate before the lasers activate again and turn to the left, you'll see 
    a familiar electricity device which you should destroy for a permanent 
    solution to the lasers. Now follow the path forward and to the right, 
    destroying laser turrets as you go. 
    You'll end up in another area where laser are once again in your way. 
    Destroy all the enemies in the area and then turn the device to disable the 
    lasers. Run over to where they were and use you button tapping skills to 
    get rid of the metal door here. Go through the opening and turn to the 
    right and destroy the device to kill the lasers. You'll find that you're in 
    an area just like the one before, with lasers to disable and a door to 
    lift. Kill all the enemies and do what you did before. Once through this 
    doorway, destroy the device on the right to get rid of those lasers for 
    good. This area is dangerous, as there's a mini-omnidroid firing red laser 
    at you. Pursue it until it takes off. Destroy and enemies threatening you 
    in the immediate area then take a dive in the water, heading to the 
    waterfall on the right, where you'll discover a secret cave. 
    Turn the device in here and carefully run past the now moving laser grids. 
    You'll end up finding a bonus behind a laser turret. At the exit to the 
    passage, jump to the ledge to the left. Here's where that mini-omnidroid 
    went, destroy it quickly to avoid it's attack. Jump up the path to your 
    right, destroying turrets as you go along. You'll reach a cliff, and the 
    airship you saw in the cut scene will briefly try to fire at you. Once it's 
    gone, use the tree here to fling yourself to a new area. 
    When you land, you'll see a tower with guns on it. Kill the flying machines 
    here and hurl their wreckage at the center gun three times in order to 
    destroy it. An antenna will be driven into the ground, and you can use it 
    to fling yourself over the burning remains of the tower. When you land, 
    head left. Avoid the fire from the huge laser turret and the mini-omnidroid 
    here and turn the crane so you can swing to the next little island. When 
    you get there, again adjust the crane so you can swing across the gap. When 
    you land on this little island, destroy the mini-omnidroid. Then use the 
    tree to fling yourself over to the large gun turret.
    Quickly punch to destroy the turret, and then you'll be given the option to 
    pick up what remains and do a little first-person shooting. Destroy the 
    green planes and missiles fired by the airship to preserve your health, and 
    whenever you get a free moment, fire at the airship. Eventually, the 
    airship will fly right in front of you, so use that opportunity to blast 
    it. The airship's HP is very low so you shouldn't have a hard time with 
    this as long as you preserve your health. Now head to the left, jumping to 
    the island where you can destroy the spawning blade bots. Use the pole here 
    to fling your self to the cliff across from this island. 
    Once there, don't run off to the exit just yet. Jump to the white platform 
    that's near the ledge here. Jump and punch in midair to reach the next 
    platform and grab the bonus item. Now you can go back and exit the level. 
    8. Volcanic Eruption
    Now it's time for your battle against the Omnidroid 08. As the battle 
    starts, you'll notice a bonus item right underneath the Omnidroid's 
    starting position. Once you nab it, it's time to go after the other bonus 
    items, as during this early phase of the battle, the Omnidroid is not as 
    relentless with his attacks. Run to the edge of the arena and begin 
    circling the outside rim, you will eventually come upon the bonus items 
    along here. 
    Now for the battle, you must make the omnidroid go through 3 bars of HP in 
    order to defeat it. The best method of attack is punching the Omnidroid's 
    legs. Get a few good licks in, and then watch out for a retaliatory strike, 
    which may take the form of stabbing at you with one of the legs, a yellow 
    laser shooting from it's head, a body slam or rolling at you like a 
    boulder. Wait until it jumps to a new location to start attacking it again.
    When it only has a third of it's first health bar left, it'll jump far away 
    where you can't reach it, and hurl rock at you. Now is the time to pick up 
    the small rocks around the area and throw them at the Omnidroid, until the 
    health bar is empty. It'll come back, with even nastier attacks added to it 
    resume. Avoid them, punch the legs and when you've got it down to a third 
    of health, it will again leave the arena and you must hurl rocks at it. 
    When it comes back for the last time, it will be faster and will constantly 
    be unleashing attacks. Just score a hit on it whenever you get the chance, 
    until you deplete the health bar (it won't run away this time.)
    Remember, there'll be health sprinkled all over the arena, most of it will 
    appear when the debris gets destroyed as the Omnidroid lumbers around.
    9. Robot Arena
    Follow the path straight ahead, as you approach the structure up ahead, 
    Syndrome's troops will leap out and engage you in battle. Take care of 
    them, and move forward into the structure, where you'll find the path is 
    blocked off by lasers. Kill all the soldiers in the area, and then destroy 
    the two electric devices that sit on either side of the laser grid. Once 
    the lasers are gone, run forward to trigger a cut scene. You will now be in 
    first person shooting mode, and will be instructed to destroy the towers in 
    this area. Focus your fire on the holes you initially make in the center of 
    each tower to set it ablaze.
    Once you regain control, ignore the enemies around you and head through the 
    hole your ship made in the wall in the previous cut scene. Head right and 
    take out the two soldiers down here and open the door. In the next room 
    you'll have to use proper timing to get past laser grids (changing your 
    angle always helps with these) and move on to the next door. In this next 
    room, there will be many boxes and many enemy soldiers. Fight your way down 
    the corridor and turn right at the end of it to get to the next door you 
    must open. 
    Walk in and turn to the left, and you'll find some more laser grids with 
    some troops firing from behind them. Make it past the lasers and pound the 
    troops, then follow the path left through a control room area. You'll reach 
    a dead end, but there's some railing on the wall. Jump up from one to 
    another, then jump onto the ledge on the left. Run to the opposite wall to 
    find more railing that you can use to jump up and then to the ledge that's 
    now on your right. 
    When you get up here, ignore the enemies for the moment and turn left to 
    punch the cracked wall, and you'll find a bonus item in a secret room. Now 
    turn around and run down the path, making it past the soldiers (who will 
    just spawn endlessly and aren't worth fighting). Keep going until you can 
    turn right onto a staircase. It'll lead you to a grassy area with laser 
    turrets and nasty laser shooting lighthouse. Ignore them all and on going 
    straight ahead until you reach the next area.
    Here, a tank will begin attacking you. First it will shoot a stream of 
    laser fire, then it spins and then it unleashes three attacks from a flame 
    thrower (both are attacks you can dodge by jumping over them), then it 
    unleashes a single yellow laser blast that's easy to avoid, but devastating 
    if it hits. Just keep running, but stay away from the tank. Finally, it'll 
    hurl bombs at you (watch out, the tank has far more accuracy than Bomb 
    Voyage did) which you can chuck back at it to cause damage.
    You'll only need to go through this process thrice, and the tank always 
    follows the same pattern, and doesn't get any deadlier in subsequent turns. 
    Once it's destroyed, make sure you've grabbed the bonus item in the upper 
    right corner of this area, and just run to the opening in the wall to end 
    the level.
    10. Great Falls
    First things first, you need to get the bonus items in this area and you 
    can find each of the three sitting on the ends of the island you're on now. 
    Look to the bushes and you can't miss them.
    With that out of the way, I'll tell you how to beat the Omnidroid 09. The 
    key to victory against it is staying close and proper use of the health 
    items. The Omnidroid's distance attacks are devastating, as it uses lasers, 
    throws rocks and tries to run you over when it rolls. The close range 
    attacks aren't nearly as deadly, so stay close to the Omnidroid at all 
    times, punching the legs when you get a chance. After one leg moves to 
    attack, go to another one attack it. 
    In later phases of the battle, the Omnidroid will move the leg you're 
    running to, and will attack with it. As soon as you see it move, just run 
    back to the leg you were at before and punch it again. It'll also 
    occasionally shoot yellow laser blasts from its underbelly. This is 
    actually good, since you can easily out run them at this proximity and the 
    arms are vulnerable, so give them a quick jab as you run by.
    The Omnidroid has three health bars, and when they're getting low, it runs 
    off to the side of the cliff and throws blades and rocks at you. During 
    these parts, try as quickly as possible to chuck rocks at its head. Once 
    the health bar is completely gone, it'll come back.
    The only way to win is to properly use the sparse health tokens around. Try 
    and remember where they are, especially the red ones. If you see a green 
    one during the battle, grab it when you can. Use a yellow if you're low and 
    anticipate a particularly nasty attack is coming. Save the reds for when 
    the health meter is flashing. 
    11. Syndrome's Base
    Just walking a few steps forward from the starting point triggers a cut 
    scene, and now there'll be another tank for you to fight. Just like the 
    last one, you'll have to throw bombs back at it three times. As long as you 
    stay a safe distance away, you can dodge all of the tank's attacks and 
    destroy it. The exit door will open, but don't leave yet, there's a bonus 
    item to get. Go to the storage room in the top right corner of this room. 
    Destroy all the boxes to get the bonus.
    After lifting it, go through the exit door, where a ceiling mounted laser 
    will fire at you. Outrun the blasts and then use your jumping and punching 
    skills on it. Activate the console to open the door, and you'll be in a 
    large room with lasers spinning on the floor. You can easily jump over 
    them, so head to the right and climb up to the nearby control room. Fight 
    the thugs, and press the console up here to open up the exit door. On your 
    way to the door, climb up to the control room near it, fight the troops and 
    press the console. The lasers will shut off. As you approach the exit door, 
    kill the soldiers and head on through to find some laser grids to straight 
    ahead. Slip through them, beat the lone soldier, and then press the console 
    to open this area's exit.
    The next room is relatively safe as there are only two enemies, each on 
    separate floors. From the entrance, turn to you right, you'll see some 
    railing on the wall. Jump onto it and jump to the next higher one, then 
    jump to your left onto the platform. Walk down the platform until you are 
    in line with the tall computer terminals in the room's center. Jump onto 
    the nearest one, and then use the swing to get to the other one, where you 
    can jump onto the platform up ahead. Once you land, turn left, and you'll 
    find a device you can turn. It'll open an elevator's door, so jump down and 
    run into it and you'll be taken to a new floor.
    Once out, head left, and soon you'll be swamped by enemies and wall mounted 
    lasers. Instead of trying to fight, head right and jump down into the area 
    below. There's a terminal you can press down here to destroy the lasers and 
    unblock the exit door. Now use the lift to get back up to the higher area, 
    where only a few goons will remain. Go to the upper right corner of the 
    area to find a device you can turn. Once you've turned it, quickly go out 
    the exit door, hurry through the laser grids and enemies so you can make it 
    in time to cross the bridge that was activated by turning the device. If 
    you're too slow, you have to back track and do it again.
    Cross the bridge, and activate the console at the other end to open the 
    door. In this hallway, there are laser grids on all sides, and a henchman 
    will jump out from the right side of the wall, just before each grid. Kill 
    them and enter the rooms they respectively come out of, to find a panel 
    that allows you to turn off the nearest laser grid. Repeat this process 3 
    times to gain access to the next area. 
    In this new room, there will be a giant electrified generator. Kill the 
    guards, and then turn the device nearest to this area's entrance. It'll 
    deactivate the electricity between two poles to the right. Use on of the 
    pole to fling up to a second story area full of goons. Kill them all, and 
    then jump back down. Turn the device in the back of the room to temporarily 
    turn the electricity off in the center of the generator. Quickly run and 
    turn the device at the base of the generator, to get a swing up top to 
    start spinning. Now run to the first device and turn it, then quickly use 
    the same pole you used before and reach the second floor area you cleared 
    of enemies. If you wee fast enough, the swing should still be spinning. 
    Jump onto it when it swings by, then let go when you're over the small 
    platform in front of the exit door. Kill the thugs and get out of here.
    Inside this small room, kill the two thugs and open the door to and even 
    bigger room up ahead. Ignore the guards, just run to the left and jump and 
    climb up to the area above. Activate the console up here to get rid of the 
    laser barrier of the first floor. Jump down and run to were the barrier 
    was, but first activate the console that sits just before it on the left, 
    because that will activate the elevator. Jump onto the elevator and when 
    you're on this second floor area, run forward and activate the console, to 
    eliminate a barrier to the left. Run over here and press the previous 
    inaccessible console. It should activate the console next to the exit 
    doors. Run over there and go through the doors.
    In this hallway, eliminate the thugs and press the console that's about 
    halfway down the hall and to the left. Exit the hall, and a cut scene will 
    activate, showing the bridge withdrawing and a lot soldiers coming after 
    you from both sides. Only engage them when you have to and get to work on 
    pressing the two consoles on the railing, to the left and right. The bridge 
    will now be accessible again. Cross it, and inside the middle structure, 
    turn left and hit the console to complete the rest of the bridge. Once all 
    the way on the other side, more soldiers will come. Ignore them and quickly 
    turn the device up ahead. It'll activate and elevator back in that central 
    structure. Before you go back there, head all the way to the left, inside 
    this mini garage there's a bonus item behind some boxes. Now go back and 
    take that elevator.
    All you have to do is run forward down this last hall to finish the level.
    12. Finding Mr. Incredible
    Time to play as Elastigirl again, and unlike her husband, she can easily 
    dispatch troops by stretching to hit them or throwing them. From the 
    starting point, run forward until you reach a gap, and then stretch to 
    swing across. Run forward a bit and a cut scene will activate, and you'll 
    be hitching a ride. If you look to the right, you can see an airship. 
    Once you regain control, take out the thugs and run left down a hall. At 
    the end the left side will be blocked off, so head right and use the 
    console to access a control room, where you can turn off the lasers. Run 
    back out and take out the thugs, and you can find a bonus item in the 
    little elevator shaft to the right. Now run forward and follow the hall to 
    the right, dodging the lasers to your left. In the next area, kill the 
    soldier and the access the control room to the right to turn off one set of 
    Head down this newly opened pathway, avoiding the pink spotlights and 
    killing enemies. Follow the path around to a control room, where you can 
    turn off that last set of lasers. Backtrack and head down the newly opened 
    path and head through the next door. Kill the enemies in here and turn 
    left, dodging the enemies and lasers in this hall way. Turn right and enter 
    the control room, which has some goons in it. Kill them and turn to the 
    doorway on the right to grab a bonus item, and then use the control room to 
    deactivate another set of lasers. 
    Go back to where those lasers were and there'll be a goon with a damaging 
    gun and three other soldiers with electrified shields. Stretch out, 
    avoiding the shields and throw the gunman into the shields. Repeat this 
    process with the newly available shield goons until all the shielded goons 
    are dead, and then proceed on through the next door. 
    In this new room, a winch rotates around the room. Activate the console 
    directly ahead of you to change the winch's rotation. Grab on to the winch 
    and it will take you to a new platform with enemies and another console to 
    press. You must repeat this process several times. Just know that if you 
    get knocked off, you can always get back on because the winch will always 
    return to the first platform. When you reach the platform with the exit, 
    don't leave. Press the console here, and the winch can take you to a new 
    platform to the side, where you'll find a bonus item in the little room in 
    the back. 
    Go back to the exit on the previous platform. In the next room, there's a 
    large array of laser grids and a set of three consoles you can press right 
    in front of you. Press the two consoles on the side to gain access to the 
    middle one you can press and a single laser grid on the right will turn 
    off. Now you can grab onto and item here and swing to the next platform, 
    just make sure you don't fall, because it means instant death. From the new 
    platform, you must repeat the same process. On the last two platforms, 
    there will be soldiers to fight. Once you've pressed the least set of 
    consoles, the lasers in the center will disappear. Jump onto the center 
    platform and run around each side until you're prompted to press a button. 
    You'll be lifted up, and there'll be a bridge to a new platform. Run to it, 
    take out the enemies and press the two consoles here. Grab onto the 
    propeller up above when it comes around and drop down onto the next 
    platform. Repeat the process until a cut scene shows you the lasers 
    deactivating. Go back to the first platform and run back to the center 
    elevator. It'll lift you back to a thin bridge up on the top of the area, 
    head forward and destroy the mounted laser gun that's shooting at you. Go 
    on ahead through the opening, and then take a left when you can. Kill the 
    enemies and then head forward, and the path ahead will fork both left and 
    right. Pick a direction, fight and thugs along the way and enter the 
    control room at the end of the path.
    By activating the console in here, the hallways will now have mounted laser 
    cannons and lots of thugs, including the ones with electrified shields. 
    Fight through them and run all the way back down the path and all the way 
    to the end of the corridor you didn't go down before. After pressing the 
    console in the control room at the end of this hallway, backtrack to the 
    beginning of the path way and head through the newly opened entrance to 
    exit the area.
    13. 100 Mile Dash
    This is another level where you dodge and jump over obstacles as Dash. 
    You'll start off running, going in between a broken tree trunk then 
    following the path as it bends right, jumping over logs as you go. Dodge 
    the rocks in the cave (you can even run along the ceiling of it if you 
    like) and you'll soon hit the first check point after you emerge. The path 
    will lean right and have some logs for you to avoid, and you'll hit another 
    cave with rocks to dodge. Stay on the ground this time, because when you 
    emerge, you need full control in order to squeeze through the gap in the 
    tree trunk and hit the next checkpoint. 
    Jump over the logs and then you'll start running on the water, but all 
    that's required of you here is moving out of the way of the falling stone 
    columns, so feel free to boost. Once back on dry land, run until the land 
    steeps up, then boost like you would on a ramp and you'll hit a checkpoint. 
    You'll now have to face the toughest stretch of the race, so pay close 
    attention. Boost across the bridge up ahead, and the follow the path to the 
    left. As you cross the second bridge you'll see a boulder up ahead. At the 
    point where you boulder is, you need to jump to the right, because the path 
    you're on now will just circle endlessly. 
    Follow this new path to the left and you should run right into a bonus. 
    Cross the bridge, and then follow the path as it curves to the right, and 
    then sharply to the left. Stay on the path and eventually you'll see a cut 
    scene of Dash swinging, and when you regain control, just run a bit more to 
    the checkpoint.
    In an area much like the first one, follow the path and jump over the logs, 
    then dodge rocks in the cave and run to the next checkpoint. Boost on the 
    water and avoid the falling rock columns, then grab the checkpoint on dry 
    The final leg of the race is a bit tough, but easier than the hard stretch 
    you had earlier. Head through the gap in the tree trunk, maneuver through 
    the cave, and then follow the path to the left. Jump for the bonus (this 
    will inevitably take many attempts to get right), and when you hit the 
    water, go to the right to enter the cavern. You'll head right down a 
    tunnel, and stick to the ceiling to avoid the obstacles. Follow the path 
    sharply to the right when you come out, but at your first opportunity take 
    a hard left and you should trigger the last cut scene.
    14. Violet's Crossing
    This level plays out like a sneaking mission from Metal Gear Solid, only 
    with really crappy controls. You must use Violet's limited invisibility to 
    sneak past the guards, although it only works when you're far away, they'll 
    see you if you get up close. They're on set patterns, so watch carefully 
    and wait until you can run past. Sometimes they'll become alerted, so just 
    keep running toward the next area, because they can't leave the zone 
    they're in and will forget about you if you get far enough away. Just be 
    careful, Violet dies if she gets hit even once.
    The first guard is easy enough, when he goes all the way to the left and 
    looks around, take off and run past him as he starts walking to the right, 
    and you shouldn't even have to use invisibility.
    The guard on the right of the area you're now in is tough. Wait behind the 
    rock you can take a peek from, until he comes up as close as possible and 
    is looking left. Run behind him, activate your invisibility and run up the 
    slope on the left, and chill out until you meter refills itself. Once up 
    there, tilt your view to watch the guard on the cliff to your left 
    carefully. When his back is turned, run to the bonus item. Now it's a good 
    idea to save the game from the pause menu, because you don't want do this 
    over again. 
    Now go down the path to the right of the second guard you passed (may have 
    to reset the level and go from your position the peeking rock). In this 
    area, the guard patrols around the rock in the center of the area (don't 
    hang in the back because the previous guard will see you.) Wait until he's 
    on one side, and then bolt to the next area, as you'll start from there 
    when you die from now on.
    Here you can peak from around a building, and you'll see two guards. Go 
    around the left side of the building, it's clear. Wait before you run away 
    from the building now as there's a guard looking this way turn invisible 
    and bolt past the guard, he'll be alerted, but don't slow down or he'll 
    kill you, just make it up the slope behind him and you'll be safe.
    Up on the top of the slope, you'll be able to peak down on the area below 
    to see 3 guards. Wait until the two guards on the side turn away from the 
    middle guard, then jump down a little to the middle guard's left, run in 
    front of him and bolt toward the area's exit before he can react. Luckily 
    the next area is one you'll start over from if you die from now on.
    There'll be a building to the right you can peak at the guards from. Go to 
    the building's right side to collect a bonus. Switch the camera angle so 
    you can watch the guard on the far left, and when he turns away, go into 
    invisible mode and sneak past him, then hide behind the rocks, which you 
    can use to peek at the next two guards. These two each patrol in a circle 
    around two rocks. Wait until the both aren't looking and run to the first 
    rock, then seize the next opportunity to slip to the next rock. From there, 
    quickly slip past the guard when his back is turned and head right as you 
    exit the area.
    Take a peek at these next two guards and memorize their pattern. Just let 
    me warn you now that these next two guards are by far the hardest to get by 
    and you'll need more luck than anything else to get past here. Wait until 
    the guard on the right has his back turned and the guard on the left has 
    his back turned and the one on the right is far away. Bolt to the end of 
    the rock and stay still, if the guards are alerted, stay still and 
    hopefully their gunfire can't reach you. 
    Stay still until they resume their routes, then run behind the large rock 
    on the left wall when you get the chance. With luck, the guard that's now 
    to your right will just walk on by without seeing you, so you can run out 
    of this area. As soon as you enter this next clearing, dart behind the rock 
    on the right before you lose invisibility. This last guard is easy; just 
    wait until he starts walking to the right to slip past him and out the 
    gateway, ending the level.
    Congrats on just beating the hardest level of the game, you've defeated 
    it's crappy design. I have a strict policy of never using cheat codes, but 
    if you do on this level, I wouldn't blame you.
    15. Incredi-Ball
    The Incredi-Ball is a combo of Violet and Dash's powers, the only way to do 
    anything in this level is to roll into enemies and electrical devices to 
    progress. Starting out, just follow the path straight and you'll crash 
    through the tree trunks up ahead. When you land in the enemy infested area 
    below, turn right and roll down the path here until you slam into the 
    electrical device, destroying it and getting one third of the way towards 
    opening a door that will be important later. Ending up back in the enemy 
    filled area, go toward the door across from where you landed earlier. It's 
    blocked off by lasers, but you can use the ramps on either door to roll 
    into the electrical device above the door, disabling the lasers. 
    Go though the door and roll down the path until you reach another clearing 
    full of enemies and laser turrets. The door directly ahead is blocked off, 
    but on either side are electrical devices you can destroy, just back up and 
    roll up the wall at high speed. Enter the newly opened path, and you'll 
    find some timed laser grids you'll have to slip past. As soon as you get 
    past them all, there'll be a gap up ahead. Roll forward and lean hard 
    against the right wall to make it. Now follow the path of the rest of the 
    way and ram into the flying vehicle blocking you path.
    You'll land...in the same area you started in! Don't worry, this is 
    intentional. Go to the right side of the doorway you used earlier, the 
    rocks here will form a slight cliff you can use to ram into a flying 
    vehicle, and it will open up a new path for you to use. 
    This new path will lead you to a new clearing where there's a structure 
    surrounded by a fence of lasers. Luckily, the four walls of the clearing 
    have electrical devices you can destroy to disable the fence. Run up the 
    side of the wall right before each device to hit it, as you can't hit it 
    from underneath. When the fence is destroyed you can now touch the walls. 
    You can fly up the wall at each of the corners of the structure to destroy 
    an electrical device. Destroying all four will open a path to the inside of 
    the structure. Go inside the structure and up the ramp. Before you go on 
    forward, head around and it the electrical device behind you to help open a 
    doorway you'll soon go to.
    Go on ahead now, mowing down the enemies along your path until you reach a 
    platform next to some train tracks. Wait for the little train car to pull 
    up next to you, and after it leaves, carefully follow the track, going in the 
    direction the train car came from, until you reach the tunnel where  the train 
    cars spawn, and drop down the hole on the right (the laser grid here leads 
    nowhere). Be quick, because if another train car spawns, it'll hit you head-on 
    for an instant kill. Go 
    into the tunnel and drop down the shoot on the right, you run into and 
    electrical device and open up a new pathway.
    Don't use that pathway just yet. Go into the first door you used to reach 
    the second area you were in during the early part of the level. On the 
    wall, just a little to the right of where you land here, is an electrical 
    device you can destroy the same way you did the ones that controlled the 
    laser fence. After destroying it, a laser grid will disappear, and open up 
    a pathway. Go down it and you'll get a bonus item. You'll also end up next 
    to the structure you were at before when you get the item, so just 
    backtrack and go up the pathway you opened up earlier.
    Plow through the enemies and laser turrets up here and the path will lead 
    you to another platform by some train tacks. Again, wait for a train car to 
    pass before carefully running along the track, you'll go through a small 
    hole and then quickly drop off the track into the area below. Head to the 
    right to find a bonus, then keep slamming into the spawning henchmen down 
    here, in hopes of knocking some into the big blue glowing device in the 
    back of this area. It'll turn off the final laser grid, so just head on 
    through and you'll trigger the final cut scene, ending the level.
    16. Secret Lava Labs
    This is another level where you play as the stretchable matriarch of the 
    family. Run forward and hit the control panel to open the door. Take out 
    the 3 thugs and follow this hall to the right. Lasers will block the path 
    and two flying enemies will appear. Either throw them into the two 
    electrical devices on each the wall on either side of the lasers, or just 
    stretch out and hit them all individually. 
    In the next room you'll be in front of a big gap. Swing across by grabbing 
    the item above, and when you land on the other side, activate the panel. A 
    cut scene will show you a circular metal elevator rising out of the lava, 
    and you should jump on it when you regain control. On your way down, three 
    flying enemies will appear for you to kill. When the elevator stops, jump 
    over to the door in front of you and use the nearby console to open it.
    In this next room, the game will make you aware of a hook on a pipe to your 
    left. Kill all of the troops in the area, making sure to grab the bonus 
    item behind the big stack of barrels on the right side of this area. Then 
    head to that area on the left, making sure you kill the goons on the other 
    side of the gap before swinging across on the hook. Once across, make your 
    way forward and kill all the enemies in the area before opening the door in 
    the top left corner of this area.
    You'll be in a corridor that twists to the left, with enemies at every 
    turn. Use your stretching ability to take them out, and then kill the 
    troops in the control room at the corridor's end. When you press the 
    console in this room, the spotlights in the room below will start moving. 
    Two flying enemies will appear before you, so kill them, and then jump down 
    back to the room below.
    From here, run toward the nearest spotlight you can see and stretch to it 
    when you can. Do the same thing with the one to your left, and you should 
    now be close enough to jump to the solid ground up ahead. Kill all the 
    enemies in this area, and then use the spotlight here to go up, and then 
    jump to the platform up here. Hit the console and you activate a series of 
    revolving lifts.
    Grab onto the hook below each lift and you can hitch a ride to each of four 
    cylinders. Try killing any flying enemies you see from the cylinders, as 
    you don't want them knocking you down while you're hanging off a lift. The 
    game will tell you how to flip each of the yellow switches on these 
    cylinders, and a gate will open. Jump down and leap onto a piece of debris 
    floating in the lava and you'll ride right into the next area.
    A laser will shoot from the ceiling of this tunnel, so step to the left to 
    avoid it. A second laser will shoot from the ceiling, but step to the right 
    to avoid it this time. Suddenly, the rock you're on will start moving 
    faster and fall down at the gap up ahead. Jump off as it falls and swing to 
    the lamp up above, the jump to the next lamp and swing onto the platform in 
    front of you. The catwalk here will take you left, and there will be a 
    plethora of enemies to fight along the way. Make it through all of them and 
    open the door to the next area. Watch out for the lasers in this hall, and 
    open the door at the end of it.
    In this room, you need to jump over the electrical discharges up ahead, 
    which should be easy with the proper timing. Head left and follow the 
    catwalk back in the direction you came, killing any soldiers that get in 
    your way. Activate the console back here and two swings will appear to your 
    right. Swing across them both and land on the opposite catwalk, then 
    activate the console here and the door at the end of the room will open. 
    Plow through any enemies on your way to the door and exit this area. 
    After making your way through the hallway, you'll be in a similar room, 
    only this is blocked by two sets of vertical electrodes that periodically 
    emit energy. Walk up until the top electrode becomes highlighted to 
    indicate you can swing from it. Make sure you're standing in a position 
    where it remains highlighted. When the electricity breaks, swing across 
    quickly. Once across, follow the same procedure at the next set of 
    Once you land, head right. There will be domes filled with lava, with bolts 
    of electricity circling them. Just run into the gap between bolts and 
    carefully go around the dome on the right side, making sure you go at the 
    right pace to avoid running into the bolt in front of you or getting hit by 
    the bolt behind you. Repeat this process with the next two domes, and then 
    hit the console. Two swings will drop to the right, but you'll have to 
    follow the last dome all the way back around in order to reach them. 
    Once you've used the swings to reach the platform on the other side of the 
    room, you'll be in front of 3 transformers. Just wait each time for the 
    electricity to clear, and you can jump past them all to reach the console 
    and open this area's exit. From where you pressed the console, there's a 
    swing to the right, which you can use to reach the area in front of the 
    door quickly. 
    In this next room, there'll be a console in front of you. Press it and the 
    electrical generator in front of you will start spinning. Look to the left, 
    and as soon as you see one of the swings become highlighted, grab it. As 
    soon as you see the next one highlighted, grab it. Keep swinging until you 
    can safely drop down onto the platform. Kill the thugs here, then make you 
    way in to the control room here and press the button so you can turn off 
    one of the bolts of electricity. With it out of your way, swing again using 
    the same method to reach the platform with the console. Press it and the 
    exit door will open. 
    Get to that door, and there'll be a hallway with some thugs to fight. Make 
    it through the next door and kill the thugs, and step into the elevator to 
    end the level. 
    17. Rocket Silo
    This level is Mr. Incredible's version of the last level. Head forward and 
    activate the console to open the door. In this new hall area, you'll be 
    illuminated by a pair of spotlights as you run down the hall. Suddenly, 
    laser grids will block your path in either direction, and laser shooting 
    turrets will appear from the walls. Destroy the turrets to deactivate the 
    laser grids, and then proceed to the next room. 
    Kill all the thugs in this area before you do anything else. Once they're 
    all gone, activate the console on the right side of the room. Next, head 
    over to the second console on the left, and ride the lift up to a pair of 
    consoles, one of which should make the hooks above safe to grab, and the 
    other should activate the console next to the exit door. Now head over to 
    the first console from the left and ride the lift up. Grab onto a hook and 
    let it carry you backwards, into the bonus item. Once you drop, press that 
    last console again and ride up the lift, only this time, when you grab onto 
    a hook, jump to the next one ahead of it, until you eventually reach thee 
    lift you lowered by pressing the first console. It'll lift you to where you 
    can jump on the balcony near the exit door. 
    Once you've hit the console, exit through the door into a hall. Here, a 
    laser wall will block your path, so jump over it. The next laser wall must 
    be rolled under. To roll, hold the button you'd use if you wanted 
    Elastigirl to grab an object she could swing from, and Mr. Incredible will 
    crouch. Tilt the control stick in the direction you want to go, then press 
    the jump button, and you'll role. Next, you'll encounter the same trap with 
    the laser grids and laser turrets, so do what you did before. Lastly, a 
    wall will drop down in front of you, so just button tap to lift it. 
    In this next room, those flying machines will make reappearance. Kill them 
    all, and a tank will pop out of the floor. It will have the same attacks as 
    before, and is actually easier, because if you stand on the platform in 
    front of the entrance, the flamethrower attacks can't touch you. So once 
    you destroy it, a console will activate on the right side of the room. Ride 
    up the lift, and then jump onto a hook. Keep jumping onto the next hook to 
    the right until you reach the platform with the console and exit door. 
    In this next hallway, a door will drop in your way, so button tap to left 
    it. Next there'll be another laser gird/turret trap, only with the turrets 
    mounted on the ceiling this time. Once past it, there'll be a few guards to 
    kill. In this next enemy infested room, run and hit the console on the left 
    wall, then head to the corner on the right wall, near this area's entrance 
    and destroy all the boxes to activate another console. Kill all of the 
    enemies in this room and the last console will activate, and it'll left you 
    so you can cross the small bridge into the next area.
    In this room, destroy all of the enemies and laser turrets, and a tank will 
    pop out of the ground. Preserve your health while trying to destroy it, 
    because another tank will appear to replace it. Once you've destroyed the 
    second tank, a door will open revealing a bonus item and a console. Hit the 
    console and a lift will activate to take you back into the previous room. A 
    new bridge will appear going to the right, so cross it and open the door.
    In this hallway, use timing to jump over the laser walls. Next, you should 
    button tap to get the dropping door out of your way. Your next challenge 
    will be fighting off some guards while destroying another laser grid/turret 
    trap. Kill the final guard and enter the next room.
    Here you'll find a lot of laser turrets and some of those flying vehicles 
    like the one you piloted in an early first person shooting sequence. 
    Speaking of which, destroy the big laser turret in the back of the room, 
    and you can use it to do some fps. Hold down the firing button and 
    eliminate wave after wave of enemies. It's most important to target the 
    flying soldiers as their rockets are especially deadly. Once everyone is 
    dead, a tank will appear. By now, you should be able to defeat it easily, 
    so head to the door on the right and hit the console to exit.
    In this hallway, a door will drop down to block your path. Lift it, and 
    then contend with the laser grid/turret trap. Lastly lift another door and 
    kill any remaining enemies, and then exit to the final room.
    In here, kill all of the enemies on the ground, and avoid the unreachable 
    ones in the air. You should be able to turn all four devices on the ground 
    in this room with little trouble. The machine in the center of the room 
    will start rotating, so jump onto the hook on the end of it, and it will 
    carry you high enough to reach the 3 consoles on the higher areas of the 
    room. Activate all 3 to end the level. 
    18. Save the World
    The Omnidroid 10 is not very tough, as long as you keep an eye on your 
    health, because if you die, you have to start all over again. When you 
    start out, you'll see the remote in the distance near the omnidroid. Ignore 
    that for now. Avoid the objects and laser fire from the Omnidroid, and when 
    you get close, go to the right, on the sidewalk next to it to find a bonus 
    item. It will now most likely run to the other side of the area, so go 
    after the Omnidroid, avoiding it's attacks again. When you reach the 
    remote, button tap to lift the Omnidroid's leg and the next phase of battle 
    will be triggered. 
    Dash and Violet will be running around the Omnidroid with the remote, so 
    you must hurt the Omnidroid before it kills your children. Run up to it and 
    get close, so all of it's attention is on shooting at the Incredi-ball. 
    Then chuck whatever objects you can find at the Omnidroid's head. After 
    each hit it'll try attacking you with it's legs, but if you stay close 
    enough, it will turn it's attention back to the kids. Keep repeating the 
    same process until a cut scene appears.
    Now you must again go after the remote. Run along the left side of the road 
    as you approach the Omnidroid, because there's a bonus item on top of the 
    mobile home here. You can find another bonus item by continuing to stick to 
    the left, just go around the rear of the red trailer to get it. Now go and 
    do what you did before and lift the Omnidroid's leg and a cut scene with 
    Frozone will appear. 
    This will play very similarly to what you did before, just with Frozone 
    acting as the distraction this time. Just hurl rocks at the Omnidroid's 
    head until it's HP is depleted. Lastly, after the next cut scene, you'll 
    have to just hit the punch button right as the crosshairs line up. That's 
    it, end of game.
    You can run around and throw stuff as the credits role. You can also ponder 
    why they hired Jason Lee and Samuel L. Jackson to do voices for the game, 
    since you never got to fight Syndrome, or play as Frozone. Or you can 
    regret that you didn't get much time playing as anyone but Mr. Incredible. 
    In the sequel, you'll get to play only as Mr. Incredible and Frozone, but 
    hopefully you'll actually get a fight against the main villain. 
    Congratulations, you beat a difficult game. Not difficult in the way that 
    it was a fair challenge, but in that the frustrating controls and poor 
    design made it a chore to get through.  
    The battle arena can be selected from the pause menu and you can play as 
    Mr. Incredible or Elastigirl. You'll be put in an arena and will face round 
    after round of enemies, culminating in having to take on a tank and every 
    enemy type in the final round. Why bother doing this? Because at the end of 
    each round you earn one bonus item, meaning you'll have to beat all 10 
    rounds as both of the Incredible spouses in order to et the last 20 bonus 
    D. Copyright Info
    This document is copyright 2005 of Raveen Sharma. It is intended for 
    private use only and no part of it may be posted anywhere else without 
    E. Credits
    Thanks to Disney, Pixar and THQ for making the game.
    Thanks to Samuel L. Jackson for being one bad mofo.
    Thanks to Michelle, P Vedder and Tyler for the bonus locations.

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