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    Character Profile FAQ by Nymbus

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          Tekken 5
     Character Profiles FAQ
     Copyright 2005 Nymbus
       Created By: Nymbus
    email: nymbusnexus@hotmail.com
         Version. 1.1
    --Table of Contents--
    1) History/Updates
    2) Introduction
    3) Character Profiles
    	a) Anna Williams
    	b) Asuka Kazama
    	c) Baek Doo San
    	d) Bruce Irvin
    	e) Bryan Fury
    	f) Christie Monteiro
    	g) Craig Marduk
    	h) Devil Jin
    	i) Eddy Gordo
    	j) Feng Wei
    	k) Ganryu
    	l) Heihachi Mishima
    	m) Hwoarang
    	n) Jack-5
    	o) Jin Kazama
    	p) Jinpachi Mishima
    	q) Julia Chang
    	r) Kazuya Mishima 
    	s) King
    	t) Kuma
    	u) Lee Chaolan
    	v) Lei Wulong	
    	w) Ling Xiaoyu
    	x) Marshall Law
    	y) Mokujin
    	z) Nina Williams
           aa) Panda
           ab) Paul Phoenix
           ac) Raven
           ad) Roger Jr.
           ae) Steve fox
           af) Wang Jinrei
           af) Yoshimitsu
    5) Disclaimer
    6) Credits
    -- 1. History/Updates --
    - (V 1.25)I added some information on Asuka Kazamas 
    language. I also added a tidbit of info on Bruce Irvins 
    fighting Style.
    I also added a Contributors section for the people who 
    help contribute to this FAQ.  So with that note I would 
    to send...
    -Thanks to Don "Gamera" Chan for sending me a whole lot 
    of great information on Asuka Kazama. Which I do want to add 
    all of it by the way but I need to come up with a new 
    layout. So as of right now I'll just add her language. 
    I will give credit once again as soon as I do use your 
    information though.
    -Thanks to Red Ollero for the helping me to decide to add 
    info on Bruce Irvins fighting Style.
    Also feel free to email me with any info you guys have on
    the characters.
    - (V.1) March 18, 2005 Well I finally decided to do a FAQ         
    for this website. If you see any errors or mistakes 
    please email me at: 
    Also feel free to send me any info on the characters you 
    would like to add to this FAQ to make it even better. I 
    will be giving credit to those who help out!
    -- 2. Introduction --
    Welcome to the Tekken 5 Character Profile FAQ! 
    This FAQ consists of profiles of all the Tekken 5 
    characters. I mostly decided to do this because 
    I always see people on the message board asking 
    about a particular characters story or history. 
    This FAQ will be useful for those of you who 
    want to know a bit about the games various 
    characters. You learn some basic info such as age, 
    nationality, and fighting style etc. You will also 
    learn about why each particular character has entered 
    the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 and what they 
    hope to accomplish by winning it. All of this 
    information was used from the Tekken 5 videogame 
    except for the characters ages and some of their 
    fighting styles. The information about the ages 
    and styles I got from www.tekkenzaibatsu.com. 
    So all credit for that goes to them. Well I 
    hope you find this FAQ useful and entertaining. 
    Now onto the FAQ!
    -- 3. Character Profiles --
    -- a) Anna Williams --
    	Age/ 22
    	Nationality/ Irish
    	Fighting Style/ Assassination Arts
      Sister and rival of Nina Williams, Anna had been 
    leading a dull and boring life since the disappearance 
    of her sister. That all changed one day when she 
    received a phone call from Nina.
    Having been apart for two years. However, 
    upon seeing her sister's face, Nina immediately 
    opened fire. Anna returned fire 
    and the ensuing gun battle lasted for days.
    Both sides failed to land a decisive blow 
    and it was decided they would settle things 
    at the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.
    Anna vowed to eliminate her sister once and for 
    -- b) Asuka Kazama --
    	Age/ 17
    	Nationality/ Japanese
    	Language/ Japanese with Oosakaben regional accent.
    	Fighting Style/ Kazama Style Traditional Martial 
      Ever since she was a child, Asuka had received training 
    in Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts from her father. 
    Born with a strong sense of justice, Asuka was well known 
    around Osaka for breaking up fights in the neighborhood.
    Upon returning home one day, Asuka found pupils of her 
    father had been roughed up. She learned from her father's 
    pupils that an unknown Chinese man showed up at the dojo, 
    severly beat them and sent her father to the hospital.
    Several days later, an interpol detective from Hong Kong 
    came to investigate the incident, mentioning that the 
    suspect is most likely planning to enter the King of 
    Iron Fist Tournament. Upon hearing this, Asuka decides 
    that she too will enter the tournament. 
    -- c) Baek Doo San --
    	Age/ 48
    	Nationality/ Korean
    	Fighting Style/ Tae Kwon Do
      Tae Kwon Do master and Hwoarang's mentor. Baek was 
    on his way home from teaching Tae Kwon Do out in the 
    country when he was attacked and lost consciousness.
    Baek later awoke in a military hospital. An official 
    from the Defense Department was present and explained 
    that Baek had been in a coma for over a year. The 
    official persuaded Baek to become a Tae Kwon Do 
    instructor for the military once he recovered.
    A year later, Baek was teaching Tae Kwon Do at a 
    military base when military brass convinced him to 
    contact Hwoarang and ask him to return. The two met 
    again for the first time in two and a half years.
    Two months later, Baek asked Hwoarang to enter the 
    King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 in order to test his 
    skills in Tae Kwon Do. 
    -- d) Bruce Irvin --
    	Age/ 53
    	Nationality/ American
    	Fighting Style/ Muay Thai/Kick Boxing
      Bruce Irvin, famous within the personal guard of 
    Kazuya Mishima.
    21 years earlier, Kazuya was defeated by his father 
    and Bruce decided to leave Kazuya's group of mercenaries. 
    Bruce traveled the globe working as a mercenary for 
    various organizations.
    One day, Bruce learned that Kazuya, who he thought to 
    be dead, had fought in the King of Iron Fist 
    Tournament 4. He also learned that the Mishima Zaibatsu, 
    without Heihachi, was scheduled to hold the King of 
    Iron Fist Tournament 5.
    Bruce, who had survived countless conflicts on 
    battlefields across the globe, sensed something 
    sinister about the tournament but at the same time felt 
    a rush of excitement. He had grown bored in recent times 
    and it looked as though the Mishima Zaibatsu was about to 
    provide some entertainment. 
    -- e) Bryan Fury --
    	Age/ 31
    	Nationality/ American
    	Fighting Style/ Kickboxing
      In order to receive technological upgrades to his 
    cybernetic body, Bryan entrusted himself to 
    Dr. Boskonovitch and drifed into a deep sleep.
    Upon regaining consciousness Bryan realized that 
    his body remained unchanged. Dr. Boskonovitch 
    explained that Bryan's body contained many complex 
    machanisms that would require more time to be fully 
    understood but he was able to install a perpetual 
    power generator as an emergency measure.
    "Perpetual power generator?... Incredible". 
    Bryan exulted.
    Bryan shoved Dr. Boskonovitch out of the way as 
    he headed for the door. Several members of the 
    Manji Clan try to stop him but are sent sprawling to 
    the ground as Bryan leaves the secret base of the 
    Manji Clan behind him.
    A few days later, Bryan learns that the King of 
    Iron Fist Tournament will be held again. Bryan 
    decides to enter, thinking it is the perfect test of 
    his newly installed perpetual power generator. 
    -- f) Christie Monteiro --
    	Age/ 19
    	Nationality/ Brazilian
    	Fighting Style/ Capoeira
      Christie Monteiro, granddaughter of a 
    Capoeira master.
    Christie went to the prison where her grandfather 
    is being held as he was to be released after a long 
    incarceration. Prison life had been hard on her 
    grandfather. He had become emaclated to the point 
    he was barely recognizable.
    Christie immediately took her grandfather to a 
    hospital, where she was told that her grandfather 
    had been diagnosed with an incurable illness. Without 
    treatment, he only has about six months left. If 
    only she possessed the advanced technology of 
    the Mishima Zaibatsu, she might be able to save her 
    Several days later, Christie finds out that 
    the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 is scheduled 
    to be held. She decides to enter the tournament, 
    seeing it as a chance to save her grandfather.
    -- g) Craig Marduk --
    	Age/ 28
    	Nationality/ Austrailian
    	Fighting Style/ Vale Tudo
      Undefeated Vale Tudo fighter Craig Marduk 
    was infuriated over his loss to King in the 
    previous tournament. After being released from 
    the hospital, he endured a harsh training regimen 
    which enabled him to hone his body into the 
    ultimate weapon.
    One day, Marduk entered a Vale Tudo tournament 
    wearing a black jaguar mask. He succesively 
    downed every opponent in his path and announced 
    his intent to face King once more.
    The two will meet again at the King Of Iron 
    Fist Tournament 5.
    -- h) Devil Jin --
    	Age/ Unknown
    	Nationality/ Japanese
    	Fighting Style/ Unknown
      Jin, overcome by the devil gene.
    With the destruction of Honmaru, Jinpachi 
    was finally released from his long imprisonment. 
    Seeming to coincide with this event, the Devil 
    Gene within Jin became activated.
    Two months later, Jin was completely 
    taken over by the Devil Gene, transforming 
    into an evil destructive life form. 
    -- i) Eddy Gordo --
    	Age/ 29
    	Nationlality/ Brazilian
    	Fighting Style/ Capoeira
      Eddy Gordo, legendary Capoeira prodigy.
    Eddy's master was about to be freed from prison 
    after a long incarceration. Eddy went to the 
    prison to meet his master but instead found a 
    frail old man that was only a shadow of the 
    strong Capoeira master he once knew.
    Upon taking his master to a hospital, Eddy was 
    told his master had an incurable illness and 
    had less then six months to live. However, it may 
    be possible to discover a cure if they had access 
    to the technology and resources of the Mishima 
    Several days later, Eddy decides to enter the 
    King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 with Christie. 
    -- j) Feng Wei --
    	Age/ 26
    	Nationality/ Chinese
    	Fighting Style/ Chinese Kenpo
      Master of Chinese Kenpo, Feng Wei continues 
    training on his path to become the strongest fighter 
    As a young boy, Feng Wei began training under a 
    Kenpo master who was so skilled he was known as 
    Shinken, or one who possesses 'Divine Fists'. As he 
    matured Feng Wei became, without a doubt, the 
    strongest fighter at his dojo.
    In his quest to be the strongest however, he 
    broke the dojo's rules forbidding contests with 
    martial artist of other styles. When his master 
    tried to interfere, Feng Wei killed him. It is 
    during this confrontation Feng Wei learns that, 
    in order to truly master the art, he must learn 
    the secrets hidden in the Shinken scrolls that 
    were stolen by the Mishima clan.
    Feng Wei enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament 
    intent on recovering the secret scrolls. 
    -- k) Ganryu --
    	Age/ 55
    	Nationality/ Japanese
    	Fighting Style/ Sumo
      Ganryu had been the youngest ever to attain 
    the rank of Ozeki in Sumo.
    Ganryu established a Sumo dojo in Hawaii as part of 
    his plan for a luxurious retirement. Even though he 
    was rejected by Michelle, he was happy at how things 
    had turned out.
    One day, Ganryu was watching a video of the King of 
    Iron Fist Tournament 4 and spotted Julia Chang, 
    reminding him of Michelle. He immediately fell 
    head over heels in love with her. He also learned 
    that Julia had entered the tournament to recover 
    the reforestation data from the Mishima Zaibatsu.
    It was shortly after that an invitation for the King 
    of Iron Fist Tournament 5 arrived. Ganryu thought it 
    was a perfect opportunity to recover the reforestation 
    program by winning the tournament. Surely Julia would 
    fall madly in love with him if he were able to recover 
    the data. 
    -- l) Heihachi Mishima --
    	Age/ 75
    	Nationality/ Japanese
    	Fighting Style/ Mishima Style Fighting Karate
      Head of the Mishima Zaibatsu and sponsor of the 
    King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, Heihachi Mishima.
    After losing to Jin Kazama, Heihachi was cornered by 
    a group of Jack robots in Honmaru. Heihachi and 
    Kazuya began to fight off the Jacks together but 
    Kazuya fled and Heihachi was caught in the explosion 
    when the Jacks detonated.
    The tremendous exlosion would have killed a normal 
    man but Heihachi, no ordinary man, managed to survive.
    A month later, Heihachi learned that someone had 
    taken control of the Mishima Zaibatsu and planned 
    to hold the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Heihachi, 
    having fully recovered, was determined to enter 
    the tournament.
    "I don't know who's behind this but the Mishima 
    Zaibatsu is mine!" 
    -- m) Hwoarang --
    	Age/ 21
    	Nationality/ Korean
    	Fighting Style/ Tae Kwon Do
      Tae Kwon Do ace and rival of Jin Kazama, Hwoarang.
    Hwoarang was taken into custody by the South Korean 
    military during the last round of the King of Iron 
    Fist Tournament 4, keeping him from his long awaited 
    fight with rival Jin Kazama.
    Hwoarang was taken to the Korean embassy where he was 
    brought before the ambassador. "You have received an 
    official pardon granting you immunity from charges 
    related to this incident. Also, we have received 
    urgent military papers addressed to you. 
    Please read them immediately!"
    After reading the papers Hwoarang stood up abruptly. 
    "I can't believe it. Are you sure this is correct?"
    Two months later, Hwoarang finishes his military 
    service. With nothing holding him back, Hwoarang 
    is free to persue a confrontation with Jin Kazama. 
    -- n) Jack-5 --
    	Age/ Unknown
    	Nationality/ Unknown
    	Fighting Style/ Brute Strength
      Beloved Jack-5... Two years ago, a physics 
    scientist named Jane tried to sneak into Mishima 
    industries with Gun Jack but were discovered by a 
    Tekken Force patrol and were fired upon. Gun Jack 
    placed himself in the line of fire to protect Jane, 
    however, after the hail of bullets stopped Gun Jack 
    had ceased to move.
    The day after, Jane was found and rescued by a G 
    Corporation freighter. Jane joined the robotics 
    division of G Corporation and succesfully created 
    Jack-4. Jane used data collected from Jack-4 and 
    began work on a newer model, Jack-5. She saw the 
    upcoming King of Iron Fist Tournament as the perfect 
    chance to test the latest model, equipped with 
    state-of-the-art technology. 
    -- o) Jin Kazama --
    	Age/ 21
    	Nationality/ Japanese
    	Fighting Style/ Karate
      Jin Kazama, son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama.
    After the grueling battle between Kazuya and 
    Heihachi Mishima, Jin takes flight, leaving 
    Honmaru behind. He is overwhelmed by an evil 
    presence and loses conciousness.
    Jin wakes to an unknown voice and sees a mountiain 
    forest, which appears to have been ravaged by a 
    giant tornado.
    However, Jin had no doubt that he was responsible 
    for the destruction. Upon returning to Yakushima, 
    Jin was plagued by reoccuring nightmares. Jin could 
    feel the influence of the devil gene growing 
    "It is only a matter of time before I am completely 
    overcome by the devil gene".
    Although he has no direction, Jin begins his 
    journey guided only by fate... 
    --  p) Jinpachi Mishima --
    	Age/ Unknown
    	Nationality/ Japanese
    	Fighting Style/ Unknown
      Founder of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Jinpachi Mishima.
    Jinpachi was once a renowned martial arts master, 
    famous throughout the world. However, after being 
    betrayed by his son Heihachi he lost the Mishima 
    Zaibatsu and faded into obscurity. As Heihachi began 
    to steer the Mishima Zaibatsu into the military 
    industry, Jinpachi plotted a coup d'etat but failed 
    and was imprisoned in an underground prison.
    For decades Jinpachi endured until, after a tremor, 
    the prison seal restraining him weakened. Jinpachi, 
    filled with inhuman strenght, unleashed all of his 
    power and broke free.
    Jinpachi, surrounded by an evil aura, grinned 
    devilishly as his eyes glowed a fiery red. 
    -- q) Julia Chang --
    	Age/ 20
    	Nationality/ American
    	Fighting Style/ Xing Yi based Kung Fu
      Julia Chang continues her research on forest 
    rejuvenation. Disappointed that she was unable 
    to recover the reforestation data during the King 
    Of Iron Fist Tournament 4, Julia returns home and 
    resumes her research.Each time her work hits a dead 
    end, she is reminded of the data that she was 
    unable to retrieve.
    At that point she received a letter addressed to 
    her in a foreign language. Attached is an 
    announcement of the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 5.
    In order to fulfill her hopes for forest 
    rejuvenation, Julia decides to enter the tournament. 
    -- r) Kazuya Mishima --
    	Age/ 49
    	Nationality/ Japanese
    	Fighting Style/ Mishima Style Fighting 
      Son of Heihachi Mishima and the one who 
    possesses the devil gene, Kazuya Mishima...
    During the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, 
    Kazuya suffered a defeat at the hands of Heihachi 
    and later Jin at the Honmaru. When he finally 
    regained consciousness he was surrounded by a 
    Jack-4 squad.
    "G Corporation! So they plan to take me out too"
    Kazuya teamed with Heihachi to fight off the 
    successive waves of Jacks until he saw his chance 
    and left the Honmaru without Heihachi.
    He morphs into a devil and takes flight just 
    as the Honmaru explodes. Kazuya, determined to 
    exact revenge on those who betrayed him, decided 
    to enter the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.
    -- s) King --
    	Age/ 30
    	Nationality/ Mexican
    	Fighting Style/ Wrestling
      King, a masked pro wrestler who inherited 
    the spirit of two champions.
    After defeating Craig Marduk in the King of 
    Iron Fist Tournament 4 and avenging the death 
    of his master, King headed towards Marduk's 
    hospital room to put an end to everything by 
    killing Marduk. Before he can lay the finishing 
    blow, King realized the foolishness of his 
    desire for vengeance and walked away. 
    Upon returning home King Hears that Marduk 
    wearing a black jaguar mask, has declared 
    his desire for a revenge match..
    " I will not stand by and allow my mentors names 
    to be disgraced!"
    King decides to face Marduk at the King of Irong 
    Fist Tournament 5.
    -- t) Kuma --
    	Age/ 10
    	Nationality/ Unknown
    	Fighting Style/ Heihachi Style 
            Advanced Kuma Shin Ken
      Kuma, loyal pet of Heihachi.
    Kuma finally accomplished his goal of defeating 
    Paul in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. 
    However, Kuma's happiness was brought to an 
    abrupt end with the death of his master Heihachi. 
    Kuma lived in sorrow over Heihachi's death but, 
    upon seeing the uncertainty surrounding the 
    Mishima Zaibatsu, Kuma realized that saving the 
    Mishima Zaibatsu would be the ultimate display of 
    loyalty to his deceased master.
    The chaos at Mishima Zaibatsu had already subsided 
    when Kuma arrived and he was thrown out of the 
    building by security. Kuma had no choice but to 
    return to the mountains.
    It was later that the Mishima Zaibatsu announced 
    the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 and Kuma 
    decided he would enter the tournament and take 
    back the Mishima Zaibatsu. 
    -- u) Lee Chaolan --
    	Age/ 48
    	Nationality/ Japanese
    	Fighting Style/ Mishima Style Fighting 
            Karate and Martial Arts
      Heihachi's adopted son and rival of Kazuya 
    Mishima, Lee Chaolan.
    Lee had entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 
    in disguise hoping to defeat Heihachi. He was 
    quite surprised when his opponent turned out to 
    be Kazuya Mishima, who was thought to be dead, 
    and was defeated.
    In the confusion surrounding the death of Heihachi, 
    Lee was scheming to take over the Mishima Zaibatsu 
    but was enraged when he learned that someone 
    else had already beat him to it.
    Lee, believing it was Kazuya who usurped the 
    Mishima Zaibatsu, was vexed that Kazuya had once 
    again stood in his way. A month later, the King 
    of Iron Fist Tournament 5 was announced and Lee 
    immediately decided to enter.
    Lee was determined to settle the score with Kazuya 
    in the tournament and claim the Mishima Zaibatsu. 
    -- v) Lei WUlong --
    	Age/ 47
    	Nationality/ Chinese
    	Fighting Style/ Five Form nased 
            Chinese Martial Arts
      Super detective Lei Wulong.
    Lei once again made headlines after arresting 
    several members of the Syndicate at the 
    close of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4.
    Lei soon became interested in a string of 
    attacks on martial arts training halls throughout 
    China and started an investigation into the 
    matter. Among the victims were several 
    reknowned Kung Fu masters that Lei knew 
    personally.Lei poured all of his effort into 
    the investigation but the attacks stopped abruptly 
    and the trail went cold.
    One day Lei received a report that several 
    similar attacks had occured on dojos in 
    Japan. It was then that Lei began to suspect 
    the events were linked and that the perpetrator 
    would surely be at the King of Iron Fist 
    Tournament 5. 
    -- w) Ling Xiaoyu --
    	Age/ 18
    	Nationality/ Chinese
    	Fighting Style/ Hakke Ken, Hike Ken 
            & Various Chinese Martial Arts
      Ling is a high school student who is on a 
    personal mission to save the Mishima family.
    In the previous tournament, ling was saved 
    from the evil plans of Heihachi by 
    Yoshimitsu, who taught her the history of 
    the Mishima family. Hearing this, Ling began 
    to believe that the root of all misfortune 
    surrounding the Mishimas started with 
    Heihachi's cruel upbringing of Kazuya.
    When Ling heard of the death of Heihachi, a 
    tear came to her eye. "If only I could turn 
    back time..." Ling said with a hint of 
    sadness and regret.
    Later, Ling happens to meet a brilliant scientist 
    who claims that he can make a time machine 
    as long as he gets the funding for development.
    Under the condition that she will be first to 
    use the machine, Ling pulls out the wadded 
    scrap of paper in her pocket... an invitation 
    to the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. 
    -- x) Marshall Law --
    	Age/ 48
    	Nationality/ American
    	Fighting Style/ Martial Arts
      Martial arts master and expert chef Marshall Law.
    After a failed restaurant business, Marshall Law 
    entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament hoping 
    to get back on his feet again. However, he failed 
    to win the tournament and didn't even have the 
    money to fly home. Marshall ended up staying in 
    Japan and working at a famous Chinese restaurant 
    as a day laborer.
    A month after the tournament, Marshall received 
    a phone call from his wife. Forest had taken 
    Paul's motorcycle for a joyride and ended up 
    causing a major traffic accident. Marshall 
    needed an enormous sum of money to cover the 
    property damage and hospital bills. He soon 
    realized that, in order to raise enough money 
    to bail out Forest, he had no choice but to enter 
    and win the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. 
    -- y) Mokujin --
    	Age/ Unknown
    	Nationality/ Unknown
    	Fighting Style/ Mokujin Ken
      Mokujin was a wooden dummy used to train martial 
    artists made from white oak.
    Mokujin started to move all of a sudden two 
    years ago but ceased moving after Ogre was 
    defeated by Jin Kazama. When returned to the 
    museum, Mokujin's face seemed to be smiling.
    Once again Mokujin has started to move upon the 
    emergence of a powerful entity...
    Will Mokujin ever be free? 
    -- z) Nina Williams --
    	Age/ 24
    	Nationality/ Irish
    	Fighting Style/ Asassination Arts based 
            on Bone Martial Arts and Akido
      Her past still shrouded in mystery. Nina 
    continued her life as a contract assassin.
    Although Nina discovered that Steve Fox was 
    her biological son after receiving information 
    from the Syndicate, she remained emotionally 
    Soon after, the Syndicate was taken down by Hong 
    Kong detective Lei Wulong and Nina no longer had 
    a motive for assassinating Steve. She instead 
    decided to concentrate her efforts on uncovering 
    her past. Nina believed that payiing her sister 
    Anna a visit might help in recovering her memory.
    Upon meeting up with Anna the two engaged in a 
    fierce gun battle. The battle lasted for days 
    but neither side was able to finish the standoff 
    so it was decided that they would meet again at 
    the recently announced King of Iron Fist Tournament 
    -- aa) Panda --
    	Age/ 9
    	Nationality/ Chinese
    	Fighting Style/ Heihachi Style
            Advanced Kuma Shin Ken
      Panda, pet and bodyguard of Ling.
    After the conclusion of the King of Iron Fist 
    Tournament 4, Ling Xiaoyu had been feeling down. 
    Panda, worried about Ling, was searching for a way 
    to cheer Ling up decided the best approach would 
    be to find Jin Kazama. Panda tried various methods 
    but was unable to find Jin.
    One day, Ling burst into the room excited. 
    "Panda, I've decided to enter the King of Iron 
    Fist Tournament 5 and I need your help once again".
    Panda didn't quite understand Ling's reason 
    for entering the tournament but decided to help 
    if it would make her happy. 
    -- ab) Paul Phoenix --
    	Age/ 48
    	Nationality/ American
    	Fighting Style/ Combined Martial Arts 
            based on Judo
      Self-described 'most hot-blooded fighter in 
    the universe'. Paul Phoenix.
    "This time I'll show them. I'm gonna win this 
    tournament!" Paul thought as he tried to contain 
    his excitement about facing off with Kazuya 
    Mishima, a rival he hadn't fought in over 
    twenty years.
    However, Kuma stood in his way, as always. Paul 
    started out well against Kuma but soon began 
    to feel desperate because of Kuma's tenacity. 
    Paul realized he had been overconfident when he 
    was dealt a severe blow by Kuma and lost the 
    Reflecting on his loss to Kuma, Paul realized 
    that he had forgotten some important lessons and 
    had strayed from the path to becoming a great 
    fighter. He decided to start over again in order 
    to discover that which he had lost.
    Two months later, Paul entered the King of Iron 
    Fist Tournament 5. "I'll win this tournament and 
    prove to everyone that I'm the greatest fighter 
    in the universe!"
    -- ac) Raven --
    	Age/ Unknown
    	Nationality/ Unknown
    	Fighting Style/ Ninjutsu
      Codenamed 'Raven', he is known as one of the 
    most skilled and ruthless agents from a certain 
    government intelligence agency to which he belongs. 
    Other than the x-shaped scar on his face, 
    little is known about him.
    While on a mission to investigate connections 
    between Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation, 
    he witnesses Heihachi Mishima being assaulted by 
    a deployment of Jacks and the explosion that 
    ensues when the Jacks self-destruct.
    Afterwards, news reaches Raven that The King Of 
    Iron Fist Tournament will be held. Raven 
    decides to enter in order to gather intel about 
    the tournament and the motives of those behind it. 
    -- ad) Roger Jr. --
    	Age/ Unknown
    	Nationality/ Unknown
    	Fighting Style/ Commando Wrestling
      Roger Jr. is the second generation of kangaroo 
    that were genetically altered and bred for 
    military use.
    Roger was the first kangaroo born at the Mishima 
    Zaibatsu biotech lab run by Kazuya. Shortly 
    after Roger entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 
    2, Roger Jr. was born and the family lived in peace.
    However, one day Roger was taken away from his 
    family. Feeling the recently announced King of 
    Iron Fist Tournament might provide clues to his 
    father's disappearance Roger Jr., tucked away 
    in his mother's pouch, decided to enter the 
    -- ae) Steve Fox --
    	Age/ 21
    	Nationality/ Brittish
    	Fighting Style/ Boxing
      World champion and boxing extraordinaire. 
    Steve Fox.
    In entering the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, 
    Steve had hoped to gain international exposure 
    and clues that would help unravel the mystery 
    surrounding his birth. Steve, with the cooperation 
    of Lei Wulong, found out about Mishima Zaibatsu's 
    evil designs and the Zaibatsu's involvement in his 
    conception. He made up his mind that he would see 
    to it Mishima Zaibatsu never made this mistake 
    Shortly after, the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 
    was announced and Steve decided to enter. Steve 
    was full of confidence as he set off to win the 
    tournament and destroy the Mishima Zaibatsu. 
    -- af) Wang Jinrei --
    	Age/ 105
    	Nationality/ Chinese
    	Fighting Style/ Xing Yi
      Long ago, Wang had a close friend from a 
    distant land... Jinpachi Mishima. Just as the 
    world was about to be engulfed in the flames of 
    war, his friend come to him and said "In order 
    to bring about peace the Mishima clan must be 
    Jinpachi disappeared leaving these words behind. 
    Some time after, Wang learned of the death of 
    his friend as the world was embroiled in war.
    Thirty years later, Wang was living in isolation 
    when an invitation to the King of Iron Fist 
    Tournament 5 was delivered. Along with it was a 
    message... "I need your help old friend. Seek me 
    out, Wang Jinrei".
    Believing his friend to be dead, Wang Jinrei was 
    quite surprised by the message and decided to 
    enter the tournament to look for Jinpachi.
    -- ag) Yoshimitsu --
    	Age/ Unknown
    	Nationality/ None (Originally Japan)
    	Fighting Style/ Advanced Manji Ninjutsu
      Yoshimitsu, head of the Manji Clan, plans to 
    use money from winning the tournament to help 
    the starving people of the world.
    At the end of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, 
    Yoshimitsu broke into the Mishima Zaibatsu 
    vaults and stole the money for his own. During 
    this operation, Yoshimitsu notices the fallen 
    Bryan Fury and takes him to Dr. Boskonovitch.
    One month later an S.O.S. goes out from 
    Dr. Boskonovitch's research facility. Yoshimitsu 
    races to the facility and finds everything in ruins 
    and many members of the Manji Clan slaughtered. 
    Yoshimitsu finds the defeated Dr. Boskonovitch 
    in the deepest section of the research 
    laboratories and learns it was Bryan, with his 
    newly implanted perpetual power generator, 
    that was responsible for the carnage.
    "He destroyed those who helped him... I'll never 
    forgive hom". Yoshimitsu's fist shakes with anger.
    When Yoshimitsu hears that Bryan has entered the 
    King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, he signs up as 
    well, seeking revenge on behalf of his dead Manji 
    Clan members. 
    -- 4. Contributors --
    These are the people who have helped to add info on 
    the FAQ.
    I would like to personally thank:
    -Don "Gamera" Chan for a whole lot of information 
    about Asuka Kazama.
    -Red Ollero for the helping me to decide to add 
    info on Bruce Irvins fighting Style.
    -- 5. Disclaimer --
    This FAQ is copyright 2005 of Nymbus 
    (Marcos Galbis). This FAQ may not be 
    reproduced in any way or form. It is 
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    stories, trademarks belong to their Namco 
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    Some of the characters ages and fighting 
    styles I used in this FAQ were gotten off 
    of www.tekkenzaibatsu.com.
    -- 6. Credits --
       I would like to thank:
     - God for without him nothing would be 
     - Namco for creating such a wonderful game 
       in Tekken 5. Without them this awesome game 
       would have never existed.
     - I would like to thank my PC, without it I 
       would not have been able to create this FAQ.
     - All my friends who play Tekken 5 with me. 
       Without them I would have noone to play with.
     - GameFaqs for having such a great website 
       where people can gather and share information, 
       tactics, and just communicate, as well as 
       people FAQ's. 
     - www.tekkenzaibatsu.com for having such an 
       informative website on all things Tekken.
    Copyright 2005 Nymbus (Marcos Galbis)

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